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  1. Ok so I've been doing StrongLifts since 6/3. Squats seem to be progressing ok. Started 45lbs. Yesterday I did 135 lbs. However I had to go to a different branch of my local Y yesterday because I worked in the morning and my usual gym closes early on Saturday. The other branch had a full mirror smack in front of the squat rack which has made me realize my form sucks. For one thing it's weirdly asymmetrical. I'll have to give that some thought. Bigger issue is I'm super shallow. I thought I was at least parallel, but I'm not. On the warm ups I'm ok, though still not as low as I'd like, but on the workout weight I'm not even close. I'm barely bending my knees! Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration. But I need work. So my question isn't what do I do? I don't really want to deload - I feel like that's going backwards. Should I do it anyway? Should I keep the weight where it is and stay there till I can get my form better? I'd accept any suggestions how to improve the depth too. I'm not sure how to fix this. Thanks for for any help or suggestions!
  2. 7/22/17 Update Saturday 7/15/17 5x5 Squat @ 120 lbs 5x5 Bench @ 65 lbs 5x5 Barbell Row @ 65 lbs 3x60 seconds planks Monday 7/17/17 5x5 Squat @ 125 lbs 5x5x5x5x4 OH Press @ 50 lbs 1x5 Deadlift @ 125 lbs OH press super hard. Bad form. Really struggled. Felt good on DL though. Wednesday 7/19/17 5x5 Squat @ 130 lbs 5x5 Bench @ 70 lbs 5x5 Barbell Row @ 70 lbs 3x60 second planks Friday 7/21/17 - Measurement Day Measurement Start 5/9/17 Current 7/21/17 Change Weight 179lbs 179.5lbs Up .5 lbs BMI 30.7 30.81 Up .1 BF% 32% 21.5% Down 10.5% LBM 121.7lbs 140.9lbs Up 19.2lbs Chest 42" 37.75" Down 4.25" Hips 43" 40.25" Down 2.75" Waist 36.5" 32.125" Down 4.375" L Bicep 14.5" 13.5" Down 1" L Thigh 25.5" 24.25" Down 1.25" Waist 2 Hip .85 .8 Down .05 Total " 161.5" 147.875" Down 13.62" I'm not really that confident on the BF% measurements. That seems off to me, but that's what the calipers show. I know the measurements are pretty close to accurate though, allowing for stuff like I measured slightly different location or I pulled tighter or something, which I try hard not to do. So I have to be happy with overall measurements down 13.62" even if the weight and BMI are up. I still find myself really discouraged about the lack of movement on the scale, but come on. This looks pretty good. And - at least on the side view - I'm starting to see some changes in my photographs. I need to keep being patient and keep doing what I'm doing. The weight I can lift is still moving upwards, though slowing down, so that's another measurement showing improvement. Today is deadlift day again. Curious to see if I can break previous plateau of 130 lbs. Will attempt 135.
  3. For the ladies who do lifting - did any of you start spanking new having never done it before? If so, how long realistically would you say it took to see noticeable physical changes in your body? I've been reading articles on how long it takes to see improvements and I'm thinking I need to realistically give myself a year. Some before/after type things will imply three months to an amazing result, but this seems unrealistic for someone who's never really weight trained before and who has some flab to start with. Does a year seem realistic? I started StrongLifts on 6/3, so about six weeks or so? And I swear I don't look any different. I need to give myself some sort of time goal - if you've gone this long you've given it a good honest try. And I think less than a year is maybe not a good enough try to say, "Oh, this just doesn't really work for me." What are your experiences? Thanks!
  4. Update 7/14/17 Monday 7/10/17 -5x5 Squats @ 110 lbs -5x5 Bench @ 60 lbs -5x5 Barbell Row @ 60 lbs -3x35 second planks Much better workout than last time. Wednesday 7/12/17 -5x5 Squats @ 115 lbs -5x5x4x5x4 OH Press @ 50 lbs -1x5 Deadlift @ 115 lbs -2x8 Seated Calf Raise @ 75 lbs Friday 7/14/17 - Weigh in Day Measurement Start 5/9/17 Current 7/14/17 Change Body Fat % 32% 23.4% Down 8.6% Total measurements 161 1/2" 150 3/4" Down 10 3/4" Weight 179 lbs 179.5 lbs Up .5 Lbs BMI 30.7 30.8 Up .1 Waist 2 Hip Ratio .85 .8 Down .04 Lean Body Mass 121.7 lbs 137.5 lbs Up 15.8 lbs Chest 42" 38.5" Down 3.5" Hips 43" 41" Down 2" Waist 36 1/2" 33" Down 3.5" Left Bicep 14 1/2" 13 1/2" Down 1" Left Thigh 25 1/2" 24 3/4" Down 3/4"
  5. Thanks for the replies. I don't think my carbs are low enough for keto, plus I cheat a lot. LOL! Here's what I have MFP set to right now (I was a little off my guess earlier). 1400 calories/day 158g carbs 47g fats 88g protein. I'm probably not hitting the numbers too closely, but I think this is probably close or slightly under my actual calorie intake. I'll probably stick this on the weight loss board as well, but with the trying to gain muscle I can't even tell what I'm supposed to be doing weight wise. Basically my LBM has gone up, my bf% has gone down and my weight has stayed steady. I'm intellectually ok with this, but emotionally I want the number on the scale to go down. I've officially changed my goal from weight loss to reduction of bf% though.
  6. Hi guys - I'm not sure where to post this. I'm a 46yo woman who started Stronglifts about a month ago. I've also got some weight I need to lose but hate cardio. I've noticed lately I'm feeling really fatigued. As in similar to the time my iron levels got so low I had to go to the chemo room of the hospital for IV iron infusions several times a week for about a month. I'm oversleeping. My muscles feel tired after a workout. Not sore, per se, just fatigued. I get home after a workout and feel like I just need to go to bed. my weight has been unchanged though measurements are all improving. I suspect I may need to tweak my diet. I don't really know how many calories I get as I'm bad at tracking, but I think I have mfp set to 1300. I have my protein high and carbs low, but protein is not as high as the numbers I hear tossed around the forums. My height is 5'4" and weight is hovering around 180lbs. Can anyone help me sort out what my macros should be and/or let me know if this seems like a plausible reason for the fatigue? i get confused about the whole "can you lose weight and build muscle at the same time" issue. thanks so much everyone.
  7. Update 7/10/17 Wednesday 7/5/17 - 5x5 Squat @100 Lbs - 5x5 Bench Press @ 55 lbs - 5x5 Barbell Row @ 55 lbs - 3x50 sec Evil Planks Saturday 7/8/17 - 5x5 Squat @ 105 lbs - 5x5x4x3x3 OH Press @ 50 lbs. Felt like massive failure. Just could not do this one. - 1x1 Deadlift at 130 lbs - 2nd attempt at 130, and failed today worse than last time (I got 1x2 then. Attempting 5 reps.) - 2x8 Seated calf raises @ 70 lbs. Basically Saturday felt horrible. Really struggling to keep up my morale here. I know the lifts and stats look good, but I really have to work on being patient with myself and I have to stop caring about the scale. Friday 7/5/17 Stats Day. Body Fat % - 32% on 5/9/17; 23.4% 7/5/17 - Down 8.6% Total measurements: 161.5" 5/9; 151" 7/5 - Down 10.5" Weight: 179lbs 5/9; 181 7/5 - Up 2lbs BMI: 30.7 5/9; 31.1 7/5 - Up .3 Waist to hip: .85 5/9; .78 7/5 - Down .07 Lean Body Mass: 121.7 5/9; 138.6lbs 7/5 - Up 16.9lbs Chest: 42" 5/9; 38.5" 7/5 - Down 3.5" Hips: 43" 5/9; 41.5" 7/5 - Down 1.5" Waist: 36.5" 5/9; 32.5" 7/5 - Down 4" Left Bicep: 14.5" 5/9; 13.5" 7/5 - Down 1" Left Thigh: 25.5" 5/9; 25" 7/5 - Down .5"
  8. 7/5/17 Update This is more like a monthly Battle Log! Luckily better at sticking with the gym than posting updates. Monday 6/26/17: 5x5 Squat @ 80lbs 5x5 Bench @ 45lbs 5x5 Barbell Row @ 45 lbs Wednesday 6/28/17 5x5 Squat @ 85lbs 5/5/5/5/4 OH Press @ 45lbs 1x5 Deadlift @120 lbs 2x8 Seated Calf Raises @60lbs Friday 6/30/17 - Measurement Day Wt: 181 lbs + 2lbs since started tracking. BF% 25.2% -6.8% since started tracking. Saturday 7/1/17 5x5 Squat @ 90 lbs 5x5 Bench @ 50lbs 5x5 Barbell Row @ 50 lbs 3x45 seconds Planks Monday 7/3/17 5x5 Squat @ 95 lbs 5x5 OH Press @ 45 lbs 1x2 Deadlift @ 130 lbs 2x8 Seated Calf Raises @ 65 lbs *Failed on the Deadlifts. Could only manage 2 of the 5 reps. Lots of swearing, some in front of my kid. She told me "f**k a duck" is not a nice word. I said, "do as I say, not as I do." Feeling discouraged again. Seems I can't get the scale to budge, and other measurements slowed down this week as well. I'm trying to keep telling myself this is going to take time, possibly a really lot of time, and that I need to just stick with it, watch my food better, debate a bit more about whether I should add cardio (really really don't want to) and just don't give up. I can see I'm getting stronger. I'm starting to have some failures on a few of the reps, and having to repeat the same weight next time, but I think that means I'm still improving. Failed last rep of OH press, but next time at same weight managed it. Failed Deadlifts on Monday. I just need to be more patient with myself and with the process, but I'm not. I look at my pictures of myself and just don't see any differences at all. Scale is up or down on a given day, but overall trend is about the same as when I started trying to get in shape, about two months ago now. I feel like I should be able to see a difference but I don't. Sigh.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I went back last night and did the 120lbs. I made my 17yo daughter watch me to check my back was straight and my arms perpendicular to the floor. I also re-read the "how to do a deadlift" article here on NF and concentrated on keeping the bar closer to my body. I feel OK today, so whatever happened is better. Struggled to lift the 120 but I did it. I did notice my lower back hurt a bit at the bottom end of my squats. I may have her video me and let you all take a look at my form. Feeling reassured overall. Thanks!!
  10. I think this is very much more common that people realize. Once upon a time I weighed in at about 230lbs at 5'4". I lost over 100 lbs, but then regained about 45 or 50 of that back, which is where I find myself now. I remember after losing all that weight and I was standing in a check out line at a grocery store. The clerk opened a line and waved me over and was obviously flirting. I was furious. there were older people there and lot of other people waiting in the line. I kept thinking I must have imagined it, nobody flirts with me. I couldn't decide what to feel, and it just made me feel so insecure. I've known people who lose a significant amount of weight and suddenly decide they don't have to take all the crap they've always taken from their significant others, so they ditch them. Sometimes people go out and become wild hook up type people, because suddenly they can. And this nearly always causes pain and psychological distress, because people don't even recognize themselves anymore. And none of this is about the number on the scale. In gastric bypass support groups this type of major behavioral change comes up quite a lot in discussions. It is funny how safe the weight can make us feel, and how vulnerable when that safety net goes away. It doesn't makes sense to people who have never been obese or morbidly obese, but it's a thing.
  11. Started Stronglifts on 6/3, and everything was going along nicely. Then I went on a vacation and took time off. Worked out 6/12 then vacay, then back at the gym on 6/23, so 11 days off. First day back was deadlift day, and I didn't try to deload, since I hadn't really worked up to anything heavy yet. That day I did 110lbs. It was fine at the time, but later that evening got some bad lower back pain which continued through Sunday - so a couple more days. Tonight I go back and I'm afraid I'll hurt myself. Stronglifts app says I should attempt to deadlift 120. I was trying to concentrate hard on not rounding my back - could I have hyperextended instead? I feel I may have had the bar too far from my body, as I seem to have difficulty keeping it close. It never touches my shins, for example. Wondering if it is a form problem, if this is normal for deadlifts after you get a little more weight on, or if it's because I did too much after the 11 day break...
  12. Haven't posted in an age due to two week vacay to AAU Volleyball Nationals in Orlando. Lots of fun! Girls played well. Went to the beach. Saw dolphins! Went to Universal & got blisters. Returned and fully expected all numbers to have gone up. Miracle! Lost like 5 lbs! All measurements down or same. Back in gym last Friday. Didn't de load. Was hard and I'm sore but I did everything. Problem is I think I hurt myself with bad form on deadlift. Lifted 110 lbs and it was a challenge. Tried to not round but maybe I arched instead? I think I'm too far over the bar to start. My arms aren't vertical. Was fine for a while after but later in the day Friday my lower back was killing me. Still hurt badly this morning but have been eating Aleves all day and it's feeling just normal sore now, so really hoping I didn't do anything too bad. Next time I will try to be sure I re-read how to do it properly right before I try it again. Overall, really really pleased I wasn't set too far back with taking off for the two weeks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Update. 6/3/17 - Gym Day. Went crazy. Decided to start the StrongLifts despite looming 2 week vacay. 5x5 Squat @ 45 lbs 5x5 Bench @ 30 lbs 5x5 Row @ 25 lbs (thought the bar was 35, but it definitely wasn't. Way too light.) 3x30 second planks 6/4/17 - Rest Day 6/5/17 - Gym Day 5x5 Squat @ 55 lbs 5x5 OHP @ 30 lbs 1x5 Deadlift @ 90 lbs 2x8 Seated Calf Raises @ 45 lbs 6/6/17 - Rest Day
  14. I'm going to recommend a book called Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It's not new, and a lot of it is written to help people trying to conceive, but also a lot of it is designed for people trying to avoid pregnancy using Fertility Awareness Method (not rhythm). If you follow this method, you will know when your period will start within a day or so, even if you're wildly irregular. It teaches you to recognize when you ovulate using various methods, and teaches you to learn how long your luteal phase is. This is the time between ovulation and when your period starts. This can be very different from woman to woman, but it is going to be always the same for *you*. So if you have a 10 day luteal phase, and you know when you ovulate, you know you will start your period about 10 days later. Even if you don't ovulate for 5 months, and then suddenly you do, you will know it, and therefore be prepared 10 days later. It takes some work and there is a learning curve though. But I cannot recommend this enough. Every girl ought to know her body, and you will know it intimately if you can internalize this information. There is a website too, and probably apps and who knows what all. Look for www.tcoyf.com That being said, as I got - erm - more mature, my periods became much heavier and much much more crampy and uncomfortable. I began to be utterly convinced I was unknowingly preggo and miscarrying every time, the bleeding was so heavy. So at that point I went on birth control, and it has helped immeasurably. I avoided it for many years because I wanted to be crunchy and natural, but I was convinced I was dying, so felt I had no other choice. I don't regret it. I rarely have periods now, and I'm trying to decide if it's because of the birth control or if I'm finally done. I can also talk about iron a bit. I supplement daily because I became so iron deficient anemic I had to have IV iron infusions three times a week for a month in with chemo patients. It was unpleasant, but I felt I wasn't allowed to whine, because unlike everyone else in the room, at least I didn't have cancer. People crave weird food when iron deficient. For me it was plain cheerios. Right outta the box. All day long. I was also super weak and tired all the time. I've heard of people eating laundry soap and dirt and lord knows what all. I'd suggest regular iron supplements and maybe have dr. do some blood work to check your numbers. I thought I felt fine, maybe a little tired. But I was dangerously low.
  15. This was really helpful, thanks!!! I find I'm so impatient! I want to lift all the things immediately, but I have weak spaghetti arms and that. I know intellectually I have to take it slowly and not get discouraged, but I want the number on the scale to go down so badly. I think I maybe should actually change the goal I'm tracking in my little app from weight to body fat percentage and work to getting it below 20%. I need to learn to ignore the scale.
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