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  1. Wait, is this challenge really over tomorrow??? I checked for the new one and I can't find it either.
  2. Wow, those are some very fascinating stories. Thanks for typing those out
  3. Agreed! You were definitely cursed by the devilry surrounding the bib number. Don't believe for an instant the rumors going around that recent nutritional intake may have been a factor.
  4. The workout clothes? Yeah, I dress to impress They say to dress for the job you want, not the one you have so I dress like someone who gets paid to model fitness wear Oh for sure. I had never even heard of pen collecting and didn't even know it was a thing. I mentioned your offer to Ghostlet and he was grateful but declined saying that even his friend is still at the very beginning stages of this hobby and isn't allowed by his parents to get anything above the $20-30 range. At this level, everything he wants is stil readily available around here. For now they are mostl
  5. On the other hand, there is a guy at the park where I work out who watched me work on a certain advanced skill (front levers) and he decided he wanted to work on them too. He is now at about the same level as I am in terms of skill progression, but I learned yesterday that the dude is 80 years old!!! 😮
  6. No, it really wouldn't have been. We all have things come up and I would not have been the least put out. Even saying you won't be showing as the game starts is already a step up from other behaviour we have encountered. I am super behind myself and feeling a bit overwhelmed because of it. We all know that checking other people's challenges isn't mandatory, but the pressure of doing so when you have said you would is real. That is really fascinating. How deep does a lake have to be to be devoid of oxygen at the bottom? Also, if a lake is that deep wouldn't it
  7. I started yesterday with a trip to the park for a push workout. I felt a little bit better with the movement I struggle with last time because yesterday I was able to actually get my body to move a centimeter or 2. Maybe even as much as 3 on some good reps. Progress! While there I also played around with Russian dips trying to do some harder progressions (for those following along, I couldn't even do them when I made my library) . Below is my new thing to show off: After my workout I didn't feel like running so I just did a longer stretching session.
  8. It is, but I didn't start the trend. A lot of the stuff I use is because I saw other people there using it. There is a lot of information/skill sharing going on there, which is really cool That only works if playing more Skyrim is important to me, and it isn't. I don't see the point of goals just for sake of saying I met a goal, I prefer to save them for stuff I actually want to make progress on Thanks, I will + OK, fair point. But what I meant was specifically getting something to show off for this particular skill. Someday I hope
  9. Ugh, sorry to hear about the dog. I hope she adjusts quickly
  10. Daily reporting in here is huge for me. Just knowing that I am going to be announcing my junk food really helps me to keep my hands off Wait, apple cider donut oreos? How can such a thing exist? And more important, where can I get one??? I wish we didn't have these snacks in the house, but most of it is after school snacks for Ghostlet. Normally I do pretty well staying out of them but recently has been tough. I'll be back on it soon, though ---------------------- Yesterday I headed out to the park for my push workout. I struggle wit
  11. This makes even less sense, don't you have some way of checking for tickets when people get on or is it just assumed that everyone is an upstanding citizen that wouldn't dream of taking advantage of poor control mechanisms? This is awesome.
  12. Exactly, 1 sleeve = 1 serving. The problem is that 1 serving is like 2 days worth of calories ------------------------------------- Yesterday was a complete and total rest day. I did nothing but sit on the couch and play Skyrim for the entire day. I enjoyed it, but it really isn't a great way to live long term. At least not it I want to reach any of my goals...
  13. I know, I just wish it would happen less to me. It wouldn't irk me so much except that I know I ca do better (and was doing much better before this holiday). I will get back on the wagon, I'm sure. Just a question of when Yesterday was a school/work day which means I normally would have gone to the park but it was raining so I skipped the park and stayed home with my xbox all day. I think it must be the recent sudden turn of the weather but now I feel super hungry all day long, no matter how much I eat. (Before holiday it was normally in the mid 20s, now after holiday it is su
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