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  1. Hello, fellow Rebels! Excited to be a new member! Excited to participate in my first Challenge! My three quests for this Challenge are: Flip turns while swimming freestyle. I've been too cowardly to do them where other people can see my fat ass lumbering about at the wall. And I'm afraid I don't have enough stamina to do them. So I've been just turning around at the wall like someone who doesn't know how to do flip turns. Quest #1 is to do flip turns, every time I am swimming consecutive laps of freestyle. I swim about twice a week, so I will work on this goal twice a week. Learn to run on the treadmill. I can run outside just fine, I am just afraid of running on the treadmill. I'm clumsy and absentminded, and I imagine that I'll go flying off the back of the mill. I am going to learn to run on that treadmill like a normal person does. This will help me keep running during the summer when it's too hot outside to run. I run 4 times weekly, and when I next end up on a treadmill, I will bit the bullet and set the speed to running speed. Learn bodyweight exercises as outlined here on NF. I have not done any weight training at all, but I have a body and an exercise mat, so there is no excuse for me not to give bodyweight exercises a try. And it's free, woot. I will learn the bodyweight routine and practice it once per week. Good luck to all! Martina McSorley
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