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  1. newbie

    Write away Consider us your unlicensed and unqualified therapists. You can lay out your concerns and issues and we will smile and nod while we doodle on scratch paper behind a clipboard
  2. I'll call it a win
  3. Success in terms of I actually went and bought the ingredients and made the food rather than just sitting at home and ordering delivery. To be honest I would have just gone with delivery if I didn't have to come back here and report.
  4. It was clearly a composite image
  5. Mission 1: Muscle Up Routine 2 Days/Week Tuesday and Thursday makes 2x for the week. Good to go. I had Ghostlet check my progress tonight and he says I am already pulling up past my clavicle (no kip) so I am on track to reach my objective by the end of this challenge (Objective is a pull up to nipple height, about 1.5~2 inches higher than my current pull height) Mission 2: Flatland BMX 90 minutes/week Nothing this week. I am getting on a plane first thing in the morning so this one isn't happening Mission 3: Hip Mobility Stretch Routine 5 Days/Week Stretched every day Mon-Fri which gives me my 5 for the week. Mission 4: Homemade Meal 1/Week Taco Friday was a success
  6. Welcome!
  7. Well, I checked the website and the only information they have is a notice that says "More details to be Announce Soon!" Could be they are still haven't finalized booking the location. This could get interesting...
  8. Welcome! Spartan Smash
  9. It won't be a stadium for sure, but I am not sure exactly where it will be. Probably on some piece of undeveloped property somewhere waaaaaaay outside the city I probably ought to check a map
  10. At first I thought you were asking where my exercise regime was... I will be running the Beijing Spartan Sprint
  11. My first spartan is week after yours so I will be following along to see how the cool kids do it
  12. This looks like tons of fun, but I just don't think I have the time to add this one Something this awesome is best not done halfheartedly!
  13. I hope that it goes well