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  1. It's amazing to jump into. I found that if you could fit in a set time to go each week, martial arts was one of the easier workouts to stick with. They build in celebrations of growth, a feeling of increased skill and a sense of progress.
  2. mdv6 - I think you'll like the 100 pushup challenge. It's a slow build, so it's not impossible to keep up with. Week 3 so far and I'm doing ok! Kalissa - I'm trying to keep away from the protein powder for now. It seems an expensive option considering I'm not yet eating right. Lentils, beans, eggs, these all seem to be working for me so far when I track my calories.
  3. Wow, ok, last week was all full of suck for me. Instead of focussing on what I've missed though, I'm going to look at what I've succeeded in. Protein eating: Success! It seems weird trying to eat this much, but I do seem to be running a higher metabolism as a result. Hungrier, but even if I overeat one day, it disappears the next day weight wise. Pretty amazing. 100 pushup challenge: I'm midway through week 3 of the 100 pushup challenge and keeping up with it okay! I am definitely increasing my strength though, so it seems to be working!
  4. Keeping steady with the protein. This is a challenge, but a positive one. It's getting me thinking more about what I eat and how it balances with what I've eaten already that day. It's kind of fun, I get to be challenged without needing to feel neurotic about food. Today I also logged a yoga session. I think I'll sleep well tonight because of it!
  5. No protein shakes sadly. I have yet to find a flavour I like. Do you have any recommendations?
  6. That fence climbing is crazy! Are you training for that in any specific way?
  7. That fence climbing is insane! That'd REALLY hurt! It would be amazing to do though!
  8. Hopefully we're all quiet because we're so busy increasing our awesome! Welcome to the squad mdv6!!!
  9. Ok, I've been playing around with my protein goals. I tracked my food for a bit and found I wasn't getting as much as I thought in my diet. So, lately I've been working with skimmed milks (and skim milk products), meats and eggs. However, I'm looking for a bit of additional variety. Any suggestions for high protein (preferably low fat) foods that don't fit into those categories? Thanks!
  10. Good goals indeed! I need to get back into practicing my katas.
  11. Finishing off week 1. My theme for 2011 was less talk and more action. Right now it appears I'm doing more action and less posting! Not exactly what I intended, but I'm proud to report week 1 was a success! Day 4: This ended up being a rest day. I like this new setup. In my previous challenge I didn't have any rest days set up and that wore me down over time. Now I've mixed it up a bit and I'm liking it. Day 5: Next day of the 100 pushup challenge. Still on track for this. Day 6: The first half of goal 5 is tied up for the week. I finished my biking for this week as well. Day 7: I finally got off my duff and tackled the last half of Goal 5 - I submitted not just 1 but 2 queries. Now I'm doing Yoga while my fiance bikes and we watch some TV. Goal 6 is done and done. And, considering I'm doing Yoga for the 2nd time this week, there is the checkmark for that goal too. Also, since I changed my second goal to 100g of protein consumption per day, I've hit that every day. It's getting to be a challenge though. I'm experimenting with other ways of getting the protein. For the first couple of days I just ate a ridiculous amount of meat, but I'm now mixing it up.
  12. Changing up one of my challenges. It looks like the protein snacks is a bit of a complicated thing for me. I'm only occasionally hungry for the snack So, I'm switching it up. I tracked my food today and I was struggling to hit protein goals. Okay, here's the plan. I want to eat at least 100 grams of protein per day. This will be a bit more of a challenge for me, and seems to be the same end result. Now, back to the main challenges: Day 2: I did a session of yoga and wrote an entry for my future/soon blog. Day 3: 16km of Biking and the next day of the 100 pushup challenge.
  13. Name: Kyecerulian Goals: Not to fall apart on posting here like I did in the last challege Yoga x2/week Biking x2/week Planned, high protein, lunches and snacks Mon-Fri 100 Pushup Challenge Writing and 1 fit date with my fiance/week Class: Monk Heck, in the spirit of monk-dom, if I do my entire karate flexibility workout (including kicks) I'll count that as a yoga session. Word. Any other information that'd be useful in team creation: I'm a later-night person. This made the sleep challenge a... challenge last time, but it means I correspond better with people in the evenings.
  14. First step, I did day 1 of the 100 pushup challenge. Now i"m off to make my food for tomorrow!
  15. Ok, my first challenge was about endurance, long-term cardio and clearing out my house clutter. I learned that I need rest days. I also think I'd benefit from variety. I dropped weight in there too, but I suspect it had more to do with any improvements to my diet than it did exercise (though the exercise contributed). That said, here are my thoughts. I need more muscle training. I'm not terribly creative with routine. Hence: Goal 1: The 100 Pushup Challenge. I've never been a pushup guy, but that should help me get the ball rolling for some upper body strength. Goal 2: Moving forward on the food idea, I did take some notes on playing with my diet. I seem to function better (and have less crazy cravings) when I have a smaller lunch and 2 snack. I know. Not exactly revolutionary. YET, there were some tweaks. Both snacks need to contain at least a small amount of protein. I never realized how much protein I need. I know, back to DUH. I'm learning though. SO, the goal is, for the 5 days of week I work, have a small lunch and two snacks. This'll take a bit of planning work every day, but worth it. Goal 3: Back to the Yoga demon! I failed on this in my last challenge. I'm going to say 2 sessions with my yoga DVDs each week. That's not any kind of insane time commitment, so I think that might stop some of my mental roadblocks to doing it. Goal 4: Don't lose the biking: I've got some wicked leg muscles from my biking in the last challenge. I want to keep them. I figure 2 sessions a week of 16km each session should helm me maintain the muscles without getting in the way of my other work. Goal 5: Writing - This is a two pronged goal. Firstly, I'm starting to sketch out my own blog. I've been doing it for a while. I want a cushion of posts before I launch. I want to write 2 posts per week for that cushion, because that means I'll have enough to launch by the end of this challenge. Part 2: My fiance is planning to go back to school in the fall. This will drop us down by one income. We're doing pretty well on that so far, but I'd rather be doing better. My part 2 is to submit one proposal per week to publications where I write articles for them. This is a potential source of some spending and adventure cash for us in our spare time. Goal 6: Getting fit together - one fitness date a week with my fiance. This can encompass something already in the list or something off the list of goals. I just need to be doing it WITH her. WOW! This list is getting to look like a Spezzy sized list! Good luck to you all!
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