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  1. Things are still going mostly good here. We did put an offer on the house and it has been accepted! Need to sort that all out, but also traveling to British Columbia and Alberta tomorrow. AH! Whose idea was it to buy a house while we were going on vacation! Hopefully I can still do yoga on the go. Sorry I haven't been on to support anyone else, things have just been NUTS.
  2. Yoga has been done 3 days so far this week. I've taken a yoga mat to work and do it there at the end of my lunch hour. It seems to be working out really well. 4 meals have been 1/2 veggies or more so far this week. Sweets are hard. The first day I fought the urges all day at work and didn't give in. Today I gave in and got a Blueberry cream cheese tart. Uggggg. I'm taking a bag of nuts to work tomorrow, as that has worked in the past. No tidying yet, but I may be putting an offer on a house in the next few days. Then I will need to clean. Yay!
  3. Hello Druids! I'm Hymnusal! Coming in from the Rebels to join you. Focusing on the Breath with Fanzagale (my WoW Monk toon) A least 10 minutes of yoga 5 days a week. Continue the BBWW at least 2 times a week ~ 75% in both categories needed for a Pass A rainbow of vegetation with Aquaineil (my WoW Druid toon) Make 1/2 of lunch and supper vegetables for 10 meals a week. 75% needed to pass. Obliterate Sugar with Zoeshen (my WoW Demon Hunter toon) Return goal: This one is very hard and is going to hurt. One treat permitted a week. Otherwise: no sweetened c
  4. Strength and Stretching with Fanzagale (my Monk toon) Return goal. Continue the BBWW 3 times a week, do one longer yoga session a week. - 75% in both categories needed for a Pass A rainbow of vegetation with Aquaineil (my Druid toon) Return goal. Follow the "Foodist Plate" suggestion with 1/2 of lunch and supper being vegetables 5 days a week. Photograph all food eaten and post on NF challenge thread. Obliterate Sugar with Zoeshen (my Demon Hunter toon) This one is going to hurt. One treat permitted a week. Otherwise: no sweetened chocolate, no cookies, no cake,
  5. Haha, it was a good meet up! Emily asked me after the meeting where on earth I found these crazy awesome people and when I said "through a nerd fitness site" she was somehow not surprised
  6. Thanks for poking in on me. There was no way I was going to have been able to pop on here while I was away. I was fighting for bandwidth on a highspeed light connection with 8 other girls who wanted to see what was going on on Instagram/Youtube/Twitter/Snapchat/etc. I was lucky to send my husband emails and check maps for the next day's travel. I also had 5% cell phone signal on the trip. In towns I found a few places with signal, but the rest of the time nothing. It became super obvious once the trip started that 4 things needed to happen for the trip to be a success. 1. I coul
  7. Just so you guys don't panic, I'm going out of standard internet zone for 8 days to chaperone a group of kids on a mission trip. I'll return, hopefully victorious - but alive is acceptable too. I'll try to keep things up fitness wise too, but I may not be able to fit it into the packed schedule they have for us - as such I'll be going easy the whole *beating myself up about the challenge* thing while away. I have enough stress being in charge of this madness without adding guilt. Bye!
  8. Don't worry, you didn't. I only caught up with myself last night... oops. I feel like it's harder when you're an adult, like when you aren't forced to interact with people on a daily basis outside of your normal circles. :-|
  9. She's in and signed up! MADNESS BUDDY ON THE EAST COAST! In hindsight, saying a "75% streak" was always going to guarantee failure if I broke it in the middle. But you're right, I am learning. And after some quick googling I think Chocolate was giving me those terrible period cramps that I have struggled with for years and (worse) binged on chocolate during to keep me distracted. Yay for learning! Chocolate is now officially only for treats, not worth the pain. Also brought my yoga mat to work today based on comments you made earlier in my challenge. If this works
  10. I hope you have a wonderful and inspiring vacation! I'm on vacation next week but I'm chaperoning kids around Nova Scotia. I'd rather be hiking (envy). Do you know what kind of blog you are going to have yet? I'm not sure if I read that anywhere or not...
  11. For science you say? I know that I appreciate being able to look at the cause and effect of what I put in my body. Glad you were able to journal it and hope you can continue the experiment in the future.
  12. Have you ever seen "Failure to Launch"? Kit re: mockingbirds:
  13. I sort of suspected that, one of the local studios promotes itself as a great community and I really wondered how they could make yoga social. The answer probably is that the "instructors are friendly" is about as far as the community gets. With that in mind it's really easy to do the not socializing in most classes. I used to do Zumba (left because of creepy old man who tried to get touchy feely with some of the girls), but I didn't really socialize with anyone there either. I guess that would be the other flip of this, finding friends that I trust. I have a subset tha
  14. Thanks for poking me guys Re GISHWHES: I think I almost have another friend convinced to join... and she said that even if she didn't join she would take pictures for me if needed
  15. I got productive, and busy, but also social. Work is very busy and I used to do these posts in the morning there before I started into real stuff, but it looks like I may not have the room for that and all of the things that need doing... I need to find a new time to visit all of you. Not enough time in the world, *sigh*. Also staring at the heap of posts that I am behind on... well, let's do this then. Day 3: (July 11th) Strength and stretching with Fanzagale: BBWW A rainbow of vegetation with Aquaineil: 2 meals done (21/23 so far) Obliterate Suga
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