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  1. Berserker log

    I'm thinking at the moment that 5/3/1 might win the day with minimal extras and fluff and more focus on conditioning on off days and around my workouts. Definitely need more kettle bells in my life though. They were fun. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. Berserker log

    18/5 Over head press Working sets only 1x5 40kg 1x5 45kg 1x3 50kg 1x1 60kg 0x1 65kg I wanted to get some heavier work in so switched to split jerks 1x3 70kg 1x2 75kg 1x1 80kg on a weird note. I've never done these before. Felt amazing!! Definitely adding them to whatever routine I choose Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. Berserker log

    I'm going to be brief but I feel like I need to get some of this out of my head and somewhere i can look back on and track. Ok So the idea this week is to get an idea of where I'm at because I feel like my 1rm numbers aren't accurate. Turns out they are so I'm fuckin thrilled at the moment. 15/5 Bench Press Work sets: 1x5 70kg 1x3 75kg 1x3 80kg 1x1 90kg - OK so this was hard, and I decided not to go on. I thought my face was going to explode getting this off my chest 16/5 Kettlebell hell 8kg bell because I haven't done much of this in the past Figure eights Goblet squats 1 handed swings Turkish get ups Renegade rows 1 legged deadlifts Windmills 17/5 Squats Work sets: 1x5 60 1x5 70 1x3 90 1x3 110 1x1 120 1x1 130 0x1 140kg - I could of got this, but I completely botched it. 130 was the easiest rep of the night and 140 felt like on my back, i just botched it during the descent. If I had of kept tight properly and not fallen forward I would of smashed it out of the park 1RMS: Squat: 130kg (I haven't got it, and didn't have a second attempt) Bench: 90kg Deadlift: 150kg OHP: TBA (Hoping for 65kg) My estimates were all 5kg heavier which I could of gotten, but didn't because I was trying to do one better. I'm pretty happy with this. Tonight is work drinks, so I might find a gym tomorrow and do the OHP. My shoulders and chest and lats are all way too sore to actually max tonight anyway I think. Now the question is what program do I run?
  4. Berserker log

    I've got a number of workouts I didn't record, and quite frankly don't remember. Last night was fun though, so I'll record and explain So over the next two weeks I'm going to max everything out to get a proper idea of where I'm at before I look at programming and where I'm at. I already feel stronger again being off keto, so I'm going to monitor that and try to keep up a decent 40c/40p/20f split. Man is it hard to eat enough carbs when you've sent like a year without them.. 15/5 Deadlift HEAVY LIFT OF THE DEAD 1x5 70kg 1x5 80kg 1x3 90kg 1x5 110kg 1x3 130kg 1x2 140kg 1x1 150kg/330lbs - My grip was pretty messed up so I failed this the first time I tried it, so I went back and gripped the shit out of the bar and just ripped it as hard as I could. Held it for like 5 seconds at the top and everything felt incredible. Well, everything but my poor hands. 0x0 165kg - Obviously this is a bit of a stretch considering the most I've ever gripped is 150 (even if I did 2 reps). The silly thing is I think I can do this, but grip is an issue. Trying again in 4-5 weeks. Right now though I'll leave my 1rm where it is on my 5/3/1 app at 155kg Bent over rows: 3x5 70kg - Little bit of cheating, but mostly strict. Feelin' strong man! Heaps of other accessories and some cardio, but not worth recording until I know what I'm doing going forward
  5. Berserker log

    Hey all So after a fair amount of lurking the forum I've decided to try and keep up a log. So, I'm 31. Weigh 106kg and am looking to drop fat while maintaining (building if I'm extremely lucky) muscle. I have no idea of bodyfat % but I'll see how I go with posting and may throw up some progress shots. I'm sure someone will have a much better idea than I do. The backstory is I haven't lifted for 5-6 years, but when I did I was damn strong. Unless anyone is curious I don't think the numbers are that important, and besides that, they just make me sad to look at now. Current Program: 5/3/1 BBB Current Lifts (Haven't truly tested my 1RM): Squat: 95kg 130kg 135kg Deadlift: 110kg 140kg 150kg Bench: 75kg 95kg OH Press: 55kg 62.5kg 65kg Diet (As of 18/9/17) Ketogenic 2000-2200cals < 50g Carbs a day Goals: Drop 10kg by end of the year (ish. This can happen much sooner, or on the date. First goal is to weigh less than 100kg Feel free to drop a line and let me know what I'm doing wrong, or suggestions and such. I'm going to try and get in all my workouts and the odd random thought, rant about whatever I'm watching on TV, meme. We'll see how things go.