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  1. Clearly I haven't kept up with the daily updates, but I'm still on Whole30! Today is day 25, wooo! Honestly I feel like I have yet to experience the magic of the Whole30 with regards to exercise - I still feel like I'm dragging big time when I run. Otherwise, I feel great and my clothes feel a teensy bit looser. I'm looking forward to taking measurements next week (for once!). The half marathon is two weeks away, and I'm undecided whether or not I'm going to start the Whole30 reintroduction as planned on day 31, or if I'm going to give it more time to see if I just need longer to adjust. I'm leaning towards just making it a Whole45 and then doing the reintroduction after the half, but we'll see. On the job front, I have an update! Honestly I had basically given up on my goal of updating my resume and applying for a job. I work for a university and one of the perks of the job is being able to take grad school classes essentially for free, and so I registered for a class for this fall. If I quit, I lose that benefit and have to pay like $2000 for the class - no thank you! However, an opportunity may have fallen into my lap. I have an informational interview today with a sub-group at the university (not where I am now) that would be a major boost in pay and a lot more interesting than what I'm doing right now. They're looking for someone with almost exactly my background, and to start ASAP. I'm so excited...will let you know how it goes! I haven't been too active on the boards lately, but I hope that everyone's challenges are going well!!
  2. Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with pumpkin, coconut milk, 1 small banana, pecans Lunch: salad with ground turkey, hamburger, and blackberries/almond butter/coconut milk dressing Dinner: steak stirfry and kale chips; banana, blackberries, coconut milk, toasted coconut flakes
  3. Day 10 Breakfast: 3 spicy tuna cakes fried in ghee, kale and butternut squash Lunch: salad with strawberries and almond butter mixed with coconut milk for the dressing Dinner: hamburger, sweet potato, broccoli Snack: hardboiled egg, pecans, 2 small pieces of chicken Day 11 Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, stirfry mix, ground turkey Lunch: salad with strawberries and almond butter mixed with coconut milk for the dressing Dinner: hamburger, sweet potato, broccoli, kale chips
  4. Breakfast: 3 spicy tuna cakes fried in ghee, kale and butternut squash Lunch: ground turkey with Italian sausage seasoning, broccoli, sweet potato with some coconut oil Dinner: apple onion pork chops, brussel sprouts Snack: hardboiled egg, apple and almond butter, 1 small piece of chicken My snack was practically a meal, I was so hungry when I got home from work yesterday! Been much hungrier the last couple of days, so I'm making sure to add a little more healthy fat to each meal. Fine by me, that's pretty much the best part anyway
  5. Breakfast: 3 spicy tuna cakes fried in ghee, kale and butternut squash, iced coffee with coconut milk Lunch: salad with strawberries and almond butter mixed with coconut milk for the dressing Dinner: leftover pork, cocoa-toasted cauliflower, and green beans Snack: 1 hardboiled egg and a larabar Exercise: walked home from work (2.75 miles) and did a body weight exercise routine - 3 x (10 backwards lunges, 15 pushups, 20 side leg raises per side, 45 seconds plank, 10 side lunges, 3 reverse chinups, 15 body weight squats) I wasn't thrilled about having the tuna cakes for breakfast but figured they had to be eaten...well, they were so much better fried in ghee! Go figure I tossed some kale and butternut squash (both were frozen - no prep work, very easy in the morning!) into a skillet with coconut oil, salt, pepper, and a little bit of garlic, then put the fried cakes on top. It was pretty much heavenly. I was so hungry all day today - it wasn't cravings, I really would have eaten steamed fish and broccoli. I think it's because I ate a normal amount yesterday (ate til I was satisfied, not hungry or stuffed), but I also ran 10 miles...I didn't consciously try to make up those calories, so I think my body is requesting them today. Haven't done a strength training workout in a while, so it was nice to get that done. I also unknowingly started this week's mini-challenge - planks! Happy Monday! (oh yeah, I'm also annoyingly chipper for a Monday. Whole30? Making sure I get a good nights sleep every night? Don't really care - I just like having a good attitude and not wanting to throttle everyone at work)
  6. Thanks, Hammlin! I'm used to tracking EVERYTHING at myfitnesspal.com, so it's a welcome break to just quickly write down what my meals were. I'm really loving the "listen to your body and don't weigh anything on your food scale" aspect of Whole30
  7. Breakfast: pre-run: 1 hard boiled egg and a handful of pecans; during: 1 larabar; after: 1 sweet potato and ground turkey with Italian sausage seasoning Lunch: salad and 3 spicy tuna cakes (NomNomPaleo app), apple with almond butter Dinner: slow cooker pork, cocoa-toasted cauliflower, green beans Exercise: 10 mile run Very disappointed in the spicy tuna cakes, I have to say. They looked so delicious in the NomNomPaleo app, but mine were just not that good. Too tuna-y...although I guess I'm not quite sure what I was expecting. On the other hand, the cocoa-toasted cauliflower was amazing and I think I could eat a whole head of cauliflower prepared like that all by myself, so at least one recipe was a success. My recipe repertoire and my ability to just throw together meals with whatever is on hand has improved dramatically since going paleo (not last week, I mean over the past few months). I guess it's kind of a necessity, since I'm not leaning on pasta or rice or bread to fill out my meals any longer. Requires a lot more strategy and forethought, but I'm a much better cook these days! Today's run was supposed to be 12 miles, but my legs were absolutely dead tired. I think it must still be an adjustment to the Whole30, since I haven't run since Tuesday...so there is really no excuse for having tired legs. I was ready to be done around mile 6 but pushed through so I could at least hit double digits. All in all I think this week went well! I would've liked to fit in another run, but I prioritized my sleep this week I'm happy to report that I didn't get the low carb flu - no bad headaches or anything like that, just generally feeling like my energy is a little lower than normal. Although...one interesting thing is that my sleep schedule shifted pretty much instantly (and this happened when I first went paleo, but then it gradually changed back to "normal" the more lax I got about what I was eating) - usually I'd stay up til 10:30 or 11pm, and then drag myself most unwillingly out of bed between 6:30 and 7am feeling totally exhausted. This week I was up around 5:30am without an alarm, feeling pretty awake, and then falling into bed and sleeping like a rock at about 9:30pm. Speaking of which...look at the time! Off to bed for me. Hope everyone else had a good first week!
  8. This week was...ok. I'm still struggling with planning my workouts better because of the heat. My total mileage for the week was 15.8 miles.
  9. Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs with spinach, broccoli, and 1/2 avocado Lunch (emptying the fridge of leftovers): best chicken ever (recipe from Well Fed), spaghetti squash, 1/2 sweet potato, grapes Dinner: lemon rosemary broiled salmon, cumin roasted carrots (recipe from Well Fed), asparagus Snack: small piece of chicken and a few pecans The salmon was SO GOOD. And stupid simple to make - stick it in a pan with ghee, rosemary, salt, and sliced lemons, then broil for 10-15 minutes. Ta da!
  10. Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, leftover apple/onion mix, broccoli, coffee with ghee Lunch: salad with strawberries and almond butter mixed with coconut milk for the dressing Dinner: leftover Indian chicken and cauliflower rice Snack: pecans, 1/2 sweet potato with a little bit of almond butter
  11. Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs, spinach, turkey burger, 1/2 avocado Lunch: salad with strawberries and almond butter mixed with coconut milk for the dressing Dinner: apple onion porkchops, Brussel sprouts, small sweet potato mashed with coconut oil Snack: strawberries
  12. Thanks for the encouragement, guys! It all went fine. One particularly obnoxious coworker who knows that I'm doing Whole30 but doesn't understand paleo at all tried REALLY hard to talk me into some cake..."You're only on day 4, look at this cake, it would totally be worth it to start over!" Um, no.
  13. Leaving this note here for accountability...I'm headed to a birthday ice cream party for one of my coworkers in a few minutes. I brought a tiny container of coconut milk so I could make myself some iced decaf coffee, so I will have to be content with that instead of being jacked up on sugar all afternoon. (work functions were a problem for me last challenge - I'm working on systems to make that better this time around, and leaning on you guys is one of them!)
  14. I'm loving your adrenaline shots! Fried eggs with avocado and turkey sounds delicious, I have to add that to my list of breakfast ideas.
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