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    Mostly having the responsibility of being in charge of a 1.5 m project with a hard dead line. Im a carpenter by trade, I've never really had aspirations of being a superintendent. Ive kind of fell into this situation of given more responsibility. i was sick for most of my adolescence , I weighed 140 lbs when I got married at 22.I was diagnosed with IBS which is just the diagnoses you get when they don't know what's wrong with you. after a couple years my gp finally said let's give you an anx/dep test. turns out I was pegged in all points. I started medication at about 24-25 and have been on it since then (now 35) I now have a condo, 2 kids , and this increased job responsibility. i had a break down at work about 1 year ago. My employers said they saw the value in what I bring to the company and moved me to a project where I was under someone. Things got better. We finished that project and I got moved to the next one. I was told I would be a assisting a new superintendent. It turns out that by new he's never had any experience in the position. So now I'm basically trying to teach a man his job that I've never actually been trained in myself. While also being a safety officer(no training) and a first aid officer(ofa level 1) and a carpenter. It's like living with a 20lbs weight on your chest.