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  1. So I live in a part of the UK that has plenty of woodland, heathland, hills and countryside, near the end of the Southwest Coast Path, which has some fairly tricky bits to negotiate. Some routes follow roads for a bit before plunging back into overgrown footpaths or gravelly hills. I've never quite worked out which parts of these come under walking, and which hiking. It doesn't seem to be as clearly defined over here as in, say, the US. Especially when we have terms like hill- or fell-walking (though I don't think my hills qualify for those terms). I want to mark off various hiking
  2. https://www.youtube.com/embed/sHPph-VuQUI Stand Up, from the tv show Galavant No path. Just because…
  3. DerekP, If that offer is open to anyone, I'd be interested in your recipe. Thanks.
  4. AMB

    Tea? Sweeteners?

    Honest to goodness question for those who take sweetener in tea: why not try to aquire a taste for it unsweetened? Since part of paleo is cutting out unneccessary sugar and carbs, perhaps it is worth a try. I tried it and now can't drink it with sweeteners in at all.
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