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  1. Man, good for you passing up on the pizza, ice cream and cookies. That's damn tough some days. Looks like you're off to a great start - keep it up!
  2. THERE'S A BIRD ON YOUR HEAD! Oh, right, that's probably supposed to be there. Nice goals, and good progress. I'm intrigued by the cucumber spaghetti - I've heard of spaghetti squash, but it's never occurred to me to try any other veggie. How did it turn out? And good luck with keeping the room clean... I know how tough that can be. Keep up the good work!
  3. Update, Day 4, 6.21.12 1. No running today. 2. Three rounds of a bodyweight circuit, adapted from Steve’s article – see my version below*. Did it barefoot today – added a nice bit of instability that I think can’t hurt. 3. Good, healthy eating today. Calories ended up a bit high, but plenty of protein, and my muscles probably need the fuel to rebuild. 1. No expenditures. Nailed down some freelance work for Sunday and Monday. Today’s goals: Finish theater sound work (almost!), start lighting work, submit three job apps, possibly do some landscaping work. Tomorrow: Run, work on learning theater light board operation, lighting design, finish sound work completely, complete four job apps. *Three Circuits (30/30/60 sec, for example, indicated 30 seconds for the first circuit, 30 for the second, and 60 seconds for the third circuit) - 22 body weight squats - 14 pushups - 22 walking lunges - 6/6/10 bent over dumbell rows (each side) – large toolbox (45 lbs) - 30/30/60 sec plank - 10 dumbell rows (each side) – small toolbox (35 lbs) - 30/30/60 sec wall sit - 30/30/45 sec side plank (each side) - 20/20/30 dips
  4. Your bartendress was clearly not one of the fine NF ladies who have been admiring your physique on this thread. On the plus side, bacon always seems to make up for any awkwardness in life. Nice eating, nice lifting - way to go!
  5. Great goals - best of luck! The folks here are a great resource for just about any questions you might have!
  6. Update, Day 3, 6.20.12 1. Ran a little under 2 miles today at a 9:30+ mile pace. Pretty slow, but it was a hot day and I was going uphill the first half. Not too bad. 2. No strength work today. 3. Good, healthy eating today. Need to work on eating more, earlier to avoid feeling super hungry at dinner and later at night. 1. No expenditures. Yesterday's "Tomorrow" (completed tasks in bold): go for a run, fix my bike, eat healthy, work on job apps, do some lighting and sound work on a play. Tomorrow: Finish theater sound work, start lighting work, submit three job apps, cook rice and oatmeal, experiment with homemade condiments, possibly do some landscaping work.
  7. I do believe it was something along the lines of ::hack-cough-spit-profanity:: Hopefully I didn't have any witnesses...
  8. Does anyone else ever have bugs dive bomb right into their mouth while running/biking/etc? Man, that's gross. I was about 1/3 of the way through my run this morning when this sucker got about halfway down my throat. Managed to spit it out, but ugh... nasty! Good day thus far - got a run in, ate healthy, and fixed my bike (I think)... will post a formal update tonight.
  9. Supposed to hit 99 here in DC! Will be chugging water like crazy today.
  10. Thanks Loren! Update, Day 2, 6.19.12 1. No running today. 2. Baseline pushups test: 31 without moving hands or feet (taking short breaks is acceptable) 3. Reasonably healthy eating today. Finished off a few non-paleo, less than healthy items I had lying around (I hate wasting food), so not perfect, but nothing too horrible. Calories and nutrients ended largely where I want them. 1. Bought healthy groceries. No other expenditures. Tomorrow: go for a run, fix my bike, eat healthy, work on job apps, do some lighting and sound work on a play.
  11. Cute little guy, isn't he? Seems to have quite a set of teeth on him though, judging by the state of that bottle. Ah well. Best of luck on your challenges, all ye who venture over here!
  12. Short, simple and sweet this time around, after making things too complicated and mostly falling off the board about a third of the way through the last challenge. Diet and Fitness Goals: 1. Run Capital Sprints' 10K Dash in DC on July 29th, 2012 in 53:00 or less. (STA - 3 / DEX - 2) 2. Perform 50 consecutive push-ups by July 26th, 2012. (STR - 4 / STA - 1) 3. Eat healthy, quasi-paleo food for 6 of every 7 days per week - really not looking to lose weight, just shift it around some (more muscle, less fat). Plus I'm poor, and steel cut oatmeal, black beans, and brown rice offer some good, filling nutrition. (CON - 1 / CHA - 1) Life Goal: 1. Financially, end the challenge in the black. (WIS - 3)
  13. Blade

    Haha thanks! My avatar makes me chuckle every time I see it.

  14. Blade

    DC Area?

    I'd be up for the September 9th date. Looks like a fun race. The October date's a little too close to Marine Corps Marathon weekend for me. Bummed I missed the meet up - at 6'2", looks like I would've been in good company! Looking forward to the next event.
  15. Daily Goal Progress: Day 4 1) Running: None, fail again 2) Chin-ups: None, off day 3a) Food log: Logged all food 3b) Measurements: N/A 3c) Fast: Complete for the week 3d) Booze: 0 drinks (Weekly Total: 1) 4) Job apps: 0 new apps sent (Weekly Total: 1) 5) Cold Shower: yep! (6 Week Challenge Total: 3/4) 6) Woodworking: no work done 7) Financial: spent $0 Food Log: Still doing pretty well on the diet and nutrition front. Very happy with the sweet potato/onion/egg fry up I tried this morning - will definitely make that again. Afternoon was a bit of a mess – ate lunch early, had a few snacks during work in the afternoon/evening and didn’t get off work til 8pm. Half hour bike ride home, shower, and dinner around 9. Ah well - could be worse! Calories were a bit high today, but after 6.5 hours of landscaping, that’s probably in order. Breakfast: 2 eggs, 1 sweet potato, 1 onion, salsa, homemade tomato juice Morning Snack: none Lunch: chicken, mushrooms and broccoli with tomato sauce, crackers w/ PB Afternoon Snack: apple, banana, a few almonds, two fresh baked, warm, gooey and amazing chocolate chip cookies from a client Dinner: 2 deviled eggs, BBQ chicken and bacon in a lettuce leaf wrap Dessert: blueberries, PB, maple syrup on crackers For Tomorrow: More landscaping – make as much $ as possible. Read a little. BBQ with my soon-departing favorite roommate. Figure out a plan and resolve to get my running goals on track.
  16. Haha, thanks! Makes me laugh every time I look at it.
  17. Praise away! Terrific progress - I'm especially impressed that "designing cakes" is one of your ways to distract yourself. That would do me in for sure! Congrats on your goals, and most of all, for feeling awesome.
  18. Careful what you wish for... sitting can be kind of nice once in a while. Terrific goals, and it sounds like you're well on your way!
  19. BRAAAAAAAAAAINS... Good luck!
  20. Oof, and that's gotta be at least 60 grit... Yowch!
  21. I think I'm becoming a cold shower convert. It's still a shock when the water comes on, but I seem to have trained my brain well enough at this point to just accept that I'm going to freeze my ass for a little while. The first few showers were as quick as humanly possible, but I'm not content to stand under the frigid water for a little while. I'd encourage anyone who's crazy enough to try this to at least give it four attempts - seems to be the tipping point! Daily update to come...
  22. Not a bad day at all - you kept the healthy eating going quite well. Nicely done. You still have 5+ weeks to exercise, so no worries!
  23. "Taking it easier" doesn't sound applicable here, at least based on my experience crawling through attics retrofitting insulation. Awesome real world application of fitness!
  24. Today was good food-wise, not as good other-goal-wise. Ate well, grocery shopped and made more food, and am feeling pretty good about setting a solid foundation for eating much better than I had been in recent months. Spent the past few days trying to nail down meal plans and figure out what food I could grab in a pinch when I didn't have time to cook. On the job and fitness side, it's been slow going. I've had a few nagging injuries over the past few months, and have been frustrated that I'm not back to my pre-injury state. Will do my best to ramp up slowly, but for better and for worse, I tend to either dive into things or avoid them altogether. Similar deal on the job front. Hoping that with the food side of things sorted out, I'll be able to move my pants-kicking energies to working out and finding a job. Appreciating this challenge and being able to click around and see other folks working hard on their lives. Keep it up, ya'll. Daily Goal Progress: 1) Running: None, got busy 2) Chin-ups: None, off day 3a) Food log: Logged all food 3b) Measurements: N/A 3c) Fast: Complete for the week 3d) Booze: 0 drinks (Weekly Total: 1) 4) Job apps: 0 new apps sent (Weekly Total: 1) 5) Cold Shower: showered late last night, so no shower today (6 Week Challenge Total: 3/4) 6) Woodworking: no work done, but a couple new tools came in! 7) Financial: spent some money, but on food and metro fare, so pretty necessary Food Log: Going strong. Not full paleo, which wasn’t a goal anyway, but I’m trying to lean that way. Doing well so far. And I somehow managed to keep walking past a half dozen jelly donuts on the bakery clearance rack while at the grocery store today… big win! Breakfast: one egg, 3 pieces turkey bacon, half an onion, salsa, hot sauce, homemade tomato juice Snack: banana Lunch: tuna in 2 large lettuce leaves, 2 corn tortillas with PB and J Afternoon Snack: 1 pc turkey bacon Dinner: chicken, broccoli, mushrooms and onion with tomato sauce and one egg Dessert: apple with PB, almonds For Tomorrow: Actually run. Complete two job apps. Read a little. Do landscaping work.
  25. From Massachusetts, spent 4 years in Maine for college. Loved my time there. Haven't been back since '09, but hopefully one day soon...
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