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  1. To kill a French vampire you need to drive a baguette through its heart. It sounds easy, but the process is painstaking
  2. Those goals are great, very excited to see your progress on these
  3. Thanks. I don't know how many versions there are, this is just the one I found that had chords I could play I appreciate you saying that, because I really don't think I do. Not terrible by any stretch, but I don't really have a great singing voice. Uke is really fun for me right now. And you are welcome to sneak in ANY time I wouldn't have know the last two verses if they were on the tab I found My threads seem to move quickly so staying caught up can be tough. It really is strange that there is so much variance between the different programs out there. Especially compared to what we have here where everything is almost completely standardized across the entire country. Unfortunately, Instagram is being a pain recently and won't let me embed my pics. I will probably have to find another platform soon. ------------------------------ 1st Period today started out with PE at the park. They were replacing the padding ont he ground there, so the equipment I usually use was blocked off. That pretty much left just the monkey bars so we all spent most of our time doing things there. 2nd Period was gymnastics but without access to the pullup bar or the parallel bars I had to improvise. This turned into mostly laches and handstands, btu also some other fun stuff, like some spinny work to try and reduce getting dizzy. https://www.instagram.com/p/CG0An7bA5P1/?igshid=pmuexzyivuq5 I was surprised because after my first pass I was super dizzy, but by the third time (with a rest between) I didn't even get a little dizzy After my workout I had to run a few errands so I didn't get back for lunch until almost 2pm. Lunch was a sausage and cheese wrap 3rd Period was Social Studies and I read the first chapter of Sapiens. There is a lot of interesting stuff in there, but also a lot of stuff that seems strange. For example the author will say there are a few possible scenarios but the picks whichever was (probably) the one they believe the most likely and then just base the rest of the discussion on the assumption that the selected scenario is the right one. I think I noticed this 2 or 3 times in just the first chapter alone. 4th Period was Science and I read the first chapter of How to Teach your Dog Physics. It was really just the introduction, so I will see how I feel about it as I read more. 5th Period was Music and I picked some uke songs to work on for this week. Some of the ones I am looking at are 500 Miles (Away from Home), Country Roads, O Danny Boy and I've Been Working on the Railroad. A couple of those are really quite tricky so this weeks selections may be a bit ambitious. 6th Period was Home Ec and I made some Goose Leg with vegetable gravy. I had a baked potato on the side and baked up some potato chips for Ghostlet https://www.instagram.com/p/CG0CKmkg3LX/?igshid=1a4j2ua9tevaq 7th Period was Language and I got in 1 session each of all four languages. 8th Period was release time and I got my reading in for that as well Overall a very busy day
  4. I see a lot in there that I struggle with too, but not to the same level/intensity. The sentiment feels really familiar, though. For the last few years I was doing my job I would spend most of the day thinking about how much I disliked everything I was doing, but on the other hand it was something that I was skilled and and paid well, and trying to do something else was a huge unknown. Maybe I would find something I enjoyed, but what do I even enjoy doing for work? I couldn't think of a single (realistic) thing so I just stuck with it until international politics made it meaningless and then the pandemic sealed it. I love this acronym, especially with the associated timing of Halloween just around the corner
  5. Seeing how we have quite a few destitute and no one besides you playing alchemist, I am going to switch back to my original character: Percival the Alchemist, member in good standing of the Verwandeln Masonry. I can't find the old story so I will try to remember as much as I can of his original backstory and make up the rest.
  6. I'm sorry for your loss Here are some pictures of Wraith https://www.instagram.com/p/CGzg29Kg4XN/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link (IG won't let me embed that for some reason )
  7. Oh yeah, I remember when you were sharing videos and that was in fact what inspired me to get over my self confidence issues and share some of mine.
  8. I am of course here for this! If you get stuck looking for idea about scapular exercises or parkour moves, feel free to hit me up
  9. No, you are the opposite. You are under arrest for contributing to the delinquency of a minor Cheers! A bit of a change of pace for me, but not an unwelcome one This is one that my dad used to sing a lot when I was a kid. My parents loved road tripping, so they would often pack all of the kids in the car and drive for hours. They loved it but it was kind of boring for us so we would often sing songs as a family to pass the time and this one always a popular one It's a fun one Thanks -------------------------------------------- Different class schedule on Sundays 1st Period and 2nd Period were Release Time which was church. It is always nice but they reorganized the leadership this week because many of the former leaders have left the country and will not be coming back. They asked me to continue on in my previous roles. Lunch was braised Short Ribs which Ghostess had made for us in the morning and put on the table before she left for work. The afternoon was super busy shuttling Ghostlet to his various classes and taking care of stuff at home but I did get some other classes in 3rd Period was Social Studies and I finished up Blink. It was really quite an interesting read and made me rethink a lot about how I perceive the world around me. 4th Period was Language and I did a lesson each on all 4 languages again 5th Period was Music and I filmed the second song for this week's homework: Blowin in the Wind I didn't get anything done for Art, Science or Home Ec. (Dinner was leftovers from lunch) Report Card for the Week: PE: A Gymnastics: A Science: A Social Studies: A Music: A Art: C Language: C- Home Ec: B- Drama: A Release Time: F Dating: A Overall GPA: 3.3 (out of 4.0)
  10. I was watching this series. Today was also quite busy 1st Period and 2nd Period was Drama. I play D&D on Saturday morning with my family back in the US. It used to be every other week, but after the Saltmarsh campaign ended it may become a weekly thing. This week my brother also joined which was really nice. He is the one who introduced me to D&D back in the 80s and I haven't played it with him since then. We finished off our tutorial campaign so I need to figure out what I am going to do for next time. I am waffling between Tyranny of Dragons, Storm King's Thunder, or Tales from Yawning Portal. Lunch was braised fish with tofu and fish tofu. So lots of fish and tofu https://www.instagram.com/p/CGu5NoPAes9/?igshid=1y1auygn5gzuk (Not sure why that isn't embedding) 3rd Period was Social Studies and I read part of a chapter in Blink4th Period was Music and I practiced my songs and even recorded my first assignment: Sweet Violets 5th Period was language and I got in a session each for all 4 languages on Duo Nothing at all got done for Art, Science or Home Ec, partly because I saw the comment about playing Skyrim on @shaar's thread and decided that was what I was going to do with the rest of my day
  11. Being away from those toxic comments is really going to be a huge plus. As far as being tired all the time... That just comes with the territory of being the parent of a newborn. It gets better, but when you aren't getting enough sleep it feels like forever
  12. I have spent time in both of those countries and can confirm that what you can find outside of the country is just a pale shadow of the amazingness that you can get in country. As an aside, Korea has the ABSOLUTE BEST KFC in the entire world. I don't know if they are cooking the chicken differently or what but it was amazing. Even the cole slaw... (Normally I detest KFC) Aaaaaaaand now I am too...
  13. I have the opposite problem. I decide that I like a particular spice and end up adding so much of it that overpowers the entire dish. Here's hoping the job thing comes through with something that is both interesting and workable.
  14. I'm loving the stories! Also pleased that I was able to get a peek at your dwarf