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  1. I have been doing SL 5x5 for 9 weeks (no lifting experience before starting) and I've been stuck on the same weight for deadlift for around 5 weeks now. 135lbs feels easy for me and I've tried deloading and working my way up again (adding 5lbs instead of 10lbs), but as soon as I hit 140lbs, my upper back rounds immediately and I have a hard time getting the weight off the floor. I usually do conventional deadlift, but just started to add in a set of semi-sumo deadlifts at a lower weight to learn the movement. Is the rounding just due to general weakness? Would it be more beneficial to deadlift more often or do accessory exercises? Would deadlifting 3x week be helpful or just excessive? Height: 5'3 Weight: 145lbs Age: 22 (Female) Squat: 150lbs (5x5) Deadlift: 135lbs (1x5) Bench: 75lbs (5x5) OHP: 50lbs (5x5) Rows: 70lbs (5x5)
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