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  1. Deadlifts yesterday. Nothing exciting to report. Just chugging along. Mobility Crap Deadlift: 4 x 6 Bulgarian Split Squat: 3 x 12LR Glute Bridge: 3 x 14 Standing Calf Raise: 2 x 17 Leg Curl: 2 x 17 Should Tap Plank: 3 x 12LR Big win of the day was booze related. The Wife made spare ribs and the recipe called for red wine. She opened a bottle to use for the sauce, and then poured some for the two of us to have with dinner. I had my glass, she had her glass, and that was that. I didn't go back for more and I didn't freak out/feel guilty about partaki
  2. Week Zero Train: 2 of 4 Pull-ups: 2 of 5 Track: 2 of 7 Booze: 1 of 7 Lights: 2 of 7 Week One Train: 0 of 4 Pull-ups: 0 of 5 Track: 0 of 7 Booze: 0 of 7 Lights: 0 of 7 Week Two Train: 0 of 4 Pull-ups: 0 of 5 Track: 0 of 7 Booze: 0 of 7 Lights: 0 of 7 Week Three Train: 0 of 4 Pull-ups: 0 of 5 Track: 0 of 7 Booze: 0 of 7 Lights: 0 of 7 Week Four Train: 0 of 4 Pull-ups: 0 of 5 Track: 0 of 7 Booze: 0 of 7 Lights: 0 of 7
  3. Train four times per week. Running a four day upper/lower split focused on hypertrophy, but I tend to skip (postpone) the last day. Stop doing that. Complete 10 sets of pull-ups on week days. Do a set of pull-ups GTG-style throughout the day. Start with ten sets of one. Let the gainz begin. Track what I eat... even on weekends. Just f*ing do it. Don't drink booze alone. I drink too much. I am not losing any weight. These two things may be related. I will only drink if someone with me is also drinking.
  4. A little rocky there at the end, but I finished... which is a big step in the right direction. Challenge Results Weight = 86% Food = 54% Liquids = 32% To-Do = 100% Final Thoughts When I don't weight myself and don't track my food intake, I tend to go hog wild. Tracking helps keep me in check. I really like crossing things off of my to-do list. I got tons of shit done this challenge and that felt really good. Ended the challenge sick, which was difficult. Just before that, however, I started working out in the mornings again. It was
  5. I've been sick and totally slammed at work. Much catching up to do! Week 3 - Day 3 - Results Weight = 189 lb. Food = 1,296 Liquids = Fail To-Do = Posted camera for sale on eBay Week 3 - Day 4 - Results Weight = 188.6 lb. Food = 1,335 Liquids = Fail To-Do = Edit birthday party photos Week 3 - Day 5 - Results Weight = 188.8 lb. Food = Fail Liquids = Pass To-Do = Posted lens for sale on eBay Week 3 - Day 6 - Results Weight = 188.5 lb. Food = Fail Liquids = Pass To-Do = Started
  6. Thank you for all of this. It was what I needed to hear and when I needed to hear it. Thank you!
  7. I find it easier to keep fitness a priority in summer than I do any other time of year. It's a lot warmer and brighter at 5 am come June/July/August.
  8. Enough of the maudlin shit. Moving on. Week 3 - Day 1 - Results Weight = 188.0 lb. Food = 1,241 Liquids = Pass To-Do = Organize Office Week 3 - Day 2 - Results Weight = 187.6 lb. Food = 2,194 Liquids = Fail - Out to dinner at a local Mexican spot featuring a billion tequilas. Many drinks were had. #noregrets To-Do = Organize Office Fried Burrito Fitness - Calisthenics Edition 1B Molding Mobility: 15 min. Arch Hold: 10 sec. x 2 Hollow Hold: 10 sec. x 2 Tuck L-sit on Parallel Bars: 10 sec. x 6 Tu
  9. Thanks, nerd-bros. I need to hear that. This week has been a really weird combination of pride (training consistency) and depression (I'm further behind than I had hoped). I'm trying really hard just to say goodbye to the last year. I'll get there. I hope.
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