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  1. I guess I really did not know what to do moving forward. and yes, you zeroed in on the progress part as I am having a hard time moving up with the weights although I sense in my body that I can do it. May be its the lack of a proper form, after all. As I am doing the stronglifts program, how do you suggest that I move forward with this? I'm not sure if I'm dipping foward but I'm quote certain that one of my issues was that of balance when I am ascending. I also think I have some back and core-bracing issues. If you also notice, I frequently took breaks after each rep despite the fact that the weight I am lifting is really light. I may have breathing issues. I guess I have a lot of issues to work on but onward with the challenge. I just don't know what to address first.
  2. Thanks guys for the responses so far. I wouldn't have noticed these issued had you not pointed them out. I may have issues concerning my form, but how would I proceed moving forward? Should I work on the issues first , meaning, not do squats, or I can do squats while correcting my form? Pardon me if I am not making much sense, and again, thanks for the feedback.
  3. Hi, I would jist like to ask if my squat form is alright. Here is a Video of me doing it. Thanks.
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