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  1. Oh yeah, especially difficult because in most cases we don't understand the process enough to measure it without those result based milestones. ----------------------------------- Yesterday I had the time to go to the park but I still didn't really want to. So I didn't. I spent the morning playing Skyrim instead. In the afternoon I practiced piano for a bit and then when our cleaning lady was here I did a bunch of reading, finishing the 4 out 5 books in the Ender Saga. In the evening I did a sketch, read some scripture and cleaned out the vacuum. I have been promoted to the rank of Mymidon in the Arena (Sanitation)
  2. Very good reminder. This is so easy to forget, regardless of what it is we suck at. Having some kind of measurable metric makes a huge difference. I have looked for resources and even found some good video tutorials back when I had access to online videos. I will look for some more when (if!) internet connection comes back to normal Very good point ------------------------- Wednesday Sep 28 I wanted to go workout in the park but I forgot to do my covid test on Tuesday so I was out of date and couldn't get into the park. I thought about working out in the park (or at home) but in the end decided I would really rather just stay home and play xbox. I ended up playing xbox pretty much the entire day. The only thing I did towards my goals was practice piano. I have been promoted to the rank of Honored Madman in the court of Madness (piano) Oh, wait! I also read some scripture so I made progress toward 2
  3. It was pretty wild. We were doing really well at first but then the dice betrayed us At her level most of the stuff she has to be in the office for are face to face meetings, at which, while technically doable laying down, it tends to reduce your negotiating leverage significantly I am not sure how this works for other people, but I have studied enough musical theory and practiced musical instruments enough that I understand the steps for progression and can recognize progress even when incremental. For art, I have no idea if the things I am practicing are helping and if any progress is even happening, which leads to frustration. While that is certainly a useful takeaway, I think the lesson for me is that I need to identify the indicators of progress so I can feel like I am leveling up rather than engaging in fruitless effort that will leave me frustrated but no more skilled, or significantly less skilled, than if I had been doing something better. Or at least try to figure out ways to recognize when I am leveling up. The sense that you are leveling up definitely helps Ha, well I can tell you that I will never get certified to teach in Scandinavia That is an interesting theory. I do agree that the notion that you either have the talent or you don't is highly damaging ---------------------------------------------- Tuesday Sep 27 First thing in the morning I secretly sat in on a Board of Directors call with Ghostess for a US company they have invested in to make sure she wasn't missing any of the nuance. After the call, instead of going to the park, my in-laws needed me to chauffeur them around to get their drivers licences renewed. It took pretty much all morning because they had to go to multiple different places: first to get a physical (checking for visual, hearing or other signs of aging that would impair driving, then to a place where they were told to take a cognitive test only to discover that it was the wrong place and so we ended up having to drive almost to the edge of the city for the their cognitive tests (all of this is required for anyone over 70, and the tests are annual) . In total it ended up more than 3 hours. In the afternoon I practiced piano for a bit and then played Cyberpunk. In the evening I did a sketch, read some scripture and cleaned out the vacuum and then changed over and played some Skyrim I have been promoted to the rank of Prowler in the Thieves Guild (Sketching)
  4. I feel kind of bad for the poor students who were hoping to learn some French. When I was in high school we never had a dedicated coach and I learned PE from first the geography teacher and later from the geometry teacher. ------------------------------------- Monday Sep 26 I went to the park in the morning for a workout and primarily focused on gymnastics skills. I finished it off as usual with sprinting and stretching. I have been promoted to Swordsman in the Fighters Guild (Cardio) I practiced piano for a bit and then planned to play some Skyrim in the afternoon but it had to update so I ended up playing some Cyberpunk instead. In the evening I took my father in law and his relatives to the train station because his relatives were heading back home. After I got back I spent the rest of the evening playing more Cyberpunk.
  5. I hope your hip sorts itself out. Unexplained injuries are very frustrating
  6. Good luck getting your ratios resolved. Although getting paid to be lazy is probably something worth taking full advantage of
  7. Ugh, I hope the unemployment office gets their ducks in order so you can start getting your benefits
  8. Those cakes sound amazing! I'm glad they were met with such a positive reception
  9. I fully support this modification I am going to try this next challenge because I hear good things about it
  10. Sunday Sep 25 I had church int he morning as usual and then in the afternoon I did a sketch and practiced piano. After that Ghostess asked me to bake her another pumpkin pie because she wanted to take it to her salon. In the evening we had D&D and it was really nice to be able to play again. I had missed the last couple of sessions due to connectivity issues and while yesterday I was only barely connected it was enough to participate. We were one dice roll from a TPK at one point and our rogue pulled out a Hail Mary and saved us all. Well, almost all of us, @DarK_RaideR's character's cursed swords turned on him and he ended up petrified. I hope we are able to find a way to reverse the curse, but at this point it seems unlikely. I cleaned the vacuum and read scriptures before going to bed I have been promoted to the rank of Journeyman in the Mages Guild (Spirituality)
  11. I am no expert in education, but based on what I have read up based on the certifying boards own websites, the requirements are not more strict for the lower grades except to the extent that relevant expertise becomes harder to get. High school offer far few classes than a university, and elementary school teachers have to be able to teach from a very broad curriculum, and that kind of expertise is rarely found in the business world. But let's be real here, I am never going to be certified to teach history. I could probably convince the school that it is reasonable to create a financial literacy class for high school seniors and I could get certified to teach that class. Then they could also staff me to teach PE, which is a class they are currently desperate for teachers. Having teachers pull double duty to cover PE is so common it is pretty much a meme.
  12. I used to really like those, but then I went to the street market in Kaifeng (Zhengzhou) and they ruined them for me (because now nothing can ever compare...)
  13. I applied for a job at a school (for a non-teaching position), and am waiting to hear back if they have any interest I think this is typically true most places, but they have something called a SME waiver (Subject Matter Expertise or Subject Matter Equivalence, or something) in which the certifying agency will typically consider 5 years of relevant work experience to be equivalent to a Masters and 10 years work experience equivalent to a PhD. This is done to attract working professionals to come into education and pass on real world experience. When I was university (studying finance), the majority of my professors were hired based on this program. You are not wrong, it really is strange and illogical, but I assume it is also super prevalent.
  14. I was going to stick with previous guess of Morocco, but then one of the pictures didn't load and just left a link with the name of the place so... I'm going to guess maybe
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