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  1. Damn straight you were! (hi bae, dw you already look fine as hell )
  2. Hey Everyone, This is my first challenge in the Warrior Guild, for the last challenge I started stronglifts 5x5 and now I'm at SQ-55kg, OHP-30kg, DL-80, BP-42.5, and Row 40kg. I've been incredibly proud of my progress and I was really looking forward to getting in on this challenge, and then Finals got in the way. So now that I only have 3 exams left I'm back to the Rebellion. Since this challenge only has bit left I just thought I'd add some extra time on to mine to make up for it. Goal #1 Pillars of Olympus Work on form for all of the 5 SL lifts I haven't been hurting yet, but I know that if I don't get this right I'm going to feel it down the line. So Ima buckle down do my homework on form and upload them sweet formchecks, even if it means I have to take down the weight a bit to practice. Goal #2 Unwavering Focus Restart a daily meditation practice I used to have one, idk where it went or why I stopped so I may as well get back to it. Goal #3 Cornucopia Track food intake and get up to 2300cal a day minimum I'm really bad at remembering to eat... yeah... Goal #4 Library of Alexandria Finish a god-damn book! There we go!
  3. In other news I just proposed a study group for my course (making those accountability systems yo!) and the idea is really popular I was pretty nervous to post the idea on the facebook group, I'm one of the few foreign students in the class and I get kinda nervous for them to see my written french. Though I'm glad it was well received and I'm looking forward to having an IRL accountability group
  4. Your description made me think of this https://youtu.be/KoPPU8dG0QU Yeah, I'm quite comfortable with actually doing the lifting and whatnot, but I find it funny that as someone who has run 4-5 days a week and has gone to the gym every other day for 2 months I still don't think of myself as someone who exercises
  5. Anybody in or from France? I live in Orléans myself and it would be cool to know où sont mes rebelles francais!
  6. Oh I see that sounds interesting, it almost sounds like dancing haha I'd imagine it works a fair amount of balance and stuff
  7. I'm not really familiar with "walk away the pounds" what does it entail? I mean so long as your challenge helps cultivate a habit I think anything goes really
  8. Perhaps something like dedicate 20 minutes a day to make sure everything is clean and in it's correct place per day and an hour one day a week? How much are you going to do walk away from those pounds? when? How much are you going to reduce your smoking, over what time frame? Etc... Hope that helped
  9. I just found this thread My girlfriend and I have been doing our own Walk to Mordor for a while, although we did occasionally go a month or so without updating... The link is my signature, I believe we are somewhere around a combined 700 miles. It's been good though, since we have a long distance relationship (Washington and France) it feels like we're doing something together!
  10. That's what I love about it, simple, focused, measurable, and you can see your progress on a graph.
  11. Oooh I'm interested! And I love one arm rows , seeing as I've been having a hard time with barbell rows maybe working one arm at a time some more might do me well I will get started as soon as I get back to my regular gym (seeing as my parent's gym doesn't... have free weights )
  12. What a beautiful descriptor I mean so far the strength training people, such as yourself, have been extremely welcoming. I think a lot of it has to do with the lifelong aversion to sport I've had until about a year or so... (typical nerd problem hehehe... ) and weight training seems to be accompanied by the most severe of those stereotypes
  13. I've been thinking about what guild to aim for after this challenge and I figure Warrior is the natural progression, but that's causing a weird identity crisis; I've never thought of myself as someone who is strong and now I'm getting there it's freaky, I almost want to retreat to my endurance sports that I was doing before... but I'm really enjoying the strength a lot more. Really it's that, an identity thing. I need to get around to this weeks novel experience, but as someone who really likes my routine and comfort zone I figured it would really help. In the financial goal I had, I've blasted through it, I have saved €240 and i just opened a high interest locked account at the bank that should let my savings grow for 4 years (the time it will take me to finish my studies) and if I understood correctly it will give me credit, which is something I've never dealt with before ☺ If anyone knows about that stuff I'll be happy for some advice
  14. I like your goals William, I'm glad that you'll be joining us on our collective adventure! I think a few of the goals might need to be quantified and measurable so that you can track yourself, just some advice I also really like the smoking related goal, I've almost entirely quit casual smoking except for nights on the town. I'm down to like ~3 a week. I need to get around to properly planning my groceries too. I'm looking forward to your updates
  15. Hey @farflight I just watched your form check videos and now I feel a lot more encouraged to post my own; I think we're around the same point at the SL5x5 program Do you use the app?
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