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  1. Milo's Log File

    12 TO 18 MAR 2018Week 2/4 of Endurance emphasis.MON: BJJ + 1 LIFTam1) Bench Press 2 x 5 at 72.5kg (70pct). lunchtime1) BJJ. T1: Passing the Kneeshield with Leg-lace to Gangster x-face + Shinslide. T2: If the gangster x-face is too hard to get, use leg weave pass instead to get mount. Variation of leg weave with a base change to really clear the knee.2) 4 x 6min rolls, 1 black belt roll where I did ok for the most part but somehow got subbed eventually. 2 tough blue belts, and 1 chill white belt roll to close the session out.TUE: 2 LIFTS + SPRINTS + NoGI aka MONSTER DAYit might be chancy to make training work on wed so decided to pack it in todaylunchtime1) Deadlifts 2x2 at 132.5kg (90pct). Move up TM.2) Push Press 2x5 at 62.5kg (80pct). 3) 3 sets of 3x25m sprints followed by a monkey bar swing. The 3rd set was hard!4) noGI. Turned out to be a great session. T1: Kimura grip whilst holding in reverse kesa. Rollover using kimura grip to pin opponent down. Backtake or armbar. T2: Top side 411 vs half guard with underhook. Finish with Heelhook/toe hold or kneebar. 5) 3 x 6min rolls from standing. My wrestling-for-bjj was good today, hit a few chin strap drags, singles and a foot sweep from russian tie. Had a few darce & gullotines too. Nearly got RNC-ed in 1 of the rolls but somehow fought my way out of that pickle.WED: BJJ LITEevening1) BJJ Fundamentals class. Squeezed this in as I had to meet a friend for a few beers. Did some guard recovery drills and used the specific trg session to "drill" with the white belts.THU: BJJ + 1 LIFTlunchtime1) BJJ gi. T1: Double Underpass details. Transition to crucifix + half-nelson choke. T2: When you miss the "clip" and the opponent is escaping the crucifix, come up and put him in turtle with the top crucifix clip. Cut the corner so you can't be knocked back on your butt - after that you can try various finishes/transitions (reverse omoplata, re-crucifix, etc). 2) 3 x 7m rolls. Flow for the first, then 2 hard ones.evening1) Deadlifts 2x5 at 105kg (70pct).FRI: REST (-ISH)In the plan this was Endurance + Pullups today but just a bit too much going on. Might sub in light versions of both tomorrow, although that would make Sunday potentially a back-to-back session.SAT: 3 LIFTSyes I know it's an aerobic centric block... so why is this happening? I will be running 12k tomorrow. So there.am1) Front Squats 2x2 at 97.5kg (90pct). Move up TM a little.2) Bench Press 2x5 at 85kg (80pct). Last rep still grindy bah.3) Pullups 12-7-7 (session 5/8).SUN: ENDURANCE12km run planned...just slow and easy HR under 140bpm style. Let's see!am1) 10k MAF run 1:01:40. 139bpm HR avg. 6k split 36:03. Really took it easy today - truncated the run at 10k as I felt a bit of a twinge in my right hamstring. Probably nothing tbh but better safe>sorry.Summary: Wasn't the best week of training but still hit the main notes. Endurance could do with a bit more, being supposedly the focus of the week!
  2. Milo's Log File

    Well, am not Milo but am generally a big fan of progressive training philosophies. Super quick intro: am currently 39yo/M. Was in very good shape in my early years, where I competed in judo thru my high school days, and went to Officer School in the military after. In college though, started to deteriorate but still had good metabolism then. Subsequently spent 10 years in a cut-throat business where I flourished professionally and financially, but at the expense of my health. An insurance health check turned up so many red flags it wasn't funny, and I decided to take drastic steps to change my focus in life. Today, I generally eat well, drink very sensible amounts of alcohol, sleep alright (though I suspect I could do better here). I have rediscovered grappling, and had moderate success in competition at my age, and also run/lift on a regular training program. I have a roadmap to become (even more) kickass, and this is that story (hopefully). Objectives for May 2017 Starting Stats: 71kg, 15.1% bf, 53 RHR. <interesting how quickly it fell apart with just a cheat fortnight! I was 68kg, 14.3%, 49RHR just 2 weeks ago...> Fitness: Strength Focus. 2-3 days weights. A: SQT, OHP, Pullups. B: Bench Press, Deadlifts, Loaded Carries. BJJ Focus: X/SLX/Shin on Shin. Spiderman-type passes. Brabo/Darce chokes + Nearside Armbar. Endurance: None for this month except for weekly badminton + weekly 5km slow run. Injury Rehab: No pushups until wonky left wrist is fixed. No squats and deadlifts on same day to keep my piriformis syndrome at bay. Others: Get back to my Duolingo min 1x daily on Portuguese. Read the Stoic Meditations daily. Diet: Eat normally. 3rd May 2017 Shifting things around due to a fund-raiser dinner tonight. Fitness: Did my 1hr of badminton, doubles today. was in pretty good form though my service sucks hard. warm up with that next week. Weights: Bench Press 65kg x 3 x 7. Just doing the program. Wasn't tough. Pullups 13, followed by 11 after 3 min rest. Next session > 14 followed by AMRAP after 3 min. Others: Did 2x duolingo. Read 1 chapter of stoic med. Verdict: Done!