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  1. Wow, that progress is really awesome! It makes me wonder how much I could progress if I actually stuck to it for more than a month at a time... And the lighter colored leggings also make it much easier to see
  2. Thanks, I was very, very happy about it. I was super nervous because I have never ever had one turn out even half decent before so this was just exciting Haha, touche! I am always impressed with how much time you spend upside down. Quite inspiring Well, wherever it came from, it has been extremely well received. Thanks, I was quite pleased with the way it all turned out. Especially because, as Deffy pointed out, I used to be terrible at cooking and it it has only been the last year or two that I have gained an aptitude for it. --------
  3. This is probably true for pretty much the entire population at this point. It just hasn't been a great year. It isn't ever too late to keep going though. Most of us will never meet our goals and objectives, but that's OK too. As long as we keep going and at least trying to make today better than yesterday, that is what is most important. As a wise man once said, the only way to lose is to quit. Julie is a good listener; can confirm
  4. Congratulations on the promotion!
  5. Well, we have just finished Thanksgiving (at least for the US folks) and those of us who had Thanksgiving Dinner at home probably looking at a fridge full of leftovers. However, that isn't what this is about. Just before Thanksgiving, I was challenged to keep a Gratitude Journal for a week and I liked the way it affected my attitude in a very positive way. For this challenge, I am going to try and keep Thanksgiving going just a little bit longer by keeping up the gratitude. So without further ado: Challenge: Post something every day that I am grateful for
  6. Not a complaint but I just wanted to say how much I like the way you can see who has reacted to comments with just hovering (i.e. if I have 3 likes and 1 sad, I don't have to click to a new page to see who the sad reaction was from) Please keep this change!
  7. My adjustments turned out to be just right (And I also love that word too ) It did go away and was gone for the entire day, only to return again just before bed. Not complaining about that at all. Nope, Spatchcocking is breasts up (that position is amazing by the way, but it makes my ankles hurt just looking at it) There are certainly similarities The online calculator I was looking at was for Spatchcocked birds (from the NYT no less). I suspect they assumed that no one would have a bird that small and smaller birds would not fit
  8. Holding silverware like your father is traditionally the #1 indicator that your MIL will like you boyfriend. Or so I hear
  9. Isn't your whole heart Texas shaped? Yeah, me too. This place is great for so many reasons I find it equally useful for lower body stuff as well, especially actively using the hip joints (and all of the associated musculoskeletal structure) in a wide variety of actions. This makes total sense OK, let's be honest. I think we all know that this is the real reason why I do all these ----------------------------- Today I skipped pretty much all of my classes to prepare for my Home Ec. final tomorrow. I woke up
  10. Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving and hope the rest of the year is at least marginally better for you than it has been so far
  11. Really glad to hear that your coming out was well accepted by your D&D group, I can imagine how stressful that must have been. Also glad you were able to work out some arrangements with Sunshine on your living situation. Getting used to a new housemate is hard enough in the best of times, adding in the pandemic just multiplies that.
  12. Welcome! Movie Ninjas and D&D rogues are a perfect fit Our next challenge is going to be a combined all guild holiday challenge (starting this Sunday) and you are of course encouraged to participate in that. We look forward to seeing you around the guild from next year, though
  13. I am so jealous of that awesome gaming setup you have up there
  14. I know this and yet I stay up way too late all the dang time. I really need to get back on the go to bed on time bandwagon
  15. If I lived near you I would totally come over. That menu sounds amazing GC, QP or BB?
  16. My grandma had a set of those that I loved reading as a kid. (the bottom two in your stack were part of her collection) Oh man, all the feels here. As a fellow language hobbyist I also struggle with the "but why even bother" issues and a lot of the points you brought up are also very relevant to me. As I get older, the likelihood of ever needing to speak thee languages decreases significantly, but I, like you, feel like I spent soooo much time getting these languages that it would be a horrible waste to just let them fall to the side. Not to mention the ego boost from saying
  17. Yeah, a lot f things got tweaked in the latest update but they are working hard on fixing it. If something isn't working for you you can raise it here. Spezzy has bee great about getting on top of all the bugs
  18. I don't know if you are into that sort of thing, but this is the same technique I use to get into my human flag negatives. Absolutely necessary. For science, of course.
  19. Good luck, I hope this helps. Also, I hope you are enjoying your holidays and getting in some good recovery time
  20. Two questions so far: 1. Is there any way to get rid of the thread stat block that takes up so much real estate in top right corner of the challenge threads? 2. Is there any way to get the strikethrough button back? That is the one text formatting thing that I don't know a hotkey for so the button in essential for me
  21. Yes, Skrim is ES5. Edit: where did the strikethrough button go???
  22. Fair point. In my description I was assuming difficulty level based on a fixed linguistic function (e.g. based on the same 100 words and 3 grammar patterns, it is easier to recognize and understand the content than it would be to recall and generate the same sentence on your own). I failed to make that assumption clear, however. I completely agree with this. Correct pronunciation is, for better or worse, one the primary standards against which fluency is judged How did it go???? I have to agree. I used to watch a show here when I first came to C
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