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  1. Choice? I love Kung Fu, Sil-Lum is what I have studied, but also other arts as well. Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kenpo Karate, a little bit of kickboxing, and boxing as well.
  2. Okay, well not dead, but most of you may not know or remember me. I have not been here for just over 3 years now....wow time flies. Just wanted to say hi, and that I am planning on being back online a little more A little about me: 49 martial artist goofball work in the IT field gamer (duh) dreamer adventurer explorer HI
  3. It really depends on your level of exercise. You said you read Mark's Daily Apple(which is an awesome source btw), if you look up some posts on a 'day in the life' of Mark, you will find he does the same thing...eats when hungry, and doesn't eat when he is not. And what I mean by your level of exercise is this. If you are training HARD with lots of weight, or chronic cardio, or very intense workouts every day, you will need to eat more, and make sure you are getting enough calories. So I would suggest not skipping many meals if this is how you like to exercise. But, if you are not training
  4. AZSF forgot one thing about assassins....."The world is our playground!"
  5. it is right to wait and 'let the results do the talking'. As long as you follow primal/paleo pretty closely, your family will be amazed by the results...or think your an extraterrestrial alien! 3 years primal/paleo this coming december, and i have gone through all what you have with family and friends. I started at the docs 3 years ago, and just had a follow up less than 2 months ago, with perfect numbers in everything. I cured my high blood pressure, lost over 50lbs, cured chronic IBS, back and neck pain.... doc said it again...keep doing what your doing!
  6. radical....maybe, but it is not just theories, it has very solid science behind it. And that is the problem with the health industry, they continue to follow 'traditional wisdom' without ever evaluating if it is truly the best thing. We, and I mean everyone including paleo/primal, should always research, study, re-evaluate if what we are doing is truly the best way for us.
  7. pretty much all excuses, but valid thoughts. Here's a list of reasons I haven't done much to my diet so far... -Might not get enough calories(see next two) That would be your fault...eat more. If you are exercising hard, eating more on Paleo is not going to hurt you. If you are not getting enough calories, track them and eat more, although it will only take you a little research to find out how much calories you are consuming, and from then on you already know what you need. -Losing weight would have a bad or neutral effect Don't lose weight then. See answer to first. -Don't want my
  8. southern arizona....hot summers, mild winters. It is okay, but I miss having more water around. Beautiful country though.
  9. I eat Primal/Paleo, at about 99%. How did I deal with the transition: If you mean transitioning to Paleo, for me I took it semi-slow. In the very beginning, I would do my research and find out what foods were paleo, then at each and every meal, I would ask myself this question..."Okay, what non paleo thing am I about to eat, that I can switch out for something paleo". My standard example was I use to eat lots of pasta and chicken, so chicken was of course okay, but I would switch the pasta out with a bunch of veggies. I would ask myself that question for every meal, and in the beginni
  10. both my wife and I are horse people We have 3, one Navajo pony from the res here in arizona. He is retired due to leg issues, and may not be around much longer :( Another is a quarter horse, who is not retired, but thinks he is, and yet another qh that is my wifes working horse. I have been riding for about 6 years now, and she has been riding for about 25, and has been trained in jumping, dressage, western, etc,etc,etc.
  11. I built a standing desk at my work awhile ago as well! Great job It will take a little bit to get use to, but also do not forget to mix it up. Stand for awhile, sit and rest, stand/move again, rinse repeat, keep your body moving and not doing anything to much. Don't sit to much, and don't stand to much. After awhile it feels great!
  12. Welcome aboard! Your excuses: - I'm lazy. (yup me too, make your workouts fun, PLAY, and it will be something you want to do..not have to do) - I'm an insomniac, I can't sleep at night and only sleep a few hours during the day, so I'm always tired. (best time to exercise!) - In Florida, the weather is always hot and humid, so I never want to work out outdoors. (just keep in mind that nice cold shower after its all over!) - I can't fit a gym membership into the budget. (you don't need one) - Ditto for home weights. (you don't need them) All valid excuses, but no worries, we all have excuses
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