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  1. Doing well! Just haven't been tracking. Still running every other day. On week 5 of 5k trainer. Bodyweight has fallen off some. But still working on my non fitness goal. Paid my debts consistently weekly.
  2. I have push-ups and sit-ups to add to the cause! Push-ups 15, 16, 17 Sit-ups 20, 25, 30
  3. Do I need to catch up or do I just jump in?
  4. Eh, it's all right. I'm fine with it now. Thank you all though! Did more Zpoc training...Wk 2 Wkt 2 with my warrior BF and my derpy dog. Bodyweight stuff in a bit.
  5. Stumbling in late. This is my second challenge but wandered away from camp the first time and got lost. It was the smell of s'mores that saved me and led me back. Please forgive me, I'm not new but it's been ages since I've quested with others, what with being lost and all, so I'm kind of crashing around trying to figure out how this infernal magical app works and how to participate in group activities.
  6. Oh my gosh, what is this? Can I get in on it? What do I do?? I'm new and confused and excited! Edit: I probably should read directions before I go jumping in. *slinks off to other sticky post*
  7. Well, I was going to change my name but I can't figure out the interwebs so I'm giving up and sticking with Lola. Update - started on week 2 of 5k training a little late. Work schedule has been wonky. But plan is Weds-Fri-Sun running to complete week 2. Gotta get on my BWB for this week though. Set up auto pay to address my debts, so that's in order! Interesting side note, my BF discovered he has 8 weeks til he has to test for the police exam and he is NOT ready for it. Guess who's coming up w a trainings plan for him?? That's right, this Amazon!
  8. I'm using the Tapatalk on my iPhone and WOW is it cumbersome and not user friendly. Anyone know how to use it?? I tried to edit my profile and it doesn't seem to take. Plus it took me 2 hrs to figure out how to post.
  9. Crap....I really don't know how to use this Tapatalk. I tried to change my profile around but this thing is stumping me. Anyone who know how please let me know.
  10. Greetings all. I'm an Amazon ranger who got lost on her last quest (a long time ago) about halfway through it. I wandered away from ranger camp, was distracted by many things, and found myself off the path. It has taken much time and effort but I managed to get back here. Hopefully there is room for one more around the campfire. Background on me: I have a strong love of functional fitness and fun exercise. I like lifting weights and being outside. I also love being a healer (paramedic). With being gone so long, I'm a little foggy on how to participate in these things so I'm still ironing
  11. I love the way this is written. Thanks for the links too. I used ZR already but the bullet journal....I needed that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I'm definitely in. I lost my motivation somewhere.
  13. I guess I probably missed out on this one? This is something I've been doing for 6 months. I'm the "maintainer"/ cheerleader on a weight loss team of 3 (me and two male coworkers). I've been helping them meet goals for 6 months now and I recently found out our team is 4th place out of 15 teams. Would that count?
  14. Second week: Fitness is in full swing. Running, doing body weight strength work outs. Food is ok. Loosely Paleo with occasional indulgences. Did have one bad day though. Didn't have time to pack lunch, was very tired and very busy on an "extra" shift. It looked like this. [ATTACH]3317[/ATTACH]
  15. Updates! (Finally!) So it's day 8. I started strong and I'm going strong! I've run 5/8 days in some way, shape, or form. I've done my body-weight strength exercises 7/8 days, with the 8th being a yoga-type workout. I have kept track of my workouts and my food intake in a little journal for just that purpose. I'm doing pretty well with packing my lunches. I did miss a day last week bc of some weird family/life issues (it ended up being one of those days where nearly everything went wrong). I also completed my mini challenge. Its very nice to see a clutter-free counter in my kitchen. Som
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