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  1. Hi all you lifty folks! I am currently doing some dumbbell OHP work and hoping that I can use it to supplement my handstand pushup stuff so I have a question I am hoping someone here can help me with. When I watch videos of people doing dumbbell OHP they usually start with their hands to the side of their shoulders, with their elbows pointing out to the sides. However, when doing handstand pushups the proper form is to have the elbows facing backward similar to a normal pushup. When doing my OHP I have been trying to replicate this movement by starting with my elbows facing forward and the dumbbells in front of my chest (similar to the barbell front squat position) Question: Why do most people hold the dumbbells off to the side and not in the front? Also, is there any reason why I should not be doing it in the front (i.e. risk of injury)? Other advice/suggestions?
  2. Everybody Everybody Gonna Ranger: The Strong-Bad themed Mini Challenge

    Here for some edge-havery
  3. Teros 44: Demon Hunter

    Uh, I guess I'm here to defeat you?
  4. [SymphonicDan] remembers how to Assassin [Level 23]

    Wow, that is really fast! I also love that you were able to get under 6 minutes after only a month of training. It took me about 2 years to get there (and I have never been back to it since)
  5. Cheetah does pull-ups with science!

    Thanks, I have seen the USMC program before. I will probably modify it a bit to fit my needs, but for the most part will probably stuck pretty closely to the program as outlined.
  6. Discipline!: Tanktimus Takes a Gif from a Movie

    Here to watch you enforce discipline!
  7. The Arruvia Conspiracy - Downshifting

    I'm glad you are liking it. Only a few chapters left before it will finally be finished Sneaky like an Assassin New challenge is up!
  8. [WhiteGhost] The Arruvia Conspiracy - Revving up

    OK, now that the story is out of the way, let's get to the meat of this challenge: My last challenge was Downshifting, and was based on the principle that if you are already moving in high gear but need to really speed up to pass someone, you need to downshift to use a different gear ratio to increase acceleration. In practical terms, it meant that I was focusing less on number of reps and more on quality of reps (full range of motion, proper form, etc.). I think I have done pretty well getting the basics dialed in and now it is time to get my engine revved up so that I can get the power I need to really break through and generate some momentum. In practical terms, this is going to be continuing to work on form, but also strength, power and explosiveness. The details are below: 1. The Hero's Journey - I am working through Darebee's Hero's Journey program and have just over 30 days left. The program is a HIIT based workout, based around a story outline, but the reality is that it seems to be primarily focused on building up pushups. I have elected to train 3 weapons as part of the program: Heavy Sword (with Armour) - Pullups (with weights). I will talk more about this in point 2 below War Hammer - Dumbbells (Curls, Rows, OHP) Ribbon - Kicks (Roundhouse Kicks, Side Kicks and Front Snap Kicks) Because the program is already fixed, I will just follow the program as written, with the following caveats I am doing this on hardcore mode. I do every exercise at the highest difficulty level and if there are any choices, I have to choose the harder one. My schedule may not allow me to do the dates exactly as assigned, so will pre-load or back-load the workouts to fit my schedule 2. Pullups - I want to get a Muscle Up this year. I have even listed it as one of my the Boss Fights for the year. However, after analyzing my progress so far, by biggest weakness is strength and explosiveness out of the hole. In order to rectify this, I have started doing weighted pullups. I started at +10kgs but for this challenge I am going to up that to +20kgs. At this weight, my new AMRAP is 2, and by the end of this challenge I want to get my +20KGs AMRAP to 5. I will be doing this based on a program roughly following the USMC pullup program where I will do 3 days/week of 20-30 pullups spread over the course of the day. The exact number of reps will be worked out as I go along 3. Stretching - I have always struggled with flexibility and I have let it slide recently. However, it is getting to be a real problem because it is starting to limit the things I want to do so I am bringing it back this challenge. I have discovered, however, that I have probably been trying to do too much, which has led me to lose focus and get discouraged. For this challenge, I going to focus only on splits (front and side) because that where I am hitting the most roadblocks in my other exercises (especially tricking) 4. Fixing Anterior Pelvic Tilt - I have known I had a bit of APT for a while but I realized how bad it was the other day as I saw myself in the mirror and was shocked to see that my back was naturally curved so badly that I could probably be mistaken for an actress in a Michael Bay movie. Upon further research, I have discovered that APT is also causing a hmber of other problems, including flexibility problems in my forward fold. Given the nature of the problem, I have decided I will focus on fixing my APT before continuing to work on flexibility, otherwise I think I will end up just frustrating myself. Activities to work on this will be: Focusing on posture during the day (keeping my abs braced and my hips back as much as possible when I am sitting or walking. I know I won't be able to keep it up 24/7, but keeping in focus will be useful Hip bridges (single & double leg) Table tops Backbends / Bridges Scorpions / Macacos (Scorpions are a move going from a table top to a full bridge and back) Lunges Ab Crunches 5. Other - I have also signed up for the Crow PVP, so I will likely be doing a bit of crow/handstand work as well. I may also join other / guild specific PVPs as they get launched. Let's get things going!
  9. My challenge this time is going to have lots of martial arts type stuff (kicking, punching, jumping, flipping, stretching) so I am going to challenge here with the Monks this time. I hope y'all don't mind me intruding As usual in my challenges, I am including my ongoing story "The Arruvia Conspiracy" which is supposed to be like cut scenes for a video game. Previous episodes can be see in the (very, very long) spoiler below: Level 9 - Arruvia The tall blond woman led the team down a stark corridor to an elevator and they descend what feels like 10 or 15 floors. Despite their curiosity at the situation, none of the team dare ask any questions, be everyone is wondering the same thing: “what have we gotten ourselves into here?” When the elevator finally stopped, the woman led the team down a brightly lit corridor and shepherded them into a room through a door on the left. Inside the door is a small room with various machinery covering the walls. Fanghorn immediately recognized the equipment as very advanced testing and analysis equipment for chemical compounds. Looking at the selection of atomic absorption/emission spectroscopy systems, thermal analyzers, calorimeters, and refractometers she can’t help but ask “what is this place?” The tall lady smiled and gave Fanghorn an appraising look. “We don’t have much time, but you need to see this to understand what you…” she glanced quickly at the door as if to check that it wasn’t about to open, and continued “...We... are up against. This is the heart of this facility. If you check the optical spectrometer over there” she gestured to a machine next to the door “you can see a sample of what is being processed in this facility.” Fanghorn punched a few buttons on the screen and looked as the data readout came up. She stared at the data for a few moments before turning to the woman and asking “What is this? I have never seen anything like it” “What you are looking at” she replied” “is called Arruvia. Arruvia is a chemical compound created out of a synthesized version of Monatin.” A look of comprehension came across Fanghorn’s face, but the rest of the team just stared between the two trying, but failing, to follow the conversation. Noticing the looks on confusion from the rest of the team, the woman turned to WhiteGhost and explained “Monatin is a naturally occurring substance that is used as a sweetener. In its natural form, Monatin is 3,000 times sweeter than refined white sugar. Through our synthesis we have managed to create a substance we have named Arruvia, which is nearly 10,000 times sweeter than sugar.” She paused for a moment while the team digested this new information before continuing “the advantage of this is that we can create sweet food products with much less sweetener, which according to food regulators across the globe becomes so small that we can leave it off the list of ingredients. The labels can say ‘no sugar’ and ‘no artificial sweeteners’ because the sweetener content is below the regulatory thresholds.” WhiteGhost turned to the woman with a puzzled expression “While this sounds like some shady business practices, it sounds like everything you are doing is technically legal…” The lady laughed loudly and smiled at the team “Oh, that’s just the spiel we give to our investors. I will explain the rest to you later, but for now we need to get out of here. This place is not safe for any of us anymore.” She opened the door and motioned for the team to follow her. “There is a secret exit this way, but we will need to hurry” They followed the hall to another doorway which led to a set of stairs going down. At the bottom, they came to a guarded gate, but when the guards saw the lady approaching, they merely snapped to attention and let them through. On the other side were a number of Jeeps and before them a long tunnel stretching out before them. "Climb in and let’s get out of here before they figure out what I’ve done." As they climbed into the Jeeps WhiteGhost couldn’t help but ask “who are you?”
  10. [Sloth] Total Control Racing!

  11. Crow PvP [May 21 to June 18]

  12. The Hero's Journey

    I did the burpees and assassin fights yesterday while Ghostlet was at soccer practice. The instruction were not clear if the burpees were supposed to include a pushup at the bottom (It seemed like no?) but I included it anyway just to be safe. I got a lot of funny looks doing my assassin fights and one guy even asked me what style of martial art I was training About to do my abs for today, and probably get tomorrow weapons training in as well since time will be tight tomorrow
  13. A swift challenge [zenLara]

    Oh, sorry to hear about the bread and the mov-nat gym But like Dan said, given all of the things that have been going on in your life, you have been doing very well. I hope things start going better soon