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  1. Just doing an update after a long hiatus. Life got a bit mental. I got laid off very suddenly (and with it lost my gym membership) and spent a few months just working on things at home and applying for loads of jobs. I managed to maintain my weight right up until the last month of being unemployed where I got frustrated and gained back 8 pounds. I haven't gone up any since there, but I am working again and just signed up for a new gym close to my house. As most of you on here know, having a small child can make it difficult to find time for working out, so the aim for right now is that three days a week I'll get up early and hit the gym before I go to work. I will also try to go running with the dogs two nights a week. We'll see how it all goes. I'm mostly eating healthy and making good choices, but I could be doing better so I am trying to just jump back in and rebuild some good habits.
  2. Work has been kind of a nightmare lately so the stress and overload of it has cut down a lot on my workout time. However, I have been continuing to eat sensibly and try to do more physical activities. Latest update. I am down to 175 lbs. Which is just 10 lbs off of my tentative goal. (End goal is 155 lbs without much burly muscle or up to 165 with burly muscle.) So I am making really good progress. Here are some comparison pictures. May compared to September and June compared to September.
  3. Continuing to work at it. Down to 181.8lbs. I have an event coming up this weekend and one of my interim goals when I started losing weight was to be in the 170s by the event. Not 'You have to be 170lbs or you're a failure.' Just, an aim to try and be somewhere within the 170s when the event happens. If I behave myself this week then I should actually reach that goal and I will plan to update people on Monday or Tuesday of next week. I'm feeling good. It has been a rough few weeks. I got really sick for a while and then we had inlaws visiting one right after the other. So I have been trying to make good choices about diet and make sure that I get some kind of exercise. Today I will be back in the gym for weight training and the aim is to have the following schedule - Monday - Arms, chest and shoulders. Tuesday - Run for 35 minutes. Wednesday - Back and Core. Thursday - Run for 35 minutes. Friday - Arms, chest and shoulders. I try to go for a 1.8 mile walk with the dog twice a day each day, but some days it's only once. I am toying with the idea of turning that into a gentle jog, but we'll see.
  4. I decided to formally go ahead and do a battle thread since it seems like I am actually sticking with this fitness stuff. (Touch wood.) I've never been good at online introductions, but I'll do my best. I'm a nerd, obviously. My hobbies are medieval re-enactment (mainly through the SCA,) archaeological experimentation, woodworking, writing, Scottish country dancing and pipe smoking. I also run a podcast on Viking Age History called Norse by Northwest. I'd always been a fairly outdoorsy person with fair fitness, but I moved from Scotland to the US and gained a ton of weight. (A few images below to show the journey so far.) I struggled with it for a long, long time and just couldn't seem to shed a pound. Eventually I went to my Doctor who went through a lot of options with me and convinced me to try a month of Phentermine. That actually worked really well. I lost weight at a reasonable and healthy pace and was only on it for one month. But it led to a further diagnosis of Chronic depression related fatigue. Basically, I needed a stimulant of some kind added to my antidepressant to really get me feeling human. The antidepressant stopped me from being suicidal, but I was still just trapped in a fog and never able to really engage or get anything done. So I got put on a really low dose of Adderall and it has totally changed my life. I feel like myself again. I have a reasonable amount of energy. I'm actually happy. I get chores done during the day and I'm not completed incapacitated by having to make a decision on a thing. At any rate, I started hitting the gym every weekday on my lunch break. I would do two days of weight training and three days of the C25K. On weekends I'd attended fighter practice for the heavy armoured combat I do. I've now completed the C25K and I am running 35 minutes twice a week and doing weight training three days a week. My 'Big why' is twofold. First, my Daughter, Freya, was born in November of 2017 and is growing like a weed. I want to be fit enough to keep up with her and healthy enough to be around for her for many years to come. I also really want to look better in my medieval garb. I make clothes that I am really proud of and then I put them on and think about how much better they would look if I were a bit more trim. It's vain, but maybe not too bad of a thing. My goals are modest. I don't expect washboard abs or biceps as thick as my neck. I'd like to get rid of most if not all of the beer belly and have better strength and endurance. I'm making good progress so far and trying to just stay patient and continue to make healthy choices. So, on to the pictorial proof. Pictures of me from before I moved to the US where I was in really good shape. Then pictures of me after I moved to the US and was really fat. Finally, a chain of progress pictures showing my weight loss over the last few months.
  5. I do strength training twice a week right now. Tuesdays and Thursdays. And on the weekend I usually have some sort of hauling to do but nothing set. I'm on the last week of my running program so my aim is that once I have officially completed it I will switch to running on Tuesdays and Thursdays and just keeping it at that twice a week 5k. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will do my strength training so that I can focus on more than just the upper body. (M- Upper body, W- Core and lower back, F-Upper body. The running and dancing I do takes care of the legs for now.) That way I am not too overloaded but I am still getting good, solid workouts designed to keep me healthy and actually improve my performance in my hobbies and everyday life.
  6. Another fly-by update. Doing pretty well overall. I'm down to 187.4 lbs. The lowest I have been in a long, long time. It has been a wee bit harder to maintain because life has been busy, but I am just trying to make good choices as far as my food and make sure that I am exercising regularly. I don't think I'll hit my massive hope goal of being 165 by August 24th, but I'm good with that. My weight loss has been sensible and I feel like it has been done in a way that I'll be able to maintain it. I'm happier, more energetic and, wonder of wonders, I can tie my shoes without getting out of breath because there is so much belly pushing against my lungs when I bend over. I have lost about half the weight I need to and I can ALMOST comfortably wear the t-shirt that it was my goal to fit into comfortably. So the progress is good and I am happy overall.
  7. Quick update. I'm making good progress. From my highest weigh in of the last 12 months at 219lbs down to 191lbs. Here is a comparison pic. Me on June 7th versus me today.
  8. Took my last dose of the Phentermine today. It worked well. The first week was rough but once I got used to it I felt a lot better. It ended up being a good thing that the doctor had put me on it, because I've suffered from bad depression for years, and my anti-depressants were technically working, but I was really lethargic all the time and I could just never get anything done. I was trapped in indecision all the time. Being on the phentermine made me feel like my old self again. so, after a lot of discussion the doc took me off phentermine at the end of the month long prescription and is starting me on adderall. I guess it's not uncommon for people who have chronic depression and aspergers to have depression related fatigue and being on both antidepressants and a lower dose stimulant really helps to even things out. And honestly, I'm glad we figured that out. It's good to feel human and balanced again. I've been working out each weekday. C25K 3 times a week and 2 days of weights. I've upped the amount of weight I can lift and I am feeling a lot better. Having fewer joint and pain issues and really enjoying the workouts. Weight as of May 22nd - 207 lbs Weight today - 195.2 lbs. 33.3% body fat and 33.6 muscle mass. The first time in YEARS that my muscle mass has been higher than my body fat. I'm going to keep working at things slowly. Sensible eating, working out and continuing good habits.
  9. Continuing to work on things slowly. Down almost 10 lbs over a two week period. Faster than I would normally agree with, but I am being very careful and my doctor is keeping an eye on me. Right now my main goal is to just drop 20lbs overall. If I could do it and keep it off by the end of August that would be great. Working out five days a week. Three days of cardio and two days of weights.
  10. Hey there. They did talk about that. I'm eating a lot live culture of yoghurt and my wife has kombucha that she makes. I don't like it but I will take a couple of shots of that each day. Fresh sauerkraut, too. I was warned that it will probably take some time to replenish everything, but I'll keep at it.
  11. Well, it has been a rough few months since I last logged in. Between having a new baby in the house who is an adorable plague rat and the fact that it has just been a really bad season for illness I got sick over and over and over again with various things. (As did the wife and baby.) I even got a strep infection so bad the doctor described it as one of the worst they'd ever seen and the antibiotics I got put on for it killed it off quickly but wrecked my system. And because of that I ended up with C-diff. (TMI, I know.) I have been trying really hard to eat sensibly and to work out regularly, but I was at a point where no matter what I did I could not lose any weight. Nothing. And even having C-diff didn't make me lose any weight. So... I saw my doctor and he took a lot of blood and ran a lot of labs and after a lot of discussion and a lot of trepidation from me, he convinced me to start on phentermine. It's not something I would have picked for myself, but the other options I was looking at would have been a bad choice since I have fatty liver and don't want to risk elevating my numbers at all. So he talked it all through with me and I started on it today. I am going to continue with eating as healthily as possible and my wife is going to be my accountability buddy on that. She's also joining me at the gym a few days a week and I am going each day on my lunch break. Hopefully it'll do what the doctor wants which is kick start my metabolism so that I only need to be on it for a month or two and then I can just continue making healthy choices and lose the rest without medication. It's hard because I feel kind of like a cheater, but I am trying to focus on my ultimate health goal with is to drop the excess fat and just work on being stronger and healthier in general. Here goes...
  12. Accountability post. Did a bunch of upper body weight stuff. Tomorrow will be elliptical and rowing machine. As of the beginning of this week, 200.8 lbs, 35% fat and 32% muscle.
  13. Well, it was an intense few months and I disappeared for a bit. I got what I thought was a bad cold but turned out to be the flu. Shortly after that I got, what my doctor termed as 'One of the worst Strep infections I have ever seen. Seriously, it is bad in there. Really bad.' (This was after two weeks of trying to wait it out and barely being able to swallow.) Right after I got put on antibiotics that just wrecked my system I felt a lot better, but I also got laid off from my job. While I have had other things going on, though, I did manage to maintain my lower weight. And, in good news... I got an AMAZING new job at the local University. My wife works here, too, though in a different department. So it's great for commuting etc. But one of the best parts is that my office is right next to the gym. I can walk to the gym from my office in about 145 seconds. It's brilliant. So I can happily go to the gym on my lunch break each day, get a good work out and even shower afterwards and still be back to my desk in time. Now, I have a persistent cough right now that I'm working on getting over so I just completely restarted the C25K rather than push my luck. But I can do free weights or swim in the huge pool or play basketball or whatever. this is a full University gym and rec centre. They have a climbing wall. The sky is the limit. So, I am thrilled about that and I am thrilled that. My aim is to do another monthly challenge closer to the middle/end of May, but we'll see how it all goes.
  14. Got my weights in today. Shoulder press - 2x10 with 20 lbs dumbbells and 1x7 with 20lbs dumbbells. Chest press with dumbbells - 3x10 with 25 lbs dumbbells. Bicep curls - 3x10 with 15lbs dumbbells. Chin ups - 3x5 with various weight assistance that I forget.
  15. Run went well. I ran for 25 minutes straight and burned 400 ish calories.
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