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  1. @Blocky I am not good with the guesstimates either! Maybe our coach has measured ours, I'll ask. He is a similar personality and probably has. @RedStone I ordered These Ones! I am super excited. They are waterproof and not as clunky as a bunch of the other ones; I had over the ear ones but the headband part wasn't great while running. I read that none of the "good" name brands are making these little guys yet because the tech is still buggy. I don't watch videos with headphones so not worried about a lag! And YES - why aren't trap bars standard? I'm sure there would be a good excuse i
  2. Posting because I am in the positive $$$s for the first time this challenge. However, my headphones broke and I badly want to buy new ones ($50) and may be back in the negatives asap. Days tracked: 34 Amount earned (all time): $158.17 + one free for all Amount in piggy bank: $2.20 Also, I believe I overheard my coach tell someone the hex bar is 60 lbs. So my carries this past week were two "there and backs" at 330 lbs. I tried to use my run app to measure the length of my walk but it failed me and didn't measure it as any length at all. It isn't super long, that
  3. Cool!!! Makes me wish I'd pulled it together and travelled somewhere that was experiencing totality. I saw your flip on the insta and am still mind=blown.
  4. LOL on her weekend plan - A++ answer right there.
  5. NICE on the good restaurant ordering (tough to stay near calories with restaurant stuff) and armpit doms made me laugh - you know you're working! I kind of love random small muscle soreness. I get all like "I found you! Didn't even know you were there!"
  6. Going and doing something is seriously all that matters, super glad you went and holy smokes on the big weights - awesome! Re therapy I hear you. Not sure if this sounds like the core of why you're considering going - I mention because I know you are feeling the loss of your partner's proximity; I ended up going for "Grief Counselling". We worked through the Grief Recovery Handbook and it was awesome and goal oriented (we also drew lots of graphs, which I LOVE) and healed my day to day functioning. It also really expanded my definition of grief beyond mourning someone dying. You can read th
  7. 1 - go you for finding a gym during your travels! 2 - inspired by you I weighed in for the first time after about 2 weeks of eating like a lunatic and OMG
  8. E'erything getting crossed off - yeah! Nice on the cake trade-up, you are right that it is always worth saving the treat expense for something made in a fresh. Except costco apple muffins - why are they so good? DL max! Awesome! Nice round number too, I love the "00"s - "50"s are ok too.
  9. I'm a big proponent of therapy and heck knows with your lady moving it isn't a bad idea, that is a huge deal. OK - so similar to you, I had been trying to hold myself to a certain number of things per week (2 treat/restaurant meals, lift x times, etc) - it wasn't working for me. I've changed mine and pay myself for good habits - for you, prayer/bible and lifting and maybe even therapy? A buck or two for each and you can use that as your restaurant fund? No pressure to change everything, obviously! Wondering if it might be nice to have positive reinforcement vs punishment for going
  10. Awesome update! Heck yeah on the freelance, I have a dream that I do that but have no idea how to find clients. VERY cool! Re creatine, my lifts went up a ton after I started taking it & yoga-ing - I assume because of the recovery. Yay! I may or may not weigh a couple of lbs more when I take it but not noticeable to my eyes. Love that you're treating yourself well and working through it. Lifting heavy brought (and still does) bring up some heavy feels for me, too. I am so glad you are at your gym - I can't believe how much less I do even when my coach is on vacation. Too fun
  11. I love it I'm going to do this too, even in my email tasks for work. Really glad I posted that gif, now! For sure! Once folks move out of my town, even if it is 1/2-1 hour away, it goes to once or twice a year also. Too strange. Must be a mental radius we draw around ourselves. I wonder where we learn it or if the size of our radius runs in families! I call the 1/2 hour around my parents entering "the circle of (parental) concern". Awesome!!! Glad it is improving and reversing the split is smart I get stuck in "the order things must be" sometimes!
  12. I start freaking out when I can't lift, too, and feel & act like a crappy person. I think part is that like you I feel like I'm losing ground, and part that my bod/mind is depending on that work to burn off anxiety/feels. Glad you're building in energy spenders to take care of the latter part of the equation.
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