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  1. Milo's Log File

    14 TO 20 MAY 2018======PLAN=======DELOAD WEEK. Plan isMON. RESTTUE. Deadlift, KBP, Box JumpsWED. RESTTHU. RESTFRI. Squat, BenchSAT. RESTSUN. 6k MAF Run. Pullups. Plan for weights is to work up to ONE set of 4 reps with 80% of TM, so really low volume, relatively low intensity.================+++++REALITY+++++MON: REST. Mobility work in am and before sleep. 10k steps. TUE: 4 LIFTS + JUMPSlunchtime1) Squat: 4s at 77.5kg, 82.5kg, 90kg, 95kg (80pct). Left shoulder mobility is bad but keep trying. 2) Pullups Ladder 1-2-3-4-5. Left elbow isn’t recovered, maybe 80pct. 3) 1h KBP 28kg. L: 5-5-4. R: 3x5. Rested a bit and cranked out 1/1 at 32kg. 4) Sumo Deadlifts w 1" deficit. 4s at 92.5kg, 100kg, 107.5kg, 115kg (80pct). These felt way harder than they should today. 5) Box Jumps: 24”, 26”, 30”, 32”, 36”, 38”, 42”. Failed at 44” (again).WED: REST.Mobility work + 13k steps.THU: 1 LIFTam1) Bench Press 4s at 62.5kg, 67.5kg, 72.5kg, 77.5kg (80pct).Got in just over 10k steps.FRI: 1 LIFTam1) Pullup Ladders 1-5, 1-3. Left elbow much better now.>14k steps. SAT: REST>20k steps. Taking kids for a day at the amusement park and beach should qualify as E dammit.SUN: 1 LIFTThe right knee is not brilliant, still a bit of swelling. So endurance is out of the window for now. evening1) TGU 2 x 32kg each side. Did warm ups of 16kg and 24kg. The first rep with the 32kg is actually harder than the 2nd rep. I am wondering if I should just warm up more next time. Managed >15k steps as well. SUMMARY: The right knee injury appears to be somewhat more serious than I initially thought. Some kind of MCL sprain/tear with a bit of swelling thru the joint. Don't have full flexion of the knee and full extension hurts a little. That said, just working thru the rehab exercises daily that I did for the ACL rehab a year back. Managed all of the lifts (even squats) but no endurance work this week. Will aim to tackle more endurance next week, running if the knee agrees, else it will be the airdyne or swimming. +++++++++++
  2. Berserker log

    re what program to run, depends on your goals! I have basically been running 5-3-1 on a zero-accessory, no AMRAP model, with +1 more working set on the last set of the day and forcing small progressions for a long time. It allows me to squeeze 2-3 lifts into 1 session. Or you could do 1 lift + endurance (either your kettlebell hell OR say, a longer run on the TM or Airdyne intervals etc).
  3. free weights and spotters

    Deads + OH Presses = no spotters needed, no adjustment of height of pins, safeties etc, so great ones to start with. Bench Press = start light, learn to bail on the weights (just learn how to do it, with 2 rubberised 5kg weights on the bar). Squats = start light, learn to leave it on the safeties on a failed rep.
  4. Home gym

    i suspect you have already made up your mind. but here goes: dumbbells for squats => you will never get as heavy as with a barbell. you will be limited to what you can clean to a rack position (or snatch if you are doing overhead squats). You could try to do funky stuff like pistol squat with a heavy dumbbell but you need to learn a tough set of skills. Or bulgarian split squat it. You can get strong but it will be different from a barbell squat. weight lifting strap to grip the dumbbell so you can squat? Not computing this. Re Deadlifts, or hip hinge training. How are you going to move a 100kg dumbbell around? transportation etc. so while in theory you could deadlift 2 huge dumbbells and get super strong, how are you going to titrate the intensity on the way up? Buy 40 dumbbells? Again you can do single leg deadlifts etc, but it will be different to a barbell deadlift, harder to titrate load. just some food for thought.
  5. Milo's Log File

    Well, am not Milo but am generally a big fan of progressive training philosophies. Super quick intro: am currently 39yo/M. Was in very good shape in my early years, where I competed in judo thru my high school days, and went to Officer School in the military after. In college though, started to deteriorate but still had good metabolism then. Subsequently spent 10 years in a cut-throat business where I flourished professionally and financially, but at the expense of my health. An insurance health check turned up so many red flags it wasn't funny, and I decided to take drastic steps to change my focus in life. Today, I generally eat well, drink very sensible amounts of alcohol, sleep alright (though I suspect I could do better here). I have rediscovered grappling, and had moderate success in competition at my age, and also run/lift on a regular training program. I have a roadmap to become (even more) kickass, and this is that story (hopefully). Objectives for May 2017 Starting Stats: 71kg, 15.1% bf, 53 RHR. <interesting how quickly it fell apart with just a cheat fortnight! I was 68kg, 14.3%, 49RHR just 2 weeks ago...> Fitness: Strength Focus. 2-3 days weights. A: SQT, OHP, Pullups. B: Bench Press, Deadlifts, Loaded Carries. BJJ Focus: X/SLX/Shin on Shin. Spiderman-type passes. Brabo/Darce chokes + Nearside Armbar. Endurance: None for this month except for weekly badminton + weekly 5km slow run. Injury Rehab: No pushups until wonky left wrist is fixed. No squats and deadlifts on same day to keep my piriformis syndrome at bay. Others: Get back to my Duolingo min 1x daily on Portuguese. Read the Stoic Meditations daily. Diet: Eat normally. 3rd May 2017 Shifting things around due to a fund-raiser dinner tonight. Fitness: Did my 1hr of badminton, doubles today. was in pretty good form though my service sucks hard. warm up with that next week. Weights: Bench Press 65kg x 3 x 7. Just doing the program. Wasn't tough. Pullups 13, followed by 11 after 3 min rest. Next session > 14 followed by AMRAP after 3 min. Others: Did 2x duolingo. Read 1 chapter of stoic med. Verdict: Done!