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  1. Yay ty! It's much more cheerful now ;D

  2. Honestly until this year I only wore sports bras and even now 98% of the time I only wear sports bras lol
  3. Yeah, I work overnights twice a week, haha. That's a good idea though! I might try it out
  4. I've been trying IF but with my awkward work and class and sleep schedule it's kind of erratic. Over the summer I'll transition, I think, into a more LeanGains-type IF routine, but for now it mostly consists of work-out when I can and go 16 hours between my last and first meals...basically that means that my eating window varies and that I don't always workout fasted, haha. My weekly schedule is just so erratic that it's hard to match things up, but hopefully I'll be able to adjust it over time if that makes any sense
  5. omg good thing I like doing chest exercises haha! like Laura said, I'll just work my pecs now and see what happens :3 also those coobies look super-comfy. They have such a funny name though haha!
  6. =) Decided to leave you a message, your page was a bit lonely ^.^

  7. I've toyed with this idea before but the truth is that I'd rather guesstimate my overall activity level. I have no way of knowing exactly how many calories I do indeed burn during any given exercise because I feel I may overestimate my effort -- and like I said, I feel like I've adapted to certain things that I do, like walking to class or working, thereby becoming more efficient at burning calories and thus burning less. And like, when I lift weights, I probably log time spent in the gym instead of time spent actually lifting. I've read a couple opinions from both sides of the spectrum and currently calculating activity level makes more sense to me, but I suppose I can always know more! Once I get through this slog-fest of homework I'll look up some articles. EDIT: Wow, it seems a lot of people have the opposite perspective from me! Care to share why?
  8. I honestly have no idea where to place myself as far as activity level when trying to calculate my maintenance calories. I know it's like "oh, this amount of exercise this many times per week", but I'm still never sure and I'm scared to death of overestimating (even if I can always decrease if necessary; I'd rather just get it right the first time lol). But anyway this is what my schedule looks like: MONDAY: lift* 30 - 45 minutes; work from 5:30pm to 2:30am (depending on the day I will either walk/stand a lot or walk/stand/clean/pick up chairs/put down chairs/vacuum a lot) TUESDAY: work from 5:45pm to 10pm (mostly standing with some light walking) WEDNESDAY: lift 30 - 45 minutes; work from 5:30pm to 2:30am (depending on the day I will either walk/stand a lot or walk/stand/clean/pick up chairs/put down chairs/vacuum a lot) THURSDAY: tennis (just for fun tennis) from 1:30pm to 2:30pm FRIDAY: lift 60 - 90 minutes SATURDAY: N/A SUNDAY: work from 4pm to 8:30pm (a BS shift -- mostly standing around) & I might add a light lifting day (15 - 20 minutes) on Tuesday or Thursday. Also, I do HIIT for like, 15 minutes whenever I feel like it, which is once a week or less lol. (I'm just getting back into shape so hopefully the frequency will increase, but for now I don't really care!) And I'm fairly certain that my body has somewhat adjusted to my working in the same way it adjusts to steady-state cardio when performed too much. *My lifting right now is moderately heavy (if that makes sense, haha). I'm doing 8 - 12 reps and 3 sets of what I'd consider pretty heavy weight (let's just say after a good deadlift and squat session I have trouble walking for three or four days). I used to do low reps (anywhere between 3 and 8 depending on the exercise) so I wanted to mix it up for a bit Hopefully when I go back to low reps I'll be able to lift even heavier! Going by this scale: It's just difficult because what if I do "hard" exercise but only 1-3 days per week or "light" exercise 6-7 days per week? The options they give here aren't very good. Lol sorry if this is in the wrong guild; I tried
  9. omg I am exactly the same way. Put a plate of cookies in front of me and I will eat all of them and not be satisfied until they are gone -- but then I will feel terrible lol but this is me all the time not just on my period so
  10. Lol this was inspired by a thread about the incline bench being good for a tighter chest/pecs. Are there any exercises that are good for preventing saggy breasts/keeping breasts, idk, tight? If that makes any sense, haha
  11. Thanks for the input! I've never actually been a fan of the decline, so it's good to know that it's definitely not necessary for me to reach my goals. I think whether I do incline or decline now depends on what's free at the gym lol. Also if I get bored with one ;D
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