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  1. Okay so I finally sat down to review this (while at work...) and must say that after week two I had a super hard time following through on anything. My horrible sleep pattern (or lack thereof) plus classes starting plus work being dumb plus mild depression type symptoms all resulted in me huddling under the covers when not physically required to do something. I calculated my overall success here and would give myself a 21% or a double F, if such a thing exists. I plan on getting myself going for the next challenge using this exact same thing because really there was lit
  2. The way you structured your challenge is awesome. Makes sense since you've got a ton going on, but you've got some really good and reasonable goals. Keep it up!
  3. I actually did get some cleaning done, just not quite as much as I would have liked. Doing laundry while listening to the Unfuck Your Habitat audiobook was interesting and oddly motivating and demotivating all at once. I've had horrible sleep this week though so I didn't do any workouts on Friday or Saturday. By the time I got home in the morning the absolute last thing I wanted to do was anything, even yoga. It's weird how being mentally drained can be physically exhausting while also making it hard to turn your brain off long enough to fall asleep. Though I may also have to recog
  4. Your goals all sound so pleasant, even the cold showers. I used to shampoo and body scrub in warm-hot water then condition, wash my face, and relax in cold water but then I moved to a place with only a few cm difference between "fires of Mount Doom" and "frozen waste of the North", so once I find a comfortable temperature I don't budge it at all. It's a wonderful experience/routine, hope you continue to find it so. Going from a haphazard routine like paleo or walking an hour a day to expecting it daily/for all meals is a bit rough. Hope you'll continue to give yourself some space t
  5. Wow, you've got a lot of things to celebrate from the last week or two! The fact that you're still working on things while feeling off is pretty damn impressive. Related to meds vs therapy, one thing to keep in mind is that frequently you can start with medications while trying to find a therapist. The two work well together, especially since most medications for depression/anxiety take weeks for you to see much benefit from them. I pretty much tell my patients that they'll feel a difference in quality of sleep, energy, and motivation first, within 2-3 weeks, but the actual anxiet
  6. So far I've only managed to keep up with my workouts every day with the exception of Friday, I just couldn't convince myself to drag my ass out of bed a moment earlier than I needed to for work. I... haven't gotten anywhere with cleaning. I'm going to schedule that after I'm finished here; I need to update my bullet journal since I still haven't gotten June written yet. I blame the fact that I was at work for the month change and had trainees with me the first two of my three nights. I have been sleeping at odd times the last two days in the hopes that I can be awake during day-walker hou
  7. So far I've at least managed to keep my workouts on schedule. Yoga had to be bumped a bit since I spent nearly all of my waking hours on Tuesday in a car with my dad halfway across the state. The cleaning schedule hasn't been made yet. I'm hoping to get to it either at work on Friday or after I wake up Saturday. It all depends on if I have another trainee. Anywho, yoga then sleep! Thank you for checking in, @fleaball :-)
  8. Thank you all for the welcome! I've slowly started to poke around the forums and have started a 4 week challenge in the Rebels group. It's great to find other crafters here. I've a handful of friends that craft and do gym stuffs but the only one that also knits at the gym is doing powerlift stuff and she typically only knits between reps when there's a competition like sock madness - 7 rounds of knitting socks to a pattern in 14 or 10 days per round, she's usually in the first five done in the international competition. Sadly though she's all the way up in Wisconsin so all I get to
  9. Okay, here goes an attempt at 1 - actually writing down my goals, 2 - using a calendar type system Overarching goals/quests are 5 main categories: Nursing program, house cleaning, fitness/nutrition, fiber craft, measurements 1 - Nursing program: I've got an LPN/LVN license but it was through the army so I didn't complete any normal pre-reqs so I've been stuck doing them one or two at a time. In the Denver area an LPN license is the nursing equivalent of having a high school diploma. You can get a job but the options are limited, potential advancements are nil and the pay is...
  10. 'ello! Awkward introductions go here, yes? F/30/married/Colorado... oh right, probably not what was intended here. Let's see, I'm a nurse with 8 years experience in different levels of psych, 1 year in med-surg/labor and delivery, and a little over a year in corrections. I had the distinction of being the youngest person in my class to test for the NCLEX; I got my license only 3 months after I turned 20. I kinda cheated though because I was in the US Army and they have a program for medics to get their LPN/LVN license in a little over a year. I got to skip those pesky pre-reqs like E
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