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  1. Thank you! I do feel that the 'family factor' was part of the trip's lackluster but I also feel a majority of it is just my mindset. I spent most of my 20's going on these solo once-in-the-lifetime trips (Australia, South America, Europe, etc) and crossed of a lot of my big 'bucket list' items. I loved these trips. Now that I'm in my 30's, 1) I'm letting the stigma of the solo travel get to me ("Traveling by yourself? Don't you worry?" <---- I get this *all* the time.) 2) I now have friends who want to go on these grand adventures and, since I've 'bee
  2. One week in and I am keeping to the meditations in the morning. I wake up, put my contacts in, start the coffee (if I didn't prep the night before) and then sit down at the foot of my bed for 10 minutes with the Waking Up App. And it's nice! There's a 50 day beginner course (not 10, not 30, 50!) so I'm sticking with that. I even find that the meditation is helping throughout the day. For example, I had my Toastmasters speech the other night; I took a deep breath and cleared my mind before I began. That really helped with my nerves. There is a point that I wa
  3. Well, that was unexpected. I submitted some paperwork months ago to see if the company will pay for me to take some classes. I didn't receive much hope because there was question on whether the program was job related (data analytics). I made my arguments on why it was and left it at that. Today, I received the sign off (they'll pay for a partial amount, not the full). (!) Deadline for the fall semester is Saturday. (!!) ...I'm not bored. That's for sure.
  4. It was nice! We went through Norwegian on the NCL Joy. I'm not really the cruising type; they tend to 'nickel and dime' you however they can and I usually like to set my own itinerary when I travel. But I did enjoy the chance to do nothing but read in-between our port stops. And the food. So much eating in the past week...
  5. 1.5 days in and meditation is going good so far! Yesterday was Memorial Day and, combined with the jetlag, time adjustment, and general 'I don't give a f-' , I ended up going to bed when the sun was rising (6am-ish). Needless to say, I woke up around noonish on Monday... But I meditated when I did! Yah! I am currently using the 'Waking Up' app by Sam Harris which seems like a good fit. :-) This morning was better in waking up (thankfully. I have to work today!). My alarm is set to play one of Rob Thomas' new songs: 'Early in the Morning' which i
  6. So after a long and strenuous 5 1/2 months of constant working and working out, I just came back from an adventure: A week cruise in Alaska! And while this may sound all relaxing and nice (and parts were relaxing and nice), this was a *family* vacation my parents wanted to do with me and my brother. So... it had some stress along the way. Adventure! sigh. A few things I learned in the past week: - Despite our differences, I always held some optimism that my brother and I could have some sort of relationship. After being around hi
  7. Oh! that's not a bad idea. I might have to roam through my stuff to find some puzzle books. I think I also have some coloring books a friend gave me awhile back. That could also be another suggestion.
  8. It does feel like a rabbit hole, doesn't it? I am debating on changing the 'shower' goal mainly because I am finding I am still having a hard getting up. I think motivation is my problem. I am *not* an early bird (4:45! yikes!) and all the sources on the subject of waking up early say that a key factor is finding something worth getting up for. The shower is not that factor. So then the question would be, 'what is?'. I've tried all sorts of ideas (morning cup of coffee; peaceful walk; exercise workouts). While they are nice and I enjoy doing them in the morn
  9. Day 7: Well...This is a turn. On Monday, I did one of my Big Three: the shower. And even then, I was struggling to get up and get in. It's still chilly in the morning so I have chosen the warm bed over starting my day. - Shower first thing in the morning. 5/20 - Bed *before* 10:30 pm 0/20 - No “rabbit holes” for the next four weeks. 3/20 And the 'rabbit hole' was due to Endgame. I've been soaking up all forms of media I can about it because it was so good. I plan to see it again soon. I regret nothing.
  10. Day 5 & 6 Okay, I am going to say right off the bat, I did not accomplish any of the items on the list this weekend. Not to say it was a bad weekend. My shower/bed/internet habits are 100x worse on the weekends because I usually don't have plans as reasons to keep them up. It was only...50x worse this weekend, so I'm pretty happy about that. - Shower first thing in the morning. 4/20 - Bed *before* 10:30 pm 0/20 - No “rabbit holes” for the next four weeks. 3/20 I have been thinking about my morning routine a lot
  11. Day 4 - Shower first thing in the morning. Done. But I am noticing that it is taking me longer to get out of bed when I'm already awake. 4/20 - Bed *before* 10:30 pm 10:40pm. I'm noticing a pattern. I have thought to change the time but that would just make me go to bed later. 0/20 - No “rabbit holes” for the next four weeks. I went on YouTube and watched a few videos but I was able to close out the computer to go clean my condo. 3/20
  12. Okay, I have to gush about this instance at work because this made me so happy: There's a group of our people from other locations visiting us today and I made an off-hand joke to someone: "I don't get the chance to talk to your boss much anymore. Not since we moved our reporting system on-line." (I always had to call when there was a problem with the reporting.) She nodded her head in enthusiasm. "Things have been *so* much better when we went on-line." That was two years ago and moving that system was my first major project after my promotion. This person d
  13. ...Those are good questions. I really had to think about it over my morning coffee. I believe it’s because it’s a crazy-busy time at work for me. I end up just ‘riding the wave of the storm’ so the idea of ‘Control’ becomes important to me during this time. Usually, my default is to control other aspects of my life like cleaning my place or journaling my thoughts. But I didn’t do that this time around. I’m not stressed out about that. I’ve started karate so it may be a different take on gaining control. But I’m feeling uncomfortable from my lack of doing my
  14. Day 3...WTH Okay, first thing first - Shower first thing in the morning. Done. yah! 3/20 - Bed *before* 10:30 pm I was so close. 10:35pm. Yep. I thought I had the time to get ready but turned out trying to finish the laundry pushed me over. 0/20 - No “rabbit holes” for the next four weeks. Meh. I'll call it as a win. I went on FB and watched one YouTube video but I have been more mindful of the descent into media madness. I am also wondering: should this forum be considered a "rabbit hole"? Because I have been enjoyin
  15. Yep... I'm doing whole30 this month as well and I *completely* understand. Where's the finish line?
  16. That is the goal. I didn't use to have any problems with the shower, no matter what stage in the process it was in the morning. idk... over time it became harder to signal my brain that the day was starting and I should get ready.
  17. lol! I’ve actually had debates with people on the runner/walker/jogger definition. I consider myself a runner (slow, but a runner none-the-less) and I’m okay being a walker. However, never call me a “jogger”. I consider that an insult...I don’t know why..
  18. Good point TGP. A lot of our identities are very much self-perceived. When I started playing the violin I had soooo many people look at my case and ask “do you play the violin?” I never could figure out how to respond. It ended being a disclaimer just to inform people that I didn’t consider myself a violinist (“I just started lessons.” “I’m a beginner.”) It took more than year before I could just say “yes, I play.” And I was shocked when I said it, because it was the first time I believed it. The truth is: I was a violinist the moment I picked up my instrum
  19. Day 2! - Shower first thing in the morning. Done. I still ended up rushing to get to work. In the near future, I need to revamp my whole morning routine, but 'shower' is the first thing to work on. 2/20 - Bed *before* 10:30 pm Better. Much better but still didn't get there. I came home at 9:30 so that didn't leave me much time to do the things I wanted to do and get ready for bed. I believe I ended up in bed at 11. So it's a win in improvement, but not a win at the end. 0/20 - No “rabbit holes” for the next four weeks. Hones
  20. Day 1: - Shower first thing in the morning. Done. I did it before my proclamation yesterday morning. Let me say, early morning showers are so much easier when you're not freezing. Lovely spring. 1/28 - Bed *before* 10:30 pm That's a big Nope. Although, I got to bed before midnight so...win-ish? I have a theory that my inability to go to bed on time is due to my distain of facing the next day. There is nothing bad/stressful in my life right now but we are wrapping a busy season at work. I think I'm reaching the end of my endurance. I hav
  21. As I read this, I flashed to a book I recently read: Atomic Habits by James Clear. I would recommend it. There is a section in there on the relationship between habits and identity. “Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your new identity.” Honestly, it sounds like you're an athlete already. To me, being an athlete is about the drive to improve and be better.
  22. Hello all! So I’m almost late to the game but I figured now would be a good time to reset. My goals for the next four weeks: - Shower first thing in the morning. (I’ve been rushing in the morning because showering and getting ready is usually last on my ‘doing’ list.) - Bed *before* 10:30 pm (Experiment since “at 10:30” is not working. The hypothesis is that if I’m less strict on the exact time, then I’m more likely to stick to the scheduled goal.) - No “rabbit holes” for the next four weeks. (I can use the internet i.
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    1. Video record myself while practicing the violin (6/11) The violin mute came today and the volume is now down to 'scratching might disturb' from a 'scratching definitely will disturb' level. Now that I have that, I am enjoying the sawing away much more. 2. Submit all my paperwork for my CPA License by the end of the four weeks. (2/11) I had all the purpose of sneaking some time to work on the ethics course. Went to a local deli, ordered some food, and got set up with my laptop. The place didn't have wifi. That killed my intent. I can't
  24. Mae45

    Mae Respawns

    :-D on your Master's! How much more do you have to go? I might consider the treat idea. I got a bottle of my favorite port wine one weekend when I was studying the CPA exam and told myself I wouldn't open it until I was done with what I needed to get through. That was my longest and voluminous study jam to date.
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