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  1. Ok, 20 is a lot, I would recommend going to proper push-ups but do eccentrics. this means you only do the lowering portion, do not lot yourself drop but control all the way down. The go to your knees to get yourself back up. A good place to start might be 3 Second eccentric 5 reps x 3 sets.
  2. I’m no super wiz cook myself. currently I shoot for 2200 cals per day.I generally eat the same thing every day during the day and vary my dinners. my day looks like this. Breakfast: 3 eggs 1 serving oatmeal, 1 serving bran cereal, 1 scoop protein powder coffee. Lunch 2 servings Greek yogurt, 1 serving oats, 1 serving protein powder snacks apple banana 2 servings almonds this usually leaves me 700-600 cals to play with for dinner and after work snacks. i eat most
  3. In general healthy weight loss is considered to be max 2lbs per week. 5 months = 20 weeks x 2lbs = 40lbs Generally 1 lbs of fat is considered to be 3500 calories. that means each week you need to eat 3500 calories less than your maintenance(what you would eat to stay the same) or 500 cals deficit per day. in order to lose 2lbs you need to eat 7000 less per week or 1000 less per day. keep in mind that excersise adds to your deficit as it burns calories. as far as push ups go, I started this year in March not being able to d
  4. Think I’m finally pulling out of this funk. Mario Odyssey out cuddling with my son playing. I managed almost 3 full chin ups last night and I’m up in my pistol squat progression to full depth but holding on to my dip bar! also there was a radio contest years ago where for Metallica tickets a guy was locked in a radio studio for like ten hours with Blitzkrieg on loop!
  5. Routine is fantastic , unfortunately mine is crazy right now. I work out Monday Wednesday Friday nights, I do karate with my done Tuesday thursday. im working 10 hr days right now 6 days a week and my wife teaches night classes Monday and Wednesday
  6. Well my anxiety is basically back to running my life. im keeping my eating in track , but I feel miserable all the time. As soon as this project is over either they take me out of a supervisory role or I start looking for a new job. This Job is eating the happiness out of my life and it’s just the Reno of a community centre gym. Other than that how’s everyone else doing?
  7. Ugh, last 3 days eating has been garbage, now I'm sick and kids have been running around like maniacs. I just just wanna crawl in a hole and sleep for days.
  8. Here I am , wide awake 3:30 am worrying about details for the installation of these huge windows at work.
  9. Mostly having the responsibility of being in charge of a 1.5 m project with a hard dead line. Im a carpenter by trade, I've never really had aspirations of being a superintendent. Ive kind of fell into this situation of given more responsibility. i was sick for most of my adolescence , I weighed 140 lbs when I got married at 22.I was diagnosed with IBS which is just the diagnoses you get when they don't know what's wrong with you. after a couple years my gp finally said let's give you an anx/dep test. turns out I was pegged in all po
  10. Ugh...my anxiety is through the roof right now. i just don't want this position at work.
  11. Aww I'd play the hell out of some d and d
  13. Maybe Paul might have a few thoughts on this , but one thing I have added to my regimen lately is weights in a backpack(mostly books) im still a bit heavier(215) but I've been working towards chin-ups . one thing I've done is I wear a back pack when I do my push-ups and chin up eccentric excersize's. i started with keeping my rep range 3x8 and when I hit the 3x8 range of the excersize next workout I added more weight and trained until I hit 3x8. Then added more weight and started over. at the beginning of August I tried out my max push-up test wh
  14. I was just browsing and thinking to myself, could the community benefit from having a generalized weight loss sticky thread. Im thinking a thread covering some of the basics. Like using onlibe calculators to determind your tdee(also explaining what tdee is and bmr). (also including how these callcs are just ballparks etc. tracking apps, other weight loss items like water and sleep. just a single simple thread to get people stasted and give them a reference for starting and asking questions. what does everyone think?
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