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  1. hey guys just a quick question? ive started making a change for the better back in the start of February this year, diet and exercise becoming a new focus after finishing a distance learning degree. (dropping from 259lb to 176lb woop woop!) I started running with c25k and now can happily run 10k and now cycling 30km per day on my commute to work. so anyway i did a little bit of the beginners bodyweight workout back around April and stuck with it for three weeks and now I’m back! I want to supplement my cardio that is my daily cycle and give the running a rest for a little bit and focus on a little bit of strength training (bought a pull up bar and everything) Anyway my question is What do you guys do and how much time would you spend on it per week? interested in your opinions thanks zonular
  2. hmm weightlifting eh, i did have a go at kettlebells recently enough and its awesome just getting time away from kids aint going to happen. so im cycling five days a weeks, running 5k three days (i want to get my time down) and doing bodyweight stuff if i can. Its a bit of a change from what i was doing last year ie: nothing
  3. haha dont i know it, if you can mind my kids, we can start working on this
  4. hey guys just wondering about your thoughts on how i can complement my cycling. i've started running back in feb thanks to couch to five k , ive since taken this exercise thing up with gusto, i was mixing bodyweight exercises with running on and off four or five times a week. now due to nice weather and financial restrictions i am now commuting by bicycle and loving it. Just finished my second week and after getting my hands on some wet gear (hello from dublin btw) im set for all seasons. im covering roughly 100 miles a week and im wondering what you guys do when your not on your bike? thanks
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