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  1. Yoga: Exercise: Food: Tasks: Yoga done as yosual, and I intended to go to the weight room but there was someone else in there and ugh, other humans. Walked there and back though and the allotment is just next door so I transplanted some strawberry plants (task list job). Tracked all my food but there were too many snacks so overshot. Poor.
  2. Anyway, round-up at the end of week 2, as I said I am too heavy. I've done yoga every day though, plus some extras. Haven't been as careful as I should be with the food or the exercise. I am still vegie, haven't eaten any meat at all, but I've had the odd bit of cheese and butter so can't say I'm full-on vegan. My knee is better and my back sort of comes and goes but the run helped. Running isnt hard on the back (well, shouldn't be, anyway) and sometimes putting your body through its paces is just what you need, always assuming you didn't have an injured foot, hip, or whatever. So not bad. Decent base to build on.
  3. In fairness, I didn't realise it was breakfast, I thought it was a work meeting.
  4. A good tip I like to use is to try doing them in a country that isn't Australia. Have you tried that? The Saturday thing sounds good though. Looking forward to your rebel report.
  5. Experimenting with storing the icons in RTM Yoga Exercise Food Tasks Seems to work OK. Maybe that's the way forward then
  6. Mrs 18ck is furious with me because in her dream last night I invited Jacob Rees-Mogg to breakfast and then we all went on a boat ride together. Because of me. It's hard being a husband.
  7. Yeah, 'fraid so. That was last week though. I can't really update my chart these days. I have done better lately.
  8. Same as me. Oh well, don't get discouraged. Weight fluctuates all the time according to what we've eaten and er... Other bodily functions... The average trend is what matters. You are on the right course, so stick with it and don't freak out. I've just been catching up. It looks like you are kicking 2022's arse. The house you mentioned sounds promising too, especially if it saves a car journey, petrol, time, that's a win so I hope that works out. I saw the monsters on Insta but didn't know the back story! Excellent.
  9. Oof, yeah, you don't want to end up too cold. Do what @Happienumbersuggests and wrap yourself in ridiculous numbers of layers, then if necessary leave a trail of discarded fleeces behind you.
  10. When even an aussie is saying this you know shit just got real. Glad you lived to tell the tale.
  11. Doing OK, it looks like. I hope your partner is over whatever-it-is soon. Have a good week 3.
  12. I was just reading Elizabeth's German Garden this morning and they were talking about how german women weren't allowed to participate in political meetings and I thought of you. Keep up the good work with the walking and the macros.
  13. I've just done my first full 10k+ run since before Christmas. The rest has really paid off because my knee is fine. I've lost some fitness but the damage isn't terrible by any means. Three weeks or so should see me right if I stick to it. Also weighed myself and 4lb heavier than at the end of the last challenge so that'll have to go to. So new goal - hit the rest button by the end of this challenge period and be back to the same weight and comparable fitness as I was before Christmas.
  14. Old-timers might remember back in the day I used to stop on my runs and try (with... Ahem... Limited success) to do pull-ups on a branch of a tree, then one day the branch broke off (not while I was using it I'm happy to say) Well I passed the pull-up tree today and... So I was like...
  15. I did two bouts of yoga yesterday: one live class with with a yoga school in Lisbon (crossover goal: language learning an bendiness) and the usual half hour with Adriene. So an hour and a half of workout. Win. I was starving though so ate far too much.
  16. Yeah, I was still exhausted the next day too. And ravenous. The way I get when in recovering from some epic trauma, not just a little spin into town. Next challenge topic sorted.
  17. Yeah, Flyer likes it too but she prefers strawberries. "Strawbs and Coyo". I prefer other berries because I am a berry hipster. For apples I'm a big fan of Braeburn but anything, really, apart from pink lady.
  18. Well today went well. I got the doc signed and there was a super-floofy dog in the waiting room. So it's on its way, in the mail. All in all, I cycled about twenty miles. Back at home, I crashed completely and couldn't move. Shut my eyes for a bit, ate a lot (well over calories, in afraid, but all of it good, wholesome stuff) and when I'd recovered a bit, did the yoga, which was very challenging but fun. I'm about to have a bath and get ready for bed now and it's not even eight. What a lightweight.
  19. I'm a little lad who likes berries and coconut yoghurt at the moment. Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and then the yogurt is vegan of course. It's less faff and lower in calories than my usual porridge for breakfast, and definitely healthier than most puddings too. It's quite an expensive way to live though. Cheaper options: good apples (not bloody pink ladies - plasticky, overhyped shite), pears, tangerines.
  20. Yesterday was another good one in yoga world. I also got up early and went for a swim at 7.15, which was a good start to the day. Calories still absolutely on point. Lots of chunky winter soup and lots of fruit. The daily to-do list task was Portuguese bureaucracy. So basically, my chart, if I had one, would be all wins today. I've been building towards re-applying for dual citizenship for ages and today a lot of my previous days' to'do list tasks over the last 2 or 3 challenges should come together today because I have an appointment with a solicitor to notorise my application and then I can put the whole lot in the post, which will be a huge relief. The solicitor is in town so I'm going to cycle there. Its about an hour each way so it'll be good exercise as well as avoiding catching omicron on the tube. Hurrah!
  21. Still smashing the healthy eating. Way under calories today. Limbo danced under the target with room to spare. Still 100% on yoga. Work is a bit pressure-y though so not many extras done, really.
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