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  1. Hi folks, Just letting anyone still reading I won't be able to maintain a presence here as using tapatalk completed killed (and then some) my data limits for my phone. I don't get enough regular access to a non-work computer to be able to keep this up. A pity, but there I am (with a data bill to prove it sadly). Thanks for the support. Kind regards Kita
  2. I did find when starting its important to trim to around 5mm then epilate, and that over time there is definitely less hair. (I'm kinda hairy au naturel too)
  3. Good thought Wobbegong. I did my measurements last night. Down 1cm in the last fortnight from waist, hips, thighs, even calves! Which I find deeply weird, since I have been largely doing my nightly 1km walk and some cycling. I would not have expected that to build muscle, but there you are. Fitness Goals: 1. Walk around the park everyday (1km) 18/18 ! I'm liking this habit. It actually seems easier to have a 'everyday no excuses' but low time exercise becuase it's 15 minutes. I can find 15 minutes. And now I have a chain of days, I don't want to start over. 2. Try 1 new
  4. I used to shave and it wax. Then I bought an epilator and got used to the idea it was going to hurt ... and it's so much better. It's already paid for itself over my occasional waxing, it lasts longer than shaving and I can do it in my own home/privacy. Any redness is gone overnight (I do it in the evening generally)
  5. I've been daily walking now for just over a fortnight. It's really good way to start.
  6. That is a seriously exciting time for you! Enjoy it
  7. I hear the you on the teens. And I like the idea of the EarPods but am nervous I'd lose one :/
  8. I loved it so very much. The two SCA fighters I was with were impressed that it was "proper fighting practice, no showboating or posing" RAWR.
  9. I've considered opening a bookcafe. /sigh/ It would be nice
  10. Kita

    RevQu gets real

    It can be really rough when things are all so chaotic. I guess it is that 'take care of yourself' thing - which people tend to read as 'eat chocolate and do nothing' but really should mean 'eat enough veggies, get some exercise and go to bed early enough to get a proper nights sleep'. You know, treating ourselves the way we would a little kid As for the hair, I'd recommend an umbrella. And/or hat !
  11. Fortunately I have a retro style Schwinn so it has splash guards etc., but on the downside it only has three speeds so fast it is not! And it's heavy. But I'm trying to love the one I have - in many ways it is a nice bike, and comfortable which is important to me. I'm continuing with my daily walks etc., recording food. Which leads me to.... what the hell is happening with my weight?!? I've been vastly increasing exercise over previous, carefully watching my calorie intake etc. I've only gone over maintenance once in the last month. Most days are under, the remainder within a couple
  12. Welcome! I think if your looking for long term change then small incremental changes are the way to go. (I'm currently working on my own habit of daily walks of 15 minutes - long enough to get some exercise short enough I can excuse it for a daily thing). And as you noted, don't get so caught up in the research that you don't actually DO anything
  13. Thank you to the people who told me to go see Wonder Woman. I took my favourite girlfriends, my daughter, another friends daughter... we all had the BEST time! Movie was so great, so powerful and inspiring. I'm so glad we went. I found the little 6 year old me who who wanted to be Wonder Woman - she was so happy
  14. Try adding cinnamon and/or nutmeg. I can eat oatmeal without any kind of sugar if I add spices
  15. You got this. We can cheer you on
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