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  1. Hi Fleaball! Thanks so much for chasing me up! I think I'm starting to realise just how much of a perfectionist attitude I have... Just missing that one walk on the 26th has just left me feeling completely defeated and like there's no point. I really need to try to find a more realistic attitude, otherwise I'm going to continually give up before I've even started! So, as of now, I have... - Eat fish and shellfish twice a week - 3/8 - Pick a dress sewing pattern - 1/1 - Drink 2 litres of water - 10/23 - Walk every day (5 minutes) - DONE 5/28 The eating and drinking(!) are going pretty well. I didn't hit my water target twice last week but it was only a cup or two short. And I've planned fish twice this week (eaten once, second portion on Saturday!). It's the walking... The bloomin' walking. I think I need to be more realistic with my goals. If I'd put walk for 24 out of 28 days, it would have given me a little wiggle room to not make my target but still have a goal to fight for... It's all good learning!
  2. So days five and six... - Eat fish and shellfish twice a week - DONE FOR THIS WEEK 2/8 - Pick a dress sewing pattern - DONE (also now bought the material... I might start sewing next challenge :-) ) 1/1 - Drink 2 litres of water - DONE 6/28 - Walk every day (5 minutes) - DONE 5/28 Not too bad. Still feeling a tad disappointed I missed a day of the walking. But trying to reasonable with my lofty expectations...!
  3. Day four... - Eat fish or shellfish twice a week for the next four weeks - COMPLETED FOR THIS WEEK (two portions eaten!) 2/8 - Drink 2 litres of water for at least 23 days of the next four weeks - DONE AGAIN! 4/28 - Walk every day (5 minutes) - DIDN'T DO THIS ONE TODAY 3/28 - Pick a dress sewing pattern - DONE 1/1(I ordered the material for my sewing pattern today so I'm now further along that I had planned for in this challenge... One step closer to my finished dress!) So... My first knocked-down hurdle. I didn't do my five-minute walk today. I don't think I quite need to respawn(!) but I am aware that I have set the bar pretty high on this one with 100% success expected... I feel like I've failed because I missed that one walk. Aiming for perfection (28 days out of 28) is not a productive thing for me. I will need to take that info forward for my next challenges... Aiming for 'good enough' is good enough!
  4. One in three women have a miscarriage, hun... That would make a lot of screw-ups! Trust your body. It can do this. And enjoy the time before you can no longer move or cut your own toe nails, lol!!
  5. Lol! I really reckon they should rename 'pregnancy' as 'nine months of paranoia'!! Every move, every lack of move, everything you eat, everything you don't eat... And so on! Your body's got this! It knows what it's doing. As for the chocolate... I'm sayin' nothing...!! *Smiles innocently*
  6. Hi Belinda! Great goals! Good luck with them! I am going to be sooooo jealous of your 'magazine' house...! I'm starting to think I might need to add that to my quests list...!! Will be cheering you on!
  7. Day three... - Eat fish or shellfish twice a week for the next four weeks - COMPLETED FOR THIS WEEK (two portions eaten!) 2/8 - Drink 2 litres of water for at least 23 days of the next four weeks - DONE AGAIN! 3/28 - Walk every day (5 minutes) - DONE AGAIN (I took the dogs for an hour's walk) 3/28 - Pick a dress sewing pattern - DONE 1/1(I ordered the material for my sewing pattern today so I'm now further along that I had planned for in this challenge... One step closer to my finished dress!) This day was a little more automatic than previous ones. It's like the water and the walking are starting to become ingrained in my brain somehow. I slept badly last night so I'm really pleased I still managed to tick them off. Just keeping plugging away!
  8. Wow, thank you Severine! I'd never heard of it but it looks amazing! I'm learning so much about sewing from NF and I haven't even started cutting the pattern pieces out yet...! I like this place! :-)
  9. Keep going with your challenges, Plazmotic... You've got an even bigger reason to now! And a small start is still a start! Saying that, when I was pregnant, I craved nothing but McDonald's McChicken Sandwiches...! I wanted them morning, noon and night...! I went through a stage of going three times a week, lol!! I kinda feel your body knows what it needs... Or that's how I justified my frequent trips to Mccy D's!!!
  10. HI Martina! Welcome to the rebellion! :-) I am in awe of you being able to do flip turns... If you can do 'em, do 'em! I once read somewhere (I wish I remembered the source!) that people hardly ever notice anyone else's bodies because they're too busy being preoccupied with their own...! Do you remember anyone's body from last time you were at the pool...?! And treadmill's look way scarier than they actually are...! So think about all the kudos you will gain by using one! :-) Good luck!
  11. weedy

    tiller sets sail

    Hi Tiller, What amazing goals! And it's so clear to see where you're going with them... Well done for being so directed! re overeating... I used to do this a lot. I would emotionally eat ALL THE BLOOMIN' TIME!!! It was only when I went to see a dietician and she pointed out to me that the timings of my overeating episodes was most often (not always, but most often) at least three hours after a previous meal... Turns out, I wasn't emotionally eating (although I could be emotional at these times!!), I was just really hungry...!! I upped my protein at each meal and that really helped as it sustained me a lot longer. I wonder whether it might help you too to eat more protein...? I would be starving on your lunch and dinner above...!!
  12. Hi Cornelia, I'm a Brit... Walking across England is completely doable! I walked Hadrian's Wall from one end to the other, which basically stretches east to west across England (near the Scottish border). It was 84 miles over five days - toughest day was 21 miles long (I might have burst into tears that night when I got to the campsite...!!). But it is completely doable! Keep that goal in sight, Cornelia! Will be watching your progress on Couch to 5k... It's one of my quests! I'm hoping to start tackling that in the next month! Good luck!
  13. Hi eden_fire! Wow, I'm really impressed with your goals! And well done for summoning up the courage to post... It took me a couple of days to get up the nerve, too! It's the accountability, isn't it?! Crashing and burning in private is definitely easier...!! How have you been going so far? Have you picked just four of the nine goals you've outlined or are you doing all of them? I've started really simply and wondering whether I've let myself off a bit too much... I just thought that, if I could get into the routine of doing it and get some early confidence under my belt by actually achieving what I set out to, that may be a good thing...? re titles, I think that's completely up to you! The more inspiring titles seem to come from those with at least a few hundred posts behind them... Do you think we somehow learn how to do better titles as time goes on?! I wish you lots of luck. Hope it's going well so far!
  14. Day two... - Eat fish or shellfish twice a week for the next four weeks - COMPLETED FOR THIS WEEK (two portions eaten!) 2/8 - Drink 2 litres of water for at least 23 days of the next four weeks - DONE AGAIN! 2/28 - Walk every day (5 minutes) - DONE AGAIN (had to do today's on the treadmill in the gym as I had my daughter for the rest of the day and her legs are too little to walk with any degree of pace!) 2/28 - Pick a dress sewing pattern - DONE 1/1(!) I'm still feeling really positive and it feels like these steps are the beginnings of lasting changes! It feels great to be doing something constructive for me (and therefore my family, my relationships, my life in general, etc. etc.)!
  15. I bought them today! :-) Just going for black, white and purple. Going to be classic and hopefully very straight-forward! I'll save my artistic creativity when I have some idea of how to do it...! Saying that, I'm game for changing the pattern to better fit my body shape, which might be challenging...!
  16. Day One report... So recruits, army base camp is treating me well so far!! Today, I have... - Eat fish or shellfish twice a week for the next four weeks - DONE (one portion) - Drink 2 litres of water for at least 23 days of the next four weeks - DONE - Walk every day (5 minutes) - DONE (plus an hour's walk with the dogs and a half hour walk to a friend's and back so definitely done... Can I carry the time over for the rest of the week - asks innocently and optimistically whilst already knowing the answer!!) - Pick a dress sewing pattern - DONE (I'm going to try sewing a Colour Block Tunic! It will look great for work and the pattern promises 'beginner' so I'm hoping it's not lying...!!) Whoop whoop! Day one... Girl is on a roll! :-)
  17. That's very cool that you have made all those kinds of clothes! I can knit, embroider, tapestry, various paper crafts, and have made many, many presents on my trusty sewing machine but sewing clothes as always escaped me... Until now (she hopes)! I will definitely google the reviews! Thanks for the advice... I'd never thought of that! I just want to make sure my first pick is something that builds my confidence and sets me off in the right direction, whilst still being something I actually want to wear...!!
  18. Cool! What kind of things do you make...? I am pretty crafty but making clothes is just a bit outside my skill set and comfort zone! I've been getting a sewing magazine for a bit and they usually have a free pattern in them. I'm hoping one of those might inspire me as they're usually rated as 'beginner', 'advanced beginner' or 'intermediate'... It definitely has to be a dress because they scare me the most (the first dress I tried, several years ago, was a complete failure and I never tried again after that...!)!!
  19. Thank you WantMy£2 (can't find my dollar sign...!!)! I'm feeling pretty good so far... I have already eaten tuna, am getting through the water and have gone for a five-minute walk! :-)
  20. Okay, here goes... I'm starting small(ish) for my first challenge so that I've got more chance of succeeding, building some confidence and getting on a roll! So here goes... DIET - Eat fish or shellfish twice a week for the next four weeks - Drink 2 litres of water for at least 23 days of the next four weeks (My diet is pretty good as I already basically follow the Paleo way) FITNESS - Walk every day (5 minutes) LEVEL UP - Pick a dress sewing pattern
  21. Hi John! This is my first four-week challenge as well so it's nice to see a new comrade! :-) I think you've picked some really good goals there... They look very 'SMART'! :-)
  22. Hi LaScozzese, Thank you for your warm welcome! And it would be lovely for me to pick your brains on everything running when I get nearer that point... Don't really want to be pounding my legs yet, until some weight is off. Have you done any of these four week challenges? I'm thinking of putting myself down for the one this Sunday. I think I'll start lightly... Something fairly achievable, just to build my confidence and get me moving forward. Bit scared of the whole accountability thing though... Just in case I fail!!
  23. Hi all, I am Rebel Weedy(!), just started with Nerd Fitness and finding my way around... My big why is my daughter. She is three years old and I want to be an old, grey mother watching her turn into an amazing adult. I have health issues so need to get myself as fit and healthy as I can to encourage my body to take on many more years of life!!! Saying that, I am currently pretty active in my day-to-day life... As well as running around after my gorgeous toddler, I like to go to the gym (and do weights! :-) ), yoga and walking my dogs. I have many quests, including... trekking up to Macca Picchu, doing a canoe marathon, rock climbing, making my own clothes, do a box jump (how on earth does anyone ever jump that high?!), learn to play bridge and many more...! So, to achieve these, I first need to get my body in better shape. I am 5'7" and weigh in at 174lb (12st 6/79kg). I want to drop 30lb and greatly improve my fitness. I hope that may enable me to start running, something that is a bit of a family tradition, with both my brother and father having completed multiple marathons! So hello to everyone! I will post my first goals ASAP... Just need to do a bit of stuff in the Academy first to understand what I'm meant to be doing...!! Weedy xx
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