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  1. Woah, blink and the day's almost done. Checking in at 50 bw squats, 23:43. We'll see how tomorrow goes...
  2. Hello! I'm in for squats but they're going to be straight up BW as I have a) no weights, and b) not anywhere near that for straight up lifting capacity. (...or does being 50% over ideal weight count?) Don't have anything for Deadlifting though. Hm. I'll figure out something... *starts digging out pull-up bar*
  3. This is my last shore leave for the next 2, possibly 3 weeks. Wish this wasn't the case, but it's looking like this challenge is a write-off for me. Is there any way for me to delete this thread?
  4. I don't know where I'm going but ... Particularly difficult when I live on a floating tin can, but I working on it. I will eventually be back with a plan. I'm not sure how much on-shore time I'm going to have, or if I'll start to feel like it's worth busting my internet budget even more to post here. But there's an outline of a plan and I'm going to go from there. Will post again when plan is complete. Or when outline of plan is complete. Depends on internet accessibility (sweet f*** living without internet makes you seriously question a lot of things one t
  5. It's always nice to get off the ship - it's even better when you're not expecting to. Okay, so day the last! Final analysis looks like this: Choose with No Regrets - C.A.F.  COMPLETE October 8 - started research on the Basic assessment and aptitude test. Score: 1/1 Practice Wellness - Fitness Mindset: Re-complete/review Primary Objective 1/2 points because this turned into a month-long recurring meditation. It's getting there. Complete Vision Board. Deadl
  6. Oh someone light me on fire. Turns out VPNs don't work across a USB tether connection, so it's going to be at least another 4 days before I can get access to Google in China. Which is when this challenge ends. Arg. At least I'll be able to get off the ship again in Japan in two days. Unless something unpredictable gets scheduled. >.< Also THANK YOU SPOTIFY FOR WORKING IN CHINA. Because gods know Google Play Music is a complete loss. Choose with No Regrets - C.A.F. COMPLETE October 8 Practice Wellness - Fitness Mindset: Re-complete/rev
  7. Let me tell you guys, there is very little as frustrating as being told your going ashore and then NOT. Also, I did manage to get off the ship in Nagasaki last week, but decided that going out and seeing things was a higher priority than updating here. I feel only slightly bad about this. @Sciread77 SHANGHAI DISNEY WAS PRETTY FUN. I suggest having more than 2 hours there however. >.< oh shiplife. As for military stuff - I prefer not the navy. Because if I'm going to be stuck on a floating tin can, I want to be working theatre (which is what I'm doing right now...). Though hon
  8. @Wolfen HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY. Since this is the closest to the 1st that I'll have internet... @Sciread77 Sorry I'm probably not going to get into specifics but they're almost all communication technical positions - there's just a bunch of different names for specifics for air force vs army vs navy. Only exception was medical technician or officer, but I've eliminated that possibility. As for places... see end of post Update: Sept. 28 I have not been off the ship in Japan since my first post on this thread. And we're setting out on a cruise to nowhere so I won't be
  9. Much like when I was unemployed, future employment has taken first place in my list of priorities and goals. This time, however, it's not because I'm desperate and depressed. This time I'm aiming to level up. I want a job that I can be proud of, that is not effectively "Corporate America", that will encourage if not mandate that I continue to improve myself, and that will keep me fit. Those of you hanging around with far too good memory for who/what people are up to will recall that a few challenges ago I started working towards an armed forces application. Well, I'm still on ships
  10. I'M BACK!!! And here's my image for this challenge: And OMFG I actually have a plan this time. WITH DEADLINES!!
  11. Alter Ego To the outside world, they still proudly wear the name their parents gave them. They allow others to look and see what they want to. Male, Female, young, old – these opinions no longer matter to them. Because they are also someone else. In the wake of a paradigm shift, they have re-named themselves after the Roman god of beginnings and ending, of gates, transitions, and time, of doorways, passages, and journeys. They are Janus Echo, because if there is any concept or idea worth repeating over and over again, ceaselessly, it is that of new beginnings, of rebirth, and
  12. *sheepishly returns from the darkness of non-internet lands* definitely meant to finish this last month. Oops. Call to Action “I don’t believe in heroes.” It’s been nine years since they left that idyllic little town, and Chiara spits these words at their partner of five years in the middle of a crowded mall in a foreign country. This is their first international trip together, and it is becoming increasingly clear that this relationship is over. When these words are said, Chiara cannot express what it is about their partner’s admiration for comic book
  13. Adulthood The first year alone in the wider world is difficult – they struggle with being at the bottom of the totem pole once again. They struggle to connect because (never gregarious to begin with) they had never had to approach others. In elementary and high school, they were introduced to their friends by mutual friends. At university, there was no one there to lend that hand, no one there to guide them into a social circle. They join the anime club with a dorm mate but soon school work and the odd hours of theatre students cuts off any efforts to become more involved. For their first
  14. @Elastigirl Hello! And thanks for your comment. It's actually one of the reasons I convinced myself to actually post it - Knowing that I'm part of a group that is all on a similar journey from beginning to (theoretical) end.
  15. For the next 15 years, table top role playing games dominate Chiara’s life. Adolesence Having been introduced to collaborative story-telling, she experiences a new freedom. For a few fleeting hours she no longer has to conform to modern expectations – or even human ones. A character can do whatever ‘the character’ feels like doing in the moment – 'appropriate' or not. Through gaming friends, she is introduced to the Society for Creative Anachronisms – the SCA, or the medieval society. It is here the for first time she dons the persona of a boy. The next year, she w
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