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  1. That sounds like quite the mix of sucky and good? Gratz on the bench PR! But don't be too hard on yourself or your body - all that stress and chemicals can do a number on ya.
  2. Happy thanksgiving Kim! I hope there is much gluten-free goodness at your table
  3. Can I just say.... booooobs. Anyway, sorry to hear about your W30 mishap - that sucks But, you know what's good for you, just keep on going! If you can't complete the program this time around, at least finish in the spirit of the program, right? C'mon, you can do better than chicken nuggets, and you have been for months now. It's for the good of you and your body, not so you can count to 30 days, unlock and achievement, and whatever. It's a life choice. Maybe you didn't need that mini-speech - if not, totally ignore it Keep on keeping on, Blaidd. Brazil is so close!
  4. Great job upping your veggie intake, momo. I'm sure that will help with all kinds of things beyond your immediate problem I keep trying to up mine, and then my protein intake slips... A person can only eat so much food! Also, glad to hear you're feeling a bit better
  5. Happy birthday, Dom! So sorry to hear you're injured - that bites. But, awesome about the supercars - that'll be amazing! You must post many photos for us to drool over
  6. Awesome scary program Your coach sounds like he is really pushing you, in a good way, to advance and be your best. It really is very cool to see you advancing with such speed and enjoyment. I was totally fantasising about having a weightlifting coach like you do - we started out with almost the exact same stats a few months ago, and look at you now! Rock star!
  7. Nice week 2, P! I have the same problem if I decide to do one of my workouts on a Saturday instead of a Friday - there is a MUCH larger possibility that something else will come up and I won't do it. So, I really try to go Friday's if I can. Lol @ Dragon Ball - it's always good to remember fun from your childhood
  8. Fully on track, Vixen - awesome! There's really not much else to say Well done in all areas!
  9. I had this exact same dream about candy! The mind is a weird thing. I agree with Loren and Elastigirl - I wouldn't start from day 1. Elastigirl's suggestion seems like a good one - start soy from day 1, but follow reintroduction for everything else as planned. That seems not only in-keeping with the spirit of W30, but the practical side of it too.
  10. Day 13 of no sugar! I don't know what's gotten into me, I've never done even close to anything like this before. I'm eating 1-2 pieces of fruit a day and that's about it. I can't say I'm really feeling anything - perhaps some increased mental clarity/reduced laziness, but it's hard to say. Nothing drastic, but I DO feel good knowing that I'm doing well for my health. And, I now know I have the strength to NOT eat sugar, I am perfectly fine without it. I'm still going hard on my squats. I did front barbell squats on Monday, and back squats today. Today I was able to do 5x5 with the 10kg bar with a 2 second pause at ATG - something I was not able to do two weeks ago, so WOOT! It was a lot of effort, I got me some squat-dizzies. The weight wasn't hard, I can squat 10kg ATG easy as pie, it was trying to keep my chest up and breathe at the bottom, as well as keep my knees out and not roll forward onto my toes. Breathing 'in the hole' was especially problematic, I believe because of overly tight chest muscles from sitting hunched at a computer. Nothing I can't work through. So, I'm going to stay at the 10kg bar for the next week at least - I really want to stretch it all out and work out the kins before adding more weight. In other lifts: I'm up to a 30kg bench, which is great! And I randomly decided to try hanging leg raises today and busted out 3 sets of 6 of those bad boys. I'll be keeping them in future workouts, they targeted heaps of things I want to work on - grip strength and core, namely. Yeah! On track for week three
  11. Atta boy, AT! Stick it to 'the man'!
  12. Hey Momo - sorry to hear about that. I had an emergency change of living arrangements earlier this year and it was very stressful, even though I was going into a much safer and healthier environment than the one I was in. Obviously, I don't know what your situation is, but if you need someone to talk to, I'm here. Also, it just takes a bit of time to get used to something new - hang in there and keep on truckin' - us nerds are here for you.
  13. You are a stronger woman that, I, PA. Shop bought cookies I probably could have done, but home made? Not a chance. Well done!! Also, did you try that thorasic mobility exercise you posted above some more? I tried it yesterday, but didn't get any feelings of release, or even much of a stretch. It worked out the arm I was balancing on, but that was all I could feel. What do you get from it (like, am I doing it wrong?).
  14. Oooh, Christmas party makeup. Maybe the chance I'm looking for to crack out the sparkly gold shadow I bought last weekend and am too afraid to wear anywhere. Do we need to post our practice pics as well as the final?
  15. One month to Brazil! Now THAT is something to celebrate!
  16. Thanks for all the well-wishes, guys I'm pretty happy with the article, and have a couple more in mind to write over my Christmas break. - As for tracking it down and reading it - I don't know if you can unless you're subscribed to the magazine. I could totally secretly shoot you the PDF version though, if you're truly interested in reading it. I know what you mean about the sugar, PA. It is really hard, after a lifetime of being 'rewarded' with it to break the cycle. Today I was having a really fun and relaxing 'me' day and I really wanted a treat. I was super good though, and had 7 (tried to stop at 5, but they were sooo good) pitted prunes. Really sweet, but no added sugar at least. And I eat dried fruit once every... I dunno, 4-6 months? I have pre-planned a celebration treat for Sunday night when my room mate moves out. I'm going to buy some cream and some strawberries and chow down on that. I'm really looking forward to it Ok, Week two down! Another success under my belt for this week too. I went to the gym three times last week and really got stuck in to working on my squat issues. I was working on goblet squats and thought things were going well, until I realised I was holding the dumbbell away from my body to help balance myself. I made sure to shift it back in and the squats were much harder. It is not a strength issue at this point, but something, somewhere is too tight to let me barbell back squat with my chest up and ATG. Today, Monday, I front squatted with the 10kg BB and my form was great. I did a whole 5x5 ATG at that weight. However, when I put it on my back, I got major hip crampy-soreness at the very bottom. So, I'm going to mix up the squat variations as well as spending as much time 'in the hole' with something on my back as I can. Also, I tried the thorasic mobility stretch PA posted over on her thread, and I can't say I felt all that much going on. I'll try it again all this week, but it wasn't the release I was hoping for. I got in a really strong 1x5 set of deadlifts today @ 55kg. Next time around I'll be shooting for 57 My nutrition goal is going unbelievably well. I am currently on Day 11 of no sugar at all. I track all my food all day, every day. I don't know what's happened, but I am (temporarily, I'm sure) totally on top of this. I am, however, still struggling to get the fibre intake up. I've been gluten-free (apart from a lamb kebab I had on Saturday night), and haven't had any liquid calories. Cal Carbs(g) Mon 1,920 95 Tue 1,680 104 Wed 1,982 122 Thu 1,255 141 Fri 1,870 149 Sat 1,590 114 Sun 1,440 91 Fun things completed this week: - Knit a scarf (in progress) - Go somewhere new (I went on a tour of a palace in Seoul, it was awesome) - Go to a meetup (yup, Saturday AND Sunday) - Read a book club book (I read 'Misery' by Stephen King and watched the movie for the upcoming books vs. film meeting) - Go to a movie, incl. popcorn. (I went to see 'Catching Fire' - alone - and I really, really liked it) So, a week of doing pretty well. Aaaaaannnddd... One month till Christmas! Woohoo!
  17. Man, your squat routine is punishing! Good on you for tackling that. Bugger about the weight gain, but good that you had a good trip and a fun time. At least you know exactly what you need to do to lose it - not just floundering around trying to do stuff that doesn't work. Get stuck into it Dom - Hawaii and surfing awaits!
  18. Haha, so much mixer/blender love! What are you going to do with your blender rights, Mitch?
  19. Aw, thanks Momo! Yeah, it is nice here - I love it. "lots of walking and food" just about sums it up Glod to hear you're doing good and are in such high spirits. Go, girl!
  20. Woot! AT might get a promotion! Mascot - bet he never dreamed of glory like this when he was just a baby turtle. Also, thank you for the turtle lesson, I will be sure NEVER to turn one upside down should I ever hold a turtle.
  21. Oh yeah, you DID mention that - sorry Thrillho! Nice looking cooking you've got there! Though, I'd totally.... add more bacon!
  22. Great work Thrillho! Is it normal to bench and squat the same numbers, or have you run out of weights to squat with?
  23. Oooh. nice Blaidd. Those relaxing date nights are some of my favourites. It's called Gold Class in NZ too. I don't know what they have here in SK. But, I'm going to the cinema on Monday to see Catching Fire
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