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  1. I just looked and it's been just over a year since I was last on these forums. Thinking about it, I was in my last semester of grad school for my master's, so I imagine I got distracted with final assignments and dropped out the the habit of coming here. Since then I started my doctoral program so limited time and mental energy are still factors I need to account for in my plan to improve my health. Right now my focus is on being more conscious of my health choices. For the past year I haven't really put any thought into food choice and activity/non-activity so I want to change that. I know bu
  2. Optimal Health Daily has some good episodes and they periodically read from Nerd Fitness.
  3. Thanks for the reply @Dragonwolf. I'm curious to know what tests your current doctor ran for you. I've been off hormonal birth control for several months now (boy has that been fun ) and I'm supposed to go back to my OBGYN to finally test my hormone levels.
  4. The struggle is real. Got my period yesterday and my brain has pretty much completely shut down (in addition to depression), which is great since I have 2 critical assignments due in my classes. Can't even think about food choice and exercise right now...
  5. I really want to start checking in on here more frequently to keep myself thinking about my goals and progress. It's too easy for me to not think about it for a day or two and then weeks will go by before I realize it. The last few days have been all over the place. On Thursday my diet was bad. Like lots of coffee, donut, cookies, and little in the way of nutrition bad. I didn't even log my food because I knew it wasn't gonna be pretty. I was out running errands for hours and just stopped thinking about my food choices. On the bright side, when I got home I chose t
  6. Yeah it does. I'm still working on their 5k training program but I hear they're up to season 7 now.
  7. I'd say if it works, it works. Maybe ask someone you trust to do a sniff test to make sure you're not getting more than 'volume' on your ride to work. You can also try adding a dry shampoo to your routine. But don't feel too weird. A lot of hair does better being washed every 2-3 days, not daily. You're going a bit past that but you're not the only one out there.
  8. Fitbit Challenge is still helping. Yesterday when my professor gave us a ten minute break I took a walk and grabbed another 650 steps instead of just sitting at my computer the whole time. Then when I got home I was way behind my friend & cousin so I hopped on the treadmill for half an hour. I almost didn't because I was perseverating over if I should get started on Zombie Run even though I have that scheduled for next week. I didn't want this walk to not "count" towards that. But I don't have music on my current phone, and listening to podcasts during Zombie Run is sort of weird because t
  9. Really happy I finally got my Fitbit fixed (it would not sync no matter how much troubleshooting I did). As soon as I got it to sync I challenged my friend and cousin and it's motivating all of us to move more. Hurray for outside accountability. I also started tracking my food in the Fitbit app. Since I'm opening the app periodically it's easier to remember to log my food than using a seperate app. Still working on not letting perfect be the enemy of the good. I feel like if I'm taking the time to log it, the numbers should be perfect but then I'm too caught up in confirming every
  10. Thanks for the feedback. Yeah I just have to be more conscious of my choices. Today we were out taking care of several projects so we ate out for lunch and dinner Since I couldn't change that I decided to try tracking what I was eating. It didn't change my lunch choice much since we were eating at a new place and I wanted to see how their food was, but for dinner I entered my food before ordering to help me decide what I should get. Got salad instead of fries and less other food so that was good.
  11. lol thanks Jean We have 3 adults in the house, no kids. We prepare food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I ideally we would do that seven days a week, but I have evening classes 3 days a week which can make that difficult. Typically we have something quick for breakfast like cereal, but on good days we make spinach & fruit smoothies. On weekends we might do eggs and toast, or oatmeal. When we cook dinner we do a double batch and save half for lunch the next day. My sister is a great chef and does most (all) of the cooking, but we all work full time so we try to find
  12. Gotta get back into posting here regularly. I can do this. Ugh. Why is figuring out an eating plan so hard! I want something that will generate a plan for me based on general guidelines, but not create a plan full of difficult cooking or exotic ingredients. I don't need instagram meals, I need realistic ones. Sigh. Back to searching until I inevitably realize that what I want isn't out there and i need to put the hard work in to just make a plan myself.
  13. Reflecting on this challenge I certainly could have done a lot better, but I am trying to look on the bright side. This was my first real challenge and I am learning as I go. I found that I am definitely an all or nothing kind of person. I can't say I'll do something a certain number of times per week, because it's too easy to say I'll do it another day. So certain things like checking in on NF need to be daily tasks for me. Habits that I can't do every day like running need to be specifically scheduled. The same thing applies to tracking my food choices and water intake. If I'm do
  14. Thank you for both checking in. I keep going AWOL. Ack. Not going to do a full write up, but here is my end of challenge update. Diet Drink at least 48oz of water each day Met this goal 7/28 days or 25% success rate Tracked my water 15/28 days Reduce fast food meals to one per week Met this goal 2/4 weeks or 50% Was much more cognizant of my food choices overall Fitness Do ZombiesRun5k 3 days per week Never met this goal. Only used the app once in the entire month. Stretch 5 days per
  15. Bitch, back the fuck up and quit listening to the voice in your head! Ahem. Perhaps that was a little harsh. But you're being way too hard on yourself and need to be stopped. You have been through a traumatic experience. Do you hear me? TRAUMA! You're not going to just instantly recover from that. You're going to feel sad, and hurt, and alone. You're going to blame yourself and you're going to blame others. And everything else you have going on in your life is going to be tinted with that darkness while you're healing. And that's okay. As long as you
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