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  1. Go to a HEMA club, you can't throw a punch without hitting a nerd or a geek
  2. reading the start and middle of your post (falling out with the instructor) - I just hoped "let this guy discover HEMA, where there is skill instead great authority"
  3. What they said above + if self defense is a factor - at some point in time get classes in MMA.
  4. Fill PVC pipes with water, weight will move around when you try lifting/squatting, etc.
  5. I use every business travel opportunity to check up local HEMA clubs and crash in (announced) on their training. It's great fun to see other club's practices and quirks.
  6. Lidl and Aldi are your friends in this situation. Plan your meals for a week ahead, and you can get it
  7. I'm on a primal scheme. Before I regularly drank fresh milk, now only (home made) kefir. Can't drink milk any more - I immediately feel bloated and sluggish. It's not that I didn't feel the same thing before, I was just used to it. Yogurt doesn't seem to bother me, but kefir has much more health benefits!
  8. I've just been to my first HEMA class (hand-and-half swords for start).
  9. a b it of a necro, i know, but this is too good to miss:
  10. Something that might work for you: clasp the chest strap normally, but get the waist straps longer and clasp them over the chest straps, so you achieve a somewhat x shape with them. It often makes it easier to breathe properly and it still tightens the lower part of the pack to the back.
  11. that seems like an interesting story Taijibum, care to share it?
  12. This will be helpful to people learning tai chi, especially if they learn it on their own: http://brisbanechentaichi.weebly.com/skill-knowledge.html
  13. A bit of a necro, I know, but I wanted to share this with you: http://brisbanechentaichi.weebly.com/skill-knowledge.html It's the best presentation of the point of tai chi that I've come across.
  14. http://www.instructables.com/id/Upcycled-Minimalist-Running-Huaraches-or-Lifestyle/ made a pair, they are ok but I see improvements in the next pair that I'll make.
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