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  1. 2019 has got off to a good start; bare-ass-minimums are being met and I'm seeing results. My minimum requirement has been 65% consistency with my exercise and nutrition habits and I'm hoping to raise the bar on that one by the end of the year. It's March though, so we'll stick with March's goals. So far in 2019: Overall Nutrition Consistency: 89% Overall Exercise Consistency: 90% Success in the Slipstream Challenge looks like 65% consistency with each habit set. 19 gold stars out of 28 will see me high-fiving myself. No loot this month as I'm literally spendin
  2. So that's done! 85% on the nutrition habits 90% on the exercise habit Not bad going. Thinking of keeping a running total for the year, but I might bail on that if it starts to look depressing! So far in 2019 Overall Nutrition Consistency: 89% Overall Exercise Consistency: 90%
  3. For this challenge I'm looking to achieve my BAM's for the month. The current BAM is 65% consistency on my nutrition and exercise habits. 18 days success for each habit counts as a win this time instead of 19 to give me some slack for the week of traveling I'm doing. Most likely won't check in until the final day. Good luck to everyone on their challenges and a quick round of internet high-fives to get us started! See you all in 28 days!
  4. Hey Nerds, Challenge completed; report time! Overall Nutrition Habits: 93% Overall Exercise Habits: 95% That's way over the BAM's (Bare-Ass Minimum's) so I'm pleased with that - pink lacrosse ball ordered! Hard to say what I learned through this process, but for next challenge I'm going to keep the BAM's where they are. I'm traveling for a week which is going to need management. See ya'll again on February 11th!
  5. Happy New Year Nerds! My level one challenge showed me that I'm not nearly as consistent as I thought I was, so this challenge is about increasing that slightly. I've been following along with the Precision Nutrition scheme since July last year and I started using a habit tracker to keep an eye on my PN habits. It turns out that I've been roughly 60% consistent with each of my habits since then so I can't help wondering what an extra 5% consistency is going to look like. There are a whole bunch of habits to be following from the first six months of the program and more
  6. Way to go Rusk! Keep kicking it while it's down too I've been Type 1 Diabetic for the past 23 years, and I've recently felt like I was kinda lucky to get it. I think it forced me to consider my life options a bit more carefully than my healthy (is that the right word?) friends. High sugar levels apparently cause a catabolic state in the body, which can obviously be a pain if we're lifting heavy things. Keep good control & keep working hard!
  7. Day 13 Nutrition: Very nearly missed the habits today, managed to eat enough in a sensible, but contracted, amount of time. Exercise: I feel awful today. I'm giving myself a free pass on the habit tracker for today; I'm here to enjoy the process, not to call myself a failure because I'm ill. Savings: In the pot.
  8. I started the program in July, so it's week twenty for me, so we could have been in the same intake. I'm happy with the way they teach there; it's actually changed my way of looking at health and fitness which is remarkable considering the short time I've been on the program. That's the biggest plus, I think; the change in attitude I've got. It's a little difficult to quantify, but I'm enjoying the muscle gain track and I don't feel like I'm in a rush to gain. Stats-wise, I've gained 40cm all round; 5 of those are my expanding waistline the rest is muscle (mostly). Som
  9. Cheetah, that's exactly what I needed to hear Hopefully the same is true in the slow cooker if I remove the brisket as soon as it's ready. Day 10 A little late with this one. Nutrition: Survived a day with the family causing chaos! Woohoo! Took a couple of meals with me in tubs & kept chowing down. Exercise: Got this done early in the morning before chaos happened; smart move it turns out. Savings: In the pot Day 11 Nutrition: Fail. Got most of it done; lean protein, fruit & veg, smart carbohydr
  10. That's awesome! If it doesn't feel good, it's unlikely to stick anyway, right? I've had that happen time and again when I've started over-ambitious exercise programs and eating plans. Internet High Five for starting with the basics and enjoying it!
  11. Day 9 Family just moved in for Christmas, so life has gone from smooth to bedlam in just a few hours. Lets see what this is going to do to my routine... Nutrition: Beef brisket today. That might technically be a fail as 'lean protein' is specified, but I'm going to call a mulligan on that one since I'm eating four meals a day and meat is expensive. There's more in the slow cooker for tomorrow. Exercise: Gym day and a quick one. Got in and out in 35 minutes, including warmup. Got as much of a sweat on as Sunday though, but my shoulders are going to survive until th
  12. This is SO on my assassin to-do list. I'd literally high-five myself if I could turn backflips. Soon. Real soon.
  13. You and me both, Doc I spent five days of last week trying to justify why I didn't go to a yoga class. Keep up the good work for this week. To me it seems like health and fitness is mostly a case of just showing up and you were nailing it last week!
  14. Internet High Five! Quite right. "And peanut butter" elevates good to great. Day Eight Nutrition: Working well; I'm putting some beef in the slow cooker tonight (Italian style), so the kitchen should smell amazing first thing tomorrow. I achieved my nutrition habits and managed to pick a sensible option whilst eating out for breakfast. Exercise: Stretching with Fitness Blender again today; I'm loving the idea of stretching whilst watching a TV show, though that could be a challenge for another month. My inner assassin is bothering me for some attention.
  15. +1 that. Knowing what can be done differently next time is important. You don't need a coach or outside assistance there, you're still sailing the ship (riding the bull/unicycle, walking the tightrope etc. etc.) Looks like a great first week of the challenge. Keep knocking 'em down & best wishes for the week ahead!
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