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  1. When my stitch gauge is wrong, I will often knit a new swatch on a different sized needle. But if I like the fabric (don’t want it too loose or tight), or there’s no needle size that will get me closer, I use the needles I like but recalculate. E.g. I want a 40 inch sweater and the pattern says 7 sts per inch but I have 8 sts per inch. 40 x 7 is 280, so that’s what the pattern cast on would be. If I cast on the stated number, I’d only get 35 inches with my gauge. That’s the difference between a slightly loose sweater and a very tight one. I need 320 stitches for the same width. If there’s a pattern size close to that cast on, I use it. That said, if you’re knitting gloves, the difference won’t be as large. Let’s see.. I’m going to guess that gloves are 22 cm. If you had the correct gauge of 38, you’d need 83 sts. At 28 gauge you’re going to end up with almost 30cm instead of 22cm, if you cast on the recommended number of stitches. That’s actually a really big difference and will make for a bad glove. Instead you’d need 62 sts. Can you do the same maths (sorry, I’m terrible at maths so this is my probably inefficient process) and figure out if there’s a pattern size close to what you need? Otherwise just cast on with the stitches you need. And most patterns give length by cm/inch, not rows, so you can just measure as you go. But if the length instructions are given by row, you’ll need to calculate that, too. Or you could change needles until you get the right gauge. I think that might be best for something like gloves, if it has fingers or gussets rather than one unchanging width. You don't want to have to recalculate every tiny change, and some tight manoeuvres work better with more, smaller stitches. It doesn’t take long and I find patience serves me well in terms of knitting results, though I understand why it might be a bit irksome for small projects where the swatch takes as much time as the project!. Anyway, hope that helps and good luck! ETA when I size down needles, I get an increase of one or two stitches per needle size. So if you're going down two needle sizes (if I understand right) I don't think you'll add 10 stitches to your gauge. Also, I see you said colourwork. Colourwork pulls in a little compared to stockinette, but not hugely. If you didn't swatch with the colourwork, but with stockinette, then I would guess the colourwork will have a couple of extra stitches per 10cm. I think it's roughly the equivalent to going up maybe one needle size--a small change rather than a huge one, though it depends on the individual. Personally I knit the colourwork and stockinette sections of my last sweater on the same needle size because I have excellent control of my gauge. Hmm, sorry for the book!
  2. Slept terribly and took yesterday off. Have also been having stomach pain and nausea for the last few days. Not exactly motivating. But I did a half day today: just two blocks of art and the gym. Did lat pull downs.
  3. That sounds uncomfortable, though I can't imagine what would help.
  4. Bacon is certainly more valuable than candy. But creme brulee has the element of dairy, which is a weighty one, especially for this particular organism. Brulee perfects creme. Creme is the treasure. I think you've already sussed out the bacon logic. Ingredient based improvements are simply not transitive.
  5. I woke up early and shifted my art earlier, too. Did that from 8-10, then hit the gym from 10-11. Just flyes. Then my brother came over for lunch. We also spent quite a while going over his German translation of my essay. He did a great job but a few things needed clarification or rephrasing—you can’t always translate one to one. And sometimes you can but then you’ll regret the sheer awkwardness. Apparently German works better with nouns where in English one would use verbs. Unless you like long sentences where the verb is held at maximum distance by multiple subordinate clauses. Anyway, he only left at 5 so I didn’t really have time for anything else, but I got the important bits in: art/lift. And surely our work counts as both writing and German practice.
  6. Sort of. I could definitely have done some lifting during the great covid void. Progress is pleasing. Is your shoulder better now? Interesting. I have adequate mobility but I get the same unpleasant sensations from squatting that I do from standing up quickly or getting out of the bath--palpitations, dizziness, feelings of pressure etc--pretty sure it's a blood pressure thing. But form is so important for squats. I think I've improved mine with some single leg and lighter weight stuff, fixing the good morning tendency. How's your form?
  7. I think so. So then adding bacon to creme brulee doesn't really improve the creme brulee, but adding brulee to bacon improves the bacon. I think this is right, because although I love bacon, sometimes I want creme brulee, which is perfect without alteration.
  8. Thank you possum. I'm on a roll! A gym roll. It's like a yoga mat, but not. Yeah, it allows me to make tea, etc. I'm letting the important things (art) run over a little into the less important things (reading, chores) It's good for what ails you!
  9. Although we might ask whether it is the candy that is improved by the bacon, or the bacon by the candy.
  10. Counterpoint received, deliberated upon, ratified and double stamped.
  11. I did two blocks of art, two of writing, and half an hour of German listening. In addition, journalling outside, gym, reading, groceries, and a short walk. At the gym I did squats. Worked up to 45kg then failed because I was a bit wobbly and light headed and just sat down at the bottom of a rep. Was very tempted to try again, but I was reasonableness itself and did some leg presses instead. (I suspect squats of being especially bad for the POTS—a blood rate/pressure regulation problem dependent on body position that may cause at least some of my fatigue) Leg press is much less tiring and I can work one leg at a time, which is good because I have some asymmetry.
  12. Of course rice can be improved with the addition of meat and salt. What can't? Other than creme brulee.
  13. Sounds great! It's awesome that you're 1. listening to what people say about what prevents them and 2. looking for ideas that make them more powerful and bringing art to them instead of emphasising what they can't do.
  14. Sounds like a plan. Cooking rice in chicken water sounds pleasing, somehow. There must be a recipe trying to get out.
  15. To lose fat, you need to create a caloric deficit, as Carson says. There are loads of ways to make that easier, but focusing on eating less processed foods and increasing protein, fibre, or both, is a good way to reduce hunger. There are other tools like time restricted eating and mindful eating that can also help reduce hunger and non-hunger-related eating. To get an idea of how many calories you might want to eat, look for a "TDEE calculator" and plug in your stats. Just keep in mind that people's needs can vary by a few hundred calories so you may need to adjust after a few weeks if your weight is moving too fast or slow. Some people who are very heavy might benefit from reducing carbs, but leaner and more active people are less likely to benefit and more likely to suffer from carb reduction. You can experiment with this if you want to, but you don't have to, especially if you feel fine on your current way of eating. Building muscle is about training more than diet. You want to pick a few exercises that cover all the major muscle groups. If you choose free weights rather than machines, all you need is a pushing exercise, a pulling exercise, and some kind of squat, though you can do even better by getting a horizontal and a vertical pull (eg rowing and pull up), a horizontal and vertical push (e.g. bench press and overhead press), a squat movement, and deadlifts or something else for the hips. Then you need to do at least few hard sets of each, two or three times per week. A programme that a lot of people start with is stronglifts 5x5, which can be found online. It's simple but effective. If you do a different programme, just make sure you're lifting in the range of roughly 5-15 reps, and that the weights are heavy enough so that your sets are hard but not awful. More than 20 reps means the weights are too light. And don't train hard on consecutive days: lifting gives your body the instruction to grow, but rest is when it happens. Protein is more important for managing hunger than building muscle, but it does provide a modest advantage in building muscle as well (training is more important!). Many people start with 1g per pound of ideal bodyweight, but more or less is fine, too. At 70kg/155lb, I eat about 90-130g per day. Less leaves me hungry, more is difficult to get down. Another way of looking at it is %. Maybe try to hit 20-25% of calories from protein (though anything from 15 to 35% is okay).
  16. You can write your own programme if you like. If you're interested in whole body strength, then ideally you'd do one vertical pull, one horizontal pull, one vertical push, one horizontal push, and a squat type movement and some variation of deadlift or something for the glutes/hips. If you want to go even more minimal, it's also okay to do one push, one pull, and one movement for legs. Working out twice a week instead of three times is fine. The worst thing that can happen is you won't make as much progress as you want. But you can offset lower frequency with more sets per visit, if you want. But save that for later because beginners can make a lot of progress with not much work. With two gym visits a week, it makes sense to put all three movements (push, pull, legs) into each workout if you can. As with starting strength and similar programmes, you can alternate two workouts with different variations on the push pull and legs. You can always choose your own reps--just match lower reps with higher weight to ensure most of your sets are reasonably hard (e.g. if you're doing sets of 5, make it heavy enough that you could have done, say, 2 or 3 more reps, but not 10 more reps). It's a little trickier below 5 reps since the weights are heavier--doing super heavy singles or triples can be exhausting so it's not good to do all the time--but reps of five are fine. The only danger I can foresee is that the combination of running and weights might be too much for your knees. If your knees hurt after you start a new programme, you might have to cut back on something, preferably the running.
  17. I was pretty tired when I woke up, and it didn't shift at all. I still did most of my schedule but dropped the walk, ate some unplanned peanut butter and butter and swapped chores for a nap: 8:30 journal outside 9 art 10 art 11 gym 12 reading 1 nap 2 writing 3 writing 4 German, naalbinden, and a shower. I set my timer for 45 minutes for my blocks of art and writing, to give time for tea, food, etc. At the gym I just did some cable rows. Up to 50kg, I think. Or is it 50lb? 50 units on the cable thingy, anyway. I note that it is easier to gauge my level of exhaustion when I have things to do. I have actual tasks to measure against rather than a featureless expanse of indolence. Neither the nap nor the peanut butter helped much, and I am hoping tomorrow will be better. But I did still get satisfaction from my activities, and they drove away awareness of the exhaustion (and muscle pain, which has returned) for considerable chunks of time.
  18. Thank you, darling! I mean, who's going to look after my brother if not me? But I am going to adjust the settings once I understand the numbers better, because he has been at 45 repeatedly and not unconscious, so maybe I can set it a bit lower. The idea is to check on him and call his roommates if he doesn't answer in case he's unconscious and needs to be administered with glucagon or taken to hospital.
  19. I suppose you're right. It's just annoying to be at a starting point five years after I discovered lifting. My own fault, of course, but still. Yay!!!!
  20. That depends! What sort of ways do you think art is inaccessible to people with mental illness, and what sort of suggestions are you thinking of for the manual? PS the bread looks masterful and abundant!
  21. You are doing amazingly! Trudging happens sometimes, and determination is a good mood to face it in. Yes, this is the hard bit, when the initial excitement of planning wears off and you have to do the thing day after day with not much feedback, but before it's become habit. You can do it, though. You know, if you're eating more carbs, fasting or time restricted eating can have many of the same effects as keto: lowering blood sugar, raising ketones, enhancing insulin sensitivity. If keto makes you feel better, you could push your breakfast a little later and make sure there's no snacks after dinner. But it might be too difficult right now with the smoking, so that's fine too.
  22. I did the whole planned schedule today! 8:30-9:00 journal outside (for sunlight on eyes) 9-10 art 10-11 art 11-12 gym 12-1 reading 1-2 chores 2-3 writing 3-4 writing 4-5 walk, german listening. Obviously the blocks are more like 40-50 minutes so I can do things like eat, make tea, etc. And things spilled over--the gym took more like 1:20 so I spent less time on reading and chores. It requires a certain amount of focus to get through everything and not get trapped in transitional moments like I usually do. But I managed quite well. Either I have more energy and strength than in the past, or a whole day of usefulness is not as hard as I thought it would be. I am trying to get efficient with all the little things that eat up the transitional time (and energy)--getting dressed, feeding and medicating the cats, cooking, that sort of thing. It was nice to go back to the gym. Just bench press today. No plan, just worked up to a hard-for-me weight and did a few sets. A rather tiny 32.5kg, and I failed the last rep on the last set. Not surprising given I was never very strong to start with and haven't lifted consistently for three years since covid started. It doesn't matter. I need to develop consistency before I have the right to concern myself with progress on the actual weights. Also, I like the actual process of pressing a difficult-for-me weight, regardless of how much it is.
  23. I like them! Especially the truck and the green path. Very atmospheric. As for the neck, I guess something simple like muscle tension is more likely than cancer, but if it persists get it looked at for sure.
  24. It sounds like it's treatable or gets better by itself? That's great, I'm glad she's going to be okay.
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