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  1. Seconding what Manarelle said - If you can remember the feeling you had after you finished and it will help fight against the cravings when they come up next time.
  2. Congrats on the PR! Now go have a great trip!
  3. Backflips looking pretty good. It looks like you are getting plenty of height so if you can increase your rotation speed you will be in a very good place I find that after about 5 or so my form starts to really slip, so I usually keep my backflips sets to 5 or less
  4. I was feeling down a bit because I didn't remember being this big of a wuss last year. Then I remembered that I spent an entire month on the beach in Sanya last January, which helped a lot. I am just ready for winter to be over. Luckily I will be in Sanya again next week, so I get a little reprieve from the cold I will be on a tropical island for a week next week, which will help. Once I get back, things should start warming up a bit Wednesday & Thursday I am going to group these days together because they were pretty much identical. Honestly I probably could have done just one update for the week and it would would have covered pretty much every day I think it is important to at least come in here and report, though, so here I am. I am pretty close to maxing out my character (level 80 out of possible 81) and have discovered 346 out of 347 locations. Once I get him maxed out, I will probably not play much until I get back from Sanya. Food on Wednesday was fried rice and yesterday was fried flatbread strips w/meat.
  5. There's still plenty of time for fortunes to change Monday The thermometer said -8 when I woke up so I noped out of a trip to the park. Instead I spent pretty much the entire day playing Skyrim. I did make some salmon steak for dinner, though, so there is that. Tuesday Pretty much the only difference from Monday was I made a different dinner, which was braised ribs (only this time I used lamb ribs instead of pork ribs). I did spend some time in the afternoon to hep Ghostlet build a marble puzzle/toy, but that's about it. Food pictures will come at the end of the week
  6. Wow, people are copying my ideas already!?!? I am available anytime to collect royalties When they're in they're ALL IN! This is a harder question to answer than appears on the surface. Similar to the question of whether money is actually real or not, where the answer depends on the exact definitions of "money" and "real", the answer in this case depends on your exact definition of "real estate" and "bubble". The simple, just scratching the surface answer is yes, although the middle probably happened a few years back, depending on you define "middle" The more complex answer is no, the real estate market here is not in a bubble because the whole concept of real estate here is neither real nor any kind of estate, and the "market" is is a heavily controlled, complex arrangement of regulated transactions designed primarily to enrich local governments while maintaining the veneer of a low-risk asset investment opportunity. If the over-inflated prices ceased to be propped up, the whole house of cards would come down in the same way western economies would cease to exist if people stopped pretending that their money was actually worth something. Getting in just before the bell Sunday Started out by going to church in the morning, after which we stopped off at a mall on the way home for lunch. We had some fish hot-pot and it was great but I ate way too much. After that we did some shopping (or more accurately accompanied Ghostess as she did some shopping ) In the afternoon Ghostlet wanted to watch TV so I went in the other room and practiced my uke for a while. It has been some time since I have gone through all of the music that I know, and now my fingers are sore I made some Takoyaki for dinner, but it didn't turn out very well (I tried to follow a recipe this time and ended up putting in way too little octopus), so we ended up having to order some takeout to supplement it. Food for the rest of the week was: Monday: Spanish Seafood Rice (Definitely NOT Paella!) Tuesday: Chicken Curry (anyone who put Beef Curry on the bingo card also gets credit for this) Wednesday: Chicken & Green Peppers Saturday: Hamburgers (and Chicken Cordon Bluewich) for lunch and Chicken Tacos in the evening (This also counts for anyone who put Beef Tacos) Sunday: Takoyaki Mad Hatter takes the lead with 7 correct guesses (even mine only has 8 correct) Also, for anyone who is wondering how my Skyrim adventures are going, I finally got my guy to be a respectable mage, maxing out both destruction and conjuration magic skills. Now he is ready to get started on the main quest, for which I still have only completed a few missions.
  7. 2020 New Year, New Me Time for some new years resolutions and all that, right After a few years on NF, I have gotten to a place where I am not only comfortable with my body, I actually like it, imperfections, flaws and all. This is not because I am necessarily in better shape than I was, just that I have become more accepting of my body. While everyone here has been great for helping me along this journey, I want to give a special shout out to @deftona and @Mad Hatter because their positive body image talk has been the most impactful for me Thanks guys! So if I am not tearing down the house and rebuilding, what am I doing this year? I am going to continue leveling up my inner Ninja To this end, I am continuing with my Ninjary series to keep leveling up my stats. These are following the old AD&D format which is where I got my D&D start Strength - I am modifying this one to be more than just Leg Day. For this challenge, I can level up strength by doing any workouts that have a strength component, which includes a lot of the skill work I do. Muscleups, human flags, front & back levers, etc. all require an aspect of strength so I will be splitting these activities between these two attributes. Leg day will get double credit applied fully to strength, but things that are primarily endurance/skill related (e.g. trampoline sessions) will not get any strength credit. (.04/workout) Intelligence - I have been slacking in learning my Chinese Proverbs, but I intend to get back into that this year and so I will be getting Intelligence credit for any new proverb learned. I will continue to share them here, mostly because it is a good motivator for me. (.03/proverb) Wisdom - This one is going to be similar to last time, but without the MyFlex (which is moved to Dexterity). I will give myself point for any non-scheduled, one off adulting activity. I don't know what these will be, but they always come up so I may as well give myself credit for them. Double credit if it is something that is not urgent but I do it anyway as a possible motivator get things done earlier rather than waiting until the last possible second, like I usually do. Dexterity - Credit in this is going to be given for skill workouts as well as flexibility/mobility sessions. (.05/workout) Constitution - A few challenges back, I did a 5x5 food challenge that I really enjoyed, so I am going to do something similar for this challenge. This one is going to interactive, though. I am going to call it Food Bingo! I am going to put up a list of all the foods I plan to make this challenge, and anyone who wants to participate can post a 5x5 grid (like a Bingo card) of the foods that you think are going to get made, and then as I make them, you can cross that food off. First person to get Bingo wins! (the prize is bragging rights 😜 ) (.05/meal) Charisma - I have done pretty well in leveling up my uke skills over the past few months and I want to continue working on that. On the flip side, I have not done any sketching for months. I want to get that back up so I will give myself double credit for any drawing related activities as some extra motivation. I guess we shall see if this is a big enough motivator to get me to actually do it (.05/activity) Other than these, I will continue to play loads of Skyrim, just because I really, really enjoy it, but I am not going to be getting any kind of credit for it. It is reward enough in itself