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  1. Friday Strength: rowing and outing Stoicism: I repeatedly ignored the quitting wish with the rowing Spirit: forgot again Structure: no I went to the gym, then helped Mr Harriet take down our bed to the street (in Berlin, people pick up furniture and anything you leave on the street if it's still good. It was gone within hours). That was quite heavy and difficult. Then somehow from talking and tidying and stuff it was already time to get ready for my brother's birthday lunch. I went and was out for a few hours and it was already 4.30 when I got back, and I was tired. So I didn't do anything else from the routine. But it was a fine outing. My brother loves his LOTR tarot ❤️
  2. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. But I'm fairly sure Mr Harriet became a responsible adult at 18, if not beforehand, and that he is not faking it. Maybe there's something to be said for giving your kid a bicycle and a train ticket and letting them roam the city unattended. Well now there are three of us. But how many out there are not pretending? I know they exist. They look JUST LIKE US.
  3. Thursday Strength: I did hypertrophy. Stoicism: I had little in the way of quitting wish today, only difficulties with my weights. But that's as it should be. Spirit: I forgot this morning's prayer and have yet to do the meditation. Structure: I did everything else, including study, art, reading and German, but have not yet done my walk and meditation. That is because a man has been here all days fixing the windows, and I think he is nearly finished, and I will walk after that. I am dealing with the presence of a stranger in the house quite well. Maybe all my anxieties are lack of practice, and I am gradually acquiring the experiences that others had more of earlier. Maybe I'm just a slow learner and will finally feel like a capable adult at 55.
  4. I don't suppose you can cancel Monday or Wednesday This sounds like a good idea. I wonder if natural consequences might work better than talk when it comes to Elf learning how to pull weight around the house. Nothing to eat is a great motivation to learn the habit of cooking. Relationships where you actually have to make yourself tolerable are very instructive, I'm sure. Ouch. Hope you feel better soon.
  5. So annoying when it's the joints, because it's hard to know how to make them better so you can progress.
  6. Wednesday Strength: did rowing and a walk Stoicism: noticed and pushed through quitting wish repeatedly with rowing and study Spirit: did prayer and oops, forgot meditation Structure: did everything except the forgotten meditation, including study, art, German, reading I trialled lying down on the couch and resting for forty minutes after the gym today, and I was better able to stick to Seneca afterwards--for like 55 minutes.
  7. Quite possibly. Maybe the gym should be followed directly by a nap.
  8. Nice! And you didn't exclude all the nice foods, either, right? Sounds like a very good path.
  9. Word of your splendid cooking spreads fast! No screens is very civilised. Are you all doing an hour, or two hours, or everything after dinner?
  10. I've finished bird number 26! Soon I'll need to think of a different thing to paint. It's very good that your feet are better, not worse, this week. Hopefully you'll get used to it and have no trouble soon.
  11. Oh, that's interesting. My experience is that I can restrict calories for a few weeks but then I snap and eat everything. Even high protein didn't work for me. I'm having a bit less hunger now with a diet restricted to fruit, vegetables, butter and fresh meat. But we'll see. Oh my, I would love nuggets and ice cream. Gotta keep that ultra delicious stuff out of the house, otherwise it owns me.
  12. Nice work on the to do list! Enjoy your bath, soup, football, and book.
  13. Tuesday Strength: I did hypertrophy and a walk Spirit: I did prayer and meditation Stoicism: I noticed the quitting wish while studying, and also some procrastination. Two or three times I ignored the request from my brain to quit, then I actually did quit and sleep instead after 40 minutes. This is becoming a pattern. Am I just tired right after the gym, or is there something about reading and making notes that makes me sleepy? Structure: I did everything, including study, painting, reading, German, and all the other stuff. I don't really feel any better from the low histamine diet. I noticed the itchy skin came back once when I had alcohol. But I had thought it random, or maybe due to seasonal allergies. More data required. I have also noticed or perhaps imagined in the past that wine makes my sinuses more blocked, and it turns out that could be a histamine thing. But yeah, it's not like histamine symptoms were obviously ruining my life or anything. They don't seem to be responsible for the fatigue. My skin is looking okay, maybe due to no dairy. But it probably needs another two months to know for sure. The fatigue doc said not to be perfectionist; that I could have a little tomato or something. The little something I choose is lemon, soy sauce, and vinegar. I need flavours for my vegetables.
  14. That's a reasonable bit of blue and green on the calories. How do you manage hunger long term when cutting calories?
  15. Ah, now you mention it, vomit free walking sounds relatively good. The fluffy! The cute! I want it!
  16. Yeah I keep an eye on the strokes and speed. In order to keep my heart rate at an average of 144 today, I increased the resistance a tiny bit, and had to keep my stroke rate at more like 24 instead of 22, which is where I kept it for a couple of months--any time I saw 23 I knew I had to slow down a bit so my heart rate wouldn't get too high. Now I'm trying to keep my heart rate high enough! There's also a number I think is time per 500m? That's slightly lower with the higher stroke rate. Very slight differences, but it felt harder. Maybe I should adjust the zones on my app.
  17. Monday Strength: I did rowing and a walk Stoicism: I noticed the quitting wish during the rowing, and during my studies. I pushed through a few times, but eventually gave up the study to sleep. Spirit: I prayed and did meditation. Structure: I did the whole routine, even if I only put 35 minutes into Seneca instead of an hour. It has been harder to keep my heart rate in the desired zone (3) for the last few rowing workouts. I *think* it means I'm fitter, because I have a lower heart rate for the same objective workload (or even a higher workload: I am having to row faster to keep my heart rate above 135, and I cannot really keep it above 145. I used to have to deliberately slow down to keep it below 155). But on the other hand, it feels subjectively just as hard as before, or rather harder, so it doesn't really feel like an improvement. I was worried that taking the weekends off would make it harder to get started on Monday, but I was okay. Just tired, not especially avoidant.
  18. I'm fine reading through. I'm nearly finished the sixth book now. I might watch the tv show after, though, if it's any good?
  19. Yes indeedy. I am not very good at the ship battles. And I am so scared of sharks that it impacts my ability to play the underwater bits. I liked AC2 better. That's good to hear. Maybe I'll give elder scrolls online another look to see if it's possible to play alone. I always want to spend more time in Tamriel.
  20. I've never played an mmo game before. I am uncertain about how it works, interacting with other people. I was looking at elder scrolls online and was unsure about the reviews, which were mixed. But I am playing a pirate game. I have started a series of missions I am assured will result in a stylish templar outfit. Your pic reminds me of Morrowind except the faces were worse, and slightly green.
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