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  1. 17/7 New gym, who dis? Bench 5x5 80kg - Gettin' stronger here which is weird considering how all over the place i do what i want my training has been lately Incline DB 3x10 20/22/26kg DB Flies Some silly Pec machine thats supposed to be like an incline. I didn't feel anything from it though 5km run
  2. 16/7 Deadlifts 3x3 140kg 5km run OK So I need a new gym. I'm going shopping tonight. My work gym has moved location and they've completely fucked it up. I wish I had room in my house to buy a home gym, I need to buy a house, and then put a gym in it as soon as possible. Ugh.
  3. 11/7 Bench 3x10 upto 60kg 3x3 80kg 1x10 pause 60kg Other chest day stuff for a pump 20 minutes on a bike No running tonight.
  4. 10/7 Had the chance to stay in the gym a bit longer, and only late night I have this week, so decided to run. My goal to myself was 1hr30min and I get to go to KFC and get a double down. I probably won't be able to run until the weekend now haha 12km 1hr35mins Yeah, I got my KFC!
  5. 09/07 5x5 Deadlift - 100kg Easy night 4x8 - Bent over row 60kg 3x10 - Pullovers 3x10 Pulldown 5km run Decided on an easy night because my back got jacked last Monday deadlifting because of shitty form. I got too carried away because of a shit day and ended up shitting up my last week. Tonight felt good though so back to grinding
  6. 5/6 5x5 Squats 60kg - Stripped the weight back down because my lower back is a little eh. 10km run because i like to torture myself
  7. 4/6 5km run. It was meant to be my long run, but i just didn't have it in me today. I'm feeling pretty worn down and my lower back hurts. I'm going to go light and take the weekend off I think.
  8. 3/6 Bench 5x5 70kg Incline Flies 5km run
  9. 2/7 Deadlifts: 5x5 130kg Bent rows: 5x5 60kg 5km run
  10. 29/6 Overhead Press Main: 5x5 52.5kg All sorts of other shoulder fluff 10x10 Preacher curls 5km run
  11. 28/6 Aww man... Finding a balance between running and lifting is harder than I thought. My legs are always a little jelly lately. Not enough to stop me being able to do my minimum of 5km but definitely enough that I can't squat Attempted 5x5 105kg Real sets : 5, 5, 3, 3 , 1 Got to start looking more in to recovery. Run 5km
  12. 27/6 Run day 1hr jog - Just over 8.5km
  13. 26/6 Bench 3x3 80kg 3x5 60kg Bodybuilding fluff for a pump - This has happen happening every session, but I'm going to start elaborating on it maybe Cardio: 5km run 9km ride
  14. 25/6 Deadlifts: 5x5 120kg Cardio: 5km run 8km ride Tabata battle ropes
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