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  1. JupiterStar and the Snowy New Year

    New year, new computer, new goals, new successes, hopefully! I've got some big things coming up this year so I really need to buckle down and focus, so now that I'm back from a much-delayed vacation (we got stuck in Tokyo two days waiting for a rescheduled flight), here are some of my big goals for 2018: Look my best for my wedding at the end of the year! Purplebug and I finally set a "date", or rather a date range, after talking with an immigration lawyer over my trip back to visit with my family in Colorado. Our tentative plan is to elope and get married during the end-of-year break from work, then in 2019 we'll have the big family wedding on a cruise around Greece at some point. I bought my wedding dress during this vacation, but I'd obviously like to be in really good physical shape and lose some more weight before this time next year, and since we'll be doing our honeymoon(s) at the same time as the weddings and it will likely involve a lot of beach time since we both love the ocean, I want to look my best! Pass some auditions for performance jobs!: I won Osaka's Got Talent in December, yay! And I've had so many people pushing me to do more performance stuff and asking me to really try for the Universal Studios Japan job or others that I think this is the year I'm going to do just that. That means getting in more regular music practice and lessons, more open mic nights, more auditions, the works. I also need to get back in touch with my creative side, not just being capable of putting on a good show. Also... Get back into regular physical training! I need to find a dance class that I can attend to get those skills back up to par. I've also got a new workout buddy who can help me with regular gym training, and I'm going to try to keep up with aerials as well. Basically, I want to get in plenty of variety with activity and exercise, since healthy eating has never been a huge issue for me but workout burnout is, and if I'm going to rock that awesome wedding dress and these auditions, I'd better be physically fit! Have better self-esteem! This ties into pretty much everything above. If I'm feeling my best, I'll be less stressed about how I look for the wedding, I'll enjoy all of it more, I'll do better at performances and auditions, I'll be able to keep going to workouts and classes without feeling too ugly and fat and weak to do so...I can do it! I'm going to have a Lolita dress up day at least once a month, I'm going to stop referring to myself in bad terms and try more positive ones (like instead of "a fat Lolita blob," I'll be "a muffin aspiring to be a cupcake," things like that), and I'm going to get myself all of the tools I need to reach my goals even when I feel down. I can do it! So. With those in mind, I am back on board! Time to bring back my Cardcaptor Sakura challenges, master the Clow, and master my own body at the same time! But first, because we all need to start somewhere, a challenge to get me back into the groove of things during all the New Year madness. Lifestyle: Bullet Journal Daily Why: I've never tried bullet journaling before and I've had many people say it helps them with focusing, keeping on track, and keeping a better mind-set. I'm hoping I can use it to focus on feeling more positive, or at least noticing trends for when I feel down so that I can actively work to combat those days (like if I notice I'm routinely getting down on myself after a certain class at work, I might be able to pep talk myself before that class, or something like that). It'll also help me to keep track of my goals, see progress (I'm planning on tracking things like what moves I learn in classes and how much I can lift), and to not forget things that I sometimes forget, like logging in here regularly! How: I'll set aside time at the end of the day every day to at least track the basics and write a quick positive note about myself for the day. Grading: 7/7 days a week = A, 5+/7 = B, 3+/7 = C, less than 3 = F Fitness: Attend Aerials Class and Gym Three Times a Week Why: My self-esteem got me self-sabotaging after summer vacation last year...every time I tried to go to the gym or aerials, I felt stupid and fat and incapable of doing well. So I stopped going...and I miss it. This will help with me getting healthier again, with losing weight, with staying fit, and hopefully with my self-esteem, as if I'm going to things weekly, I can see more progress from week to week even when I feel down on myself. How: I got a gym buddy! He'll join me on Thursdays and Saturdays at the gym, which will be a huge help. And for aerials, I'll try to drag Purplebug along to keep me accountable. Grading: 3 times a week = A, 2 times a week = B, once a week = C, none at all = F Food: Track Food Daily Why: The biggest challenge for me with losing weight has always been the fact that I eat very healthily already. Like, any dietary program I've started, I was already following (I don't drink soda, juice, or coffee regularly, I love seafood, poultry, and veggies, I measure portions, I don't add a lot of condiments, I cook almost everything from scratch and eat meals from home all but once or twice a week, and I've done all of this for at least 12 years). My main problem is actually undereating, especially for my activity level. The best way I can keep track of all of this, to check that what I'm eating goes with my activity level for the day, that I'm eating a balanced macro diet to keep my energy up, and things like that to make sure my messed-up metabolism doesn't get even more so. How: I've downloaded MyFitnessPal! If anyone else has it and wants to be buddies on there to hold each other accountable, please let me know Grading: 7/7 days a week = A, 5+7 = B, 3+/7 = C, less than 3 times in a week = F Fitness/Lifestyle: Go Out Pokemon Hunting Once A Week Why: Because it's good for me, it's a way to get out with Purplebug a bit for some bonding time, we can explore Osaka, and why not? How: We're going to go out for this on either Tuesdays, Fridays, or Sundays every week, for about one hour. Grading: All 4 weeks = A, 3 weeks = B, 2 weeks = C, less than 2 weeks = F Wish me luck, guys! I'll do my best to cheer you on as well!
  2. JupiterStar and the Snowy New Year

    Oops, I've discovered two things that are throwing me off-track this week; Bullet journaling is REALLY addictive, and I am now That Girl Who Gets Our Extra Tickets to my friends. To elaborate, my birthday is in just over one week. Last year, a friend of mine in Hokkaido bought a season pass to the Osaka Umeda Arts Theater for shows (she had a goal of seeing 40 in one year) but then realized in July that she wouldn't get down to Osaka enough to use it, so she just gave it to me to use. I took advantage of it to hit up a few shows I wanted to see, including much nicer than usual tickets to my yearly Four Stars One World concert night. I also had time to go to more Takarazuka shows (because yes, I do enjoy oggling hot ladies in dude drag singing and dancing their way through copious amounts of peacock feathers), and a friend of mine in one of the fan clubs decided to start giving me any tickets that her other friends backed out of, especially to the special performer-only dinners and whatnot. So I sort of ended up having tickets to a lot of free or discounted shows last year. This year, I mentioned how much I've love a replacement UAC pass for my birthday if people wanted to go in together on one...no dice (that I know of), but in the last week I've been offered FIVE tickets to shows that people backed out of. One of these is to Takarazuka's newest original show, The Poe Clan, which opened YESTERDAY. And my (yet another) friend who had an extra ticket offered it to me above everyone else for free as a birthday gift. The seats are FRONT ROW AISLE, right where the revue travels down during the finale. I could not turn those down. Except, um, they're on Thursday. AKA one of my gym days. And I got offered them Tuesday, too late to reschedule. Damn. I'll try to make it up by using my nice shiny new Circit home gym after the show (I'll get home around 7, too late for my gym buddy). I'd count that as a gym workout, if I actually do it for at least 30 minutes. As for the journaling, I have spent waaaaaay too much time on my journal, to the detriment of other stuff like studying. Oops. And it's mostly decorating the damn thing and filling up the To-Do pages and Future Log. Oh, and my Lolita collection pages. PS, I think I have a problem. At some point between 2013 and now, my Lolita dress collection went from one to 18. Also a skirt, 4 blouses, 7 pairs of shoes, 3 cardigans, a truly ridiculous amount of hair accessories and wrist cuff sets, 3 bags, 3 petticoats (WHY do I need 3? I DON'T KNOW!), and a dozen pairs of tights and knee socks. Which I added to today. Um. When did that happen? I guess one good thing about the journal, now I can SEE what I have all in one place and it does make it a lot easier to go, "....but do I REALLY need that Innocent World Tales of Red Riding Hood salopette JSK and matching capelet? Do I REALLY?" Anyway, yeah, bullet journals. Feeding some OCD tendencies I wasn't aware I had. Seriously, I'm not being hyperbolic, I had no idea how many lists of stuff I made, or how much I like cataloging and numbering things until now. Oh dear. Maybe I should limit myself more. Like, I get to open my journal twice a day, max, for 10 minutes or less each time. Something to make me stop checking stuff off every time I have a break at work. This got weird. Sorry. I blame the rain?