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  1. Replacing with green tea has been going very well! In fact, today I did 6oz of coffee (and two cups of green tea), which kept me alert. I also ended up drinking more water than normal, too, which is a great side effect! I have not been so successful with sugar this week. My trip to NYC had me sharing a pumpkin bread Sat & Sun (not terrible, since it was shared), and coming back I felt like “well, I already had sugar this week soooo” and ate an almond croissant and some sugary granola in my yogurt. But I did keep it down to one item containing added sugara day and I won’t have added sugar tomorrow. Saturday is my birthday, so I will eat sugar on that day (as counterintuitive as that is). Cutting simple carbohydrates also hasn’t been happening. I didn’t plan replacements and we eat various types of pastas throughout the week. If anyone has a suggestion for this, I’d love to know! I want to finish out the month strong.
  2. I’ve cut a couple difficult things from my life without problem, and without moderation. First, I quit smoking 4.5 years ago- no looking back. Second, I quit drinking nearly 3 years. Even added sugars hasn’t been that challenging after the initial week (the only added sweetener I’ve had is a small amount of maple syrup). That said, I’ll definitely have cheesecake on my birthday. Other simple carbs has been harder- especially since I didn’t do the grocery shopping last time, so I couldn’t modify which pasta we bought. (Womp womp) I am pleased with myself in that I haven’t caved in on my bagel craving. On the other hand, I know that I can’t quit coffee. It’s the one thing I refuse to give up. So for that one, I’m just trying to get down to the recommended amount. I worked long shifts and late nights this previous weekend, so I ended up drinking more today than I had been. But I’m planning to go back to 8oz tomorrow. I’m going out of town this upcoming weekend for class, so I’m looking forward to working off of a shot of espresso instead of coffee house coffee (which typically only has 12oz as the small).
  3. Hello! Many congratulations on your baby girl! She will be a great motivator for you, and as she gets bigger you’ll naturally become more active, too. It’s good to start now, I get so winded chasing my son! I am also cutting sugar from my diet. I’m in the habit of reading the ingredient labels for added sugars- it’s so sneaky, I read a label on a box of crackers and there it was. I have also been checking things out on the glycemic index, and snacking on walnuts and apples instead of a pastry. What is your plan of attack? Are there any tools you’re using to track the sugar? (I use MyFitnessPal to track my foods, but I find the carbohydrates macro unreliable for this because it doesn’t separate which carbs come from sugar and wheat or fruits and veggies). Best wishes, V
  4. Hi KayLou! Your journal is absolutely gorgeous. I also love your second big why. “Because I want to like my body as much as I like my brain.” I really appreciate that sentiment. (^-^) ~V
  5. Hi there, I read your intro and subsequent posts and am also very new here. I’m also terribly socially anxious and experience mild depression. So, solidarity on that. I’ve read that you are not wise in the way of vegetables. I don’t do as well as I’d like, but one simple trick is to keep your meals Colourful. Stir frys are great because you can put in so many colourful veggies and it will always taste good. You could also try making soup. I understand it is probably warm in your corner of the world, so soup might not be that appealing, but it’s easy, it’s economical, and you can make a big batch and eat it throughout the week or freeze it for another time. Google has a lot of recipes- we like sweet potato leek soup (and in fact, we made some the other day from a giant purple sweet potato). Well wishes, V~
  6. Hi! Thank you all for the ideas and support! I haven’t had products aside from a bit of teriyaki sauce which contain straight up sugar, which is a good step for me. My son wanted muffins so I baked banana muffins with a couple tablespoons of maple syrup instead of sugar- tasted great, but wheat is still a simple carbohydrate and on my kill list. I’m planning to cut back next week. I am way too lenient with moderation (*cough* not moderate), so I have been saying to myself “I do not eat sweets” and I also announced it to everyone at my office (they smirked). Coffee has been easier, I haven’t had more than 12 oz a day this week (and I was drinking 24oz before). I experienced some headaches though. @KayLou For out and about, I have had luck with keeping walnuts or almonds handy. They aren’t low cal, but they really help with my cravings because they’re a little sweet and very filling. Hope your challenges are going well! ~V
  7. Hello! I’m Virginia and as you might have guessed I am a fan of manga! My gateway manga was Sailor Moon. I am also into anime, superheroes (Avidly watching Agents if Shield currently) and reading all sorts of other books. I am also near obsessed with personal style and enjoy Doctor Who. I am an IT project/office manager type by day, student (studying styling & media) by night, wife and mom 24/7. My son is 3 and he’s hamsome (a handsome ham- I love puns). My hubby and I joined a gym last year and I began doing weights and yoga a few times a week, and found NF around then. I never became an active member, so I kind of forgot about it. I was looking for at home workouts because I’ll be freezing my gym membership when my semester starts, and rediscovered NF! My Main Quest is to clean up my diet. I am a vegetarian, and I want to cut fat. I also want more energy to keep up with my busy life. My smaller quests: 1. Cut processed sugar/simple carbs. I have been a baked good junky my whole life, and I haven’t been able to kick the habit in the past. My husband is also doing a month of no sugar, so I thought I’d try again. I’m hoping someone has ideas for a food that can help curb the craving for a bagel/cake/cookie. 2. Get my coffee drinking down to 6 oz a day. I currently drink 16-24 oz a day. My plan is to gradually reduce the cups I have and replace a cup with green tea. I’m always biting off more than I can chew, so I wanted to keep my first challenge very simple. It’s a pleasure to meet you all! ~V
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