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  1. Thank you! I really appreciate the support. For my diet, I intend to start back intermittent fasting, and eliminating the crappy junk food like sweets and fast food. It worked well for me before, I just need the self control to follow through. As far as fitness, I started c25k back yesterday, and plan to hit the weights 3 days a week using this app I found that builds your workouts for you. It’s really nothing new for me, but it’s been a LONG time since I have stuck to it. I guess the main “goal” of this current challenge is to get my mindset back to where I feel in control again. For me, that will mean setting a few strict guidelines that I will stick to to begin making my overall health a priority and habit again. I’m not sure exactly what yet though.
  2. I did end up finishing the c25k, and ran a full 5k, so that was cool. Just fell off the wagon again after that. I would like to do it again though. I would also like to get back into weight training. I think the biggest thing for me right now is to get my eating right, and my mind right.
  3. I can’t seem to find my old posts. Probably archived because it’s been so long since I have posted. Even when I did, it was just a series of half ass posts saying “here I am again, but I’m series this time!” Smh. That should tell you how the last year of my life has been. A series of rocky, unproductive garbage days.  I would lose a little weight, then gain it, then feel good, then like shit. You know the story. Im just here to publicly say that I’m back. I’m so tired of feeling terrible, and waking up every day knowing I wasted the last. SUPER done with it. The next couple of weeks weeks will be all about getting my mindset right. I need to make my heath, mental and physical, a priority again. Then, ITS ON. I’ll keep you updated. Ben
  4. Seems as though I can never catch a break. As soon as I get challenges rolling a huge road block comes my way. You can read through my "prologue" to get a little back story. Since then, very shortly after, I lost that "great job" I went on about. Turns out the manager lied to me about EVERYDAMNTHING about the job, and now I am searching again... It seems like a never ending cycle. I won't go into detail but it's like I finally start making some progress, some big terrible shit get's dumped in my lap, then I stall out. Repeat. You know what though.. Not this time. I know I'll find a job, and until then I am not going to let it keep me from moving forward. So I'm late to this months challenge, but I am here. My goals are simple this go around. 1. I am still planning to knock out the Spartan Trifecta next year, so do prepare, I am starting with C25k. First goal is to finish with week 4 without skipping any by the end of the challenge. (I'm already a week in now). I'm still making it a point to lift 3 days a week, but the C25k is my main focus for the next couple of months. 2. Food has been pretty good, I just want to cut out sugary garbage that I occasionally *fairly often*cough* indulge in. I guess a third goal would be to get a job. Hopefully by next month I'll have one, I have a couple leads. Onward!
  5. Just a final update as we move on to the next months challenge: I FOUND A GREAT JOB! Better than my previous one actually! I really think I need to credit the things I practiced above to keeping cool during the job searching process. It helped me remain calm and confident while interviewing rather than just stressing myself to death. SO, time to move forward with the plan. My next chapter is here, if any one is interested. Thanks for the support Druids! However, it is time to return to the way of the warrior and destroy.
  6. Quick Update: Still no job, but a few promising options. Just trying to keep my cool throughout this process. Maybe by the time of the next challenge I'll have one nailed down. Thanks guys!
  7. UPDATE So I am searching for a new job, after getting laid off last Friday. I had an interview this morning, which I think went very well. Hope something will work out there. I guess it's giving me the opportunity to look for a more stable job with better potential to move up and closer to my house. You remember in the office when Jim and Pam go through counseling, and they have to start calling everything they don't like or want to do opportunities. Yeah.. I am trying to stick to my goals, but my fitness has come to a halt, as my gym was at work. I have been shifting my fitness mentality to more assassin like so that I can just keep getting stronger with bodyweight workouts wherever I can. I am still going to the beach next week, so that will be much needed. I am hoping to continue being more mindful and try to meditate to give me some peace and clarity in the process. That's about all I can hope for as a goal at this point, other than finding a job. I will keep you guys posted!
  8. Well... MAJOR WRENCH THROWN INTO MY PROGRESS. I just found out that I was laid off at my job. We'll see what happens. I'll probably be out for a while. Thanks for the support everyone.
  9. Day 5 I just got back from a couple day getaway with the wife to Memphis. That was great, and a much needed halt to the busy season going on at work. I also got to eat at the original Corky's on Poplar in Memphis, which basically made every other thing I have ever eaten seem like garbage. Haha Anyways, I am back at it today. This morning I was on the Facebook group reading through and I saw an update from Joshua (if you are here and reading this, hello! lol) that he just hit a milestone of Meditating every day for a year. That is a goal of mine as well to make meditation daily a habit. So, he has inspired me to update my goal a little. I said I would meditate when I can, but I am going to make sure to break away and meditate daily. If he can do it for a year, I can do it for a month, right? I may try and mix it up, meditate by Tai-Chi some days, just sit others, mix up the locations, etc. So today, I think I am going to go over to a park close by and spend maybe 30 minutes or so at lunch and meditate. There is so much going on at the moment so it is much needed. I am here next week, but then will be going to the beach for a week. COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS. That will be great to re-energize before this new season at work starts. FORUM QUESTION: I have an off topic question about this forum itself. Does anyone use this challenge section AND the Battle Log section? I am curious what that one is all about and the benefits of each one. Thanks guys!
  10. Not too bad! Been a busy one and have been out of town so my diets been a little wonky (no excuse lol) but good for the first part and will be finishing strong. [emoji106] I’ll be posting a full update this weekend probably. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Here is the one I did. It is considered an intermediate one, but I just picked and went for it. Lol but seems like he has some good stuff. I may find a few of his beginner ones that are probably a little easier to start with.
  12. Update: I have already noticed myself finding time throughout the day to stop and meditate, even if only for a couple of minutes. ESPECIALLY when I catch myself overthinking/stressing unnecessarily. That has been pretty cool. It's like I am just telling my mind "That's a cool thought, but let's chill out for a sec and think about that later." I also did a youtube guided Tai-Chi routine the other day. That was pretty nice and relaxing, however I think it will take some time and practice to make full use of it. You have to think a lot about what you're doing when you haven't done it before. Finally, I re-read a book called Silence: In the Age of Noise, by Erling Kagge this weekend. I didn't really appreciate it the first time, but with what I am trying to do this month I decided to give it another chance, and I actually enjoyed it this time. It's a little random and scattered, but there are a few stories and quotes in there that make you think *or not think*. It's pretty good, I would recommend checking it out.
  13. Thanks! The Hand tends to disguise itself very well in every day temptations. lol Also thanks, I tend to have most conversation in GIF form, so this is just natural. Haha
  14. Thank you to all the families of service members who have passed serving our country. You're loved ones are appreciated greatly.



  15. You will for sure. Hard to even remember most of the stressful parts.
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