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  1. Sure, I haven't talked programming for a while but it is something I have been floundering with for far too long. I have some skills that I want to learn but I struggle to find the right balance. Many of the skill should really be done every day or every other day, but I don't have time or the strength/endurance to do all of my skills every day. My current plan would be a compromise. Skills I want to learn/improve on are Front lever, back lever, planche, handstand pushup, iron cross, human flag, L-Sit/V-Sit, and pistol squats. I can't doo all of them, so I am going to limit it to just 5 (one for each day of the week. I have a bunch of progressions for each skill. Monday - Front Lever Tuesday - Planche / Lsit (The progressions I am on right now make these work together really well) Wednesday - Pistols (Plus other Leg Day exercises) Thursday - Back Levers Friday - Handstand Pushups The balance will come in that in addition to the scheduled progressions for each day's skill, I will also choose one progression for each of the others so that they are not being neglected completely for a full week. I am thinking about maybe adding in some ab work or other cardio (probably dancing) to finish off the workouts Nope, not going to be improving anytime soon. I am already resigned to it but I just hope it doesn't get as bad as I am afraid it might. haha, you sweet innocent summer child I have had CBBE on there since they allowed modding on consoles (I don't have any bikini armors though...) The specific mod in question here is called Legacy of the Dragonborn ----------------------------------- So things have gotten progressively worse here and every day comes with new restrictions. As of today we have mandatory daily covid tests, no non-resident are allowed inside the complex (we have to go outside the gates to pick up deliveries), and we have all been issued residence documents that we can use to prove we are resident if we have to leave for some reason. They gave all residents an official notice today strongly recommending we don't leave the complex until at least the end of the month unless absolutely necessary which is the last step before a full mandatory lockdown. I expect the lockdown will come before the end of the week. As a bit of good news, Ghostess sneezed on Monday and it popped her spine back into alignment so it looks like we are not going to have to go back to the hospital to get that fixed. I realized after a couple hundred hours in my current playthrough that I was missing an important patch that was creating a bunch of bugs so I just gave up and started a new playthrough. I am not broken up about it, because I was having so much fun I was already looking forward to my next playthrough now that I know what I am doing .
  2. Well, things are slowly slipping into our worst nightmare scenario. Cases here have not only been consistently increasing, the rate of increase is also increasing. For the first time, the tried and true methods of control are not working so things are gradually tightening until very soon the entire city will be in complete lockdown. That in and of itself isn't a worry, except that I really do worry we are going to experience food shortages. All of the stuff that normally comes through Shanghai (imported goods, international branded domestic products, products catering to international consumers, etc.) are already not available. I can't get soda water, canned tunafish, tortillas, peanut butter, etc.) at all now, and I worry that it is only a matter of time before local staples like meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables become difficult to get, like things have been in Shanghai for the last 2 months. The next few weeks, and possibly months, are going to be very interesting indeed. On top of all this, Ghostess managed to throw her back out on Sunday. We went to the hospital yesterday and they said is was not serious and that hopefully it should get itself back in place in a week or so and prescribed a bunch of muscle relaxants. Ghostlet has his first 2 high school entrance exams next month and the schools are already preparing for them to be done online. They had a big conference call with all of the parents and students to explain the testing process, including the protocols for ensuring (as much as they can) that there won't be any cheating. On a positive note, I did come up with a rough draft for a workout program, but who knows if it will end up being something I can stick to if we are in full lockdown.
  3. Well, I thought I knew how bad things were what with my weight being so much higher than before, but then I tried to put on a suit jacket and realized that while the waist a bit snug, it wasn't abnormally so. The shoulders, however, were so tight I could barely get it on. Apparently a significant portion of my weight gain has been hypertrophy in my shoulders, but I would never have known it just from the scale data alone (even though it has BF% and a host of other metrics) I guess I am better off than I thought Welcome --------------------------------- Yesterday was pretty much a write off due to the lethargy of not having enough sleep the night before so it was pretty much a whole day of Skyrim. I have at this point finished off almost all of the questlines and am now just doing radiant quests to collect unique items for my museum.
  4. Back in Jan 2020 I had a challenge going and the food part was to do 5 different food types (beef, chicken, pork, seafood, vegetarian) and 5 different styles )Mexican, Chinese, pan fried, pasta and something I don't recall) without any repeats. I gae a list of possible foods I might make and had everyone send me a bingo card with their guesses on what I would make. I was going to take a 1 week break in the middle for a holiday trip that ended up being more than a month because covid decided to be a thing. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Yesterday started out well with a nice workout. It then devolved into playing Skyrim for the rest of the day. I was planning to at least go to be on time, but around 11:30 Ghostess comes to me and says she is going to be up for a while because her favorite streamer was live so I kept playing until her stream finished... at 3am
  5. I was going to apologize for getting here late but then noticed that I am here within 24 hours of the challenge getting posted so I guess I am right on time
  6. Following. OK, just posting to get this onto my followed content list. I will check in occasionally, though
  7. Well, I seem to have fallen down a well or something. How far along are we into this challenge already? This is by far the latest I have ever been for a new challenge. I wish that I could say it was due to being in quasi-lockdown, or stress from all of the uncertainty in the world, but the real reason I have been gone is because I have lost in the world of Skyrim. A mod for the game that I have long been interested in checking out was recently ported over to xbox and it turns out that it is exactly the thing I was missing from the game. Not only that it expands the game with so much new content that it seems like it has almost doubled the scope of the game. It hasn't but it sure feels like it. The result is that I have poured every moment of my spare time into it, with only the occasional break to get a work in every once in a while. Staying up until 2 every night hasn't helped things either. So now I am here to try out crawl out of this hole I have dug myself to be ready for the next challenge. Goals as follows: Sleep: Try and be in bed by midnight every night. At any rate no later than 1am. Exercise: Keep up with my current sporadic workouts but I need to create a new workout program to be implemented at the start of next challenge Food: I have been in a holding pattern for almost a month now near my all time high and I can feel it and I don't like it. Eating for this challenge is going to be a mess (at least until I finish my playthrough) but I need to have a meal plan for next challenge, which will probably be along the lines of my 5x5 bingo challenge that died when the pandemic first hit. Other: I have a lot of idea for my PbP D&D game that has been ongoing but I have been kind of ignoring it in favor of Skyrim. I want to keep going and at least stop by and check things out every few days or so at a minimum. Also, I have a secret challenge ite was supposed to happen this challenge with @juliebarkley but it isn't going to happen this time. That will be revealed next challenge (unless she has already revealed it on her challenge...) And that's it. I will be honest and say that you probably shouldn't expect to see me much around here until I finish my Skyrim playthrough, but I will be back
  8. Well, it has been another few days of pretty much the same. Workouts at home in the mornings , interrupted by having to go down and get a covid test. The afternoons are filled with mostly Skyrim. Ghostlet is having school at home but he has a high school entrance exam at the end of the semester so the teachers are scrambling to make sure they are ready. Yesterday he had to attend a geography class even though it was Sunday. The pressure these kids are under is insane. He only high school entrance exams are only for 2 subjects this year (Geography and Biology) so I don't even want to think about how bad it is going to be next year when he has to test the rest of them. We aren't in lockdown, but the only difference is Ghostess leaving for work every day. neither Ghostlet or I ever leave the house except for our daily covid tests.
  9. I would love to but it won't be happening anytime soon, I just heard last night hat the place has been shut down as part of her city's plague protocols. --------------- The last couple of days have been largely uneventful. The 2 blocks just south of us were on lock down from last weekend, the block across the street to the west just got locked down yesterday and the area across the street from the park went on lockdown today. While I am not technically locked down, any place I would go is, so it really amounts to basically the same thing. I worked out at home yesterday and even got a new PB for my bent arm handstand getting my arms locked out to almost 90 degrees. The rest of my time has been mostly spent playing Skyrim. Today is the first day of online school for Ghostlet. Ghostess was planning to go into he office today but her covid tracker app bounced so she is essentially locked down until she can figure out why. Other hand all that, completely uneventful
  10. + Yeah, grass is not really a big thing in Asia, and the places that do have it strictly enforce the "Keep off the grass" signs
  11. Some of the stuff does seem excessive, without the proper context. I was a little surprised it would be something that could come with jail time until Ghostlet explained the legal system framework for me over our holiday. It seems he has been paying attention in his civics class. Glamping was great ------------------------------------------ So as you probably guessed, we made it back from our glamping trip without incident. The only hiccup was that Ghostlet's school required everyone to have a covid test y 4pm but there weren't any testing sites at the campground. We ended up just doing it when we got home at 7 but it doesn't seem to have been a problem. We all need to get daily covid tests now Glamping was at an RV park and most of the folks there spent most of both days taking pictures and playing mahjong, Ghostlet and I made use of an actual grass field to kick around a soccer ball. It is the first time I have set foot on actual grass in years and it felt wonderful. I even did some handstands and parkour rolls because I just couldn't help myself. The rest of my time was spent reading and I finished up book 5 of the Wheel of Time. All of the Chinese folks were shocked that I would just lay down in the grass to read my book without a blanket or something and I got lots of comments about how foreigners are just weird It was glorious, though. The weather was perfect and we had a great time.
  12. Thanks, I would probably be going insane right now if not for my xbox -------------------------------------------------------------------------- These days have been pretty nuts. The current covid problems affecting my neighborhood have been traced back to a guy that got a positive test result and was told to self quarantine. He decided it was preferable to quarantine with a load of fresh groceries and instead of ordering online he went to the grocery store. There have been at least 8 new infections from that visit alone but it seems that they have things mostly in control now. All Beijing residents have now had 3 covid tests in the last 6 days so they should have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done. The fellow who skipped quarantine to go shopping is looking at jail time once his quarantine is done. We have not been locked down so we are going forward with our holiday plans which is take an RV out to a an RV park on the outskirts of the city and glamp for a night with Ghostess's crew and their families. This has potential to go terribly wrong but hopefully it all ends uneventfully.
  13. I am really glad too She is working from home today, but I think everyone is waiting to see what happens over the May Day holiday this weekend before deciding what to do next week. Ghostlet's school cancelled school today but have not announced when/if school will resume after the holiday. I think it really depends on the results of the mandatory covid testing going on right now, which is every person in Beijing must have 3 tests done between Apr 26 and Apr 30. + As with many things these days, this is driven in large part by politics. China changes leadership (at all levels) every 5 years. The next Plenary Session which decides the leadership changes is in Fall 2022. Usually it is well known in advance who the new leadership will be at the senior levels, but this year is very different. In the past term limits for the president were set at 10 years but President Xi amended the laws which allow for him to stay on longer. It is expected that he will continue in his current role, but as for the rest of the leadership it is still very much up in the air. The current leadership has been pushing their zero tolerance policy (and the success thereof) as justification for continuing to hold power. If everything falls apart over the next 6 months there will be a strong push from opposition candidates to remove the current folks. As such, I think it is safe to say the government will continue the zero tolerance policy until the Plenary Session at a minimum. Once that is over I think they will take a look at the situation and possibly reassess. ---------------------------- Covid related tensions were high all over the city yesterday so I opted not to go to the park and just stayed home playing Skyrim all day again.
  14. I'll be hanging on -------------------------------- Well, things have started. Beijing has mandated that every resident get a covid test every other day (Tue, Thu, Sat) and every housing complex had a testing center set up. Yesterday was raining in the morning so I didn't go to the park. Instead I spent the entire day playing Skyrim. Abut noon I got a call from Ghostess who said that her office building was suddenly locked down because of a confirmed case on the floor above her. In these scenarios there are pretty much only 2 options: 1) everyone in the building gets hauled off to an offsite quarantine facility or 2) they are locked down in the building for 2-3 weeks. Either way, it meant I was not going to be seeing Ghostess for at least 2 weeks. Then, by some miracle, they released everyone. It turned out that the testing in done in batches of 10 and there was a positive case and they locked down everyone from the 10 until they could determine which of the 10 it was. In this case it turned out that the person in her building was not the positive one. Either way it was a big scare that resulted in quite a bit of stress eating over the course of the day while I waited for updates. This morning we woke up to news that all schools in most districts our closed (our district is one of the few still open) but the elementary school next to us had a confirmed case and a few residences near Ghostlet's school had confirmed cases so I suspect the rest of the school will shut down by the end of the week. I will be amazed if the entire city isn't in lockdown by next week. We are prepared for whatever comes, though and have a fully stocked freezer and fridge with a month worth of food so I am not too worried about it. It's pretty nuts though.
  15. No, they don't mess round here Shanghai has been locked down for a month and they have had far lowr death rates than other places in the world, but the deaths have started creeping upwards from this week. The rest of the world has spent the last 2 years building up immunity through rampant infection and vaccination. Here we have been almost entirely free of it and with (in my opinion) far inferior vaccines so I worry that things could get a lot worse here than what we are currently seeing in the rest of the world. Our insane population density probably doesn't help much either. My tattoo only needs 2 or 3 more sessions to be finished, Just a few spots still blank and then some detail work to finish it up. I hope that holds true for us as well, but I am cautiously pessimistic -------------------------------------- Yesterday I went to the park and had a nice workout. When I came back I did a bit of panic buying, stocking up on vegetables, meat and other necessities (cat food, water, etc.). I honestly don't think it will get as bad as Shanghai here, but the cost of being wrong is pretty high. There is a joke going around that says "People who panic buy are idiots; people who don't are bigger idiots" Even so there was a bunch of stuff that is already sold out (milk & eggs) and I need to try and buy some potatoes, onions and cucumbers today if there are any still to be found. I spent a good part of the day yesterday reorganizing the fridge to get everything to fit and then parked myself on the couch for some Skyrim. As of this morning, every single person in the city has to get a covid test, as I was walking to school with Ghostlet this morning there were huge lines at all of the neighborhood testing spots as well as several temporary ones set up inside the larger housing complexes.
  16. Yesterday was Sunday so I spent the morning participating in our worship service and then spent most of the afternoon in various meetings. One of those was our Leadership Council and most of the members of that (most of the members of our congregation for that matter) work for the embassy and most of the discussion revolved around emergency preparedness and possible evacuation preparation. It seems everyone is getting very nervous as Covid is spreading more and more into Beijing. Yesterday alone 8 neighborhoods were deemed to be high risk, adding to the 3 from the previous few days. Unfortunately one of those is where my tattoo studio is so I am going to have to postpone my tattoo indefinitely until this is over. I spent most of the rest of the day yesterday reading Wheel of Time (The Shadow Rising).
  17. You are not wrong about those. Actually I have been doing many of thise as well, but I didn't bother to mention them because they were such a small proportion of my overall time. I have been leaning a piece on the piano called Kiss the Rain and while I really suck at it I suck a lot less than I did at the beginning of the challenge. Ihave memorized both the right and left hand parts of the first stanza, but haven't managed to put them together yet. Baby steps For Juggling I have been practicing for a few minutes most days and actually made a pretty big mental breakthrough when I was able to figure out why the balls were colliding so often in midair and how to fix it. Reading I did mention and have already read 4 and a half books this challenge. I would be going faster but I am trying to keep pace with Ghostlet who is also reading the same series. A very good family activity indeed ------------------------------- Yesterday more more of the same, with the bulk of my time spent either reading or playing xbox. I did have to spend a bit of time trying to unclog the sink in the kitchen because it really tends to clog easily since we installed the disposal system. The plumbing clearly was not designed for it.
  18. It sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it You aren't wrong Thing are going reasonably well. We haven't been in quarantine yet this year, but I feel it coming. Pretty sure at this point that it is only a matter of time before it catches us.. I didn't know your brother is in China! I would have guessed he is in Shanghai because they have the most lockdowns right now, but honestly at this point it could be anywhere with how fast this is spreading Still chugging along. MY only complaint right now is how bad internet access is. I am guessing that they have throttled everything to stop rumors and panicked information from spreading but it has meant I can barely got online at all these last couple of weeks Spring is indeed lovely and I have been to the park a lot more than I have for the last year or so. Tattoo is almost finished (Finally!) but I have only been abe to watch about half of the conference due to lack of internet connectivity. -------------------------------- Well, I don't know how long it has been since I posted last but it has been a while. My time has been mostly filled with working out at the park, reading (I am about halfway through Book 4 of Wheel of Time now), and xbox (currently back to Skyrim for a bit). Life is not bad but every day there are new lockdowns happening across the city so I suspect it is only a matter of time for us. I will be surprised if it doesn't happen before the end of this challenge.
  19. Good to hear you are (mostly) over Covid. Your new job sounds so very different from both what you used to do as well as what I always thought you really wanted to do, but I hope it works out well for you.
  20. Pretty much the same way you would celebrate Memorial Day, but with less BBQs --------------------------------------- Sunday we didn't have local church services as it was replaced with a worldwide conference that was streamed instead. Ghostess and went to the store to pick up the anniversary rings we ordered a few weeks ago and then spent the rest of the day shopping. In the evening we went to the park where I usually work out to look at all the flowers there. All in all a very nice day.
  21. I really should think about giving this consistency thing a try... Don't worry about being late, I'm barely even here myself Thanks for the support, I appreciate it. I wish I could suck less faster, but we both know what they say about wishes He definitely takes after his mom in this regard. I certainly can't take any credit In the beginning he kept asking me a bunch of question about it before he figured out that I know less than he did. Finally he gave up and just went to Youtube for guidance, and Youtube did not disappoint. He has by now created 4 different versions of F1 cars, one each from 2014, 2018, 2020, and 2022 showing the changes that were made over the years based on updated FIA regulations. I have to say I am extremely impressed. My week kind of slipped by ---------------------------------------------------- Wow, has it really been a week since I updated last? Yikes. Sunday through Tuesday was a holiday here (Tomb Sweeping Day) and I did little besides play xbox over the holiday. Wednesday and Thursday were good and I made it to the park both days and spent both afternoons playing xbox. On Thursday I finally finished up my third playthrough of Cyberpunk, doing one each of the Corpo, Street Kid and Nomad backgrounds and then finishing each up with the respective ending. At some point I will do a fourth playthrough and try and get the secret ending but I am kind of all played through for now and taking a bit of a break for the xbox. Friday was tattoo day and I got the rest of my upper arm filled in. I should have this tattoo all finished up after another couple of sessions. I am replacing my xbox gaming with another reading of the Wheel of Time, mostly because Ghostlet is doing it and I thought it would be fun to read through it together with him.
  22. Yesterday was again workout at the park day but this time doing legs again. Stretching happened after and I feel like I am already starting to suck a little less at stretching. I skipped the treadmill when I got home and just played a bit of Cyberpunk instead. I only did that for a couple of hours, though, and then when Ghostlet got home I helped him get a software called Blender installed and then started re-reading the Wheel of Time while he used the software to try and create a 3D rendering of an F1 car.
  23. Yeah, it feels good to get out of what can feel like a rut. I think it is a general rule that calories will almost always be more than you think they are... It is a lot, but the reality is that I have only touched just a small portion of them. Oh, it is on for sure. I haven't looked at any of it in a while, but I have plans to incorporate it into my next challenge so expect to have something ready by the end of next challenge -------------------------------------- Yesterday was very similar to the day before. I went to the park in the morning and followed it up with stretching and then some speed walking on the treadmill. I changed things up by playing xbox in the afternoon and then in the evening doing my other stuff like piano practice, juggling practice, laundry, etc. Food was pretty on point again but it hasn't started to reflect on the scale yet.
  24. Yesterday I finally made it out to the park again for another workout, again focusing on front levers and planches and I followed it up with a stretching session. When I got home I spent 20 minutes speed walking on the treadmill for some cardio. In the afternoon I practiced the piano and the ukulele for a bit and even got in some juggling practice. I played a couple of hours of xbox but then shut it down after dinner and spent the evening chatting with Ghostlet until bed and then with Ghostess once she got home from work. I tracked all of my calories for the day for the first time in a long time just to get a feel for how much I typically eat every day. As I suspected, I was eating a lot more calories than what I was imagining.
  25. OK, it is decided that we will definitely be coming over as soon as this plague has passed. That cheesecake was the deciding factor OK, fair enough. The others were actually quite tasty, but just not a real comparison to the traditional versions. Right? -------------------------------- Yesterday was cold and rainy and I didn't want to do anything but play video games. So I didn't
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