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  1. Theria

    Cautious toe in the water

    I have lived in my house for three years and still have boxes we haven't unpacked. lol.
  2. Theria

    Fleaball: Under Construction

    Sweet. Solid cash AND time in the AC. How much did Lyft end up having to cover?
  3. Theria

    Lateral Planet: Winter of Workouts

    You're doing a great job staying on track. I love that even when you have an off day or face a setback, you keep going.
  4. Wow @alices you certainly have a lot going on. Kudos to you for being strong and making it through that while also trying to take time to improve yourself and your life. If you ever need to vent about everything going on emotionally go ahead and post here : ) We may not be able to help but even just a listening ear can help sometimes.
  5. I really want to start checking in on here more frequently to keep myself thinking about my goals and progress. It's too easy for me to not think about it for a day or two and then weeks will go by before I realize it. The last few days have been all over the place. On Thursday my diet was bad. Like lots of coffee, donut, cookies, and little in the way of nutrition bad. I didn't even log my food because I knew it wasn't gonna be pretty. I was out running errands for hours and just stopped thinking about my food choices. On the bright side, when I got home I chose to get on the treadmill, aiming to get in my one Zombies Run I had in my week one challenge list. Well my phone crashed 3 times, each when I was 3 or 4 minutes into the app session. I chose not to try launching it again because I was already 15 minutes in on the treadmill and didn't want to overdo it adding a full session on top of that, so instead I just walked for another 15 minutes. Not as good as getting some interval jogging, but I'm glad I didn't use the crashing as an excuse to just stop. Yesterday my diet was a bit better, but spent most of the day at the computer. Need to work on getting up from my desk more regularly.
  6. Theria

    Fleaball: Under Construction

    It's amazing how stigmatized mental health concerns are. I've tried talking to my dad about some of my concerns before and he always insists I'm fine, he's never seen an issue etc. Even after I went to a psychologist and was diagnosed with ADD and social anxiety he kept insisting that he didn't see it. Like how about you just say "wow, that's great you found that out. I'm sure it feels validating," instead of pushing your biased rose-tinted view of me. Now I feel like I can't tell him about any concerns I have since he blows off the things that are actually diagnosed. So stay strong and keep taking care of yourself, regardless of how the world feels about it!
  7. Theria

    Theria is kindling her spark

    Thanks. Yeah. It literally took nearly a year to find a competent person to handle this job. You'd be amazed how many people/companies never even responded to my calls or messages, or would come out once then disappear. It's like wow, no one wants my money? So I'm super glad we found this guy and hopefully it doesn't go too over timewise but at least we're not on a tight deadline (other than wanting the repairs done before another hurricane comes through. lol).
  8. Theria

    Plan it Out, Pick it Up, Put it Down

    Special Education, specifically in secondary school. My focus for my doctorate will likely be on reading interventions for student with disabilities but that may evolve over time. It's great that you're making progress. Even if you aren't hitting the exact targets you want to, you're doing better. I know it can be hard to see it that way sometimes. My motivational quote this week is "Strive for progress, not perfection" for that exact reason.
  9. Theria

    Theria is kindling her spark

    Time for my Week One Check-in S: Lose 5 pounds Currently down 0.8lb from Day 1. Trying to not get overly excited about that since it's within normal fluctuations, but at least it's not up. P: Pass my current classes with all A’s Usually this would be a no brainer for me but I've been hit hard with senioritis. Who knew that even happened in grad school? Just checked and 2 of my grades are currently within A range, but one is on the low end towards A- , and one class is currently at an A-, so I have to do really well on my final projects. A: Repair and repaint house siding Finally chose our house color and just put our down payment for work. They start Monday and should be done within 2 weeks. Yay! R: See new psychologist Haven't worked on this but I didn't expect to. K: Finish editing my sister’s novel Been really bad about this. I have to get back into the groove of working on it daily. And my Week One Specific goals: ☐ Take initial measurements ☐ Complete flexibility test ☑ Choose stretching program ☑ Create bank of healthy meals ☑ Complete one session Zombies Run 5k All in all I'm doing pretty well. I haven't done measurements, but I know that's because I need help for that and our entire focus this week has been on prepping for visitors so I'm not stressing over it. I ended up doing some other tasks that weren’t on my list, like getting my fitbit fixed, running a fitbit challenge, and logging most of my meals so that's a definite bonus. Looking forward to Week Two ☐ Create meal plan and follow 3 out of 7 days ☐ Stretch 3 out of 7 days ☐ Complete two sessions Zombies Run 5k I’m feeling good about meal plans since my sister is more on board. She actually made a meal plan for week one, but we barely followed that. Hopefully we’ll do better this coming week. I also have family (Dad and aunt) coming to visit in the next few days. I expect some poor eating since there are certain meals we only eat with our dad like Chinese food, so I have to try to eat extra healthy in between those meals. Hopefully I’ll get extra walking in by going out more as well.
  10. Theria

    Lateral Planet: Winter of Workouts

    There are definitely some songs that just get you pumped and moving, even if you feel like you're exhausted and have nothing left to give. Still, I love being able to listen to a good podcast while I walk/jog. I used to use an app (possibly RunKeeper?) that let you listen to your own music or podcasts, and it would chime in periodically with your current pace and time. I think there was even an option for prompting for interval running.
  11. Yeah it does. I'm still working on their 5k training program but I hear they're up to season 7 now.
  12. Theria

    Plan it Out, Pick it Up, Put it Down

    Thanks for that article. I'm going to check it out. I've found that I pick up my phone all too quickly in those in-between moments when something else isn't stimulating my mind, instead of taking that minute or two to actually be aware of my thoughts. I've hit that crashing point before when you get comfy under a rock. I still have unopened mail from almost 10 years ago when things were really bad and I just avoided anything and everything. It was bad but eventually things got better. I still actually hesitate to open the mail or e-mails sometimes, but I'm getting better. I'm sure in time things will become easier for you but it will take time. Best of luck in law school. I'm finishing my master now and going for my doctorate in August so I'll be slogging through grad work with you ; )
  13. Theria

    Long hair, weird maintenance

    I'd say if it works, it works. Maybe ask someone you trust to do a sniff test to make sure you're not getting more than 'volume' on your ride to work. You can also try adding a dry shampoo to your routine. But don't feel too weird. A lot of hair does better being washed every 2-3 days, not daily. You're going a bit past that but you're not the only one out there.
  14. Theria

    Fleaball: Under Construction

    lol. I'm 35 and my best friend is 55. Age really doesn't matter ^_~
  15. Theria

    Akari fights her way throgh the dark forest

    Congrats again. It sounds like you're making a lot of breakthroughs in therapy and at the gym! I know it's challenging to face outside challenges and your own internal thoughts and fears but it will be worth it in the end.