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  1. Newb's first Challenge, KISS Mr_Willes

    Y U copy my reason? What's the point of being healthy and living for a long time if you can't look good doing it
  2. Butt Stuff (Deffy # 37)

    I need those sausages in my face, like right now. @Mr_Willes's comments about that can come like, right after
  3. Newb's first Challenge, KISS Mr_Willes

    You earn 'em, you post 'em!
  4. [Mad Hatter] Many shiny, such log!

    Aw man, that sucks Hopefully you can go back and nail it next time Show that stupid brain who's boss!
  5. Raptron: Business as Usual

    Oh no! Hope the ankle heals up quickly ^^^ I totally posted this yesterday but for some reason it never showed up. When I came to repost, there it was sitting in my editor. [eyeroll] So anyway, that cake looks awesome and I am way impressed that you kept going with you ankle in that condition!
  6. The Arruvia Conspiracy - Beast Mode

    Update time Yesterday was an absolute nothing day in terms of the challenge. Monday was too, but that is usually a rest day anyway. I was so sleepy yesterday I didn't even bother getting out of bed when my alarm went off. I just turned it off and got up when Mi Vieja did. Not only was a not feeling like a workout, but I was just overall feeling bleh, and super hungry. I stuffed my face at lunch with a bunch of crap (coke, chips, cookies, etc.) and still didn't feel satisfied and wanted more. By the evening it was getting better but I still didn't do any mobility or abs. Today was better. I was still not in the mood to workout (I think it being the dead of winter and freezing is a big factor in this) but I got up and did it anyway. It was not the most intense workout I have done, but I powered through it anyway. I think I may need to make some adjustments to my workout plan from next challenge because I think my current plan isn't working out as I would like, but I still have a few weeks to get that worked out. I have completely been neglecting my cheery attitude this week, so I need to spend some more time on that. Other than that, I have been thinking about my medium-term objectives for 2018 and so far have come up with 3, which sounds like a good number of objectives. 1. The Muscle Up - This has been a goal since last year, but I really want to get it. I think it is definitely within reach, but will take some dedicated work over the summer (when I have regular access to a stable pullup bar) to make it happen. I have slipped from where I was at the end of last year, but it isn't entirely unexpected given that I haven't been working on it specifically for a few months now. This is primarily a challenge of mobility (a combination of strength and technique) 2. A Delicious, Tender Steak - I love a good steak, but have been phenomenally unsuccessful in cooking them myself, but this is the year that it will happen. It may not be the next one I make, or the one after that, but with each attempt I will get closer, until I finally succeed. This will be primarily a knowledge based challenge 3. The Back Flip - This is my UBF (Unconquered Big Fear). I know that I have the ability to do it, but I am as of yet unable to bring myself to do it. I originally learned them when I was in high school and used to do them fairly often but hurt my neck doing a back handspring 20+ years ago and have never tried one since. This will primarily be a challenge of the mind, as I struggle to overcome my fear. I will, of course, continue to work on other things over the course of the year, but I am officially putting these out there so that I can be accountable to myself and all of you over the course of the year.
  7. Moar cowbell - Wait, no. I meant Moar handstands!

    It sounds like what you are describing is more like the GMB side-to-side ape movement where he gets his legs up high and stops at the top. Speaking of which, I should try it that way My widest straddle is so narrow I suspect the difference will be inconsequential. Once I can get it to 90 degrees it may start to help... Did some handstands this morning as part of my workout but was not feeling it. Even the better ones were wobbly and I could feel my form was a mess.
  8. Greg T. Proclaimes "To mediocrity and beyond! 2018"

    I assume you mean luck for your game? I can't imagine you need too much luck to make something yummy out of ground beef Either way, Good Luck!
  9. Daily Dare (Dec 31 - February 3)

    Oh, sorry. I actually do have access but forgot about the spreadsheet. . I can update it tomorrow if you haven't already done so
  10. Daily Dare (Dec 31 - February 3)

    Side twists and overhead punches both done for EC
  11. Year of the Flea

    I do this way more often than should be considered normal
  12. The Arruvia Conspiracy - Beast Mode

    Haha, thanks, I completely forgot to update the signature when the challenge started
  13. Wobbegong's Complain Cave

    If anything you are more likely to experience the opposite of this
  14. Cry Havoc Infinite: Chaos Theory & Road to the '18 CrossFit Games

    LFOH? (Lady Friend of Harrgath)
  15. JonFirestar Gets the Ball Rolling

    Lingering illness is the pits. Hope you get back to 100% soon.