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  1. @HymnusalNope. I fell...hard...picked pop back up and spiraled out of control....back to eating junk and not good foods. I need someone to take bad stuff out of my hands and replace them with things that are good for me.
  2. Thank you! and I stopped drinking pop as of Monday...so I can check that off my list!
  3. Have you tried a hard restart? I have to do that with my replacement from time to time. I'd say if you have tried that and it still didn't work, I'd look into getting a new one.
  4. Evaluating my diet plan...lol My husband is in the preliminary process of bariatric surgery. He has to actually lose about 50 pounds before surgery. And the plan he's on is very similar to paleo....sooo.....I took an intentional hiatus bc I am doing this with him (except the surgery). I told him I'd be with him every step of the way...except the bowel prep, surgery, and baby food (in the 2nd or 3rd phase)...So, we are doing this together as much as possible. Plus we are both doing myfitnesspal again and he will have to log 2 weeks of food and exercise to turn in. Fun stuff!
  5. It's easy for me to gauge bc I don't eat very much as far as fruits and veggies. I will know I've achieved this bc when I started this last month, I was doing really well until we had a death in the family. I made sure to have salads, cut up veggies, and make vegetable sides and incorporate fresh veggies into my main meals. Also I was grabbing for fruit when I wanted something sweet. This is something I will do again. So going from eating few veggies and fruits to eating them daily is a huge jump for me. Pop, I was down to 2 a week....then it escalated when everything fell apart. I
  6. Started my first challenge last month...due to a few unforeseen circumstances, I dropped the ball and fell down pretty hard. New challenge starts today and I plan to do the same challenges as before that I laid out for myself. I need to overcome these before I move on. 1. Drop pop intake down to 2-3 glasses per week. 2. Eat more fruits and veggies. 3. Walk at least 10 minutes 3x week. 4. Get on a sleep schedule.
  7. As today's challenge ends, I can still hold my head up. Life gets in the way, but you pick yourself up and try again. Tomorrow starts a new challenge. Good luck to all!
  8. These past 2 weeks I fell down. I've picked myself up at times...but there's been a lot going on. I've had to put this new lifestyle on hold until this coming Monday. My great grandmother had a fantastic birthday celebration! She waves like the queen. lol She's so cute! but that week was crazy because my mom had come in and the day of my great grandmother's party, my grandpa was admitted to the hospital. My mom left for home on Tuesday and her flight was very delayed and she lost her luggage...she did get it back a few days after she got home. My grandpa had fought cancer for 13 years. They di
  9. Round 1, Week 1 is in the books!!! Yay!!! I will have some days coming up that will be VERY challenging. My mom is coming to visit for my great grandmother's 105th birthday party! If it were any other party, I wouldn't but I have to share a piece of cake with my great grandma! It will not be a very big piece, but she's 105! Not very often in your lifetime do you get to celebrate such a milestone like that with someone. I know mom will want me to make her a couple different dishes that I know she loves. I will incorporate as much paleo as I can this week as well as start going to workout at our
  10. Wonderful!!! You're doing great!!!
  11. Almost the end of the first week...goals are going well!!! Beginning of the week through the middle, I'm not sure if it was change in diet or the change in medications, but I had absolutely no energy. I feel really good today!!! My sleep patterns have been straightening out a bit, definitely making better choices and having more fruits and veggies. The walking...I think I did it all in one day when I had gone shopping the other day plus visiting a dear friend in the hospital. It was quite a ways from the parking lot just to the hospital let alone navigating to find the room. Pop is dwindling.
  12. I know this post is a little older...but recently moved back to the beautiful state of North Dakota!!
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