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  1. Hi Everybody!

    Your english is just fine Recep! welcome and good luck.
  2. Put Down a Book...

    Spoose, great goals to start with. 1) lose 10 lbs. a small calorie restriction per day will see this gone in 10-12 weeks. I reckon its about 3 cans of coke/2 small scoops of ice cream equivalent u need to cut a day. Fat burn is global, and anybody who tells u otherwise is bs-ing you. 2) 1 pullup. Challenging! Search youtube for a progression video and stick with the program. Ditto for the pushups. 3) 9min mile. Now that is not easy either but def doable (prob easier than 1 pullup tbh). 2 Maffetone runs per week for 30min each to start.... u can make big progress just doing this. I always suggest this route to running beginners because it feels good, as opposed to the "i am dying" or "i worked out so hard post XYZ bodypump" feeling - some people like it but u will need prime recovery methods to see results from those. P.S. I read all the time too but sometimes the eyes need a break.
  3. Milo's Log File

    New week new post 14 Aug 2017 phy trg Lunchtime 1) Ladders Pullups 7-6-5-4-4, BP at 70kg 4-4-5-6-7. Superset with Knee Rehab Stuff (1 leg hinge, pistol sqts, 1 leg hip bridges, overhead sqts). 35min. 2) 10 x EMOM 1Power Clean with 40kg. 3) 3 rds of light bodyweight work. Pike pushups x10, purple Band row x15, 2LR naked TGU. 8min 4) 15min of loaded carries. 20kg kettlebells in various configs. This was tiring! steps: 10.1k. Good enough. diet: 1.8k. Did it. language: 5 x duolingo 15 Aug 2017 phy trg AM: physio for the knee. All sorts of strength and some mild ballistics. Lower limbs are fried. Lunchtime: Started this workout running on from the physio. Lower limbs were struggling so I dialed back a little on the knee rehab supersets. 1) Ladders Pullups 7-6-5-5-4, BP at 70kg 4-5-5-6-7. Superset Knee Rehab Static (1 leg hinge, 1 leg hip bridge, pistol squats, overhead squats). 35min. 2) Sumo Deadlift 5 x 5 at 60kg. Yes this is a very light weight to start with, but I rarely did it in the past but decided to give it a shot. Still getting used to the form so will continue to hit it for volume for now. Planning for 3x5 at 65kg tomorrow. 3) Turkish Getups at 8kg for 5xLR. Yup, light as well, the bridge to sweepback with the right leg was not the most stable but I will take it. 12kg next. 4) Knee Rehab Dynamic A. 5 sets of: 10 Jump Lunges, 10 Skater Hops, 10 Jump Squats, 10 Skater Hops. 1min rest in between. Physio says build this up, wasn't that bad! Steps: 15.2k. Good. Diet: 2.3k. Maintenance but I wanted the cut. Bah. Language: 5 x duolingo 16 Aug 2017 phy trg Lunchtime: 1) Pullups 4-5-6-6-7. Superset with Static Knee Rehab (11LR 1 leg hip hinge, 11LR 1 leg hip bridge, 6LR pistol squat). 14min. 2) Clean and Front Squat. 3x5 at 40kg. 8min. 3) TGU 5LR at 12kg. 10min. 4) Dynamic Knee Rehab: Supersets of Jump Lunge, Skater Hops, Jump Squats, Skater Hops. 5 sets on E2MOM, 12-14-16-14-12 reps each exercise. 10min. 5) Airdyne 1 x Tabata. 4min. 60 mins in total for the workout, including moving around and warmup/cooldown. Am happy with the efficiency of this and it felt good, or what I call a Tonic Workout. Steps: After I read Unplugged by Brian macKenzie over the course of the day, tossed fitbit aside. Hahaha. Let's see how this goes. Diet: 2.5k. BAH. Language: 5 x duolingo. 17 Aug 2017 phy trg AM: I really am not a morning exercise person I suspect. Morning workouts are always so hard to start, though admittedly I always feel great after. 1) BP 72.5kg for 5-3-2. Snappy. <13min> 2) DL 70kg for 5-3-2. Rebuilding this again. On the lockout I was just a little wary of the right knee though I think there wasn't anything serious to be concerned about - more a mental thing. <13min> 3) Knee Rehab Static (11LR 1 leg hip hinge, 11LR 1 leg hip bridge, 6LR Pistol Squat) superset with Face pulls (green band, 3x20) <9min> 4) TGU 3LR at 16kg. <6min> 5) Knee Rehab Dynamic: Superset - Jump Lunge, Skater Hops, Jump Squats, Skater Hops. 3 sets E2MOM, 12-14-16 rep each exercise. <6min> Kept it to 60min in total again, inclusive of warmup/cooldown. Good tonic workout. I notice that adding some bodyweight work makes me feel a lot better after the workout. Unfortunately, while this is not a new observation, it is something that is sometimes hard to program. Diet: 2.3k Calories. Not bad considering most of that was dinner! Language: 3 x duolingo. 18 Aug 2017 phy trg Lunchtime: 1) FSQT 3x5 at 45kg. Still in rebuilding stage, but it was relatively discomfort free, and good ROM. <9min> 2) Pullups 4-5-6-7-7. Superset with Static Knee Rehab (12LR 1 leg hip hinge, 10LR 1 leg hip bridge Swissball, 7LR pistol squat). <14min> 3) TGU 4xLR at 16kg. <8min> 4) Knee Rehab Dynamic: Superset - Jump Lunge, Skater Hops, Jump Squats, Skater Hops. 4 sets E2MOM, 12-14-16-14 rep each exercise. <8min> 5) Bookended by Original Strength Resets for 5min each for warmup/cooldown. Whole workout was done in less than an hour. I wasn't feeling all enthusiastic about this workout to be honest, being hungover does that to you. However, I just showed up and punched the clock and did the bare minimum programmed so am pleased with that. Diet: 2.8k. Too much! Language: 5x duolingo 19 Aug 2017 phy trg AM: 1) Warmup 5min. Halos with 5kg plate, some goblet squats. Complex with empty bar, each exercise x 2reps, Bent Row, Hang Clean, OHP, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Good Morning, Power Snatch. 2) BP 75kg for 5-3-2. No drama. I really truncate the warmups now, just do 5 reps with empty bar and then 1 rep at 70kg and off we go. 3) DL 75kg for 5-3-2. Warmup is 2 reps at 70kg then off we go. TOTAL: 30mins and a nice thing to get out of the way early in the day. Short workout as I had some errands to run for the kids, but will do some Knee Rehab, Bodyweight stuff later in the afternoon or evening. PM: 45 mins of Knee Rehab Work. Range of Motion (ROM), Strength, Balance, Gait and Light Plyo work. Tomorrow is REST day and looking forward to it. Diet: 2.6k. Tomorrow is gonna be another washout. Monday will have to be a low cal day. Language: 5 x duolingo Others: watched Train to Busan. Zombie movie done korean style. Pretty damn good and more than just a zombie show. 20 August 2017 phy trg: REST DAY except for some light knee rehab. Diet: 2.4k calories. Better than expected... watched myself during champagne brunch (only meal I ate all day!) Language: 5x duolingo
  4. Milo's Log File

    Short vacation log 9th to 13th AUG 2017 1) DIET: ate like crazy. It was Hong Kong after all! Had a few incredible dining experiences and some meh ones. I still log approx calories as a matter of habit (even if they are estimates due to the exotic nature of the cuisine) and it was about 3.5k avg a day. Lo cal week coming up! 2) EXERCISE. I walked quite a bit, averaging 14-15k steps. No formal exercise sessions but rather did the bodyweight 8 in a Grease the Groove (GTG) style thru the day. 1 leg bridges, pistol squats, 1 leg hip hinge to calf raise, pullups, rows, assisted one arm pushups, pike pushups, and overhead squats. I haven't grown any weaker that's for sure and my body enjoyed the break. 3) LANGUAGE: did the min on duolingo. 4) OTHERS. Generally good fun, bonded with the daughter a lot. Batts recharged is my verdict.
  5. Milo's Log File

    Well, am not Milo but am generally a big fan of progressive training philosophies. Super quick intro: am currently 39yo/M. Was in very good shape in my early years, where I competed in judo thru my high school days, and went to Officer School in the military after. In college though, started to deteriorate but still had good metabolism then. Subsequently spent 10 years in a cut-throat business where I flourished professionally and financially, but at the expense of my health. An insurance health check turned up so many red flags it wasn't funny, and I decided to take drastic steps to change my focus in life. Today, I generally eat well, drink very sensible amounts of alcohol, sleep alright (though I suspect I could do better here). I have rediscovered grappling, and had moderate success in competition at my age, and also run/lift on a regular training program. I have a roadmap to become (even more) kickass, and this is that story (hopefully). Objectives for May 2017 Starting Stats: 71kg, 15.1% bf, 53 RHR. <interesting how quickly it fell apart with just a cheat fortnight! I was 68kg, 14.3%, 49RHR just 2 weeks ago...> Fitness: Strength Focus. 2-3 days weights. A: SQT, OHP, Pullups. B: Bench Press, Deadlifts, Loaded Carries. BJJ Focus: X/SLX/Shin on Shin. Spiderman-type passes. Brabo/Darce chokes + Nearside Armbar. Endurance: None for this month except for weekly badminton + weekly 5km slow run. Injury Rehab: No pushups until wonky left wrist is fixed. No squats and deadlifts on same day to keep my piriformis syndrome at bay. Others: Get back to my Duolingo min 1x daily on Portuguese. Read the Stoic Meditations daily. Diet: Eat normally. 3rd May 2017 Shifting things around due to a fund-raiser dinner tonight. Fitness: Did my 1hr of badminton, doubles today. was in pretty good form though my service sucks hard. warm up with that next week. Weights: Bench Press 65kg x 3 x 7. Just doing the program. Wasn't tough. Pullups 13, followed by 11 after 3 min rest. Next session > 14 followed by AMRAP after 3 min. Others: Did 2x duolingo. Read 1 chapter of stoic med. Verdict: Done!