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  1. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Wow, that was one heck of a power nap. Glad Mrs. H let you sleep
  2. The Arruvia Conspiracy - Winter is Coming

    My meeting last night was changed to a conference call which I did from home so I got to spend the evening at home. Mi Vieja came home early as well so we ordered Thai and I ended up stuffing myself (I am unable to stop eating green curry on pineapple fried rice until it is gone). Luckily my body is not very efficient at processing excess amounts of food, so most of that was jettisoned with the rest of the trash before making the jump into hyperspace this morning Did not do any abs or stretching last night because I got distracted by some ice cream someone left in the freezer, as is wont to happen. That distraction has now been removed so it shouldn't be a problem tonight I did some sprints for the ranger mini this morning in place of MUPS, but 4 days in a row of leg related work was very noticeable. Times were much slower than they were on Tuesday. Really looking forward to getting back into upper body work. Harry Potter books were ordered yesterday and it looks like they are on schedule to be delivered this afternoon. Story time starts tonight!
  3. Rooks: The Search for a Mission

    That sounds like an awesome way to spend the evening!
  4. Springfield Gonna Ranger: The Ranger Mini-Challenge

    10 more sprints this morning, plus a set of pushups because my legs needed a break
  5. I like this idea of looking for things in the yard as obstacles. I need to take a better look around our yard to see if I can find some good parkour lines
  6. Chimichanga Makes It Rain

    What is this wizardry?
  7. Hazard Rebirth: The second evolution

    Just reading that sentence caused my heart rate to spike. It's been 6 years, George, how long is this going to take!!! /rant If they don't like your GLing over there, we will happily have you back
  8. EricMN's Jedi Training - The Grand Master's Trials

    Love those pics. The intensity on your face in the ring shots is inspiring Hope you get feeling better soon so you can get get back into training!
  9. Rebel Mini: Survival of the Fittest

    Hold up, what kind of berries are we talking about here? Raspberries & Boysenberries type stuff or more like Pokeberries & Baneberries? Acai Berries and Goji berries grow in extreme climates (jungle & desert respectively) and are considered superfoods, so anything growing here could be of a similar nature. I'm the kind of guy who would eat a 2 year old Pumpkin flavored quest bar, though, so I'm up for trying the berries. If we are talking dingleberries though, I'm right out.
  10. RogueLibrarian in: El Lucha Librarian

    It isn't Lucha, but have you checked out NGW (Next Gen Wrestling)
  11. The Arruvia Conspiracy - Winter is Coming

    Ah, that makes sense. I just checked the oven and the highest setting is 500f/260c. I think what I will try next time is throwing it in the air fryer. that should crisp it up on the outside.
  12. Pumpkin Spice All the Things! The Tanktimus Fall Challenge

    They sell some Orange Julius brand products there, but they are marketed as just another line of products like Blizzard. They also have hot dogs, but not the kind I recognize (I refuse to recognize corn and tunafish dogs as a legitimate variation for a hot dog). The mall also has a Baskin Robbins and a few other local brand ice cream dispensaries.
  13. CM gets the LOCOmotive back on the tracks

    Haha, I seriously need reading comprehension lessons or something. I had to go back and reread the original post a few times before I figured out what you meant