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  1. It's fizzy, but very light (not as bubbly as soda or even beer). I drink the strawberry flavour that Lifeway makes, but I can also vouch for the strawberry one from Trader Joe's. The texture is that of drinkable yogurt and the two brands I just mentioned are pleasantly sweet without being overwhelming. Hope that helps!
  2. Hey! I just recently joined the forum and am also a yogi. I'm curious to hear if you are still practicing Ashtanga, have shifted to a different style, or maybe don't even do yoga anymore? I've long been interested in developing an Ashtanga practice but have only started practicing regularly within the last month (before that, I'd been practicing standard vinyasa style for about 2.5 years). I've found Kino MacGregor's YouTube and CodyApp courses to be really accessible, as well as Mark Robberds' Instagram (which I'm pretty sure he posts as real-time video on YouTube).
  3. Funny enough, I've never actually had kombucha. Took me a good while before I figured out it wasn't, like, a vegetable. What exactly is it meant to be? An energy drink? Juice? Tea? I'm def open to trying it
  4. I drink kefir, which doesn't necessarily "cure" but instead keeps everything in balance to prevent further infections. My gyno told me that I did/do have a super un-fun strain of yeast that could cause problems, but I haven't had anything​ unusual since I started drinking kefir every day. (And not even a lot. I basically do a shot.)
  5. Occurred to me that I didn't post anything non-fitness about myself... My favorite show is Archer. I'm in the middle of season two, having recently started my annual re-binge prior to the start of season 8 (April 5th!) I loooove chocolate. M&Ms are my classic fav, but I'll take those chocolate covered açai berries or kit kats any day. Phish Food is my favorite Ben & Jerry's flavor. New York is my spirit city. I graduated from NYU and would move back in a heartbeat, should the chance present itself. I've lived a lot of places, though. Born in Alaska,
  6. Evening all, It's been a while since I discovered Nerd Fitness and I figured that now is as good a time as any to finally get involved in the community. I've been struggling with consistency in my workouts for the last 6-8 months. I moved from New York (back) to the DMV in Aug 2016, leaving behind a deep connection to my yoga studio and a generally active lifestyle. Financial constraints have kept me from getting a new membership around here and my lack of discipline in home workouts has gotten me off to a slow start. Things are starting to look up; I'm learning more about Ashtanga
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