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  1. Any word on when they are going to actually have that back all checked out. I mean, I'm glad there is something happening and all, but sooner would be nice.
  2. Ooooh, thanks for all of the great suggestions. We ended up picking Outriders and will give that one a shot tomorrow. Yeah, your HPs buffs and my AC definitely keep us alive longer than we deserve, but I meant me in particular, having gone down to zero the first time when we still had 10 enemies around us I figured I was done for. The Orcish survival thing, plus rolling a 20 on y first death save literally saved my skin. ------------------------------------ Yesterday I spent the whole morning playing Valhalla, and figured out why I was having such a har
  3. The internets just wanted me to think you outsourced your math to Urp & Urps
  4. You are not the first person in history to have this thought Here for the organic half-assery
  5. I really need to be more consistent about stretching. Setting a minimum 5 minutes every day goal here
  6. Meh, I liked him when he was doing it for the sake of doing it but now he's just another sellout. I love all of the characters you came up with here. The over-the-topness is awesome. Especially This guy
  7. Being a kid is way better. I mean no one likes forced naps, but having someone else figure out what has to be cooked for dinner and having clean clothes magically appear in your drawers is highly underrated.
  8. I recommend standing next to the pole, preferably inverted Following
  9. The more I hear about this guy the more I like him. You should definitely keep him
  10. I have a small box in our tool cupboard for random screws, bolts nuts, and other paraphernalia. Every so often it gets emptied because they are rarely ever used. 我这几个语言的水平恐怕跟不上
  11. Looks like I got it right then Today's update probably isn't going to help Upside down time = fun time. It probably helps that I did tumbling as a kid and then was a diver in high school. Being upside down and some* spinning is a comfortable place for me * sadly not horizontal spinning anymore. I should probably work on this more You got all the key parts If I had a sandpit I would totally practice flyaways. There is a park on the other side of town that I hear has really good sand pits under the bars but it's a 90
  12. That reminds me of my favorite Japanese castle: Hikone Castle
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