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  1. Yesterday I took Ghostlet to the China Technology Expo where he met his friend. They needed to go there as part of their physics homework so while they were there I came home and played some skyrim. In the afternoon I went to pick them up and they both spent the afternoon at our house playing. While there were doing their thing, I did mine, which mostly involved reading Fellowship and cooking dinner.
  2. Yesterday morning I got up before dawn and took Ghosted to the airport for her first Post-covid business trip. I then came back and spent most of the day playing Skyrim. In the evening Ghosted finished his homework so I was a terrible parent and let him play Cyberpunk 2077
  3. Yesterday was pretty basic. I played some Skyrim in the morning and then read a bunch of Fellowship in the afternoon. The Fellowship is now in Lothlorien and Galadriel just refused the ring from Frodo. Maybe I should have spoilered that last pert? Today is looking to be pretty much the same
  4. In my edition, the very first words after the table of contents are: "J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings is often erroneously called a trilogy, when it is in fact a single nove, consisting of six books plus appendices, sometimes published in three volumes." -------------------- Yesterday we had some good friends come over and so we spent the saying playing Mario Kart, Mahjong and Uno. The lady who came over grew up with Ghostess as sisters and her two daughters have been friends with Ghostlet since they were all tiny tots (they are all between 13-16 years old). After dinner we went out to watch a movie. We originally planned to watch Wandering Earth 2 but we found a place that was still showing Avatar 2 so we watched that instead.
  5. To be fair, that is the best part -------------------------------- On Sunday night, Ghostlet was watching me as I played my D&D game and remembered how much he used to love our family games, so he asked me to revive our old D&D game that we used to play with just the 2 of us. I was running him through the Lost Mine of Phandelver campaign and were in the middle of Cragmaw castle when we left off. He is playing 3 characters (Fighter, Wizard and Rogue) but to help him out I have a couple of players as well. One of them is a druid healer who is also a complete pacifist, and the other is a paladin whose only quest is protecting his druid. Well, we got the boss fight and things went badly. At one point the paladin, fighter and rogue were all down and both the druid and the wizard were out of spell slots. It was looking very likely that it could end up going TPK so I decided [Spoiler] I read some more of Fellowship in the afternoon (insside Moria now). and then in the evening I was going to make some Yakiniku but our hotplate suddenly self destructed. We ordered some food instaed, and then Ghostess and I went out to watch another movie. This one was a very asrtsy spy flick called hidden blade (No connection to Assassin's Creed) that was set during WWII and was super hard to understand. More than half of the movie was in either Shanghainese, Cantonese or Japanese with Chinese subtitles and I could only read the subtitles or try to follow the story but I didn't have the mental capacity for both. To further complicate the matter, the movie was extremely non-linear in the way it was presented so it kept skipping around in time and locations so even for Gostess it was really hard to follow. I was pretty impressed with myself that by the end of it I actually understood the story
  6. This makes me also very very happy. Poor Phantom. How is he with their mutual offspring? They both love Lich and Lich loves them both. I have adjusted the gate so that Lick can fit under it while neither of the others can and he spends quite a bit of time with his dad Uh oh, this doesn't sound good. We are very low on resources and have a player already unconscious and we haven't even engaged the mind flayer yet... You are still ahead of me, I just finished the Council of Elrond ----------------- Well, our plan to watch Avatar 2 failed because it turns out it is already out of theaters. Instead we went and watched a Chinese movie called Full River Red which was a murder mystery show set in the Song Dynasty and was really quite good. The rest of the day was spent reading Fellowship, cat herding and playing Mahjong.
  7. You would think so. For me the thing that makes it so hard to remember is that is is the same thing I do every day, so all the days just blend together Thanks, things are doing much better now Yeah, apparently it is just of the long, long list of possible, but known, symptoms. My days in the bunker are coming to a close, although the exit has been postponed now to the beginning of February --------------------------------------- So a few days again since my last update. There were a few days when I really did very little other than taking care of Ghostess. After that she was feeling better but resting so my days were mostly spent playing Skyrim while keeping an ear out for her if she needed anything. Yesterday was Chinese New Years Eve, and by then she was feeling much better. I spent the morning doing some baking, making a cheesecake, some cookies and some blueberry muffin bread. We then went to the store and bought some more snacks for the evening and some ingredients for dinner. In the evening we had hot pot and then played mahjong while we watched the national Annual New Years TV Program. Today we planned to watch Avatar 2 but since it has been so long since watched the first one we watched that in the afternoon. By the time we finished we didn't have time to watch the second one and still make it back in time for my D&D game, so we decided to watch Avater 2 tomorrow instead. I had a fun D&D adventure and was pretty sure we were all going to die when, ans a party of level 1 adventurers we walked into a room with a Mind Flayer. We may yet die, but when we left off it looks like we may escape without having to fight it. Also, I have some really, REALLY good news to report. So a few weeks back, Phantom was chasing Wraith around the house and she somehow managed to get her tooth knocked out. After that, she decided that Phantom was an existential threat and would attack him on sight. Ever since then we have had to keep them separated. Yesterday as we were enjoying our new years eve celebrations, we felt bad that Phantom was alone locked in the other room and so we decided to let him out for a bit (with close observation for aggressiveness from Wraith). Well, it seems that things have now cooled down between them, and as long as we are in the room with them they seem to be behaving themselves. I expect we will still need to keep them separated when they don't have supervision, but while we are home they can all hang out together without anyone trying to terminate another with extreme prejudice. I can't tell you how happy this makes me
  8. Technically that is from Central China (more than 1,000kms from here) so "round your parts" is kind of subjective but yeah, that would not look that out of place at the park where I work out
  9. I am way behind on updates, but mostly because I have nothing new to update. Every day is the same, consisting of Skyrim, Fellowship and piano practice, plus cooking food for everyone. The only thing that is new is that Ghostess is now symptomatic but still testing negative. She was saying yesterday that her heart hurt (I don't think I have ever experienced any non-emotional kind of heartache) so we took her over to the hospital to get it checked out. The doctor ran a battery of tests which all came back normal, but the doctor did say that this is a normal covid symptom so the mostly likely answer is that she is positive (She has all the other symptoms) but just isn't testing positive
  10. It was a shocking defeat for Hammarfist who (in his mind) singlehandedly defeated a troll just the day before
  11. Thanks, I always worry that I am going to hog the limelight which can get really old really fast. I have a feeling there is going to be more to this flying anchor conversation in future episodes ---------------------------------- I have no idea what I did on Monday but it probably involved a bunch of reading from Fellowship and a fair amount of xbox. Yesterday we had the cleaning lady come over in the morning for our last deep cleaning before CNY. In the afternoon a couple of friends stopped by to buy a pearl necklace from Ghostess and then I spent the rest of the day playing Skyrim. I was hoping to play Red Dead instead but as of this morning is still only 40% downloaded so that is going to ave to wait
  12. You talked me into it. I decided to wait util it goes on sale but when I got up this morning the ultimate edition was 70% off so it it is now downloading and I will give it a go once it installs. That used up all of my gaming money so after this it's just whatever I have in my library. ---------------------------------------------- Yesterday was a pretty slow day. I had church in the morning but I was just watching the stream since most of the people are now back in person. I spent most of the afternoon reading Fellowship and then in the evening we had our D&D game. It was our first session with our current group and even though we are only level 1 we still somehow managed to kill a troll with only a little outside help. DM @Jarric had us covered with a pretty powerful NPC who probably could have handled the troll by himself, by the time he got there it was already looking pretty bad. We then spent the rest of the time trying to find a missing person but we weren't getting very far with our limited clues. I was having fun playing up my character's lack of intelligence, but I hope it wasn't a little too much
  13. For some reason I thought this was another zombie game but I looked it up and apparently it isn't so there'e that. I will look more at it. I hadn't ever even heard of Hades and from the context I wasn't sure if it was a game or a title from the Cosmere I have since googled it and everything makes sense Sanderson is a great author and I have loved everything I have read of his so far. I have not yet touched the Stormlight Archives, though, because I don't like getting most of the way through a series and then having to wait for the next books to come out (Looking at you GRRM!) ----------------------------------------- I don't have a whole lot to say about yesterday. I am still testing positive for Covid so most of my day was spent reading Fellowship. I also spend a little bit of time in the afternoon playing Halo 2 with Ghostlet
  14. Long-Covid is nuts. It boggles my mind that symptoms can last so long after getting over it. ------------------------- It has been a slow couple of days. I finished reading the Hobbit and have started now on Fellowship. I was also feeling well enough to pay some xbox but I wasn't feeling in the mood for Assassin's Creed so I just ended up going for another Skyrim play through. It isn't really holding my attention, though, so the bulk of my time is spent reading.
  15. I prefer to watch other people's hot takes on them. That way the ranting gets interrupted by snide commentary to break things up, plus it doesn't monetize the crazies Yep, it is a weird disease. Luckily I seem to be pretty much over it and my taste buds all went back to normal yesterday. -------------------------------- Yesterday we got a bunch of eggs and 4 chickens dropped off by our farmer friend so I spent a lot of the day processing the chickens and carving them up. Other than that my day was spent mostly just sitting around scrolling through random Youtube videos.
  16. I liked this advice and spent a lot of yesterday binge watching highlight reels from Family Feud on Youtube I really wanted to use a specific gif here but apparently the reference is way too obscure and I couldn't find anything even close. Insert here in your mind the airport scene from Mel Brooks' High Anxiety where he beeps going through the metal detector: What do I win? a Pinto??? I am pretty ready to be done with all of this already. --------------------------------- As I mentioned, I spent a good part of yesterday binge watching highlight reels from Family Feud yesterday and it was a nice relaxing way to waste a day. The highlight of the day was of course after Ghostlet finished his homework, we sat down and watched Flat-Earther videos all evening and it was a riot. I haven't had such a good laugh in a really long time. I was really impressed with Ghostlet's meme finding skills because as I was finding videos to watch he was able to find all the best related memes. I also noticed another really weird covid symptom that I am struggling to wrap my head around. So for the last 3 days I haven't eaten anything besides fruit. For the first time yesterday I started eating normal foods again and apparently my taste buds have gone the opposite of usual and have decided to make me a super taster for all the regions in my mouth that aren't the dead zone. I made some chicken and leafy vegetable stir fry for dinner and Ghostlet said it tasted just like normal (which makes sense as I always make it the same way). For me, however, the salt from the soy sauce was so overpowering that I could barely eat it, and the bitterness from the vegetables made it even worse. I feel like my sensitivity to certain flavors (salty, bitter, spicy) is now double or triple what it was before. Fruit don't seem to have this effect so maybe I don't have the same sensitivity to that? At some point I will have to try some non fruit sweet foods but for now I don't have any appetite for them. Even my toothpaste seems to have changed. before it was a nice refreshing spearmint flavor but now it is like cramming an entire box of altoids into my mouth. All very annoying, really.
  17. Perfect Understandably so. that was some real dedication there Haha, you have seriously overestimated my western music exposure This is awesome. I have been sick for the last few days and all I had to entertain myself was watching Ghostlet play his FIFA 21. If I happened to sleep through any of his exciting matches he would give me a play by play very similar to your description
  18. Ah, OK, pretty sure I have seen those before. I'm not sure if Ghostess has one, but I am pretty sure some of the ladies in her crew use them. I had to check my computer 3 times because I was also 100% sure it was Tuesday yesterday and now I am extremely confused because how is today not Wednesday? It isn't just us either, I usually have a regular management call on Tuesday nights and the other guys were all "it's a holiday weekend, let's skip tonght's call" and not a single person batted an eyelash I am sure you probably guessed this, but I am super interested to hear your thoughts on the game and what parts you played so far.
  19. I think it is highly unlikely that I will be able to keep up here (exhibit A: already page 3 before I even find this place) but subscribing to show solidarity and support nonetheless
  20. Here to follow along. I did not realize it had been so long since you have been doing aerial stuff but then again, I usually just gloss over the last 3 years as if they never existed. So in my world, it has really only been 2 years
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