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  1. I've never tried an almnd joy bar but that definitely looks great.
  2. Good morning. Well, I feel like a lazy shit now, for staying in bed till 5AM. Can you squeeze in a Before you start work? Crossing my fingers for your funding. Have a good day (há há, just kidding, if lasagne is involved of course it'll be a good day)
  3. Wait a minute! The people in the video don't have their arms at their sides. You lied to me, dance tutorial man!
  4. 😔 I might get extendable arms. They probably sell them on the Internet somewhere.
  5. I'm fact, as a general rule, in any area of life, of you want to know how to be less stressed, sleep better, and have less environmental impact, just ask an old person how they did it when they were young and so long as the answer does not involve coal or cigarettes you are probably receiving more practical wisdom than can be found in a shelf-full of self help books.
  6. Yesterday was a bit slack on the exercise front but I did a really long session this morning with two attempts at dance moves (running man still bad but improving, piu piu started), a hip mobility workout and an advanced bodyweight HIIT session. Also ate sensibly. I've really been doing a good job at cutting out carbs. Trying to minimise otter hand syndrome. Meditation was dreadful. I tried one of the other courses on the app and the instructor's manner was too irritating and I couldn't let it go. Duolingo went well. Plans coming together for tomorrow to include
  7. Hm... Lots of work but I can fit life around it so not too worried thanks. I just tried my first attempt at the arms big of the main dance I want to learn in this challenge. Bit of a shocker really since you're supposed to keep your elbows pinned to your sides. Unfortunately what I realised straight away was that for someone of my waist size that means my forearms have much less range of movement than most of the rake-thin instructors I've seen. Hm... Another reason to stick to the diet plan! *chuckle* sorry to offload on you! And how about you? What's shaking in Salingergrad
  8. Noticing @fearless 2.0 passing by like a comet leaving a little trail of stardust and a reaction in her wake
  9. 😊 The thing about Made me think of this gif. I'm. Pretty sure that's Scarlet. I don't know who the third Ryan is though.
  10. Ask me later. I'm still searching my tape collection for that recording I made in 1982 shouting "alexa how do you spell Scarlet Johanson?" just in case. I must say, 13 year old me showed extraordinary foresight.
  11. Teaser trailer for 18ck The Movie Scarlet Johanson (whiny voice) "You should really leave it charging in the other room" @Scaly Freakand @sarakingdom (played by Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds, respectively) "You can have our phones when you take them out of our cold dead hands" *intense staring for 17 minutes*
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