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  1. When I first lived in Japan, one of my favorite experiences was when some friends took us to this Ninjayashiki (traditional Ninja residence). It was really cool and had all kinds of traps, secret doors and hidden levels all designed to confuse and disorient anyone trying to come in. I remember how much I wanted to be a ninja after visiting there, and now it is time to begin my training. In order to up my ninja game, the goal for this challenge is to cause a Ninjary or better yet multiple Ninjaries (a Ninjary is the act of behaving like a ninja). To cause ninjaries, I am going to have to become like a ninja, so I will create a nuja character using the old AD&D SIWDCC format Strength: The skills I want to be focusing on this challenge are almost all upper body driven, so I will need something to keep the legs strong. This is where the gym is going to come in. I am probably going to dump the bench press and curls, and add in a bunch more leg work, so every gym day will be leg day Increase 0.1 Strength points per workout Intelligence: I am continuing with my Chinese proverb challenge, aiming to learn one ancient proverb every day. Minimum 5 new proverbs per week Increase 0.03 Intelligence point for every proverb learned Wisdom: Dump stat? Not sure what to do for this one. Maybe doing things I don't really enjoy because I know they are good for me in the long term (i.e. MyFlex & stretching). Yeah, let's go with that. Also, other things I need to do that I have been putting off can count for this as well. Increase 0.025 Wisdom points for every MyFlex sessions / non-regular adulting item Dexterity: For this challenge I am going to focus on calisthenics skills. Not a very narrow focus though The things I want to spend time on are: One Hand Handstands (OAHs) Back Flips Front Levers Back Levers Muscle Ups Human Flags Elbow Levers Planches Now I know that looks like an insane amount of skills to be working on, but since none of them are going to be getting more than 10-15 minutes per workout (except maybe backflips which will have a more dedicated workout) then it becomes more workable. Increase 0.05 Dexterity points for each focused workout Specific workout plan progressions as follows: OAHs: handstand walking and rocks (side to side shifting of balance from hand to hand), followed by one hand kickups to the bar for endurance/conditioning Back Flips: Once session each week at the trampoline park, doing back tucks on progressively less springy surfaces until I can get them from just a padded floor Front Levers: Single leg lever holds, fully extended slow lever drops (with holds) and tuck front lever lifts (with holds) Back Levers: Fully extended back lever drops, tuck to full extension kickouts for reps, pike to full extension lifts for reps Muscle Ups: jump muscle ups, cheat muscle ups, top hold bounces, low bar dips (with holds), and Russian dips Human Flags: kick ups into inverted holds, tuck drops Elbow Levers: elbow levers on various surfaces, including ground, single bar, parallel bars, perpendicular bars, and benches Planches: pseudo planche lean, pseudo planche pushups, planche tripod leg lifts, hanging crows Constitution: We have a very full freezer and we need to get rid of a bunch of stuff. For this challenge every meal I cook has to have at least one ingredient from the freezer. Minimum of 5 meals per week Increase 0.04 Constitution point for every meal Charisma: Ukulele, sketching, and any other self improvement activity. For the last challenge, I fell off the wagon because I was spending all of my time playing Skyrim. I am still going to allow myself to play, but not all the time. I still need to be doing other stuff. Increase 0.015 Charisma points for each personal development activity Current stats: (actual 3d6 rolls) Strength: 13 Intelligence: 13 Wisdom: 6 Dexterity: 14 Constitution: 11 Charisma: 11
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    Terah - Everything is a lie!

    Following you over to this thread
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    WhiteGhost is a Ninjary Waiting to Happen

    Yes, let's avoid all the bad Ninjaries Appropriate Today started off with a trip to the gym. There was a girl there doing deadlifts (Yay!) and one of the coaches came over and told her she was not allowed to do them (Boo!). The look she gave him was classic, I could see the coaches hit points dropping by the second and he finally gave up and went elsewhere. She then finished up her reps like she didn't even care. That totally made my day. I had a great leg day, it seemed like everything was going up like nothing. Single leg ham curls last week I couldn't lift more than 27.5 but today was able to move 35. The best part was when I was doing my tuck lifts I got a new PR of 190kgs and I was feeling good so I decided to try a 1RM of 200KGs and it just flew right up. I probably could have done a few more reps at that weight but didn't want to push it. After 5 of 8 exercises I was feeling pretty toasted so I skipped the walking lunges, goblet squats and weighted hops. (+.1) When I got back I did the shoulders and back module for myflex and I felt like I had a much tighter bridge than last time. I didn't take a picture to measure it, but it felt like I was getting a more of my weight over my shoulders. (+.025) Ghostess has decided to invite a demon spawn creature into our home,and has buying all of the paraphernalia in preparation for its arrival. Today the house/play are came so I spent some time assembling that (+.025) I made tofu, meatball and cabbage soup for dinner (using a duck carcass from the freezer) and it was pretty tasty. I tried to eat it before it was cool, though and burned the crap out of my tongue (+.04) While the soup was brewing, I broke out the uke and practiced for a bit, including the latest one that I had been working on. I felt better about it than I have in previous sessions, and I even got out the tutorial and started learning the picking interlude section. (+.015) I have given up on Imgur and will just post pics on the 'Gram. Here is the fried rice from yesterday: ETA: I forgot to include today's proverb, which is 老气横秋 (Lao Qi Heng Qiu) and means a young person who acts, speaks or dresses like an old person (primarily negative connotations) (+.03)
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    Elennare Moves

    Here to see you get in a workout every day. You got this!
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    Should [DarK_RaideR] roll the dice or roll in the mud?

    Someone applying to join the league of Heroes?
  6. Hi, visiting Assassin here doing something completely different this time around For the first time I am going to do a challenge that does not include an exercise component. Challenge item 1 As you can tell from the title, this challenge will mostly be about food, specifically my new 5x5 food program designed specifically to fit the new 5 week challenge format. The parameters for this challenge item will be around the following 5s: 5: The number of weeks the challenge will last 5: The number of days per week that I need to cook 5: The categories of foods that must be used (Beef/Pork/Chicken/Fish or Shrimp/Vegetarian) 5: The number of ways to prepare the foods (Mexican/Chinese/Pasta/Pan Fried/Other) 5: is right out So what I need to do is for 5 days out of each week, I need to cook a meal that uses one of those 5 foods and falls into one of those categories. Everything has to be used at least once, and no doubling up. The menu I have come up for the challenge is Mexican: Ground Beef Tacos, Carnitas, Fish Tacos, Enchiladas, Bean & Cheese Burritos Chinese: Beef & Celery, Braised Shortribs, Breaded Fish Strips, Chicken & Green Peppers, Egg & Tomato Scramble Pasta: Beef Stroganoff, Sausage Penne, Salmon Fettuccine, Creamy Chicken Noodles, Vegetarian Lasagna Pan Fried: Steak, Pork Medallions, Salmon Steaks, Teriyaki Chicken, Potato Egg & Cheese Scramble Other: Beef & Broccoli Stirfry, Meatloaf, Cajun Shrimp, Chicken Cordon Blue, Vegetarian Curry I'm not really sold on some of these, so if anyone has any suggestions, I am still open to changes. Especially for the pan fried vegetarian one. Challenge item 2 I got a set of sketching pencils for my birthday and I haven't even tried them out yet. In fact, I haven't done any sketching at all for weeks. Maybe even a couple of months. For this challenge, I want to get this back. I want to break out the pencils and get back to doing some sketching, but setting a goal of sketching every day is unrealistic. So my bare minimum is going to be 2 sketches each week, with a stretch goal of 5 per week. Challenge item 3 I have been practicing the ukulele pretty regularly recently, but I have not done much to learn new songs. Playing the same stuff over and over again is getting old so time to expand into some new stuff. Goal is to learn 1 new song each week. Challenge item 4 I am going to try to learn some Chinese. I bet you didn't expect that. I was recently brushing off a compliment about my Chinese abilities by saying that I don't really know much about 成语, aka ancient Chinese proverbs. The guy nodded and said "well of course you don't. There isn't any way you could know those unless you were a native speaker". Telling me I can't do do something? Gloves are coming off now, baby. Challenge accepted! I will learn 1 new proverb every weekday, so 5 new proverbs a week. To keep myself accountable, I will come here and let you know which one I learned each day. Pretty sure that is about it. No other challenge items or unspoken themes. Were done here.
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    The Doodlies are at it again!

    I vote we start when the challenge starts. Isn't today the day the challenge starts?
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    WhiteGhost is a Ninjary Waiting to Happen

    I love this OK, I'll look forward to seeing you on Tuesdays It actually was started as a play "an injury". I didn't realize it had an actual definition on Urban Dictionary until after I had already posted it. Just a fortuitous coincidence Your stealth roll < my perception roll. I see you sneaking over there Today started out with a trip to the park to work on my stuff. I think I got to everything I wanted to but I still haven't come up with an actual workout program yet. I did make a few discoveries. I tried Human flags for the second time ever today and I was much further along than I expected. I could do some quite controlled negatives which is much better than I expected. I also had a couple of good OAHS, with one of them holding for what felt like at least 2 seconds. Mucle ups were strugglebus, and I could only get 3 single leg jump muscle ups and not even one cheat muscle up. I just wasn't feeling it. Everything else was about what I expected. (+.05) After I got back, I did the hip extension module for MyFlex and then did a little bit of stretching. (+.025) When Ghostlet got home, he showed me a book he has on Chinese proverbs that I am going to use going forward. Today's proverb is 白头偕老 (Bai Tou Xie Lao) which means to grow white hairs together (indicating a happy & healthy lifetime relationship) (+.03) Ghostlet has been assigned to represent his school for some guests they have coming over from England and he will do an English introduction of the school and grounds for them. I helped his Vice Principal revise her draft of the introduction into "native English" (+.025) For dinner I pulled some rice out of the fridge and some peas and sausage out of the freezer and made some Yangzhou Fried Rice. I tried to post a picture but Imgur does not seem to be able to process any uploads even though I am accessing through my proxy server. I hope this isn't a permanent problem. (+.04)
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    Terah - Everything is a lie!

    This is so true on multiple levels, and one I have been struggling to learn. It isn't just the diet culture that is a lie, the whole weight loss thing is a bunch of lies. You say you don't like what you see in the mirror but again to repeat what you already said, there is nothing wrong with you as you are now. Sure;we all have room to improve, but the notion that we should all try to look like fitness models needs to die.
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    Mad Hatter retreats

    Sounds like you learned a lot of very interesting, and also useful information during this experiment of yours. Now I guess the challenge is going to be finding a way to take those things you learned and implement them into your life.
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    Fall wizardry

    Great challenge, your videos are always super impressive.
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    Which-craft? [Manarelle]

    Not shallow at all. Getting recognition for hard work you put in is always great, and the costume did end up looking wonderful so you should totally be proud (and totally confident for future cons!)
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    WhiteGhost's Fantastically Fancy 5x5 Food Fandango

    Thanks, I expect I will at least do a bit, hopefully more Next one is up
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    Sara Kingdom's All's Fallow Eve Challenge

    In for Patrician shenanigans
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    WhiteGhost's Fantastically Fancy 5x5 Food Fandango

    Could be. I was able to get a feel for faces (and hands to a certain extent) because I started with tutorials that focused on relative proportions. That way I could build a basic outline that looked vaguely like it should and then flesh it out from there. For feet (and for other thing like animals) I just don't know what the proportions should be so I just kind of eyeball it and it never comes out right. Probably due to the effect you mentioned. I really think I should take a focused course. I will go back and revisit Udemy this week and see if there is something that grabs me. Week 5 Sunday I did absolutely nothing for all 5 categories today so I am not going to bother listing them out. I think I will just do a challenge review and be done with it. Challenge review: 5x5 Food I did really well on this, even though it was harder than I thought having to make specific foods. I ended up getting 24/25 of the food combinations on the original schedule (missed on on Pork/Mexican) and overall I am very happy with how this turned out. Sketching This one started out strong but them I got discouraged trying to draw stuff beyond my capability. I didn't do as much sketching as I had intended, but I still learned a bit, particularly about my behaviours and what I need to do to get back on track Ukulele This one also started out well, mostly because I was super motivated to learns some songs to sing while I was on my cruise. After that I got hit with the triple whammy of no specific goal/trying to learn a song too advanced for me/internet connection issues. Oh well, I am still happy with how this went and feel good about keeping it going in some form going forward. Proverbs I was doing great until I got lazy and looked for short cuts. Not a great way to make progress. Overall still going to call this one a success. Handstands This one got added in midway through the challenge so hard to judge over a short period, but I am going to call this one a win too. I haven't actually made any measurable progress here, but when progress comes in millisecond increments, patience is the word. Consistency is the other word, and although I haven't been perfect I have been doing reasonably ok. Overall score? Let's call it a win but I will admit it had a really weak finish. I'm ready for the next challenge to start, let's bring it on!
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    Deffy #54 - Well Done

    I took the ferry from Calais to Dover, and then took a bus up to London. After a few days in London (with side trips to Buckingham and Leez Priory*) I took the train up to Newcastle for a day and then on to Edinburgh and the surrounding area to explore the lands of my forefathers. * An ancestor of mine was Steward of Leez Priory under Richard and Robert Rich so I wanted to see that. Unfortunately they were having a wedding there that day and I was not allowed in. Also, the queen was away when I visited Buckingham so I didn't get to have tea with her. What a wasted trip. ETA: I didn't see any chips that looked like that anywhere and now I feel like I haven't really even ever seen your country
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    Deffy #54 - Well Done

    Here I am about 15 years behind the power curve. I visited the UK in 2006 but I didn't know chippies were a thing so I had fish & chips in just some random restaurant and was quite disappointed. If I had had this information back then I may have had a much better chips experience. I will get over there again someday and will try a real chippy
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    WhiteGhost's Fantastically Fancy 5x5 Food Fandango

    For me it is the opposite, I would have a harder time drawing animals because they are less familiar so I don't know what the proportions should be. Stroganoff was delicious Week 5 Saturday 5x5 Food Today was the last day of the program, and it finished off with Vegetarian/Mexican so I made some bean & cheese burritos for lunch. I didn't take any pictures, though. Sketching Nope Ukulele Nope Proverbs Nothing Handstands Nothing
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    WhiteGhost is a Ninjary Waiting to Happen

    Absolutely, would be happy to post more videos (technology allowing). Or it might be GIFs. At any rate I will try to put up stuff to show what I am doing
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    Mad Hatter does handstands

    Ha, it seems we have quite different outlooks on handstanding For me, time upright and form/control are extremely highly correlated so for me it makes a very useful metric. Handstands are easily one of the most arbitrary skills I can think of. Most stuff either you can do it or you can't
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    Deffy #54 - Well Done

    I hope you are able to get all of the information you need to make the best possible decision
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    WhiteGhost is a Ninjary Waiting to Happen

    Nice to have you along I can see you following using my super ninja observation abilities According to Urban Dictionary, the term Ninjary has a few definitions, the first of which is doing something like a ninja. The second definition is an injury caused by a ninja. So depending on the definition, the same word could be used for both situations (a Ninjary causing a Ninjary )
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    WhiteGhost's Fantastically Fancy 5x5 Food Fandango

    Oh yeah, coming on the back of my Diablo stint, I have doing a lot of gaming recently It is fun but really hard when the pole it too thick to get a good grasp. Almost like leaning the hand against a wall. Hmmm, that sounds like another good thing to try... Thanks, they are certainly looking forward to the end of this challenge Just keep in mid that you want to keep the weight over your center of balance. Your body will work the rest out naturally if you can do this Yes, hands and feet are super strugglebus for me. Faces are not as bad, but still hard. I have never tried animals, but it seems they would be even harder than humans Oh, no doubt about that. 4 or 5 senior executives (Including one of the CEOs) were convicted of premeditated murder and got the death penalty. It was a sort of justice, but I have not seen any real impact on the corporate ethics problems that led to it in the first place. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that Week 5 Friday 5x5 Food Today was Beef/Pasta so I went with beef stroganoff. It is always a popular dish around here (except when I put mushrooms in it like today). I tried to upload a picture but again, no dice. Sketching Nope Ukulele Not today Proverbs Nothing again Handstands Finally made it to the park today and worked on a bunch of stuff including OA handstands. Unsurprisingly I was struggling quite a bit after not having done anything for a few days.