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  1. So, usually we do aerial rings class there. I find it fun but painful, and usually tap out halfway through to practice juggling. Last week's class, we did a variety of circus-y stuff. Started with tumbling - did some forward and backward rolls. I can't yet build up the momentum for backwards! Then we did some aerial silks basics, just holding on with our hands and feet, then hanging upside down on the silks (with it knotted behind our backs). Then we did some hula-hooping, which I wasn't that great at! Kept falling down And finally some juggling. Jupiterstar is a newbie to that, so we focused on her while I practiced my 3-ball throwing. It left me happier than the classes usually do, probably because there was less frustration and pain, and more changing around.
  2. Hi, sorry. I'm going through a depressive episode, so it's hard to update/respond to stuff. Sorry for the absence. Not doing very well on any front this month. Tracking food every other day, maybe. Tracking some purchases, but not all. Very little yoga so far. And due to a busy schedule, only one instance of rollerblading. I did go to circus class last week, though. Was fun. Think I'm going to focus on things like creative endeavours next month.
  3. Body: Do yoga twice a week. Body: Go biking with rollerblading anime freak (@JupiterStar) twice a week. Food: Track what I'm eating every day. Life: Track my spending - immediately! - no matter how small. It's short this time. I'm tired, and I have to be up early tomorrow. Plus I was out at a social gathering tonight and all my words have been used up for the day.
  4. So, final results. Looks like I started slipping on soda and chocolate as the month went on. Tooth brushing was good, only missed 3 days in the whole month! My aim of 3 yoga things a week was a bit ambitious, so next month I will do two times a week.
  5. The shipping to here wouldn't be extortionate, only $5 or so, but the cost of the bars puts me off. Also, since I didn't grow up with s'mores, it probably wouldn't hit the right buttons
  6. Long-overdue update. I realised that milk tea has 6-7g sugar, not 12+ like I thought, so my resolve for not drinking it has weakened! I've had it quite often in the last week Been doing so-so on the chocolate. It's been a hard week for Jupiterstar, and so for me, so I'm not so strong against the nummy snacks, especially on my way home. Yoga, last week was good, this week I only managed once. My Tuesday disappeared in running around Osaka looking for speciality shops that have feta and white baking chocolate. Ugh. Buying anything in Japan seems to be super hard. You want bland white bread and cheese? Fine. You want something with grains, or flavour, or anything slightly unusual? Go to the import store, and pray they haven't decided to stop stocking it. And the teeth? All but three days this month!
  7. First day back at regular job after the holiday, and I've guzzled a coke and two snickers on my way to and from the school. Damn the alternative versions, they taste so good! I was just nauseous with hunger on my way home, though, and I saw they had both the dark choc and the almond varieties, so I cracked. I went into the shop like, "okay, banana chips", but immediately changed to "oh damn it, snickers". Oh well. No yoga today either, but maybe I'll give it a try tomorrow, on my day off. Still going strong with the tooth brushing, though!
  8. Wait, scratch the yoga fail! We just did a quick bedtime yoga video So, that's one day this week so far, at least!
  9. Hi @Guzzi, @fleaball, sorry for the disappearing act! We've been travelling to Tokyo for Golden Week (bunch of national holidays in a row), so it's been super busy the last wee while. Milk tea is kind of like a tea latte. I've had those from Starbucks, and I noticed the similarities. It's sweetened, and you can get it cold (in a plastic bottle) or hot (bottle or can). Canned hot drinks were weird for me at first, especially from a vending machine, but it's so useful for warming up in the winter that I stopped thinking it was strange very quickly! I've attached a picture of my preferred brand of milktea. It has about 15-18g of sugar in it, I think, which is as much as a coke. So, it went on my challenge list. Speaking of, I've had a bit of a slidey week. In Tokyo, away from home, I just want to eat everything and try everything, so I've been eating a bit more unhealthily this last week. However, none of that was a chocolate bar I have marked myself down as missing my goal on several days, though, because I'm sure getting an ice-cream sundae counts as a big sugar intake that I didn't have to eat! I did manage to avoid getting a coke with some meals, though. I just sometimes got melon soda at karaoke or with dinner when they had a drink bar (self-refills). Since we got back to Osaka, though, I haven't had any soda or chocolate (or extravagant sugary treats)! Yoga didn't happen, as our hotel room was tiny, and the last two days have been a bit weird, pain-wise, but maybe I can fit one session in tomorrow. I managed to remember to brush my teeth every day but one! I forgot on Thurday, and that was it! That's my most successful challenge, so far. I hope everyone else is doing well!
  10. ... Confession time. I had an energy drink today. That's like, soda plus bad. So, a fail on that today. But still no chocolate! I have actually been super tired the last few days, and needed a boost for classes today. I realised last night that it's because I forgot to go to the doc and refill my meds, so my underactive thyroid is lounging all over my metabolism and making me sleepy. So I'm going to go tomorrow (first chance I have, and last for over a week due to public holidays), and I'll be back to normal, no energy drinks needed anymore. I'm actually quite wary of them now, since a 25-year-old friend of mine recently had a heart attack due to a combo of smoking and energy drinks. I don't smoke, but my dad did, and I have some second-hand smoke damage, so who knows. I don't want to be paranoid, but... The stuff in energy drinks is not too good for you. It does help my ADHD a bit, but still. Anyway. Didn't do yoga as planned this morning, due to neck/shoulder muscle pain (probably from picking up 6 year olds too much, damn their hyperactive little motor drives). Will try tomorrow. Brushed my teeth!
  11. I did not have milktea in my life before I moved to Japan. 'Tea with milk' and 'milktea' are sooooo different. Even when I buy it hot, it's still different from brewed tea in a mug with milk. It's sweet, without tasting like two sugars in tea tastes like. I don't get it, but it's yummy, and I can't get enough. So, it's a problem.
  12. So far this week, I have managed to brush my teeth once a day! *those are my shiny teeth* Still seeing some blood from my gums when I rinse, though They are sensitive, and un-used to brushing, I guess. I'm not too worried, cos I know that gums are likely to be more delicate and easily damaged by the toothbrush if you don't brush often. I cracked today and got a milktea with my lunch, mostly because I forgot my lunch box at home. If I hadn't, maybe I wouldn't have stopped to get anything from the shop on my way to work. I've got to get into flavoured water. @JupiterStar gave me a coupon that she got for a free pear-flavoured water, which is quite tasty, but it's a flavour that's unlikely to stay beyond the season. Chocolate, I did quite well on. I snacked on cookie-things at work (damn the Japanese custom of buying your co-workers edible goodies from your travels, it introduces way too many sweets into my life!), but I haven't had any actual chocolate. And we did some yoga yesterday morning. It was tough, lots of plank-holding positions, which I did not like - I'm more into the stretching and not much weight bearing. But I gotta work on my ab and back muscles somehow. Going to try again tomorrow morning, if @JupiterStar feels up to it. She's been very under the weather lately...
  13. Two days in, brushed my teeth both days! Only one milktea drink bought, but I mostly drank water. No chocolate though! Haven't done any yoga yet, though, but I have Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings free, so I'll probably do it then.
  14. My first step towards a healthier me is recognising my missteps. What do I do that is bad for my health and/or lifestyle? I drink too many sugary drinks - bad for body and wallet. I eat too much chocolate - ditto. I don't exercise enough. I let good habits slide into bad due to memory issues. So, here are my goals for this upcoming challenge. Diet 1: Replace a coke or a milk tea bottle with water or a smoothie/drinkable yoghurt, at least four times a week. Acceptable max number of sodas/milk teas in a week is 2. Diet 2: Instead of buying a dark chocolate Snickers (why must they keep bringing out variations that I get addicted to), grab a healthy snack bar, or banana chips, or something not containing chocolate. Also, limit self to one snack per trip to the convenience store, which should be no more than twice a day on workdays (4 days out of the week) and zero on non-workdays. Fitness: Do a yoga video workout at least 3 times a week. 5 would be awesome, but 3 is the minimum. Level Up Your Life: Brush my teeth every morning. It sounds elementary, but it's a habit I have a hard time reinforcing, especially after a cavity-free dentist visit after three years of slacking on my dental hygiene. I felt like I had license to keep slacking off, since apparently I've done fine with only occasional brushing, but it's really not something that I want to do. I'd rather have a clean mouth, fresher breath, and a lack of blood when I do get round to brushing. That's gross, and it hurts my gums. (This is my most embarrassing bad habit, fyi. I gotta do something about it. No judging please.) For this, I will probably set an alarm on my phone reminding me to brush. So, here goes.
  15. Hi @Guzzi, I'm from Glasgow! Thanks for your advice We do walk quite often in our daily commutes, however there are some impediments, like foot pain, etc. Got some arch supporting insoles recently that are helping with that... Mostly of my trouble with exercise and finding a supportive community comes from not following through with stuff, and forgetting to reply to people (which turns into anxiety that it's been too long and replying after too long is embarrassing, stupid brain), and getting distracted by time-wasting stuff. I'll try to join the challenge thing when it starts up again.
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