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  1. September is good. I will be visitng family for most of August so no cooking will be happening
  2. old fart

    Oh, we're cool then. Trying to find parking spots in a crowded parking lot is my #1 pet peeve in the whole world. I would rather park a mile away and walk than circle the block more than once trying to find a spot.
  3. old fart

    I officially hate you. brb, calling customer service to cancel our friendship
  4. Yikes! that looks like one heck of a storm
  5. Really cool about the job! I read that last night and was really excited for you. Hope the job is everything you hope it will be!
  6. mentor

    Haha, sounds like you were working on our regular dinner schedule. I used to work really late until the last couple of years and Mi Vieja is still on the working late schedule, so 10pm meals for us are pretty standard. Better than when we were dating, though, when we would have dinner together around midnight after we both got off work...
  7. #1 has been a huge problem for me for a ong time. Recently I have been doing much better, but I still get the "I don't want to waste food" thing and end up stuffing my face well beyond the point where I feel full, because it would be a shame to let good food go to waste
  8. Cool&TrendyLCJ it is!
  9. I think that may well be the most British place name in the history of ever
  10. A cooking related PVP would be awesome! Not sure how well I could participate, but I would totally be down for giving it a shot
  11. So we have the British, the French and the Russians now. I like the way this is going. Love Frye's hat too! Also, loving the storyline with Beast Bantom bringing the ambulance
  12. Slay those chin ups! They can run but they can't hide!
  13. Oh no on the wallet! I hope you didn't have too much cash in there and that you were able to get everything cancelled in time. Losing a wallet is the worst. Glad your back is feeling better, though. Never heard of a saddle chair. brb, gonna go ask my friend Google about them
  14. @Dagger We need to have a talk about your recent performance here. You had been consistently commenting at a A/A- level but recently you have been trending down to a C/C+ level. If you don't bring things up, you are going to end up having to repeat this challenge.