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  1. I'll gladly take recipe suggestions! I'm going grocery shopping today and tomorrow I'll do my cooking. I think I'm still going to change my work out goal to a sleep one. I definitely need more sleep, and it impacts so much!
  2. Tate I found you! Recipe/ pics or the butter chicken never happened.
  3. So ummm, I have a problem. Coming home every day and cooking dinner has been a PITA. I'm too tired to do anything else. I'm looking at meal prep for next week so everything is frozen and I can thaw in the morning and cook at night. Because of this, I'm thinking about changing my work out goal. Showering is fine and money is as well.
  4. I was one of them. There used to be 4 active GLs for this guild. (Sorry Teros!)
  5. Monday is off to a good start besides being tired. I had started really on Saturday afternoon, so I've had a little warm up. Terms, my house is old and drafty so Oh heck no to no heat. Hi abs and tate!
  6. Hi Ash! Glad to see a familiar face!
  7. Nice goals! This'll be a fun challenge.
  8. I'm baaaaaaaack! Former GL and all around awesome person is respawning hard core. I started NF in 2012 and lost 60 pounds. Life went to hell (and then some), so I disappeared for awhile and I gained it all back and then some. I've decided to hop back into the forums and see what I can do this time. Stats: Age: 32 Gender: Female Race: Dwarf (64in. tall) Status: Married Job: Traveling Trainer (which I love) Pros Cons I love my job Will be traveling, about 1 week a month Hubby is eating well too I'm doing most of the cooking Mostly low stress I'm a girl (so hormone caused emotional issues) Supportive people around me Habits aren't my thing Positive mentality I have multiple old injuries that limit my activity OK, onward to my Quests: 1​) Eat Within Macros (25XP +2 CON) The goal is to eat with 1650 calories. 46% fat, 34% carbs, and 20% protein is my goal percentages, but as long as I'm below my calorie amount and 120g carbs, I've considered myself to succeed. 2) Move every day (20XP +2 STR) I'll work out every other day and do something to move around on my off days. Workouts will be at least 30 minutes and full (whole?) body routines. Off day moving can be walks, wii fun stuff, or rigorous cleaning. 3) Shower Everyday (10XP +2 CHA) Now that it's cold, I loathe showering. We keep the house chilly (62*) and I hate getting wet. So this is just to give me an added incentive besides not smelling. 4) Save Money (15XP +2 WIS) This year I'm going to one wedding (outside of Atlanta) and 3 vacations (Chicago, Montana, and NYC). I need to save money to go on these trips. I've budgeted to save $1,350 towards these trips this month (3 pay checks). I'll get my full points if I can save all of it. I'll get an extra (5XP +1WIS) if I can save $1,500. This goal will be my only all or nothing. ​Measuring Success: A= 90% Successful (2 points) B= 80% Successful (1 point) C= 70% Successful (1/2 point) D/F= >69% Successful (0 points) One last thing- before I started to lose progress in real life because I was here all the time. So I'll try to find a balance between the forums and life, but if I have time to work out or cuddle with my honey- that's what I'm doing. I'll at least update every week to let y'all know what's going on and say hi.
  9. In the section you'll be setting up your challenge, look on the right hand side of the page. There's a maroon/ reddish button that says "Start New Topic".
  10. What do you all say to a meet up after Camp Nerd Fitness? Maybe hike in a Metropark and get a bite to eat?
  11. I love me some "meatie pie" as I call it. 4-6 slices a pic is awesome and I'm starting to switch it up from just the Italian seasonings and next time I'm trying a Mexican version.
  12. Level 1 is the perfect place for "boring" tutorial stuff.
  13. Did you see your workout being referred to as Masaya's Hell? LOL
  14. I talked it over with Keba and I'll probably contact her after work tonight, if I remember. Hell, I have to remember to update my goals! LOL
  15. You're close enough to the right place, so don't worry. Nice work out.
  16. Oh hi there! How are you doing????
  17. Here were the photos I took. I had an awesome time there. I've really gotten back on track since CNF and it's definitely showing. I'm finding that I operate best when I have under 100g of carbs a day. Not sure why, but I'm not complaining since it's my goal. I also had some great fitness take a ways. In regards to my Life Goal, I talked to someone on the phone through my work's free health thingy. She was more interested in stress relief than life coaching, so I think I'll have to try something else. My friend has a client that is a life coach, so I think reaching out to her may be my next bet.
  18. Nice goals. I like how you are building on your last challenge.
  19. It was seriously fun and educational. They've already called the first annual one, so I'm sure there will be more in the future.
  20. My weight has been updated and while not good, I'm not surprised. I left my birth control at home for Camp Nerd Fitness. My body is kinda freaking out and I ended up gaining 2 pounds from Wednesday- Sunday. No biggie, since I'm here and it'll work itself out. I worked my butt off at Camp and I have the injuries to show for it. I'm going to have to change my goals, but I need to figure out one or two things first. OK, I'm off for a hot shower and tiger balm. Night!
  21. It's normal for your child to drive you crazy and for you to still love them. Every parent has those moments. The fact that you can realize where your extra eating came from is awesome. Now that you're aware of it, you can work to not repeat it. Or at least next time to eat something healthier.
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