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  1. Battle Kitten: Ascension

    Just throwing in my 2 cents here, but in my experience most places that hire based on budgets (i.e. places that actually have a hiring plan in place) don't usually wait to start the recruiting until the new budget starts. Usually they will want the people to be on board soon after the new budget cycle starts, but the recruiting and interviewing process usually takes 1-2 months. As such, now would probably be the ideal time to start throwing out resumes and looking for opportunities.
  2. Deffy # 35 - Triple Threat

    I love the sense of community here. People here really care about each other, and are willing to share, help and inspire each other. We all have a common goal (become better versions of ourselves) and even though we come from diverse backgrounds we are all able to come together in unity to help each other accomplish this goal I like the knowledge sharing here. Each of us is good at some things and need improvement in others. It seems that there is always someone who is good in the area someone else is lacking, and is willing to help the person in need. This could be fitness related, life experience or just emotional support I am the only non-Chinese person in my company, so I really need an outlet where I can interact with like-minded people in my own language. It isn't only language, it is also about the nerdy topics - I feel so at home here.
  3. Teros 39: [Hardcore Crusader]

    Following along again. Keep up the great momentum!
  4. Where no Wolverine has gone before

    Awesome! Congratulations on a great challenge! Very impressive
  5. WhiteGhost Does Druidy Stuff

  6. WhiteGhost Does Druidy Stuff

    Whew, that was a really long challenge. It certainly felt longer than the 6 week one we had a few cycles ago. I am ready to be done with this one, so let's get going on the challenge wrap-up: I started out really strong on this but kind of petered out by the end. I think it was challenging partly because I limited myself to only 3 categories (although the categories were pretty broad), but mostly because I lost interest. The geopolitics stuff was mostly to discuss with my FIL, but he and my MIL decided to spend the winter in Australia so I haven't had anyone to discuss this stuff with. That kind of took the wind out of my sails a bit. All in all, though, it was good and I learned some cool stuff. I will keep trying to learn this stuff but I don't think I will have it as a part of my challenge anytime soon I don't think I can call this anything but an outright success. I started this challenge with little to no desire to stretch and was only doing it so that I could progress on the calisthenics side. I have always hated stretching because it seemed like a major waste of time. I never made any progress and I didn't enjoy it, thought all of the flopping around was a huge waste of time. However, the spark that got me going this challenge was enough to ignite the engine and I find myself looking forward to my evening stretching sessions and I really feel like I am making some good progress. I especially want to thank @Mad Hatter, @sylph and @raptron for for being my private coaching staff answering all my questions and giving great advice. I will take some progress pics to compare against my earlier ones and will update here once I get them. I am really glad I brought this challenge back. I am loving being able to cook and am excited to make each new dish. The chili was great, but it doesn't count for the last week, because neither Mi Vieja or Ghostlet wanted to try it Mi Vieja smelled it and said it smelled just like taco seasoning, and after checking the ingredient list for both my chili seasoning and my taco seasoning, I see that she is right. No big deal, though, it just means more chili for me. I already have some ideas for what I want to make for the upcoming NF Great Chili Cook Off (coming soon). I really think I need a place to store all of the recipes you all have been sharing. Last week I had to go back through a bunch of challenges to find the biscuit recipe @CourtnieMarie gave me, so it would be good to have a place to find them easily. I thread just for that may also be in order. I have mixed feeling about this one. Overall it did exactly what it was intended to do, but I didn't really enjoy it. Because of that, this challenge really dragged on and I am glad to see the end of it. Before this challenge, I had been focused on the muscle up, but that is kind of on hold for the winter, because my indoor pullup bar is not stable enough for that kind of activity nor do I have enough headroom to get over the bar. I looked around online for a bunch of other calisthenics stuff that I could be working on, but couldn't narrow it down. Instead, I just tried them all randomly to see which ones would be good candidates to focus on going forward. Over the course of this challenge I discovered that there are some of these that I like, some that I hate, and some that I am just not ready for. Armed with this information, I am ready to head into the next challenge and focus on the specific ones that I have been enjoying. So in summary, my time here with the Druids has been one of learning. I came here seeking knowledge and have come away with more than I had expected. Now it is time to take that learning and put it into practice. I'm calling this challenge a success
  7. Powering on to Curacao!

    So your objective was to get tanned, you ended up tanned but only gave yourself 40% because one day screwed it up? I think some adjustments for extenuating circumstances are in order.
  8. WhiteGhost Does Druidy Stuff

    Saving for later use: NF Great Chili Cook Off
  9. Teros 38: If I fail, I quit NF forever

    Way to rock the challenge! Great to see you holding strong all the way to the end. Looking forward to your next challenge
  10. Deffy # 35 - Triple Threat

    The Pheonix - Fall Out Boy To Hell and Back - Sabaton Not Afraid - Eminem
  11. Teancum Competes in The Hunger Games

    Haven't seen you around for a while, hope things are going ok for you. This challenge is over, it was what it was. Next one is starting soon, which means a clean slate.
  12. Jon Firestar: Challenge of the Living Dead

    I did not know that. Now that I do, I feel like my life will be missing something until I figure out a way to get there
  13. sylph lays some ground work

    I usually go ahead and workout because sometimes the extra exertion boosts my immune system and I end up either not actually getting sick or minimizing down time. Not sure if that is unique to me, though
  14. Obstacle Course Racing & Trail Running Addicts

    Bucket Brigade wan't the hardest challenge for me (Atlas Carry for sure) but I suspect it could be because I have either moved house or helped others move house so many times in my life that carrying heavy boxes was a regular occurrence. Carrying the buckets is easy in comparison, because you don't have to deal with corners.
  15. Juliebarkley is still walking

    The best one is the one that works for you. If you aren't sure, maybe you try one option each week of the next challenge and see what works? For me, I do better when it I don't have to remember what day it is, so option 2 works best for me. I know option 1 works for others here, because they like to have the flexibility. It doesn't work for me because although I do one thing, I seem to forget the ones I don't like (which kind of defeats the purpose)