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  1. Way to go! That looks like a pretty good set-up, considering the pandemic and all. I participated in a few fencing classes (less than 10 total practice sessions) at university, but I didn't ever stick with it. The little bit I did was pretty fun, though.
  2. Fun! what kind of game is it? (i.e. one shot/campaign//module/homebrew/etc.)
  3. All relationships that are worth it require work. Sounds like your's is working they way it should
  4. Nice! I am excited to see how it looks with the tail attached That's brilliant
  5. I'm glad to hear you got a nice 3 hour bock of stress free time Sounds like a good recipe for some action
  6. That looks like a whole lotta suck. I can attempt those kind of walls ONCE, and after that I'm done. If everything there was that level it wouldn't make sense for me to try training there either
  7. WhiteGhost

    A new phase

    I got super lucky once. I walked into a Hugo Boss outlet on Boxing Day and (almost) everything was 90% off!!!
  8. And now you don't have to choose between them...
  9. You will get MUCH more mileage out of a few nice shirts than you would from a new suit. I used to live in suits and as long as you have a selection of shirts to swap out, you absolutely don't need to have a bunch of suits. Two suits is probably more than enough for most people unless you are wearing them quite often because you can just rotate between them and switch out the shirts. Those are all essential, of course
  10. Apparently you haven't seen the background in my workout videos. Ghostess has a whole wall of shoes and she doesn't wear heels less than 4 inches I really wanted to do my last one in heels but they didn't have my size. Unfortunately this is not in the cards this time. We noticed a bunch of bugs in the kitchen recently and traced them to the lemon grass so it got tossed. I am really glad you said this because that is exactly where I am. I need to hold on to something to keep balance at the bottom of the squat. That sounds about right. Chinese people tend to fall in line because it is better than the alternative, whereas Japanese people tend to fall in line for much more cultural reasons. You really see this when people get out of their countries, where the Chinese folks tend be much more individualistic and non-conforming than the Japanese. I think this sounds pretty much right. Chinese people have long traditions of overthrowing governments and regimes that aren't serving them, which is why the current one is VERY focused on their image We are very happy to be here to help you talk through these Concubines? I think you are going to have to be more specific! (There were like a bazillion different levels of concubines for the emperors but English only has the one word so it is hard to differentiate ). There are loads of period dramas on TV here that are just about the politics and powerplays between the various concubines. That's an understatement. A bunch of folks from church had jobs and leases here, with all of their household goods in their apartments but when they left their visas got revoked and they could no longer get in the country, their employment was invalid and when the leases expire they need to figure out a way for those of us here in the country to get into their homes and collect what they absolutely need and arrange for it to be delivered to them. Lots of fire sales on used appliances/furniture these days. Welcome! Bread and sausage will be happening, but today is just going to be cookies. ----------------------- Yesterday did not start out well at all. I hardly slept at all the night before because even though the A/C was set for a reasonable temp and the fans turned all the way down, I was freezing, even with my long pajamas on. Around 3 I finally got up and turned it off, but by 5 Ghostess was just a puddle of sweat so I turned it back on for her and just gave up on sleeping. Needless to say it was not the best sleep I have had in a while. I spent most of the morning just being a zombie, but I did get caught up on NF. By noon I was starting to feel human again so after lunch I got in a workout, but it was handstand/planche day so very shoulder heavy. While I was resting between exercises, I was trying out the squats and they were hard but I think valuable. I realized (again) that my side butt is super week and when I get into the squat my knees want to collapse inward so I have to keep that side butt activated to keep them up. In addition to the ankle area, it is also a really good stretch for my adductors, which need some attention or they will be vulnerable to injury again if I ever get back a trampoline park again. After my workout, I drove Ghostess to the train station as she is off with her crew to spend the weekend in Shanxi. When I got back I was really in the mood for some cookies, so I looked at what I had that needed to be used up and went with the ones pictured above. They were every bit as good as they look I made some fish for dinner by seasoning a filet of some white fish with paprika, garlic powder, pepper and salt and putting it on bed of sliced potato disks, drizzling it with olive oil and then throwing it in the oven for 30 minutes. I also accidentally discovered that the potato disks that were not covered by the fish came out tasting like potato chips and so now I am going to have to try making just some potato chips because they were awesome. The fish wasn't bad either As we were getting ready for bed, Ghostlet was complaining about the rash on his neck, which has been turning red and getting very scaly and painful. I think the medicine we got is having a bad reaction so I think I am going to stop using it and see how it goes. I didn't get into bed until after midnight because I was up making another map for my D&D adventure
  11. Kind of hard to tell from all of that but it sounds like overall it was more of a matching pants & bra kind of day? I hope TH feels better quickly.
  12. This exercise sounds AMAZING/torturous for ankle dorsiflexion. Calling out @WhiteGhost as I know he’s looking at solutions for his ankle dorsiflexion too. I wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition style torture
  13. Hi Luxia, welcome back! Ketllebells + protein - gluten sounds like a winning formula to me
  14. Don't bother counting, the number gets very depressing after a while It's almost like the metal part of the skill disappears faster than the physical part, and conquering the fear is on ever ongoing problem. Not sure if Raptron still has to face it, but I know it always rears up to bite me every time I pause training