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  1. Ok, 20 is a lot, I would recommend going to proper push-ups but do eccentrics. this means you only do the lowering portion, do not lot yourself drop but control all the way down. The go to your knees to get yourself back up. A good place to start might be 3 Second eccentric 5 reps x 3 sets.
  2. I’m no super wiz cook myself. currently I shoot for 2200 cals per day.I generally eat the same thing every day during the day and vary my dinners. my day looks like this. Breakfast: 3 eggs 1 serving oatmeal, 1 serving bran cereal, 1 scoop protein powder coffee. Lunch 2 servings Greek yogurt, 1 serving oats, 1 serving protein powder snacks apple banana 2 servings almonds this usually leaves me 700-600 cals to play with for dinner and after work snacks. i eat most of my veggies for the day at dinner and make sure I get a good protein for dinner.
  3. In general healthy weight loss is considered to be max 2lbs per week. 5 months = 20 weeks x 2lbs = 40lbs Generally 1 lbs of fat is considered to be 3500 calories. that means each week you need to eat 3500 calories less than your maintenance(what you would eat to stay the same) or 500 cals deficit per day. in order to lose 2lbs you need to eat 7000 less per week or 1000 less per day. keep in mind that excersise adds to your deficit as it burns calories. as far as push ups go, I started this year in March not being able to do real push-ups. i started at incline push ups. You can progress yourself and make them as easy as you need to. super weak start with standing push-ups against a wall. too easy move to something lower like a counter top, then to a chair, finally to the floor. make sure to check out the nerdfitness YouTube for their push-up tutorial about proper form.
  4. Maybe Paul might have a few thoughts on this , but one thing I have added to my regimen lately is weights in a backpack(mostly books) im still a bit heavier(215) but I've been working towards chin-ups . one thing I've done is I wear a back pack when I do my push-ups and chin up eccentric excersize's. i started with keeping my rep range 3x8 and when I hit the 3x8 range of the excersize next workout I added more weight and trained until I hit 3x8. Then added more weight and started over. at the beginning of August I tried out my max push-up test which was 12 (probably 11 the last 12 rep was real sloppy and pushing as hard as I can) yesterday i did 3x12 without weight (just decided to try while I was out at the pool with the kids) and the. Still went home and managed to get 3x6. i feel much stronger and it has allowed for the progressive overload without going balls crazy on rep volume.
  5. I was just browsing and thinking to myself, could the community benefit from having a generalized weight loss sticky thread. Im thinking a thread covering some of the basics. Like using onlibe calculators to determind your tdee(also explaining what tdee is and bmr). (also including how these callcs are just ballparks etc. tracking apps, other weight loss items like water and sleep. just a single simple thread to get people stasted and give them a reference for starting and asking questions. what does everyone think?
  6. Updated weigh and measure 216.2 lbs 40 1/4" waist 43" chest 41 1/2 butt 13 1/2" biceps
  7. Workout 3 x 12 push-ups 3 x 6 weighted push-ups (15lbs) 3 x3(4 sec hold topmidbtm)(15lbs) Assisted pistol squat 6,,5,5 eccentric dip(4sec) 5,5,5 body weight row 6,6,5 50lbs dumbbell squat shoulder prehab 2x12
  8. Push-ups 15lbs backpack 8,8,8 chin up eccentric(same) 3,3,3 pistol squat assist(lowest bench)(hand on dipbar) 5,5,5 assisted dip(1 band) 8,8,8 bodyweight row 6,5,5 goblet squat 50bs 10,10,10 shouldrr prehab 2x12
  9. Sorry to hear that Paul, glad to see your back on the Horse
  10. Pushups(12lbs backpack) 8,8,8 chin up eccentrics 3 sec top,mid,bottom(12lbs backpack) 3,3,3 pistol squat,lowered bench weakest leg, 4,4,4 assisted dip 1 band side ,7,7,7 body row, 5,5,5 gobket squat 40lbs 10,10,10 Shouldr rehab 2x12 super set 3 diamond push-ups, 5 body weight rows
  11. I weigh myself everyday, not because I'm looking for the number, just so I start my day thinking about food intake
  12. Ya seems a bit weird they don't monetize with gear. It seems like a pretty standard thing these days.
  13. Decided to try a little something different for myself changed diamonds up for weighted normal push-ups pushups -8lbs 6,6,6 chin up eccentrics 3 sec top mid bottom (8lbs) 3,3,3 assisted pistol 10,10,10 assisted dips 10,10,10 eccenteix body row 5 sec 5,5,5 goblet squat 30lbs 10,10,10 shoulde health 12 reps 3 sets
  14. Changed a couple things up after readi some of the new book I got Overcoming Gravity diamond push-ups 7,6,4(3regular for volume ) chin up eccentric 4 sec top mid bottom 3,3,3 assisted pistol.. 8,8,8 eccentrix dip 6 sec 3,3,2 eccentric row full extension8 sec 3,3,3 squat 30lbs dumbell 10,10,10 burn out set eccentric row 8 sec 3 regular pushups 6 ywtl shoulder Y 10 rep and therapy band snapped
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