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    WhiteGhost wants to VJ

    I have so many ideas for challenges floating around in my head, I had to make a decision abut which one was going to make the cut this time. The one that won is this one It doesn't really have a theme so much as it is a declaration of the primary objective of this challenge. Create a bodyweight skills video library. I do a whole bunch of different exercises but I thought it would be fun to create a visual library because why not? Could be useful. Even if it isn't useful, it will be useful to learn how to edit videos and make GIFs, which is really the key point of this challenge. I am starting from pretty much zero for this, so there will be a few things that need to happen in order for this to work: Select a video editing software (preferably something free and user friendly) and also figure what tools I would need to convert a video clip to a GIF. Learn how to use those tools Make videos of the various exercises Decide if I want to use video, GIFs or both Put everything together into an anthology I suppose I am also going to do other things during the challenge too, so I might as well put this in as well for accountability 1. Move - I am pretty happy with my current workout program so I will stick with it for now. I may vary things up depending on how I am feeling, but generally sticking with the pulll/push/leg split 2. Shiny Hunting - I want to keep working on my gymnastics skills, and I am also planning to sign up at the trampoline park so I can work on other cool stuff. 3. Eat - Now that I have the basics down for cooking, I want to try and expand on that by trying new foods. I would like to try 5 new recipes over the course of the challenge. Also, I will make an effort to eat gooder, with less sweets/dessert and more vegetables. 4. Shiny - Other Self-Improvement. This is going to be doing something non exercise related to make me into a more well rounded person. This could be anything from practicing the ukulele to learning Spanish to practicing drawing to learning some new skill or information. I know that trying to create a specific schedule for this will be counter-productive, but I want to make sure I am doing at least one thing every day for self betterment.
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    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    Bread with cheese on top cooked in a toaster oven
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    Seeking Allies in my Quest

    This was me for most of my 30s. I didn't want to go to the gym and preferred bodyweight, but could never find a program that I could stick with. It wasn't until I found this place and saw what others we're doing did I realize that my problem is I get bored easily if I am doing the same thing over and over. Pushups and sit-ups over and over doesn't excite me, so after a while I just lose interest. My routine now is single sets of tons of different bodyweight exercises. This doesn't work for everyone, but the principles is the same - the best workout for you is the one you actually do.
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    18ck's Records (for Madmen Only)

    I think you were before my time but always happy to support an old fart What about other non-pushup bodyweight exercises like squats or core?
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    Yep, definite improvement. The contact stuff looks really cool, especially when you are using the crystal
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    WhiteGhost wants to VJ

    Yeah, I little "photoshop" would probably help things a bit Me too Today went pretty well. I went to the park in the morning and filmed almost all of my leg/core stuff, so I should be able to have the GIFs done withing this week. After my workout I did a lap around the park and then came home to do my stretching. Tomorrow is "Recycling Day" at Ghostlet's school, so we have been saving up all of our newspapers and other old paper stuff that we don't need and will take it to school tomorrow. In the afternoon today I organized everything into bundles and weighed it. This year's haul is 126 KGs, which is a lot more than last year's 82 KGs. I kept myself pretty busy today so I didn't have lunch. Ghostess said she is going to make some dinner when she gets home today, which means I am going to be pretty hungry by the time everything gets ready.
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    [Mad Hatter] Gotta go fast

    The thing that made the biggest difference for me was getting my chest as far away from the bar as possible on the way down (i.e. getting my arms completely straight). I then pull back into the bar once I get to the bottom to speed up the rotation. When you say you are getting your hips up, are you still keeping the back of your knees in contact with the bar? If not you will lose a lot of momentum when your knees slide into place. Yep, looks like you are doing some fun stuff Meh, no one can be on point all the time every day. You have so much momentum going right now a wrote off day every now and then may be just what you need to keep from burning out.
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    TODO 2019 PvP [Jan 1 - Dec 29]

    I grew up as the 5th of 10 children, so by the time I was 10 years old or so, my mom was done with trying to come up with meals that everyone was willing to eat. Instead, she would buy ingredients and frozen foodstuffs and we would just heat up or cook what we want. Because of this, most of the foods I grew up on, were things that a child could easily prepare alone, such a burritos, frozen meat pies, frozen pizza, hot dogs, ramen noodles, etc.. I thought about making some of those but with fresh ingredients (I can't buy the frozen stuff here) but instead decided to go with a favorite from when I was kid that is super easy to make: Cheese Toast As I kid I usually had it with canned tomato soup but since I can't get that here I just went with the toast.
  9. I would say buy the size you are. When you get to your destination size there will always be other lingerie that you will want
  10. So except the being sick bit, an almost perfect day
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    There's a New Sheriff in Town

    Yay!!!!!!!!! Couldn't be happier for you guys!!!
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    WhiteGhost wants to VJ

    I think once upon a time it probably may have been possible, but I suspect those days are long gone Actually the stereotype that Chinese people are short is also getting outdated. I am 172cm so shorter than the Dutch national average. However, the millennial generation here is probably around my same height on average, with many people quite a bit taller than I am. There are a couple of girls in Ghostlet's class that are as tall as I am. OK, week 1 is coming to a close so it's time once again to review my goals and see how I did Skills Video Library - This is moving along and on track. My riginal plan was to do 3 categories (pull, push, leg) and I have already completed 2 of those three. I will probably supplement those with other categories (gymnastics, parkour, other mobility, etc.) but that can be more of a long term project. I still need to think about how I want to put these into video format, and what I want the end product tot look like. Move - I did pretty well, but I am really starting to worry that I may have done something bad to my shoulder. It has now been over a week and it is still pretty painful and for vertical push movements (like dips) I can only generate part of the power I can get from my right shoulder. I may need to get it looked at if it doesn't start coming around on its own. Shiny Hunting - Not much this week on this because I was trying to give my shoulder a rest. Eat - Food prep was good this week. I made a batch of enchiladas and a pot of chili, which will probably last me through most of next week because I am the only one in the house who likes to eat those. Shiny - This was really pretty good as well. I practiced ukulele pretty much every day am feeling pretty confident in most of the songs I have learned so far. I think I am probably ready to try adding a new one to my repertoire. For drawing, I only drew once, but again it was together with Ghostlet. Ghostess has a birthday coming up soon and she pretty much already has everything she wants, so it is really hard to buy things for her. Instead, Ghostlet and I decided to each draw a picture of her. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but after looking at the finished product, I am worried it may end up being a net negative I also got in a couple of duolingo sessions, but that's about it.
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    5 minutes 'till midnight (KB Girl)

    Maybe throw in a sleepover at the gym too
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    Get a life Guzz! (Take 2)

    I remember when I used to do a lot of mountain climbing, I would hike for hours and the peak always seemed just as far as when I started. It felt like I hadn't made any progress. But then suddenly I would come around a bend and get a view of the trail below me and I was always amazed at how much higher I was than when I was at that lower point on the trail. Looking at the peak I couldn't see the progress. It was only when I stopped and looked back at where I was did the progress become apparent.
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    Spring Break! [Manarelle]

    You sound like a woman with her priorities in the right place
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    WhiteGhost wants to VJ

    The voting appears to be unanimous Apparently I would not be the right person to ask I really haven't encountered enough Europeans to tell the difference. I would be much more likely to be able to differentiate between a Japanese/Korean/Chinese than I would between various European nationalities (especially Northern Europe). I am multi-ethnic* with ancestry from England, Scotland, Ireland, AND Denmark * Only compared to most Chinese I have working on bench pistols for ages and have been sloooooooowly improving. I think I am just about ready to move up to the next progression
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    DoubleTrouble starts tracking

    I usually use SL (single leg) or OA (one arm) which is also how I have seen other people do it. I don't think there is a standard shorthand.
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    NFA: Dino Hunter

    Yeah, that kind of compression is beyond my ability so I had to lean way back to turn my L into a somewhat obtuse V Some of those yoga poses are just not going to happen
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    What does [DarK_RaideR] want to do?

    Excellent! Hmmm, are you sure this is right? That didn't seem like much of a smackdown at all. More like the opposite.
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    WhiteGhost wants to VJ

    The ukulele was part of a display that had dozens of them all painted in various flags. We picked it up for like 10 bucks when the display was finished. It isn't a very good quality one, but good enough to get started on. We got it when Ghostlet was in his "American Flag everything" stage. I guess he was trying to figure out his identity. Interesting that you say "American face", I have often been told (usually by Americans) that I have a very Scandinavian face It is, but it means I have tons of games that I have never tried. Our Wii is the same (pre-loaded) but we got that before I started working out so I spent a lot more time exploring those games. It was a great rest day, and very much needed. I saw your comment this morning and I laughed because I am not even close to regular pistol squats but the more I thought about it, the more I think it is worth trying. My biggest struggle for pistol squats is ankle ROM, so maybe by trying them on a rail I can cheat on the ankle ROM. I didn't work out this morning again because I had to go to the bank to make a deposit. It took a long time and was really frustrating, because I had to fill out the deposit slip in Chinese by hand, and my Chinese handwriting just isn't good enough. I filled it out 3 times, before they felt bad enough for me and helped me with it. Including travel to and from the bank, it took me the entire morning just to make that one deposit. Ghostlet gets out of school early on Fridays, so once he got out we played soccer for a bit in the yard and then came up for dinner
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    Saving What We Love: Tanktimus' Mindset

    Rest days like that are always nice
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    Sara Kingdom Learns From Firebenders

    Has something happened to your vegetables again?
  23. Nice routines What is your time frame for trying to get them learnt?
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    JonFirestar and Ultra Distance OCRs

    This is I think one of the things that is most inspirational. For me (and probably a lot of others) sitting here wondering if we can reach our goals, can watch the way you have progressed over the last 3 years and see a lot of hope. I can't speak for others, but following along with your journey has helped me stick with mine.