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  1. Just wanted to chime in and let you know that I find it great that you are searching for help. Unfortunately I have no suggestions for you. Just sending you warm wishes.
  2. Thank you all for the good suggestions. I am still going back and forth between just continuing my good eating habits and wanting to lose weight. Its pretty frustrating. I think I eat better than I have ever eaten before in my life and still for 3 months now I have to same weight. I now decided to try carb cycling. Alternating between eating high and low carb days. Mostly I ate low carb in the last months but maybe its helpful to switch it up. And I also want to exercise more again. Have been lazy lately because I felt so tired afterwards. I think maybe my eating hasnt
  3. In August I will be a week in Arizona and want to hike there so I need all the training that I can get. Maybe I manage to hike all the trails before August.
  4. Then I got the the tower called "Jubiläumswarte" where you have quite the view. This tower is part of the trail 4 and 4a. 183 steps to see the view: Panorama: Then again through the woods down a the hill till I am again in streets with houses. Finally I pass the former "Schloss Wilhelminenberg" (Castle) that is now a hotel which is know for its great view: And then it went downhill again and the trail had great views: I could share even more pics. It was very nice.
  5. And yesterday I did the trail number 4a in Ottakring. At first I thought that is the dumbest trail because the first mile was totally in the city. I just hiked alongside streets. And there were almost no signs at all where the trail is going (I had to look at my map again and again). The houses I passed were special and beautiful but still I am used to getting into the woods earlier. But in the end it was totally worth it. I passed some of the most beautiful viewpoints yet. The first interesting thing I passed was an observatory: Then I passed a very nice nature pa
  6. This is the hiking trail 2 on Hermannskogel:
  7. Its great to see that ohters have hiking goals as well. Last week was very successful. I did two hikes. Want to keep a log here. These are the hikes and I make them green when I did them (Stadtwanderweg = city hiking trail): * Stadtwanderweg 1 - Kahlenberg * Stadtwanderweg 1a - Leopoldsberg * Stadtwanderweg 2 - Hermannskogel - 24. April 2017 * Stadtwanderweg 3 - Hameau * Stadtwanderweg 4 - Jubiläumswarte - 25. March 2017 * Stadtwanderweg 4a - Ottakring - 30. April 2017 * Stadtwanderweg 5 - Bisamberg * Stadtwanderweg 6 - Zugberg-Maurer Wald * S
  8. @Dagger: A stay in Vienna and hiking sounds like a good idea. I know Websites with infos but they are in German. Do you happen to speak that? But I will look if one of them has an English option. Ok this is the official site of the city for it. I searched the English version: https://www.wien.gv.at/english/leisure/hiking/paths.html I like this site but its only in German. Scroll down to "Wiener Stadtwanderwege" and if you click on the link you also see pictures of the trail even if you dont understand German: http://www.bergnews.com/touren/stadtwanderwege-wien
  9. I can definitely do that. My exercise is not really intense. Usually playing tennis and going to a bodywork class. Just lately I added resistance training to my routine and I havent managed to be very consistent with that.
  10. I have also thought about finding a hiking group. I am sure there is one. I just also like the solitude of hiking alone. But maybe I try a group as well. A friend of mine said she would join me for one of the hikes. We will see. Never been to Norway but have seen beautiful pictures of it.
  11. I was never into hiking. As a child it was something that I had to do maybe 3 times a year. Then all of my relatives (which are a lot) went together on a hike. It always seemed to take forever. In retrospective I think because we lived in the countryside and I was outdoors a lot I didnt have the need. Also I was never fit in my youth. However in the last few years, living in the city, I crave to be more outdoors. Its so calming being in nature. So for 2017 I set a hiking goal. I live in Vienna, Austria, and the City has amazing hiking trails inside the borde
  12. Thank you Rostov. You are right, I should stick with what works and that had been small gradual changes that are sustainable. And maybe I am also unsure because of what you mentioned. That I know the further down it gets the harder it is and the more I need to do. Henricko: I did so many things its hard to pinpoint but I try: - I gave up soda and juices totally (not drank them once and never will again) - I gave up sugar for a year and now only consume it once a month at the most. - I severly limited gluten. I eat no bread or pasta. Nowadays bread at the most on
  13. I really like this definition with pavement and earthen. I always wondered myself which is considered which.
  14. I lost 32 kg (70 pounds) in the last 3 years. However I could only do that by not focusing on weight loss at all. I was so discouraged that I didnt even believe that I could lose weight. And also I lost weight in the past but always gained it back. So I thought whats the point in even trying when I will gain it all back anyway. So I said to myself that it doesnt matter if I lose one pound it only matters that I eat better than I ate before, that I get healthier and that I stop abusing my body with food. And that really helped. I had so many plateaus in these 3 years but I didnt giv
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