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  1. That is just so cool! I know how scary and intimidating it can be to go and do new stuff at the gym. You should be so proud of yourself for getting in there!!
  2. Hey Momo! Great to see you too Ok, so on day 3 here in Bali and I'm going great! 3/3 for mindful movements (been swimming each day) 3/3 on no sweetened drinks 2/3 for protein at breakfast (I am embarassed to admit, I chose the bread basket today... it was the wrong choice and I won't do it again!) For the life goal: I've got the blog post written, now need to contact the doctor who lets me use his offices for my workshops and get the dates sorted out. I'm feeling good with this little bit of momentum behind me. With only 2 weeks of vacation left, I'm definitely starting to move into a different mindset, and feel a little time pressured to 'make the most of it'. I am super excited to make 2016 a year of awesome, though!!
  3. Thanks, Skiblue! I've decided to go with a low FODMAP diet, combined with the general principles of the Whole30. My symptoms are very IBS-like, so I figured a diet specifically targeted at them was a good way to go
  4. Hello Warriors! I've missed you. I'm super excited to be back, and ready to level up my life in 2016. Why am I here in the warriors when my quest is not very strength-centered? Because I'm working up to it I've not lifted for about a year and am very keen to get back into it! This challenge is my warmup, and I'll join a gym and get set up with a lifting program in the next challenge. This is like my pre-return challenge. I'm on vacation for the first two weeks, and will probably be recovering from vacation for the second 2 weeks. I live in Korea, where it's freezing, but I've been in Bali for the past 2 months where it is gorgeous. I'll also be going back to work (in a job I'm looking forward to quitting). So, I'm predicting some post-vacation blues for sure. I have a full challenge planned for March, but this is going to be my 'ease into it' challenge. Boss goals for 2016: - Complete NRoL4W (have started it about 4 times and not made it through) - Look fantastic naked (yoga and lifting + diet) - Sort out my digestion (I have a plan for next challenge - hello, elimination diet) - Earn $3,000 from Eating Psychology Coaching - Move in with my Boyfriend Kill the rats in the basement baby step for this 4 week challenge: Fitness: 1) Lift, yoga, or swim every day. I'm travelling and not sure what I'll have to work with, but I can always do at least one thing on this list. This is to get me back into the habit of purposeful daily movement. (?/28) Diet: 2) No liquid calories. Being on vacation, the iced teas and fruit juices have become a bit of a habit. Time to take that down. (?/28) 3) Eat Protein at breakfast. Eggs, bacon, chicken, steak... whatever it is, just add some in there. It helps me stay fuller and make better decisions later. (?/28) Life: 4) Brainstorm, plan, and organise a live Eating Psychology workshop for the last weekend in Feb. Focus: How to eat well and lose weight in South Korea even when you've got no time, money, or motivation. I'm adding these to my Level up your life quest list if anyone wants to check that out Ok, I'm off to eat some protein for breakfast!
  5. That steak is drool-worthy! How are the workouts feeling now? That is very cool that your BF is in on it too now!
  6. Sambalina


    I love oats for breakfast, but they are very carb-ful. I like to add cinnamon, banana, and coconut oil to mine.
  7. Sounds like you're doing awesome!! Haha, I totally feel you on the water delivery accidental workout. I live on the 4th floor with no elevator, so I triple check the address I enter into Gmarket If you're looking for a doctor to see, and have a bit of an alternative bent, I know a US trained naturopathic doctor in Seoul. He's the only one here, and has an awesome clinic. Though, for a heart murmur, maybe you'd be better off with a specialist.
  8. Hey there! I live in Seoul too! Though am currently on vacation in Bali I'd love to meet up when I'm back (mid February).
  9. I live in Korea - I know those noodles well Feeling any better after a whole lot of rest?
  10. In addition to all the wonderful, if conflicting advice here, I'd like to add that your weight loss stalling might have nothing to do with diet. Stress, mindset, and eating behaviour can also have some pretty big effects. Also, if all this different advice is confusing - it's because different things have worked for different people and you need to maybe experiment a bit to find out what's going to work for you. And final thought: It took you a lot longer than a month to get to where you are now. Give your body some time to adjust and adapt to what you're doing now - especially if it's drastically different from the way you have been living. Your body might not work to your mental time-line
  11. Yo, Momo! Great to see you back - and at the same time as me! I am soooooo jealous of your meeting Steve story! That sounds just so cool I'm reading level up your life right now, and have just found it so inspirational. It has really encouraged me to reach for some big goals this year. Your challenge looks great - though a lot of work for 3ish weeks. I'm glad you'll be spreading over into the next challenge. I hope you feel better soon. That always seems to happen just as you get started on a new turn, sickness arrives just to test your resolve.
  12. I feel you, Psicodom! It can be so hard to build the habits. They are like slippery fish! But, don't give up - even if it's two steps forward and 1.5 back, you are getting somewhere. My favorite advice is to find some support, an accountability buddy, or someone you can talk to about it. Maybe someone who's also trying to get healthy, or a buddy on these forums. It can really help you through tough times
  13. Momo!! I'm going warrior with serious druid leanings right now I'm also off to stalk you
  14. Thanks guys! I'm thrilled and excited to get going again
  15. I'm trying to get to the bottom of my digestive problems and am looking into a diet-based approach for the moment. First, here's the problem: As of mid-October (I've never had anything like this before): In the late afternoon and into the evening EVERY day I get huge amounts of gas, bloating, and tummy distention. It's painful and annoying. It stats around 4-5pm until I go to bed. Gone the next morning, back the next afternoon. I was mostly constipated, but not chronically so, and not all the time. But the afternoon gas and bloating was there every single day. I tried more leafy green veg, more water, more movement, yoga for digestion, taking coconut oil, and probiotics. The probiotics are the only thing that works - they get rid of the problem completely. But, I have to take them every day. I've tried stopping - now after about 3 months of being on them, and 2 days later the gas symptoms are back exactly the same. So, I'm thinking something changed in my gut flora. As far as I can tell, I didn't change anything in my diet in October 2015. I didn't get sick. I didn't take any medication. I live in South Korea, but right now I've been in Bali, Indonesia for a month. I was half hoping that eating the different food here might help, but nope. I came off the probiotics for 2 days earlier in the week, and the gas came right back. So, I don't want to be reliant on probiotics. I'm thinking it's: - a food sensitivity - leaky gut - a possible environmental problem (I moved to a big city with a lot more pollution about 6 months before this issue came up) As I'm already planning on moving back out of the city soon (and have been chilling in Bali for a while with no sign of improvement), I'm going to try the food sensitivity angle first. Which brings me to my question: Which do you guys think is best for dealing with this: A Whole 30 or a full-on elimination diet? I've done a whole 30 before, about a year before this problem started, so I'm familiar with it and know I can do it. The elimination diet is harder, longer, but ultimately the gold standard in finding food sensitivities. Anyone have thoughts, experiences, or words of wisdom about my symptoms or steps to take from here?
  16. 2015 didn't see me spending much time on the NF boards at all - I was busy studying, building a website, working full time, and setting up my first ever entrepreneurial thing of awesome! But, if 2015 was all about growth, then it seems 2016 is all about uncertainty. Which is why I'm back - cos you guys are awesome! But, I've been away so long, I think I need a re-introduction. So, Hi! I', Sam. I'm from New Zealand, but I live in South Korea. I started on NF in my first year in South Korea, and now it's my 5th year. Through NF I found paleo, lifting, the best secret santa EVER, friends, quests, and a whole lot of love and joy. But over the past year, I worked a bit hard and lost a lot of it. I stopped lifting, really relaxed in my diet, and lost touch with the community. I needed the time and space to build up and become an Eating Psychology coach, but now I am feeling the hurt and am looking to get back into the NF swing of things! I am trying to start my own business, while keeping my old job - a job I'd rather NOT keep. This year might be a bit of an emotional struggle - I can feel it already. As someone who deals with emotional eating, and also works with others to heal emotional eating, NF is a part of my plan to deal with 2016 in a positive and productive way So hi guys! It feels good to be back!
  17. Jax sounds like one awesome guy, AB. The way you two are supporting each other is kind of an inspiration. And yeah! I'm totally keen to share about TESOL. I'm currently on the road to transitioning to coaching full-time, but it's going to take some time. I'm very happy to offer whatever help I can. On the binge eating front- how's it going? Low self esteem is a definite trigger I've seen (and experienced). Any ideas on what to do?
  18. Hello, gorgeous! Long time, no see:) I'm so sorry to hear that you're struggling with binge eating, I know that it can feel like such a tough thing to go through. I'm just finishing up my training as an Eating Psychology Coach- and one of my key areas of study was binge eating. If you ever want to chat or anything- let me know. Did you specifically start binging when you reached the new lower level of carbs? That could definitely trigger feelings of uncertainty.
  19. I am a girl. You look great. Seriously. But, it sounds like maybe you have some stuff to work through on your journey. The beliefs you have about yourself and your body can really make or break your success. And, actually, I'm an Eating Psychology Coach trained to help people with exactly these problems. I'd be happy to have a chat with you some time, or refer you to someone:)
  20. I agree with what's already been said regarding diet (and not taking anyone's opinion as law!). Are you on a low-fat diet? Also, if the rest of your body is slim, are you sure your tummy is fat and not bloating? If you have a food sensitivity, it can lead to a pretty bloated tummy. One of the easiest ways to identify bloating vs. fat: does your belly ever feel or look smaller? Like in the morning or if you've not eaten for a while?
  21. OK, 59, recovering from major injury and surgery, half-cyborg, AND doing more activity and eating better than most people half your age? You are winning at life. Seriously awesome! As for why you're not seeing changes- I second everyone else. I'd also say make sure you're not creating a lot of stress around food and exercise. The stress response can wreck havoc on Weight-loss efforts.
  22. I personally do Zentangle, which is a form of drawing meditation, Yoga, and some guided meditation using an app called 'calm', from Calm.com I think just try a few and see what feels good. While you were reading were there any you read about that made you feel excited to try? My biggest bit of advice here is don't force it. If a form of meditation isn't working for you, don't sweat, just try something else.
  23. I had no idea they were so popular! l wrote a yoga post for my blog a while back and l emailed YWA to check that what I wrote was OK with them. They were so nice, and even tweeted the post and stuff! YWA fan for life Also: Just did day 29!!!
  24. Oh yeah, I love TwoGrand - but they just changed their name to... 'My Food' or something. It's a cool way to track without tracking.
  25. Hey there - this is an awesome idea! I'm a health coach (an Eating Psychology Coach, specifically). If you'd like a professional to join in on the group and offer some tips now and then, I'd be super happy to help out. I don't have a diet philosophy (other than a focus on real food), nor any agenda or programs I'm pushing. Just love NF and helping peeps
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