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  1. hey scott, welcome and good luck. injuries are a pain in the ass as you are never quite the same, BUT that doesn't mean you can't achieve a high level of awesomeness. You seem to be doing the right things already, so just keep showing up.
  2. you don't seem to have a problem getting to training, so I would err on the side of taking de-loads on time and making sure your body gets the recovery it needs. it's one of them things that just needs to be done.
  3. hey comic. i hurt my piriformis muscles (little butt muscles) probably doing too many deadlifts/squats in a short period back in FEB17. I hit my PRs and then... i couldn't do anything. It hurt to even sit on the couch, how ridiculous is that? I rested for a week, just walking and stretching and stuff, and rebuilt the whole complex starting with like little kettlebell deadlifts. It has taken a while but I am close to testing my PR on deadlifts again, and maybe 15kg away for squats. So 4 months for about 95% healing? Fitness is a long journey - you should just accept that crap happens sometimes and try to roll with it. Avoiding crap is a useful tactic but unfortunately you still got to be prepared when it hits the fan.
  4. 19th June 2017 Had a big dinner last night, real nice place with some friends. So this week gonna be austerity (both food and $) week! Physical Training: AM 1) PTTP FSQT (5-3-2) at 75kg. Lunchtime 1) BJJ 1hr. Sprawl pass vs DLR and Flop pass from HQ drills. 3 hard 7min rolls. Tired! 2) 10 x 10 2HS with 24kg Kettlebells. Timed only the last 4 sets. Language: argh I screwed up and lost my 47 day streak. Just simply forgot to do it. O well! 20th June 2017 Phy Trg: AM: 1) OHP at 52.5kg for 5-3-2. Redo this. The left side lockout gave me some trouble. 2) FSQT at 77.5kg for 5-3-2. Next workout for 80kg. Lunchtime: BJJ. More guard passes - a mendes type drag to kneeslide shimmy, and a old skool x pass. Had 4 rolls, only 1 hard one though. Language: 5 x duo lingo 21st June 2017 Physical Training: AM: 1) OHP at 52.5kg for 5-3-2. Bar is still not snappy enough for my liking but let's try 55kg next after taking a 1 day break. 2) FSQT at 80kg for 5-3-2. Equalled my PR for FSQT and it wasn't hard at all! 82.5kg next for a crack at a new PR. 3) Pullups at BWT for 10-6-4. Slow and steady - plan is to hit 15 as top set and then restart the cycle from 8. Evening: Skipping with speed rope. 5 x 6m, 1m rest in between. Language: 4 x duolingo 22nd June 2017 Physical Training: AM 1) Pullups at BWT for 11-7-4. 2) Skipping with speed rope. 4 x 7m, 1m rest in between. Language: 4 x duolingo 23rd June 2017 Physical Training AM Power to the People! 1) OHP 5 x 55kg, 5 x 47.5kg as backoff set. 2) FSQT 5 x 82.5kg, 5 x 72.5kg as backoff set. Setting 2 PRs this morning is amazing considering that I felt pretty sluggish falling out of bed. Just showing up and doing the &*() makes a huge difference. Lunchtime: Killer noGI class. Wrestling drills, a triangle variation from side control, and 5 x 5min rolls. Intense. Language: 4 x duo lingo
  5. Well, am not Milo but am generally a big fan of progressive training philosophies. Super quick intro: am currently 39yo/M. Was in very good shape in my early years, where I competed in judo thru my high school days, and went to Officer School in the military after. In college though, started to deteriorate but still had good metabolism then. Subsequently spent 10 years in a cut-throat business where I flourished professionally and financially, but at the expense of my health. An insurance health check turned up so many red flags it wasn't funny, and I decided to take drastic steps to change my focus in life. Today, I generally eat well, drink very sensible amounts of alcohol, sleep alright (though I suspect I could do better here). I have rediscovered grappling, and had moderate success in competition at my age, and also run/lift on a regular training program. I have a roadmap to become (even more) kickass, and this is that story (hopefully). Objectives for May 2017 Starting Stats: 71kg, 15.1% bf, 53 RHR. <interesting how quickly it fell apart with just a cheat fortnight! I was 68kg, 14.3%, 49RHR just 2 weeks ago...> Fitness: Strength Focus. 2-3 days weights. A: SQT, OHP, Pullups. B: Bench Press, Deadlifts, Loaded Carries. BJJ Focus: X/SLX/Shin on Shin. Spiderman-type passes. Brabo/Darce chokes + Nearside Armbar. Endurance: None for this month except for weekly badminton + weekly 5km slow run. Injury Rehab: No pushups until wonky left wrist is fixed. No squats and deadlifts on same day to keep my piriformis syndrome at bay. Others: Get back to my Duolingo min 1x daily on Portuguese. Read the Stoic Meditations daily. Diet: Eat normally. 3rd May 2017 Shifting things around due to a fund-raiser dinner tonight. Fitness: Did my 1hr of badminton, doubles today. was in pretty good form though my service sucks hard. warm up with that next week. Weights: Bench Press 65kg x 3 x 7. Just doing the program. Wasn't tough. Pullups 13, followed by 11 after 3 min rest. Next session > 14 followed by AMRAP after 3 min. Others: Did 2x duolingo. Read 1 chapter of stoic med. Verdict: Done!