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  1. Finally found the time to report in I don't want to praise myself but I'm doing great on this mini-challenge. I manage to eat 2-3 meals a day, all balanced and absolutely healthy: I start with a cup of green tea and a piece of fruit, then I eat a bunch of veggies (raw or steamed) and a nice piece of - usually fatty - meat. Makes me feel satisfied As for distracting myself to avoid emotional eating, I read, study, practice some yoga poses, rearrange the shop, design cakes and spend time with old and new friends. And I just feel awsome!
  2. Challenge accepted! My first mini challenge is in connection with eating: this week, I am tidying up my eating habits. etaing window is between 11-18 and during this I am going to eat 2-3 meals, not just one meal so huge I can barely move afterwards. Also, I'm putting my strategies into practice to deal with boredom-eating.
  3. Day 1 and 2 So April the 30th was a great day indeed. I kickstarted the week with an intense TRX session and then traveled to my hometown to spend some days with my family. Food was awsome, my mother prepared my favorite aka roast turkey wrapped in bacon and a ton of fresh veggies, so I was living on that the whole day May 1st means rest day for me, though I worked on my pushups a bit. I'm still with my parents but I didn't want to just sit at home so I convinced them to take a long walk in the city and visit the zoo together Today I went for nuts and apples and I cooked a hearthy deer stew as a surprise with a bunch of broccoli and cauliflower.
  4. Stop hating myself for how I look and establishing a healthy mindset in connection with food.
  5. Heja Sverige! I also have some emotional and mental issues that I'm aiming to get right so I'm with you here!
  6. I cannot help but your intro brings tis song by Amon Amarth to my mind: Many years we've been away Many oceans we have roamed Now the North star guides us on our way As we are heading home
  7. Beowulf and vikings, great taste! I studied viking history and scandinavian languages at the university, I'm just mad about them. Good luck with your goals btw!
  8. Thanks so much in advance! To be honest, I've been through some hard periods lately which involved days of stuffing myself with chocolate and baked "goods". I look upon those days as the last struggles of my ED since I don't even like chocolate (I mean milk chocolate and anything below 70% cocoa) and bakery stuff. This eating style is the result of finally listening to my body's signals and eating when hungry and not eating when not. And it happens that I'm usually not hungry in the morning and in the evening, but calling it IF makes me feel more serious And it doesn't feel as restriction, since I only eat things I like and that's it. If anyone, I couldn't bear the thought of restriction anymore. So the "when" and "what" is done, the "how much" is under construction. But I try to take it easy(er than before), it's just so darned hard sometimes.
  9. Well, hello everyone! I have no idea where to start, so let's kick it off with a brief intorduction: Age: 23 Height: 164 cms (5'4") Weight: 60 kgs (132 lbs) Race: Vaklyrie Diet and Fitness Goals: ***First, I think I should share my background history: to cut it short, I've been struggling with my weight for 3 years now. Seems I may took it too seriously, since I've been diagnosed with anorexia nervosa in June, 2011. I made huge progress ever since, and I know this monster only needs a last, great kick in the ass and it will be gone. I gained back a lot of weight (maybe even too much...),a lot of strength (maybe even more, thanks the gods!) So, my goals are mostly focused towards getting rid of my ED*** I have already cut out fast food, snacks and sweets from my diet. I follow the Primal eating plan 90% of the time, the remaining 10% being dark chocolate and the occasional glass of red wine. Go on with the IF protocoll designed for myself. I figured it is best for me to eat between 11 a.m. and 6-7 p.m., since it best suits my current lifestyle and since I sleep better when I don't eat 4-5 hours before bed. Learn to control emotional and boredom eating. I know very well what triggers these in me and I know how to cope with them, I just have to put the methods into practice. Frankly speaking, I've been too lazy lately to control myself but I consider this the aftermath of the 1,5-year-long anorexic period. Stick to my training schedule. Cause I love it! I'm actually a member of the gym at my workplace and I participate in TRX, Cross training and Hot Iron classes there. Have I mentioned I love these? Since my (regained) body fat is too stupid to find its way to my breats, I must say goodbye to it. How dare anything cover my precious abs Life goal So far, I've always been rigorous to myself, never satisfied, never rewarding, never taking it easy or giving myself a break... till it all turned into a decent ED. I have to learn the art of relaxing, of enjoying food and accepting myself. I inherited my parents' endomorph body type, and I used to hate it... look in the mirror and hate how I look instead of embracing my inheritance and working on it to get the maximum out of it. Now, it's time for this. During the next six weeks, I'm going to heal my mind, my soul and my dear body.
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