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  1. I'm feeling great about how everything is going. I'm delightfully sore from starting a workout through FitXR, and I got things done yesterday. I work today, so my goal (per usual) is to get my 10k steps in which'll give my arms a chance to recover. I did some research about how weight may increase when starting a workout, so I'm ready for the bump up, and I'm going to try avoiding discouragement. Most useful article: https://www.sparkpeople.com/blog/blog.asp?post=why_the_scale_goes_up_when_you_start_a_new_workout_plan I spoke with a friend yesterday who was discussing their productivity progress, but when I mentioned my health progress in return, they fell silent. I think I shouldn't discuss my health goals or excitement with friends who are not aspiring to the same.
  2. Intro Hello Everyone, I'm respawning here. In my own life, I'm basically rebooting everything, but only in manageable amounts. I've returned, because I'm excited about my progress. This has been my most successful run so far, but I've discovered something disappointing: no one in my life cares. It seems to annoy others when I speak of my excitement, and I recall this like-minded community being exceptional. I don't want my progress to cease, and I long to be a part of this community again. Thank you. Goals I'm overweight, but I'm losing 0.5 lbs daily. I've been sleeping half of my days away, but I'm nearly done cementing a consistent sleep cycle. I've been lethargic, but for the past two weeks, I'm exercising enough to burn 1k calories daily. My hygiene habits are improving, but there's more work to do. Life tasks are getting done more and more - it's only a slow trickle of improvement, and I want more.
  3. Hello everyone! I am a returning player. I regret what time has gone by since my last participation, but I'm ready to respawn. I had a tidal wave of personal life trauma hit me all at once, and in the overwhelm, I had let my wellness go in order to focus on my one remaining HP. I'd like to explain my various trauma, then how I've let things go, and finally what I'd like to do to press New Game Plus. So, I'll keep this point as concise as possible lest I end up writing a short essay. The first thread that unraveled things for me is I began experience a religious change. This change began a phase a self discovery that resulted in breaking up my relationship. It's not that I didn't feel for the individual, it's just that the relationship wasn't good for me, so it was painful to make myself do it. I am now single for the first time since 2003. I'm experiencing a gender transition (from male to non-binary), and that allowed me to begin a sexual orientation transition (hetero to pan). Meanwhile, I'm attending school for a career change which will not only introduce a lot of new debt but may also require me to move away from my child altering the custody agreement in a less than ideal manner. The change is due to a job which is frankly toxic for me and causing a slow death, figuratively. I've had some roommates move in with me, but with how my internal world has been, I haven't been contributing around the house as much as they have which has caused some guilt. Meanwhile, all of my responsibilities are on life support threatening to die on me at any second (I feel), which causes the feeling of a total lack of control in my life. And so, I'm ready to learn how to reboot my life. I've been doing some research, and it sounds like it's going to take some reflection and organization. I could certainly use a guild to help me while I try to power level a new character. So my new game plus - this is my first step. To hopefully reach back into the world and find some manner of encouragement or support. I'm going to be doing some assessing of my current situation and what doesn't seem to be working. Then, I'll reflect on my values and goals. After, I'll be reimagining my level 60 as described in LUYL. Finally, I'm going to basically write a strategy guide on how I can get to level 60 and join in the NF challenge that will be starting next. I'll be creating a public journal and sticking a link in my profile and signature to keep me feeling accountable, so for those who are interested in my New Game Plus journey, it will be accessible. Wish me luck fellow adventurers.
  4. I see this is an old thread, but did you ever find anything for this? I am also looking for heart rate threshold alarms.
  5. I feel guilty ducking out early, but I'd really like to get into planning the next challenge right now and maybe start early.
  6. This past week was successful, and every day feels like it's getting more successful. I'm feeling like it might be time for a new kind of challenge even though this one hasn't ended yet. I've reached a point my quests were designed to take me to, and I feel like I'd be spinning my wheels if I continued. Brainstorming at this point. These goblins outside of town aren't going to level me any more. I think I understand what I need to do to make more fitting goals. I need a line to cross, not just a habit to keep up. I'm learning.
  7. As the weekend passed, I got busy and forgot to perform a daily activity designed to lessen my anxiety and/or focus myself. I told my GF to take 20 dollars out of the envelope. Ooof. It was rough, but it's the only way I'm going to learn. Reflecting back, I see I wasted at least 10 hours, and I could have spent 5 minutes on such an activity no problem, so I wasn't that busy. Otherwise, I'm keeping up with everything I should be. I'm experimenting with routines, and once I get more results, I may be able to finalize that quest in the near future. My anxiety is lower overall due to various factors, so I might be able to jump back on the type of challenges I find more exciting next period. Woot! I can feel the EXP pouring in.
  8. I totally killed it by the way. I've got everything freshly organized into a system I'm feeling comfortable with at the moment. It usually changes which is why I resisted this during my first challenge, but I think both extremes were not right for me. Now when I'm at work, I feel like I've got everything under control which has taken a load of anxiety off. Now I just need to keep my review process tidy so things stay that way. (I subscribe to the GTD methodology for the most part). This past weekend, I also build my mission statement including core values in order of priority and long term goals. Phew; that took some deep digging, but I nailed it. I'm still tweaking my system, especially at home, to be able to get a reasonable amount done. Tweaking and Reviewing are both important for me to keep things going. I'm ready to re-explore my nutrition plan today as well as my workout plan. Things are looking up for me in a big way.
  9. I'm always looking for more party members. I'll send you a PM.
  10. Today's the day I take down work anxiety. I have a Limit Break (sudden burst of energy, motivation, rage, determination, and clarity), and I'm going to kill it. Watch out - here comes Barret.
  11. Task 1 - So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to journal regularly; at least once per day. Task 2 - I'm going to either read some Buddhist literature, meditate, listen to a lecture, or listen to a hypnosis at least once per day. Task 3 - I'm going to build mission statements for all areas of my life so I have something of a targeting system for my efforts. This will be due by the end of the challenge. Task 4 - Plan routines for working out, eating to include some missing nutrients, working once I get to work, and being productive while also enjoying my time at home. It appears I planned on taking on Shinra without a good enough plan. This will help me to make a plan, and I hope to have some blueprints for taking them down next time.
  12. Unfortunately, I'm going to need to restructure this challenge. I don't have the details yet, but I do know my anxiety is getting worse, and my anxious mind has been using the details of my challenge as ammunition. I feel like I'm cheating, but I'm going to have to reset this challenge period.
  13. It sounds like you've got well thought-out goals and are not pushing yourself to a destructive extent. Good for you! I feel ya about eating whole containers of snacks. The below image has been me walking past the snack isle at the store while others in my household select chips or cookies: May your adventures be happy!
  14. Thanks! For my goal, I just create a quick 5-minute Google Sheet and print it off. This time around it just has all 28 days on the left side, the targets I'm trying to hit at the top, then off to the right I list my frequencies so it's visible if I'm about to fall short. Plus with money on it, it really works.
  15. Working on the setup, I've got lots of stuff in the calendar now. I feel like I should add more to it, but I'm refraining because I know I'm prone to getting burnt out with overload. I've got my sheet done too for tracking my challenge commitments.
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