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  1. Pizza, Spotify and knitting? This yeti thread is one to (sask)watch
  2. Random flaking of my nail varnish has revealed my inner mood after eating another healthy paleo meal
  3. *clicks thanks for following* Thanks again for getting me back here.
  4. Not sure. Mrs 18ck has ordered one but they are being a bit slow in giving us a delivery date Boxing Day, I expect
  5. Oof, piles of Doom, eh? Sounds painful. Plenty of warm baths, that's what you need. Good luck.
  6. Hip stretches, eh? I think I might incorporate those into my back care routine since it's all in that coccyx/hip/bum area that I've been having trouble. Hello *waves enthusiastically*
  7. Hi Finally found this forum and good to see a familiar face. Good luck with the challenge. So the big quest starts on the 1st. Are you planning to start practising before then?
  8. OK, December 2020, it's going to be a weird one. Challenge goes like this Health & fitness goals 1 Get rid of the back pain that's been on and off for the last week-and-a-bit. I'll stretch daily and not spend hours sitting in the same position. Hence the title of this thread: I don't want to say "Waaaah!" because my back is so hurty. 2 Move every day, including one long run per week and at least 3 short ones 3 Eat paleoishly and eschew the booze - not necessarily in Christmas day itself, but you know, just don't slip into having Baileys for breakfast as soon a
  9. Ugh, absolutely exhausted after working all weekend and pulling an all-nighter Sat-Sun to get it done. Not much exercise, obviously, but it's interesting how having a better diet makes me more resistant to snacking - after a while with low carbs, the hunger pangs and cravings diminish. There were lots of cakes and biccies in the house but I didn't even really feel tempted by them, and when I felt like snacking I stuck with fruit, a couple of nakd bars and a handful of tortilla chips. Nor did I reach for a celebratory gin when i finished. So obviously sleep deprivation not good, but
  10. Today I just had a bit of a walk, nothing strenuous, ate properly.
  11. Yes thanks. Big project deadlines come along every couple of months and it gets a bit hectic but nothing terrible.
  12. Oh! Are we at the end of the challenge then? It feels like we've only just begun. Anyway, well done for a solid challenge. I can't wait to see what's next.
  13. Yesterday was push-ups and trying to stress-eat in a relatively controlled way.
  14. Dessert: my first pomelo. Its skin makes a good hat.
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