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  1. I think that is a very good idea, today I am back down another half kilo lol!
  2. Yesterday I weighed in at 72.65kg and today at 73.45... I think I will log the higher amount for now! It is quite wild how much my weight fluctuates over a day or two. Need to figure out how to track averages instead probably. I do always weigh myself at the same time of day before eating.
  3. Snuck in some more push ups today... Once a week is better than nothing! So, wrapping up... I feel like this is something I can focus on for the next challenge. It's just enough of a challenge to fit it in alongside dance but still be doable, And I really want that upper body strength!
  4. Just weight in at 73.6KG. Which is wild cos 10 days ago I was down to 72kg... Weight does seem to be a bit random sometimes! I also took photos and you can see if I have gained a little fat (although lost KGs weirdly) since a year ago. I suspect its because I haven't been doing my full strength circuit workouts so maybe I lost a bit of muscle and gained fat? In other news, my arms and chest are killing me after push up training yesterday!!
  5. Hello gang, I'm back! Last year's weight loss was a great success and I am happy to say I have kept it off. Thank you all to your support in that journey! I have decided I would like to lose the extra couple of kilos and get down to 70kg. That's ~3kg/6lbs of loss. I would love to manage that by the end of this challenge (which also coincides with a trip I am taking to visit home in the UK). I'll be calorie counting (~1800/day) and upping my exercise a little bit (more dance classes and working on my push ups). Will weigh in in the morning, and add my measurements to the sheet
  6. Time is flying! Physio gave me cobra exercises to work on to encourage a better curvature in my spine. So that's been my main focus since my last post and I am managing to do that consistently. It's funny, I also recently went to the dentist and the hygienist told me I really have to start flossing because my gums are starting to recede, and even though I have never been able to develop good teeth hygeine habits, I now suddenly am able to. I think there is something about really feeling what the consequences are if I don't do it. With both my teeth and my back, I really want to take good care of them to ensure longevity of both! And hey presto, consistent habit building hasn't been an issue because the motivation is strong enough. Today I started on my new push up challenge. I am going to follow NF's guide (see here). Today I was impressed that I actually haven't lost upper body strength since I stopped regularly training it. I think the cobras and also the increased dance is helping with that. Even though dance is mostly legs and trunk, we do hold our arms out for a lot of the time and that in itself builds strength. So I am doing elevated push ups, with the bar somewhere between my knees and hips. I managed 2 sets of 10 plus a 3rd set of 4 today. Then I did negatives on my knees, and a 60 second hold at the top of the push up. Not bad! Especially pleased with the 60s hold! Will do my next push up training on Tuesday Not sure whether C25K or the push ups will be my main focus for the upcoming challenge. Will decide this week! I am taking even more dance classes (starting contemporary on Mondays!) so will see where my energy is at.
  7. I didn't manage the 3rd GMB session last week. I think cos I was a bit tired and didn't prioritise it in my scheduling. Going to try to get it done this week... BUT I have run into a back issue. So off to the physio tomorrow to make sure I'm good to keep moving. Seeing as this challenge is all about finding what works for me though, I think I will shake it up next week. I want to add some upper body work on some of my dance and rest days, to start working that push up! I think I'll keep it really simple and just do push ups as many days as I can. Probably 3 sets of 8 reps. I think this kind of very focused strength training will fit alongside my dance. Then... If I am finding I am able to build consistency with that, I'm going to add C25K as my May challenge! Something about the weather slowly shifting has got me much more motivated to eat well and exercise. I have started tracking calories again, I'd like to lose a couple of kg to bring me to a round 70kg/154lbs. And I'm going to take photos because I have been struggling with body image lately and recognising my new body from all the weight loss last year.
  8. Done my second GMB workout, this was focused on 'play', which I loved! It was about stringing together different movements in as many combos as possible. I made me realise that I have come a long way already with my strength, control and mobility. I can see how these sorts of workouts will support my body in daily life. Dance today and did a stretching session this eve. So so close to my splits on one side! I'm really grateful to myself for all my work over the last year because I feel better and better in my body and I am seeing results!
  9. Just posting here to tell myself I WILL do the active rest day today (mobility work) before bed. Yesterday I did an inactive rest day... So I really need to do SOMETHING today. Then I can do the next strength workout tomorrow on waking up.
  10. Hey gang, as usual late to the party! Last night I got hit with the motivation to get back to strength training. Dance is going great, and I seem to be doing a better job with my energy levels again (note to self: sleep, whole carbs , protein, Vit D and relxation are the way!) . So... It's time to start towards my longer term strength goals. Ultimately, I want to be doing pull ups and handstands like nobody's business. I am a long way from there! With all the dance and other commitments, I do not have enough time and energy to commit to additional high intensity work outs. So I am thinking little and often, with a focus on careful functional movement will be the way to go. Going to spend this month figuring out how to build strength into my life again. This week, I am going to experiment with GMB's kickstarter, as it seems like the sort of strength training that could work well with my routine and my goals. We'll see how that goes and reassess in a week! I've also re-started my focus on flexbility and I am SO CLOSE to the splits. Will track progress on that here as a bonus challenge. It'll be a month of initiative rolls and figuring stuff out, but by the end I should be in the fight! (shoutout to new D&D group and new Critical Role obsession...) Let's hope I roll higher than 1!
  11. Your running inspires me! Go go ! I am sure you are much fitter than Homer, but look how happy he is!
  12. Love the challenge title! And sounds like you have a great plan in place
  13. Honestly it is really helping me! Even when it has felt like a rough week, I can find things to congratulate myself on. I recommend it. Dance is going well! I have been struggling with migraines this month so had to drop out of a class or two, but have managed at least 2 ballet classes + pointe class each week. I actually feel like I have levelled up recently, suddenly able to dance more fluidly. Last week was rough again because of another migraine. But I managed to get through it! Here are some wins regardless: - Picked up a small gig doing a bit of investigative work for a US company. I had to go to the courthouse here to dig into some case files. It's been challenging for anxiety and my French (I live in Quebec) but satisfying to throw myself into something new! It makes me feel more 'legit' as a radio producer. 10XP - Performed a 'cold read' exercise in acting class this week. It went well! Definitely learnt from my previous stumble. 10XP Still working on: - Sleep! My migraines often come when my sleep routine has been disrupted. It's hard because my natural sleep routine is quite late (from 1am-10am) but when I have jobs that require me to get up earlier, everything gets put out. Going to ponder this a bit more and figure out what to do about it. - Stretching. Because of low energy and lapse in routine, I've not picked up my stretching habit again. I think I might do another 30 day challenge for April as I find them very motivating!
  14. This week's wins - 3 days of dance this week, energy coming back! 5XP - Progress on my voice reel, not yet going to grant the XP because I want those juicy points when it is complete - Sleep has generally been very regular this week 5XP - Took some home made guac to a friend's house yesterday and had a lovely girls' night. It has been a very long time since I've filled the social bar cos of lockdowns and the like 2XP I feel like putting some things to work on for this coming week: - Earlier bed times - Return to daily stretching
  15. Some weekend wins: I went to my acting class and preformed in front of everyone. It didn't go that well, which was a huge test for my confidence and nerve. I am proud of myself for learning from the experience though and I'm going to keep working so I can improve. I've had to really activate positive self-talk mode all weekend! 10XP for facing adversity and learning from it. We have a salad overload in our fridge at the moment, so I'm going to work on eating some this evening. 2XP for eating my greens. I have been quite low after having been sick, but last night I went through my monthly reflection in my planner and I have a clear idea of how I can improve this month. Going to be focusing on early nights and regular morning routine to get my day started right and increase me energy levels. 2XP for insight and planning. Honestly it was tough at first to think of wins, because I am so quick to focus on the negative (we had pizza last night, I slept very badly). So I like this new format!
  16. I am rather late to the challenge, but better late than never! I'd been putting off making a thread because I have been feeling quite down on myself and overwhelmed about taking on any new challenges. But I've also recently realised that I have made some good strides in the last couple of months and I am slowly building some habits that I should congratulate myself on! So, for the next couple of weeks, I'm going to be awarding myself XP for anything I do that counts towards my epic quest, or general daily wellbeing. Here's some examples: Today - I had soup, salad, strawberries, lemon/ginger/honey tea to help me get over this coldy thing I am experiencing. 5XP This week - I've been doing my stretches before bed (until yesterday when this cold hit) 5XP The last few weeks - I've developed a reading habit before bed, and I'm well into Dune now! 5XP
  17. Wrapping up Definitely made progress this week, but lessons learnt too! I have done at least 5 stretches and 7 vocal workouts since I last tallied them up. So that's another 12 points. Brings me to a grand total of 83! Not quite a level up, but I'll take it Progress Made solid progress towards my splits, the floor gets ever-closer Worked hard on my acting this month, and got some super helpful feedback from my acting club submission (Almost) daily voice workout and/or singing habit Lessons Sunday workouts are not for me right now! Going to switch it up for some smaller-sized but regular work on upper body to add to my dancing I need to release some tension because my throat is straining sometimes with my workouts and singing. Expect meditation and sleep to feature in my next challenge. There is only so much time in the day! I've had a super creative month dabbling in many things, but I also have a new planner which I'm using to get better at prioritising and time management Onwards and upwards!
  18. Not done very well lately. Last weekend I was too exhausted to do my workout. And all this week I have been struggling with some sort of throat infection. So I only managed one day of ballet class and stretching. Honestly, feeling a bit conflicted about Sunday workouts. I don't enjoy them and I keep not managing to consistently force myself to do them. I also think I kinda don't want it enough. I'm much more driven by dance goals, or something like getting my splits. I DO really want to get a push up. So I am wondering whether maybe I should switch to daily push up practice, which I could see myself doing around dance classes without exhausting myself. Hmmm...
  19. Splits update! How is everyone doing?
  20. Awwwh twin!!! You inspire me too with your strength and bardyness
  21. I also started dancing on zoom last year aha! And both of those things are now a big part of my life Got my vocal warm up, singing and stretching in today. I also did some creative audio experimentation... You know what, I'm going to take 3XP for that! I have a cool new planner and I've put a little tracker in there for daily habits (right now stretching and voice work). I think the workout yesterday helped my ballet today, everything felt stronger and better aligned. Got another class tomorrow ^^
  22. I love the idea of a success thread! Well done everyone!
  23. Exciting dance update! I now have pointe shoes! This is a big level-up. My teacher gave me the go ahead before Christmas and my shoes have now arrived. Unfortunately, we are currently in lock down and I can't actually dance in them until I'm in the studio with a teacher, but I'm still super stoked to have them! And yes, that is Agents of Shield in the background haha.
  24. Yeah I would deffo like to do that, as well as working on various British regional accents (I can naturally do London and RP but there's a whole lot more to explore!) and Irish. Been a bit quiet, last week I didn't manage my workout due to shark week kicking my butt. And then I've been sick this week after my 3rd vaccine dose. All better now though and completed my workout today! 10XP 3 rounds of: 20 squats 10 lunges each leg 8 push ups 8 bodyweight rows 30 second plank 20 second flutter kicks 20 second jumping jacks Push ups are so hard! Might make them a specific focus of a future challenge. I also submitted my monthly acting project! Wohoo! I'm pleased with how it turned out, and I put a lot of prep into it which I've learn a lot from. 30XP I've lost track a bit of my side quest. But I've deffo done at least 5 vocal work outs since I last posted, and 3 lots of stretching. 8 XP I'd love to pick up my violin again before the end of the challenge.
  25. Bit late to the party, but I am also hoping to get back on the horse this year! We're developing a bit of a rider's gang on Nerd Fitness (we should totally make a group for that...) I lost 15kg last year the slow and steady way, exercise and counting calories. Nerd Fitness really helped me with that goal! I'm sure you'll get there too I am also super here for doing exercise you love, for me I discovered that's dancing and I can't get enough of it now.
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