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  1. Thanks @Guzzi and @PaulG. Just the sort of thing I'm looking for. I know a 'strict' paleo is not for me so I'm adjusting it to suit and any extra info is appreciated. Alternative forms of protein are always handy. I had reduced my carbs quite a lot over the last year, but now I'm exercising more, I'm feeling like I'm not getting enough fuel on board. I like @PaulG's idea of old style bread. I went through a bread baking phase a couple of years ago and my other half keeps hassling me to start again. Maybe now's the time.
  2. Hi Guys .Im looking for some diet advice. I keep reading about the benefits of a Paleo diet, but a lot of the fuel/calories seem to come from eating full fat dairy and red meat, bacon, eggs etc. These are all the things I have had to cut out of my diet over the last year due to a diagnosis of Hyperlipidemia, which means i produce far too much cholesterol, and so have to follow a very low fat diet. Does anyone have any tips as to how i can keep my calorie count up around 2500 a day, to enable me to gain muscle, while maintaining a REALLY low fat diet? Cutting out saturated fats has had a massive beneficial effect on my cholesterol, reducing my overall from 8.1 to 6.5 and reducing my LDL/HDL ratio from 6.4 to 3.0. I am trying to reduce it further to avoid being prescribed statins, so I really don't want to re-introduce it in any major way. I also don't want to have to eat my own bodyweight in avocadoes every day Thanks in advance.