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  1. Thanks, Rocketman!

    Ok, week one challenge completed! Twice.

    First doesn't really count, but I made almond butter for the first time. It is so easy, and very, very tasty.

    Second, does count, I made Primal Chicken Kieve from MDA. Herbs are a bit tricky to get here in South Korea, so I added some roasted capsicum to mine. I was seriously worried I'd over stuffed the chicken and it was all going to fall apart when I fried it, but it actually worked really well.

    First you bash the chicken breasts out thin-ish. Trusty peanut butter jar for that. Only use I have for peanut butter now.


    Then, lay your fillings on.


    Wrap up tight and put in the fridge for an hour.

    Fry, seam side down first. Takes longer than you think to cook through.




    Cut open to find the yummy.


    So, I'm very proud of that!

    And, I managed two sets of 18 squats this morning. I'm definitely going to make 20 by next week. I'll have to adjust the challenge.






  2. Oh noes, an arrow to the knee! At least you're in good company (as I understand it - there are a lot of you).

    I think you '3 gratitudes daily diary' is a really great goal. I keep a blog where I try to have five things a day that I've really enjoyed of am grateful for, and I find it really lifts my spirits. Some days I have scrape the bottom of the barrel with things like 'it didn't rain today', but most days there are actually plenty of nice things. It's often the little ones that are the best (seeing sunsets, smiles from strangers... corny stuff).

    So, good luck with your challenge!

    And what are you taking your advanced education courses in? Sounds interesting.

  3. Ok, another challenge update from me :)

    My research is going well, and I think I'll have finished the reading part tomorrow. It's been really inspirational to get back into academic reading - it's like something I didn't know I was missing until I went back to it (paha, PhD in the future??). The sense of expanding my knowledge, of discovery, and of making myself and my teaching better is pretty darn awesome. Also, both my psychology and anthropology training is coming in amazingly handy. I think that within ESL teaching that really is a winning combo in terms of background (although if I had more of linguistics base, I'm sure that would be better). Interestingly I am coming across some cultural differences in 'autonomy-supporting choice implementation', so the social anthro side of me is coming out to play :) Should be ready to start writing properly on Friday.

    Only one setback and that's that the class I was going to use as my sort of case study got cancelled this week because of testing, so that "data collection" will have to wait until next week (inverted commas because I'm only playing at research, not actually doing anything 'real'). I truly belong here at nerd fitness... who else but a nerd would find academic work so entertaining and rewarding?

    All is well on the other goals too. I have a sprint scheduled in for Sunday morning (was supposed to go Saturday, but have to be in Seoul early-ish). I'm aiming to do two sets of 15 squats tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I can do it, and might actually have to make the challenge harder. And, I haven't eaten any non-primal food since Monday! That's three days, and I'm feeling really good.

    I've got plans to complete the weekly challenge cooking task tomorrow too. Over on mark's Daily Apple there was a really tempting recipe for Chicken Kiev, which I have never made, or even eaten, before. I've just started prep this evening by making some garlic butter to go inside. I'm going to add some roasted capsicum to mine, I think that'll be good. Pictures and recipe tomorrow :)

    So, day three and feeling fantastic already. Mentally stimulated by my life goal, physically working towards fitness, fuelling myself with good food, and about to try something new. To tell you the truth, I'm feeling better about my life than I have for a while! Woohoo :-D

  4. Hi there :)

    Just popping in to say good luck with your challenge! I'm notoriously bad at not finishing things too - but I'm determined to see this through. If you need some encouragement, let me know.

    Also, kickboxing is awesome! Have you been doing it for long? Going once a week should be fun, and a great stress reliever!

    Good luck with the job applications, and with your challenge. I'm sure I'll see you round here :)

  5. Those goals sound great, JennyLynn.

    I'm new too, but this place seems pretty cool :) Anywhere that loves nerds is good in my book!

    Good luck with your six weeks, I'll be really interested to see how you slow down with your family - that's so important.

  6. I almost certainly won't update every day, but being the first day of the challenge, I thought I'd jump right in.

    In terms of my life goal, I started researching for my article today. It felt really good to be doing something, and I slipped right back into reading, note taking, and referencing like I'd never left. I already have over 500 words of quotes and notes, and some more sources to read yet.

    What's more, the process of researching classroom practices brought back some of my own enthusiasm to teach. My school here in Korea crushes my spirit a bit, and the reading I've done today has made me feel really motivated to get back to where I want to be as a teacher, not just go through the motions.

    Today I also put together a needs analysis for my class, so I can implement some of the strategies I'm reading about, and I'm planning to run a section of one class this week as something of a focus group where we talk about the kind of learning they want to do, how they want to do it, and how controlled they want the process to be. This, I think, will be really interesting and will let me add some interesting 'vignette' type bits to the article I'm going to write. Of course, the info gathered during the focus group will also be very useful for future lesson planning!

    As for diet and fitness goals? Well, School gave us dumplings at lunch, but that was the only processed food today, which I count as pretty much a success. And I did a strength workout after work and managed two sets of 12 squats.

    Off to a good start all 'round :)

  7. Hi, RaeVynn,

    I'm new, so don't mind me if you think 'who the heck is that commenting on my post?!'.

    I just popped by to wish you luck with the push ups :) I struggle mightily with them, so for you to be able to do 10 perfect push ups by the end of the challenge will be very inspirational :)

  8. Hi everyone,

    I'm new around here, but this challenge format looks like a lot of fun. I'm far from a 'hardcore' gamer, but have certainly enjoyed Baldaur's Gate, KOTOR, WoW, and now SWTOR (Jedi rock my socks). So, on to my challenge:

    Bio: I'm a 24 year old EFL teacher with a masters in social anthropology. I've been teaching for a year, first in NZ, and for the past six months have been working at a middle school in South Korea. I've been experimenting with Paleo/Primal/Archevore eating and exercise for the past month. My kitchen is just a little bigger than a postage stamp, and ingredient quality is often suspect here in the RoK (sugar is in everything), so it's often a challenge just to eat well. I feel I'm doing ok, though.

    As far a exercise goes, I am very weak! I am really loving bodyweight training and would like to add short sprint sessions to my routine. I have no weight to lose or put on, but some serious work to do on my 'strength' and 'dexterity'.

    As for life goals, I want to use my (often copious) free time at work to further my career. I miss being as intellectually stimulated as I was during my final years at university, and want to produce something that will keep my busy, entertained, and help me advance myself as an English language teacher.

    Race: Half-elf. Some parts of me are really human sized, and parts of me are really small and fine. I can kind of relate to the mixed bag a half-elf must get :)

    Profession: Adventurer. I get bored quite easily, and the adventurer class leaves my options open to explore and change as I progress.




    STA:2 (+1 for week 4 challenge)

    CON:3 (+1 for week 3 challenge)

    WIS:4 (+1 for week one challenge)

    CHA: 2 (+1 for week 2 challenge; +1 for week 5 challenge)


    Fitness and diet -

    - Sprint (4 times, 10 seconds+ each) once a week for 6 weeks. (4 DEX)

    Starting = 3x10sec (only done once). I will make Saturday morning 'sprint morning'.

    - Eat no processed food during the week. (3 CON)

    Starting = 2-4 times during the week. To achieve this I will pre-plan my meals on a Sunday and a Wednesday and stick to the list. I will have access to healthy options such as nuts, boiled eggs, and fruit at all times so I don't get hungry, panic, and eat whatever I can grab from the 7/11.

    - Do two sets of 20 squats with proper form. (3 STR)

    Starting = 2 sets of 10. To achieve this I will increase my squats by 1-2 per set each week to reach a total of 20x2 by week six. I'll use the mirror to monitor my form. Too easy! New goal:

    - Do THREE sets of 20 squats ( [ATTACH=CONFIG]3260[/ATTACH] completed on 05/12/12) and two sets of 20 reverse rows (though actually, mine are 'inclined reverse rows' at the moment) [ATTACH=CONFIG]3260[/ATTACH] completed on 05/25/12. (3 STR).

    Starting = 2 sets of 18 squats and two sets of 10 rows. Increase each weekly, or as I feel ready.

    Life -

    - Write one 4,000+ word academic article and submit it to at least 5 ESL journals for publication. (4 WIS; 1 STA)

    Starting = nothing but the general theme: 'Empowering Middle-school students in the ESL classroom'. To achieve this I will devote one week to each of the following tasks: 1) planning, preliminary literature research, and in-class discussion; 2) write 500-1,000 words; 3) write 1,500 words; 4)write 2,000 words; 5) Editing and proof-reading, select 5 ESL journals; 6) Alter article to fit selected journals' requirements, and submit the article.

    So, that's me :)

    Hello again to everyone joining the challenge. I look forward to getting to know you as we achieve together!


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