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  1. OK, thanks. God, I was a right old miserable git last night when I wrote that wasn't I. It's not like my legs fell off or anything.
  2. Not doing so well over here. Its fathers day though so I can probably be excused for being full of calorie-dense foods that my daughter made me but its not really on plan! I went for a run but it was terrible. Not much energy. Hopefully just the after effects of the cycling so I ran up the hills and did maybe 3 extra k but walked the rest so I got the exercise without depleting myself further. It'll have to do. Wednesday is going to be desperate though. Um... What else? Dancing is still improving from 98% shite to 97% shite, which is progress of a sort. Not ready to show you yet bu
  3. Yeah, I think when I left they'd just scored the two own goals and while I was out weeding I kept getting these text messages telling me how much worse it was all getting. SMH.
  4. Yeah, I'm not surprised. Did they not give any warning or anything? I'd be putting on my best middle class accent and demanding to speak to the management, I think.
  5. When you say "old bike" is that a hint that it didn't work...? I've had lots of bikes stolen over the years so I'm definitely thinking the Saudis have the right idea when it comes to how to deal with thieves.
  6. The challenge hasn't started yet and I've already done the thing referred to in the header so I have edited my title and amended the goals ready for the 4 weeks ahead.
  7. Well, there's always Portugal I suppose. They're quite good. Very sound on fizzy drinks too.
  8. It's a far cry from small boys in the park, jumpers for goalposts. I think part of the problem is that I was born in Scotland and live in England so I can't decide which of the two teams to unenthusiastically support. Aren't they supposed to try and score goals sometimes though? I'm sure I remember that being a thing back in the day.
  9. I only watch football about once a decade and that yawnfest didn't convince me to increase the frequency.
  10. It was a bit boring at first but I have jazzed it up a bit to make it more distinctive/ less nickable Here's my favourite thing, just being the handlebars
  11. Thanks FL. I didn't go in the end. It bucketed down all day and ts still going now. Pouring! Cats and dogs! Está a chover a cântaros! Did a hip stretch workout (and judging by the complaints from my knees and ankles they were glad of the extra day's rest) and another core HIIT workout.
  12. It didn't really. I feel like a wuss for not going out now. We live pretty close to Wembley and there are 22 younger fellas running around in it now and they seem not to be complaining.
  13. Rain and bland music. This is a British summer all right. I feel like I'm at one of the cheaper festivals.
  14. Hi *waves* Yeah, a bit. I just wish it'd stop raining now. I need to run.
  15. Mm, but Rox has chosen to be with you not her, so there's that. I appreciate it's an awkward one though. I've never been in that situation myself but can imagine the various dilemmas it presents. But be secure in the knowledge that nothing's going to change. She knows you both already and she's traded up. Also, plan your drinking: if you're someone who says stuff they'll regret after a couple of beers then this might be a good situation to not to have a couple of beers.
  16. I feel like I missed an update or two because I didn't get the thing about the ex. It sounds like a lot of things on your mind though, and probably won't help with clarity of thought when you're writing your essay, so I hope you're on a more even keel after working through some of the items in your chunky list there. Sending good thoughts.
  17. And if you don't, that's cool too because you have a bike. Just think how elegant Rox will look perched on the crossbar as you take her to work on two wheels instead of four.
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