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  1. Yo, wassap? WhiteGhost here, hanging with the Adventures this time around for a couple of reasons. First, as an Ambassador for the Assassins I like to get around and visit the various guilds to meet new friends and rep our guild. Also, as an Ambassador I can pretty much do whatever I want here because diplomatic immunity (that IS how this works, right?) Also, I have been kicking around an idea for a different kind of challenge and this seems like the ideal time to do it. A few challenges ago @Wobbegong moved to Japan and most of her challenge was slice of life stuff that gave the rest of us some insight into what her life was like like living in Japan. I thought it was kind of fun to read and follow along with that. Now, it has come to my attention that some of you do not live in China, and that perhaps some of you may not have ever even been here. As such, I thought it would be fun to run this challenge more as a blog of what my life is like in China, so that you guys can vicariously experience what it's like to live in China. While I plan to keep up with my regular challenge stuff like bodyweight workouts, stretching and healthy eating, that will not be the primary focus of this challenge The key KPIs for this challenge are going to be: 1. Daily updates - a lot of mundane stuff will be posted here, but the point is to give a feel of what passes for mundane here. I expect that a lot of what I consider mundane may actually be interesting to some of you. 2. Daily visual aides - Descriptions are good, but sometimes a picture or a video can show something that you just wouldn't get from a simple description 3. Food Porn - I will take pictures of the stuff that goes onto our table, whether it is homemade or delivered. I suspect a lot of it will be different from what you normally picture when you think of Chinese food. There are a few points of particular interest that helped me decide to do this challenge now instead of later - I am currently unemployed, so daily updates can be more varied than just "went to work and did [REDACTED]" - I am involved in a labor dispute with my previous company, and the first arbitration hearing will happen during this challenge - My visa expires during this challenge so I will get to go through the renewal process - I will be working on a freelancing project, so some work related stuff can still happen - The challenge will finish right before Chinese New Year (China's biggest holiday) so everyone will get to see a little bit of the holiday (I may extend this challenge through CNY) For the fist time since Joining NF, I can come up with a 2019 framework, and in order to bring this challenge into compliance with my established framework, I will identify a few key focuses for me to keep in mind during this challenge. I will keep it simple, as stolen from @zenLara Strength - At least 1 pullup per day Dexterity - get inverted (handstand or similar) at least once per day Constitution - Home-cooked food every day Intelligence - Learn how to edit videos (this will be key for doing my updates) Wisdom - Initiate a spiritual discussion in the home each week (ideally on Sunday) Charisma - Learn at least 3 new names each week, and call those people by their name These won't be KPIs per se, but just some guidelines for me to keep myself focused during the challenge OK, let's kick this off with a song about living in Beijing by Big Daddy Dough, my favorite China focused, geopolitical/macroeconomic rapper
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    Whisper’s Reboot!

    I have a fitbit Charge HR, and a Tomtom Cardio (and a jawbone up and a Nike+...) but the only one that works right now is the fitbit. The Tomtom was my favorite of the bunch but I can't get a replacement band for it anywhere
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    Bardic Garlic starts his journey

    Impromptu workouts FTW You live in a pretty hot & humid place, so that must have been really pleasant to be all sweaty in your suit...
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    The Doodlies Are At It Again

    The next challenge item is coming up, let's see what it will be: 1 1: One home cooked meal every day (Tue, Wed, Thu)
  5. Administrative Note: This is a closed group for breakfast pastries only. If you are not a Doodlie or don't know what a Doodlie is, you are free to watch but unfortunately participation is only open to active Doodlies. It has been a while since the Great Doodlie War for Doodlie Island, and the locals are starting to get restless. Actually, the locals are getting to restful, which is why we need to stir things up to get us up and moving again. Time to fight! So what are we fighting for? Bragging rights, mostly. But also fighting to be the best Doodlie we can be. We compete against each other, but the real fight is our own. I had a bunch of ideas for the mini, but I am too lazy to get it all ready before the challenge kicks off, so I am going to just recycle a challenge that was done previously. Just getting back into things, let's keep it simple, eh? Fitness is fun and is kind of in the title of Nerd Fitness, but I have heard that nutrition may actually be a little more important that workouts. Crazy theory, I know. Anyway, to that end this challenge will focus on getting our nutrition back on point. That means we get to play HORSE Uh, wearing the mask is optional. They way this will work is everyone submits three nutrition goals they want to work on for this challenge, and they will be picked at random. Once the goal is selected, everyone has 3 days to comply with the goal. For example, if the selected goal is "no sugar", everyone has to go 3 days without any sugar. If you fail to meet the goal you get a letter. If the next goal is "5 portions of freggies", everyone has to have 5 portions of freggies every day or you get a letter. Because people tend to take these things more seriously when there is some competition involved, we will still divide up into teams, where the team with the least total letters wins. Anyone Doodlie who wants in, just comment below your desire to participate and put in 3 challenges that will go into the challenge pot. Once we have everyone signed up, we can adjust the teams (or point allocations) accordingly to make things fair). Challenges for this are recommended to be the same one you are doing for you personal challenge, but that you are welcome to use others if you prefer. If there goals you want to use that someone else has already submitted, no problem. It may mean that we have two of the same goal twice in a row. Deal with it My 3 are going to be Eat at least 1 home-cooked meal every day No sugar (or sugar substitutes) for the period 5 portions of Freggies every day If there are any more experienced Doodlies that have suggestions or comments or critiques or complaints or opinions or whatnot, I won't be surprised Ready, GO! EDIT: Adding a scoreboard to keep track WhiteGhost: _ _ H _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Shello: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Sylvaa: ? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ JMK: ? ? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Korranation: ? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
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    The Doodlies Are At It Again

    I was in the same boat. I already had enough food prepped and cooked for the week, and then we went out to eat twice over the weekend I was just going to take a letter.
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    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Random.org allows you to set whatever number you want as the high and low ends of the range, just fill in the values in the widget in the top right hand corner.
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    Thug Life: China Style [WhiteGhost]

  9. WhiteGhost

    Thug Life: China Style [WhiteGhost]

    Thanks guys In theory I know that there are no "wrong" emotions, but some emotions just feel more wrong than others. The one that bugs me the most is when I feel put out because the timing is not great. I understand that the emotion is a completely reasonable thing to feel, but I still feel like a selfish jerk to be unhappy because my vacation plans may need to be modified or cancelled when it is something so important on terms of life events. That doesn't stop me from feeling it, and then I feel bad for feeling it. I have been trying to do what I have learned here from people like @zenLara, which is identify the emotion when it comes, recognize it, and then let it go. So far, this method seems to be helping. The last few days have been pretty meh. Sunday morning was church, and then in the afternoon we all just bummed around the house watching movies and eating ice cream. Lunch was leftover lasagna and dinner was hot dogs. This morning I went to the park to do my workout, but after about 30 minutes I got a call from my MIL that she had a delivery and needed me to go over there to receive it. In China, sending gifts at the holidays is a common practice for most state owned companies. Because it looks bad for state owned companies to give cash bonuses (it looks too capitalist) they usually give foodstuffs. When I got there, the guy was just dropping off some flour, oil, rice, dried mushrooms and some mixed seeds & nuts. I started picking it up and stiffing it into a big bag and the guy comes over demands to know what I am doing. Apparently he thought I was some kind of ballsy package thief It turns out that my MIL told the delivery guy that her son in law was coming to get it, but forgot to mention that her son in law is a foreigner. Luckily we were able to get that cleared up without too much trouble, and I brought all of the stuff back home. I was going to go back out and finish my workout, but then I got a call from my church leader who needed some help at the bank. One of my responsibilities at church is helping process the tithing & other donations. Because our church is not officially recognized, all of the administrative & legal stuff that churches normally do (i.e. bank accounts, rent contracts, etc.) needs to be done through a "front" company (all of this is above board with the government, this is just the only way for us to legally operate here). However, because this is China, they have a bunch of silly laws, one of which is that no banking services are allowed for corporate accounts on non-working days. Perhaps they think that any legitimate transactions would always happen during regular business hours? Also, do you remember what I said earlier about cash being almost obsolete in China. Well, apparently the only way we can accept donations without them being recorded as taxable revenue is to have the donations come in in cash. I don't know the rationale behind this, but that's the way it is. So this leaves us in the situation that we need to deposit the donations during the week, and church policy is that any time cash is handled there needs to be 2 authorized people present. So I went and helped him to make the deposit but because pretty much nobody deals in cash anymore, the bank workers are always confused about how to process it, so it always takes a few hours to make the deposits. By the time I got back it was already mid afternoon, so I had the last of the lasagna and waited for Ghostlet to come home. They got their test scores in the morning and then went "skiing" in the afternoon. I put that in quotes because although they were on skis and going down a hill slight slope, there was no snow involved, and it was all done on a synthetic surface. This surface was pretty high tech, and you could choose the level of friction you wanted on your skis, so the kids who had never done it before would go down slowly and the more experienced/braver kids could go a little faster. Food has been pretty bad recently, and I think I may be compensating for my feelings by stuffing my face with junk. The results are starting to become very visible around my waistline and my weight has gone back up to almost my heaviest and all of my old pants fit again. The increased weight has also had a pretty big negative effect on my workout performance Come on, WhiteGhost, pull yourself together.
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    Deffy Gets Hairy (Deffy # 47)

    Way to kick the weekends arse. And, way to let the workout kick your arse. Moar arse kicking, less arsebiscuitry! (this should be a slogan) Huh, and here I thought I had ridiculously tight shoulders because I can't do that. Nice to know I am normal
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    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Yes, it has a couple of layers of meaning. On the surface, it is purely about time. I noticed that it was already 11:30pm on Sunday night and I was running out of time to write my poem. The deeper focus for the poem was my mom, who is not expected to live more than a couple more days. She has been fighting a losing battle against cancer for the last 5 years, and it has slowly spread throughout her entire body. As the end draws nigh and her body starts to shut down, she has started to lose not only her physical senses but also her cognitive funtions. However, my religious tradition holds that there is not only an afterlife but also the continuity of familial relationships, so although there is sadness of her leaving us there is also the brightness of hope that she will soon be reunited with her parents and her son who died as an infant, as well as all of her other relatives who will be there on the other side.
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    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    The grains of sand slide shadows lengthen and hide the darkness has come and feelings grow numb enter the night to wait for the light
  13. I did a little BJJ before and loved it. If they had a place that taught it around here I would be very tempted to sign up.
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    Do You Even Work Here? Tanktimus' New Year Challenge

    Pics or it didn't happen
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    [SymphonicDan] the Runaway Professor [Level 25]

    The beach is one of my favorite places to do handstands.
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    Mad Hatter and the Swamp Creatures

  17. WhiteGhost

    [JediNickD] World 4 Level 7: "Saving What We Love"

    huh, that's interesting. I wonder why that is. This is something I keep telling myself I should do, but never get around to looking into it seriously. Congratulations on getting it done!
  18. Ooh, I hope you are right and the gym will get back into offering martial arts.
  19. WhiteGhost

    Annyshay - PENGUIN!

    Definitely tell them about the trip. Most places are pretty reasonable about these kinds of things, but they can only be accommodating as far as they know the situation
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    The Rebel Cantina

    Sorry, I have been out of sorts this week I will try and get something in tomorrow, but I don't know if it will be enough...
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    Dance dance!

    ugh, I am sooooo ready for winter to just be over already. ANY DAY NOW, OKAY???
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    Grandkai's New Year & return to NF?

    Condolences about your aunt
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    Puzzle time

    48S handstand! BEAST! Way to go!!!
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    karinajean takes better notes

    Great news! So glad everything went so well for your dad
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    RogueLibrarian steals into 2019

    This discussion reminds me of a very funny thing I saw once as a teenager going to the local university pool. Inside of every locker, they have a big sticker that says "HELP US PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES - USE A LOCK" One day I had found the sticker inside my locker had been defaced to read: "HELP US PROTECT YOUR VALUABLES - WEAR A JOCK" Oops, sorry... Congratulations on the raise