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  1. Made it out for a nice 5k today. I would have done further as today the weather was way better than last time around, but ran out of time.
  2. My thoughts exactly. And it had me doing something that got me outside on a not nice day during a not so nice quarantine.
  3. Hey guys, Thanks for the welcome. So far so good with the running. It’s going good so far. However Monday was a mixture of snow and rain so it took a bit of a kick in the butt to get me out the door, doing 3km, I did it more to say I got out than to make any world changing progress. And you guys? How’s your running going?
  4. Hey guys and girls, Recently I’ve been finding myself going a bit more antsy with every passing day, so I decided to sign up with Nerdfitness Prime and take a more active role in the forums for a bit of motivation to get things done. Needless to say, with new starts comes new challenges. This one? Get out of my own way!! My Challenge, Get my running time down, I’ve started working towards running Boston as an end goal, but realize that it’s a pretty lofty goal, especially when I’m not running with people at times when you need a bit of a kick in the butt. So far I’ve been able to get out for a minimum of 5k daily for the past 6 months and have recently started doing kettlebell swings daily (And all I have to say to them is OUCH, I had forgotten how challenging they can be). So, without further ado, I guess my challenge is to keep consistent, and to stop rambling, I sometimes ramble I
  5. Welcome aboard guys! You’ll find the community here is very friendly and supportive. Hope to see more of you guys shortly
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