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  1. @Mad Hatter Thanks for replying and your suggestions. Unfortunately we are not able to have anything delivered here. Well, let me qualify that statement. We are able to order online through a service called Ali Express, but... It may or may not actually get here depending upon who's hands it goes through in customs. We have some Indian friends here who sometimes will "mule" things in for us and just this week we figured out how to prepare garam masala in one of the spice bazaars. Now we may be able to tweak it a bit. Next spring I am hoping to roast and smoke some chilis to make chili powders
  2. @Raincloak Thank you for your knowledgeable reply. We have been able to dry our herbs with a dehydrater and were able to put up mint, basil, celery, and tarragon before they disappeared. We also were able to dry several kiols of tomatoes to use in salads, pastas and other dishes. We are sometimes able to get the rooted plants. So, we'll try next spring when they come out again to make our own starter pots. The remaining herbs are hard to come by but can sometimes be found packaged in envelopes in a market. About wild/foraged foods in Taj: If it can be sold, it is at the bazaar. There are
  3. @Nomad Jay Thanks for your concerns about dieting. Whether placebo or not just removing nitrates from our son's diet has made a world of difference. Being forced to not rely on packaged luncheon meats and instead offering grilled chicken wings or breasts has seemed to help with his focus. Another good thing is that the kid now believes himself a vegetarian and does not eat very many meats. He says that his favorite food is plants. I have gone to the USAID offices but have yet to catch anyone there. Hopefully, I'll be able to get someone by next spring when planting season starts. I
  4. @PaulG Thanks so much for your speedy reply. We're actually in a former Soviet country called Tajikistan. Tajikistan happens to be 98% Muslim and therefore no pork. Sometimes you can find the little old Russian lady in the back corner of the bazaar and she beckons you over with a crooked little finger and says "I have what you need" Honestly I think she may be Baba Yaga. But there in the dark back corner is usually a freshly slaughtered pig. You have to tell her what cuts you want and you get skin fat and all. Thankfully she has already removed the hair from boiling. Most if not
  5. My family and I are American expats who live/work in a developing country which has not much choice in the selection of foods to maintain a healthy diet. Our food sources are found at a local bazaar and are seasonal and therefore we do not have availability to all foods year round. In late fall and winter there are only beets, carrots, potatoes (sweet potatoes only available from late October to the end of November), onions, apples, lemons, and oranges. There are no greens, tomatoes, nor other spring veggies, fruits, and berries. To workaround this we can or freeze what we are able.
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