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  1. WhiteGhost

    Raptron: Season Finale

    I misread that and thought actually banged your head on the wall and I was like "whoa, where did the wall come from"
  2. WhiteGhost

    Raptron: Season Finale

    So much hype! I think I have seen the first one but not the second one.
  3. WhiteGhost

    What does [DarK_RaideR] want to do?

    I like where this is going Yeah, you better watch. Watch your back, that is!
  4. WhiteGhost

    Sara Kingdom Learns From Firebenders

    Definitely a shortage of skulls in most ladies fashion these days
  5. WhiteGhost

    [Mad Hatter] Gotta go fast

    I liked that too. Great eyeroll there at the end
  6. WhiteGhost

    Get a life Guzz! (Take 2)

    Thanks for all the information about Shetland. The only thing I knew about it before was that you have really short horses. I suspect it is probably because of all the wind. Also, that house looks like it will be really nice (but a lot of work). Hope the babysitting doesn't throw you too much off your schedule
  7. WhiteGhost

    Fleaball : نجاح

    It is now Tuesday. Go wash your hair and then go get your glasses.
  8. WhiteGhost

    DrFeelgood: Forward, March

    Pretty not bad at all
  9. WhiteGhost

    Tourennatrix is in her Element

    Way to do the thing! Good things, apparently
  10. WhiteGhost

    RogueLibrarian enters the 36th Chamber

    Unexpected double posts are not nearly as good!
  11. WhiteGhost

    RogueLibrarian enters the 36th Chamber

    Unexpected tax returns are THE BEST!
  12. WhiteGhost

    Trials and tribulations in the new Shire

    WHEEEEEEEEEE! Yikes! I hope this isn't a regular occurrence there
  13. WhiteGhost

    Nic Goes Beast Mode: the OCS Prep Edition

  14. I have to admit I have never seen anyone like something MORE after increasing lima beans
  15. WhiteGhost

    Nic Goes Beast Mode: the OCS Prep Edition